Drawings and useful articles for B.R. Locomotives.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

BR08 Update - Improving the Bachmann 08 - part 1, 0-6-0, 4mmCAMRJ#122001
BR08 Update - Improving the Bachmann 08 - Part 2, 0-6-0, 4mmCAMRJ#122001
BR2MT mogul, 2-6-0, 4mmDRMRLFEB2001
BR4MT 76XXX Valve GearCAMRCAPR1982
BR5MT, 4-6-0DRRM SEP1989
BR5MT, 4-6-0CARM FEB1998
BR5MT, 4-6-0, 7mmDRYMROCT1985
BR75026 class 4-6-0, D. Featherstone, 4-6-0, 7mmCAMR MAY1976
BR8P 'Duke', 4-6-2DRRM JUL1987
BR8P 'Duke', 4-6-2, 2mmDRRM DEC1999
BR8P pacific 'Duke of Gloucester', 4-6-2, 4mmDRMR JUL1981
BR9F (1), 2-10-0, 4mmCAMRJ#901996
BR9F (2), 2-10-0, 4mmCAMRJ#901996
BR9F-no drawings, 2-10-0CAMRIFEB1996
BRA Ruston With Refinements, 0-4-0, 4mmCAMRJ#132001
BRA range of Peaks, 1-Co-Co-1, 4mmDRRM SEP1983
BRAC electric class 90 (A), Bo-Bo, 4mmDRPMRFEB1988
BRACV lightweight DMUDRMRNSEP1952
BRAL4 / Class 84, Bo-BoDRRM JUN1998
BRAL5 / Class 85, Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM JUN2000
BRAirfix class 31 super-detail, A1A-A1A, 4mmCAMRCJUL1977
BRAusterity, 2-8-0DRMRIMAY1996
BRBR standard loco tenders - BR1/2/3, 4mmDRMRCJUN1981
BRBig-Big Hymek to 2-rail, Bo-Bo, 7mmCAPMRMAR1986
BRBREL class 58 (photo article only - no drawings), Co-CoDRMRINOV1995
BRBritannia - new front end, 4-6-2, 4mmCARM MAR2001
BRBrown Boveri experimental gas turbine No. 18000, A1A-A1ADRMRNMAY1950
BRBrown Boveri experimental gas turbine No. 18000, A1A-A1ADRMRNJUL1950
BRBrown-Boveri experimental gas turbine 18000 (1950), A1A-A1A, 3.5mmDRRM JUL1984
BRBrush class 60 (A), Co-Co, 4mmDRRM SEP1991
BRBrush class 60 history (A), Co-CoDRMRL#3
BRBrush type 2, A1A-A1A, 4mmDRMRJ#141987
BRBrush, 47, Co-Co, 4mmDRRM MAR1977
BRBulleid electric loco no 20003, Co-Co, 4mmDRMRCMAR1981
BRClass 02 diesel shunter, 0-4-0, 4mmDRMRJ#1 1985
BRClass 02 from a Lima shunter - an easy diesel, 0-4-0, 7mmCARM OCT1982
BRClass 02 Shunter, 0-4-0, 7mmCARM MAY2001
BRClass 03, 0-6-0, G1CARM JUL1997
BRClass 03 from Minitrix BR89, 0-6-0, NCARM OCT1994
BRClass 04 Drewery diesel shunter, 0-6-0, 4mmDRMRJ#3 1985
BRClass 04 shunter, 0-6-0, 7mmCABRMFEB1994
BRClass 06 diesel shunter, 0-6-0, 7mmDRMRCNOV1986
BRClass 06 diesel shunter (MTK Kit), 0-4-0, 7mmCAMR NOV1991
BRClass 07 D2994 - pt 1/2, 0-4-0, 3/4inCARM APR1994
BRClass 07 D2994 - pt 2/2, 0-4-0, 3/4inCARM MAY1994
BRClass 08, 4mmDRMRLJUN2001
BRClass 08, 0-6-0, 2mmCARM DEC2000
BRClass 08 - Squires Transmission, 0-6-0, 3.5mmCARM APR2001
