References to drawings and useful articles.

January 1st, 2021.

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Some background information

The number of drawings and useful articles found in model railway magazines is enormous and grows with each issue of each magazine. Knowing what is available and where to find it is a major challenge to all modellers. The availability of a readily accessible index would overcome this challenge. While the creation of such an index is beyond the capabilities of any one individual, through a cooperative effort it should be possible, which is why this page exists.

The current version of these references is the result of contributions from two sources. First, a number of BRMNA members have made significant contributions: Mark Stapleton, Ron Smith, Humphrey Bryson, Herbert Holland, Tony Woodward, Bill Lovatt, Bob Wilkes, Michael Gray, Ron Price and Ian Kemp. Second, additional contributions have come through a cooperative initiative with the Gauge O Guild whereby their efforts have been integrated with those from BRMNA.

The range of magazines that are currently covered is extensive. Despite that, there are gaps and more magazines to cover so please let me know what you would be willing to do - remember, many hands make light work! If you would like to help expand this index then please contact the web manager indicating the magazines and the time periods you would be prepared to cover. I can handle your contributions in most formats. I prefer the information to be provided in electronic form with a current preference for MS Excel or Lotus files. Each reference should contain the required information. I will maintain a register of who is doing what and of current coverage to reduce the risk of duplicating the effort.

Please contact the web manager with corrections or ideas on how to improve the organisation and utility of the index.

While planned, searching is currently not driven by a search engine. Instead, the references have been organised into a number of categories and sub-categories to make each of the pages more manageable and to make searching simpler.

Finding information

There are 16 categories and within each category, there are 9 sub-categories. The abbreviations page will help you locate the sub-category in which a specific railway company may be found. The current coverage page containing a list of magazine titles also includes the magazine abbreviations used in the references.


1. Locomotives

2. Railcars

3. Coaching Stock

4. Goods wagons

5. Track

6. Signals and Signal Boxes

7. Railway Operations.

8. Structures

9. Road vehicles

10. Layout Ideas

11. Extra detailing

12. Scenic Work

13. Painting

14. Electrical

15. Workshop Practice

16. Miscellaneous topics

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If you have suggested additions to, changes to or comments about this or any of the BRMNA pages then please send them as your contributions are what keeps this site relevant.

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