Drawings and useful articles for L.N.E.R. Structures.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

CLCAshley stationSPMRCJUL1979
CLCDelamere station platform shelter (A), 4mmDRRM JAN1992
CLCGoods Depot, Cheadle Heath (photo)DRMRNJAN1954
CLCSouthport Lord St station (A)SPMBTAUG1992
CLCStation, Cheadle (photo)DRMRNJAN1954
GCRGoods yard buildings, 4mmDRMRCJUL1976
GCRHayfield stationSPMRCFEB1979
GCRHelmdon (for Sulgrove) stationSPBRMJUL1993
GCRHonington stationSPMR APR1980
GCRLondon Extension, station plansSPMRCMAR1975
GCRMPD, Aylesbury (photo)DRMRNJUL1965
GCRRetford Loco ShedSPMRCJAN1982
GCRStation nameboard, Heldon for SulgraveDRMRNFEB1969
GCRStation, Grimsby TownSPRM MAR1990
GCRStation, Wigan CentralSPRM APR1990
GCRUndertrack Skew Bridge, 4mmDRRM JAN2001
GCRWadsley Bridge stationDRMRCAPR1977
GCRWorksop stationSPMRCAPR1981
GERBranch line MPD (Buntingford) part 1 (A), 4mmDRSMTAUG1994
GERBranch line MPD (Buntingford) part 2CASMTSEP1994
GEREast Anglian bridgeDRMRJ#911996
GERMarlesford signal boxCARM AUG1995
GERPorters hutDRRM APR1971
GERRayne - ancilliary station buildings, 1&2mmDRMRJ#6 1986
GERRayne - main station buildings, 2mmDRMRJ#6 1986
GERSalhouse stationDRMRCFEB1978
GERStation buildings - basic types, 1/2mmDRMRJ#6 1986
GERStation, Marlseford, SuffolkDRRM AUG1995
GERStreet level station buildingCARM MAR1999
GERTakeley - station buildings, 3.5mmDRSMTFEB1991
GERTakeley - station wash house (A), 4mmDRSMTDEC1991
GERThaxted engine shed (A), 3mmDRBRMAUG1996
GERValancing, NewmarketDRMRNSEP1960
GERWells-Next-The-Sea stationOAMRCJAN1987
GERYarmouth Town and Yarmouth Harbour stationsSPPMRFEB1985
GNRAlgakirk and Sutterton stationsSPMR OCT1979
GNRAncaster stationSPMR JAN1980
GNRClayton station, 1921SPMR APR1975
GNRCoal officeDRMRCJUL1974
GNRCowbit stationSPMR FEB1980
GNRDeeping St James stationSPMR AUG1979
GNRDonington Road stationSPMR MAR1980
GNREarlsheaton station, 1933SPMR JUN1975
GNRGoods yard buildingsDRMR MAR1975
GNRHalt platform, Potter Heigham BridgeCAMRNOCT1959
GNRHeckington stationSPMR MAY1980
GNRKirton in Holland stationSPMR NOV1979
GNRPeakirk stationSPMR JUL1979
GNRPeakirk station - postscriptSPMR AUG1980
GNRPetroleum spirit storeDRMRJ#601993
GNRPostland stationSPMR DEC1979
GNRQueensbury station, 1921SPMR MAR1975
GNRRetford Loco ShedSPMRCJAN1982
GNRStables, 4mmDRBRMAPR2001
GNRStanley station, 1933SPMR MAY1975
GNRStation, LouthSPRM JUL1990
GNRStation, Queensbury TriangleSPRM JUN1990
GNRStation, Stamford, 1&2mmDRRM FEB1976
GNRSurfleet stationSPMR SEP1979
GNRSwineshead (S. Lincs) stationSPMR JUN1980
GNRTingley station, 1938SPMR AUG1975
GNRWaiting room, Havenhouse, LincsDRRM JUL1997
GNRWeighbridge OfficeDRMRCJUL1974
GNRWilsden goods shed, 4mmDRBRMAUG2001
GNRWoodkirk station, 1933SPMR JUL1975
GNSR11 GNSR StationsSPRM AUG1990
GNSRMasonry arch bridge, 3mmDRMR APR1975
GNSRStation, BallaterSPRM JUL1993
HBRSignal box (A), 7mmDRBRMDEC2000
HBRStation platform waiting sheds, 1/8inDRMRCAUG1975
HBRYardmaster's office, 4mmDRBRMFEB2001
LNERBattersby junction stationSPMT DEC1981
LNERCrossing keepers houseDRMR SEP1972
LNERGuide to drawings of railway structures (LNER)INMRCJAN1984
LNERHaltwhistle water towerDRRMD#3 1996
LNERPrefab, concrete platelayers' huts, 7mmDRMR MAR1975
LNERStation and goods shed, SheernessDRRM JUL1986
LNERStation and misc. RayneDRMRJ#6 1986
LNERStation buildingsDRYMRMAR1986
LNERStation, BealingsSPRM APR1992
LNERStation, West HighlandDRRM MAR1974
LNERTelegraph polesDRMR APR1975
LNERVarious station cottagesDRRM NOV1984
LNERYard Office, BuntingfordDRRM AUG1973
MGNJREye Green, 4mmDRBRMDEC1999
MGNJRGedney station (A), 2mmDRBRMAPR1993
MGNJRStation, Aylesham (1878, 1884 & 1889)SPRM JAN1991
NBRAlloa stationSPMRCMAR1977
NBRCrianlarich, Thurso, Kyle of Lochalsh, Wick, Inverness, MallSPMRCMAY1975
NBREdinburgh & Dalkeith Rly. Musselburgh goods shed, 3mmDRPMRMAR1984
NBREyemouth station buildings (photographs), 2mmDRRM MAY1975
NBRGroundframe, Lauriston (photo)DRMRNSEP1966
NBRGroundframe, Lauriston (photo)DRMRNSEP1966
NBRLadybank junctionSPRM OCT1988
NBRLadybank shed, 2mmDRMRCJUN1987