BRClass 08 - stablemate for a 59, 0-6-0OARM FEB1988
BRClass 08 details, 0-6-0CARM AUG1997
BRClass 08 D/E - Tinsley Hump combinations (A), 0-6-0, 4mmDRRM JUL1990
BRClass 08 diesel shunter, 0-6-0, 7mmCAMR JUL1989
BRClass 08 diesel shunter, 0-6-0, 4mmDRMRJ#8 1986
BRClass 08 diesel shunter, 0-6-0, 7mmDRMT NOV1981
BRClass 08 from MMP fit, 0-6-0, 7mmCARM DEC2001
BRClass 13 D/E - Tinsley Hump combinations (A), 0-6-0, 4mmDRRM JUL1990
BRClass 15 (BTH), Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM MAR1986
BRClass 15 (BTH), Bo-BoDRRM MAR1986
BRClass 17 (Clayton), Bo-BoDRRM JUN1970
BRClass 2 (DJH Kit), 2-6-2T, 7mmCARM DEC1991
BRClass 2 from Triang version, 2-6-2T, 4mmCAMRNFEB1961
BRClass 20, Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM NOV1982
BRClass 20, Bo-Bo, 4mmCARM AUG1998
BRClass 20 (A), Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM JUN1993
BRClass 20 (photo article only - no drawings), Bo-BoDRMRIJAN1996
BRClass 20 - details, Bo-BoOAMRCFEB1982
BRClass 20 details & Lima, Bo-BoCAMRCOCT1984
BRClass 20 variations, Bo-BoCAMRCFEB1982
BRClass 21/29 D6100 details, Bo-BoCARM JAN1988
BRClass 22, Bo-BoDRRM NOV1998
BRClass 23, Co-Bo, 4mmCARM NOV1998
BRClass 23 (Baby Deltic) (A), Bo-BoDRPMRJUL1988
BRClass 24, Bo-BoDRBRMJUL1994
BRClass 24 Diesels, Bo-Bo, NCARM JAN1996
BRClass 25, Bo-BoOAMRCSEP1982
BRClass 25, Bo-BoDRRM MAR1995
BRClass 25 conversion and detailing part 1, Bo-Bo, 4mmCARM AUG1988
BRClass 25 conversion and detailing part 2, Bo-Bo, 4mmCARM SEP1988
BRClass 25 details, Bo-BoCAMR JUN1979
BRClass 25 diesel, Bo-BoDRPMRJUL1984
BRClass 25 from kit, Bo-Bo, 7mmCARM MAY1997
BRClass 25/1 (A), Bo-Bo, 4mmDRBRMOCT1996
BRClass 25/3 from DJH kit, Bo-Bo, 4mmCARM DEC1995
BRClass 26 details, Bo-BoCAMR FEB1980
BRClass 26 From a class 33, Bo-Bo, 4mmCAMR SEP1982
BRClass 27 details, Bo-BoCAPMRJUN1987
BRClass 27 from a class 33, L.Phillips, Bo-Bo, 4mmCARM OCT1978
BRClass 28, Co-BoDRRM OCT1989
BRClass 3 Mogul, 2-6-0, 4mmDRMRCFEB1982
BRClass 31, A1A-A1ADRRM SEP1997
BRClass 31, A1A-A1A, 4mmCARM AUG2001
BRClass 31, A1A-A1ADRSMTAUG1985
BRClass 31 (A), A1A-A1ADRMRL#1
BRClass 31 (photo article only - no drawings), A1A-A1ACAMRIMAR1996
BRClass 33, Bo-Bo, 2&4mmDRMRCJUL1984
BRClass 33, Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM OCT1984
BRClass 33 - improved Lima, Bo-Bo, 7mmCAST MAR1984
BRClass 33 Conversion to class 26 part 1, Bo-Bo, 7mmCAMR AUG1989
BRClass 33 Conversion to class 26 part 2, Bo-Bo, 4mmCAMR SEP1989
