Drawings and useful articles for L.N.E.R. Signals and Signal Boxes.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

CLCDelamere signal boxDRMRCMAY1974
CLCSignal box, Bredbury JunctionDRRM APR1991
CLCSignal box, Cheadle (photo)DRMRNJAN1954
CLCSignal, Lower quadrant arms, Southport (photo)DRMRNFEB1969
GCRSignal Box, Ashenden Junction (photo)DRMRNAUG1964
GCRSignal Box, Bentley Junction (Eastern Union Rd) (photo)DRMRNAUG1961
GERDunmow signal box, 4mmCAPMRAPR1985
GERGE signals ( 1 ), 4mmCAMRJ#821995
GERGE signals ( 2 ), 4mmCAMRJ#831995
GERMake a signal boxCAST JAN1983
GERO gauge signals by G. PemberCAMRNAUG1965
GERSignal Box, Beccles North (photo)DRMRNMAY1965
GERSignal Box, Buntingford (photo)DRMRNOCT1964
GERSignal Box, Buntingford (photo)DRMRNAUG1970
GERSignal Box, Hadham (photo)DRMRNMAR1961
GERSignal Box, Long Melford Junction (photo)DRMRNMAY1961
GERSignal Box, Thetford (photo)DRMRNMAY1965
GERSignal box, Hadham, 4mmDRRM NOV1978
GERSignal hut, 7mmDRRM APR1987
GERUnderslung bracket signal by G. Pember, 7mmCAMRNSEP1966
GERWood & brick signal boxes, 2.5mmDRMRCNOV1974
GNRBiggleswade signal box, 4mmDRMRCAUG1975
GNRBrick signal cabinDRRM JUN1987
GNRPicton signal box, 7mmDRBRMJUN1996
GNRSignal box, High Dyke J.Rhodes, 7mmCARM JUN1978
GNRSignals, mainline & branchDRMBTFEB1993
GNRSomersault signalsDRRMD#5 1997
GNRThree Counties wood signal box, 4mmDRMRCSEP1974
GNRWortley West Junction signal box, 4mmDRMRJ#441991
GNSRSignal Box, Alford (photo)DRMRNDEC1963
GNSRSignal Box, Carron (photo)DRMRNMAY1968
GNSRSignal Box, Craigellachie (photo)DRMRNMAY1968
GNSRSignal Box, Elgin East (photo)DRMRNFEB1962
GNSRSignal Box, Inverurie (photo)DRMRNJAN1965
GNSRSignal Box, Kemnay (photo)DRMRNDEC1963
GNSRSignal Box, Kintore (photo)DRMRNDEC1963
GNSRSignal Box, Turriff (photo)DRMRNDEC1960
HBRAll wooden signal box, 4mmDRMRCAUG1984
HBRWooden signal boxDRMRCAUG1984
LNERGNR & GER signal boxes, 2.5mmDRMRCDEC1974
LNERGNR & GER signal boxes, 2.5mmDRMRCJAN1975
LNERGNR & GER signal boxes, 2.5mmDRMRCFEB1975
LNERLofthouse South Junc. signal box, 4mmDRMRJ#181987
LNERSignal Box, Pilmoor (photo)DRMRNMAR1962
LNERSignal Chart (4) - LNER and Constituent CompaniesOAMRCJUN1984
LNERSignal box, Cottingham SouthDRRM JUN1973
LNERSutton Signal BoxDRMR NOV1987
LNERSutton Signal BoxCAMR NOV1987
LNERTyneside signal boxDRMR MAR1975
NBRDistant, Fort William (photo)DRMRNFEB1952
NBRDysert signal box, 2mmDRMRCJAN1987
NBRSignal Box, Fort William (photo)DRMRNSEP1961
NBRSignal Box, Longniddry Junction (photo)DRMRNDEC1960
NBRSignal Box, Smeaton Junction (photo)DRMRNNOV1964
NBRSignal Box, St.Margarets (photo)DRMRNNOV1962
NBRSignal Box, Tyndrum Upper (photo)DRMRNOCT1961
NERBrick Built Signal Box - Beverley Cherry Tree, Etc., 4mmDRMRCJAN1985
NERFencehouses signal box, 2mmCAMR NOV1988
NERLittle and large (signal boxes)CAPMRSEP1988
NERMackenzie & Holland slotted signals, 4mmDRMR DEC1980
NERMarston Moor signal box, 4mmDRRM AUG1992
NERNE Signals pt 1/4DRMR MAY1988
NERNE Signals pt 2/4DRMR JUN1988
NERNE Signals pt 3/4DRMR JUL1988
NERNE Signals pt 4/4DRMR AUG1988
NERSignal Box, Danby (photo)DRMRNMAY1962
NERSignal Box, Grosmont (photo)DRMRNMAY1962
NERSignal Box, Pateley BridgeDRMRNFEB1969
NERSignal box, Cattall, YorkshireDRRM APR1997
NERSignal boxesDRPMRSEP1988
NERSignal, PoppletonDRMBTAPR1994
NERSignal, ScarboroughDRMBTAPR1994
NERWolsingham signal box, 4mmDRRM MAY1978
NERWorking signals, 4mmCARM MAR1989
SDRSignal posts (& notes), 4&8mmDRMR SEP1976