NBRMPD, Dunfermline (photo)DRMRNSEP1970
NBRMarkinch goods Shed, 2mmDRMRCAPR1987
NBRMethil Station, 2mmDRMRCJUN1986
NBRMusselburgh station building and trainshed, 2mmDRPMRAUG1984
NBROtterburnSPMR JAN1979
NBRPlatelayers hut, 4mmDRMR AUG1977
NBRSheep/cattle crossing bridge, 4mmDRMR JUN1978
NBRSt Boswells (Waverly Route)SPPMRAUG1985
NBRStation, DeadwaterDRRM SEP1986
NBRStation, Eyemouth, 4mmDRRM MAR1975
NBRStation, Fort WilliamSPRM MAR1994
NBRThe Wansbeck Valley Railway Stations (7 Plans)SPMR JUN1978
NBRTurntable, Dunfermline (photo)DRMRNNOV1970
NERA slice of Wensleydale, 7mmCAMRJ#881996
NERAllendale station, 1896SPMR DEC1980
NERAlston station, 1919SPMR DEC1980
NERBaldersby stationSPMR DEC1976
NERBarlow stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERBattersby Junction S.C., 4mmCARM DEC2000
NERBlyth staithes (drawings and photos)CAMRNOCT1966
NERBrafferton stationSPMR MAR1977
NERBridge 38, Hawes branchDRMRCAPR1978
NERChurch Fenton stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERCoal dropsDRRM NOV1957
NERCoal drops, NCASMTJAN1995
NERColdstream viaductDRMBTDEC1994
NERCorby Burn viaductCARM NOV1998
NERCullingworth viaduct, YorkshireDRMBTFEB1994
NERDeepdale viaduct, 2mmDRMR SEP1975
NERDrax stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERFlamborough stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERGoods shed, Dacre (photo)DRMRNAPR1957
NERGoods shed, Kirkby Stephen (photo)DRMRNJUL1969
NERGoods shed, Masham (photo)DRMRNAUG1956
NERGoods shed, Pateley BridgeDRMRNAPR1957
NERGoods storage sheds, Hexham (A), 4mmDRRM FEB1992
NERHalt, Potters Heigham BridgeDRMRNOCT1959
NERHambleton stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERHawes stationSPMR APR1976
NERHemingborough stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERHowden stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERHutton Cranswick stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERHut, Bilton JunctionDRMBTAPR1994
NERKnaresborough stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERKnaresborough stationSPMR JAN1977
NERLeyburn stationSPMR JUN1976
NERLowthorpe stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERMelmerby stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERMelmerby stationSPMR OCT1976
NERMiddleton in Teeside stationSPMR DEC1980
NERNidd Bridge stationSPMR AUG1976
NERNunthorpe stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERPlatform Store, AlnwickDRMRNOCT1970
NERRedmire station, 1928SPMR MAY1976
NERRipon stationSPMR JUL1976
NERRomaldkirk station, 1907SPMR SEP1975
NERScorton stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERSinderby stationSPMR SEP1976
NERSowerby Bridge coal staitheDRMRCNOV1983
NERStarbeck stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERStation, AlnwickDRMRNAUG1968
NERStation, Appleby (photo)DRMRNJUL1969
NERStation, BeverleySPRM SEP1988
NERStation, Birstwith (photo)DRMRNAPR1957
NERStation, Dacre (photo)DRMRNAPR1957
NERStation, Hampsthwaite (photo)DRMRNAPR1957
NERStation, Haydon Bridge platform shelter, 4mmDRRM MAY1991
NERStation, Kirkby Stephen (photo)DRMRNJUL1969
NERStation, Masham (photo)DRMRNAUG1956
NERStation, Pateley Bridge (photo)DRMRNAPR1957
NERStation, Ripley Valley (photo)DRMRNAPR1957
NERStation, Tanfield (photo)DRMRNAUG1956
NERThe Station Hotel, York, 4mmCARM NOV2001
NERTimber Trestle viaduct, ChoppingtonDRMRNJUL1965
NERTimber viaduct, 4mmDRMR MAY1976
NERTopcliffe stationSPMR NOV1976
NERTweedmouth viaductDRMBTFEB1994
NERWater Column, Appleby EastDRMRNJUN1961
NERWeeton stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERWeighing Office, AlnwickDRMRNOCT1970
NERWetheral Station Buildings, 3.2mmDRYMRMAR1986
NERWetherby stationDRMBTAPR1994
NERWooden Station Shelters, 4mmDRMR AUG1976
NERWylam station - 3 VersionsSPMR MAR1979
NERYard Office, Chester-le-StreetDRMRNDEC1966
NERYork station, 4mmCARM NOV1983
SDRAqueduct at Shildon, 3mmDRMR DEC1975
SDRFighting Cocks shelter, 3mmDRMR OCT1975
SWRParkend StationSPMRCJUN1981
SWRWhitby (Prospect Hill) stationSPMRCSEP1977
WHRStation, ArdluiSPRM JUL1988