BRClass 33 Cromptons (A), Bo-Bo, 4mmDRMRIJUN1996
BRClass 33 Cromptons (photo article only - no drawings), Bo-BoDRMRIJUL1996
BRClass 33 Mods, Battery diesels in the garden, M.A.Taylor, Bo-Bo, 7mmCARM JAN1979
BRClass 33 (A), Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM OCT1992
BRClass 33, 35, 37, Bo-BoCAMRCMAR1980
BRClass 35 Hymek, B-BDRRM FEB1998
BRClass 35 Hymek, B-BDRRM MAR1998
BRClass 35 Hymek, B-B, 4mmDRMRLJUN2001
BRClass 35 Hymek details, B-BCAMRCMAY1985
BRClass 37, Co-Co, 3mmDRRM NOV1982
BRClass 37, Co-CoDRRM MAR1997
BRClass 37 (pt1), Co-Co, 4mmDRMRIMAY1994
BRClass 37 (pt2), Co-Co, 4mmDRMRIJUN1994
BRClass 37 - Kit built, Co-CoDRRM FEB1994
BRClass 37 from DJH, Co-Co, 7mmCARM SEP2000
BRClass 37 variations, Co-CoCAMRCJUN1986
BRClass 37/4 details, Co-CoCARM AUG1987
BRClass 37A EHT fitted, Co-CoDRSMTMAY1988
BRClass 37s in 4mm (Hornby and Lima) (pt1), Co-CoCAMRIJUL1994
BRClass 37s in 4mm (Hornby and Lima) (pt2), Co-CoCAMRIAUG1994
BRClass 37/0, Co-Co, 4mmDRMRLDEC2001
BRClass 37/1 refurbished, Co-Co, 2mmDRMRIAUG1994
BRClass 37/4 (EE type 3) (A), Co-CoDRMRL#4
BRClass 37/9, Co-Co, 4mmDRBRMJUN2001
BRClass 4, 4-6-0DRMR JAN1975
BRClass 40, 1-Co-Co-1, 4mmDRMRJ#0 1985
BRClass 40, 1-Co-Co-1DRRM JUL1999
BRClass 41 (Warship) D6XX, A1A-A1A, 4mmDRBRMMAY1997
BRClass 41 (Warship) D6XX, A1A A1ADRRM JUL1980
BRClass 42 Warship roofs, B-BCAMRCAUG1980
BRClass 42/43 'Warspite', B-BDRRM AUG1996
BRClass 42/43 Warship - remotoring, B-BCARM JAN1996
BRClass 42/43 Warships, B-BCAMRCNOV1982
BRClass 45-6 Peak, 1-Co-Co-1DRRM MAR1972
BRClass 47, Co-Co, 4mmDRMRJ#631993
BRClass 47, Co-CoDRRM JAN1966
BRClass 47, Co-CoDRRM APR1971
BRClass 47, Co-Co, 4mmDRRM APR1977
BRClass 47, Co-Co, 4mmDRRM APR1984
BRClass 47, Co-Co, 4mmCARM AUG2001
BRClass 47 Painting Diagram - Parcels Sector, Co-CoDRMR JUN1990
BRClass 47's, Co-Co, 7mmCARM JUL2000
BRClass 47 (A), Co-Co, 4mmDRRM DEC1988
BRClass 5 From DJB Kit, 4-6-0, 7mmCARM JUL1986
BRClass 5 (DJB Kit), 4-6-0, 7mmCARM FEB1993
BRClass 50, Co-Co, 4mmDRMRLJAN2001
BRClass 50, Co-CoDRRM FEB1968
BRClass 50, Co-Co, 4mmDRRM APR1990
BRClass 50, Co-CoDRRM JUL1995
BRClass 50 (Hoovers) (A), Co-CoDRRMD#3 1996
BRClass 50 Roof View, Co-CoDRRM AUG1997
BRClass 50/1 (A), Co-CoDRSMTJUL1988
BRClass 52 Western (A), C-C, 4mmDRRM DEC1989
BRClass 52 Western variations, C-CCAMRCJUL1980
BRClass 55 - Deltic retrospect 1, Co-CoDRST NOV1982
BRClass 55 - Deltic retrospect 2, Co-CoDRST DEC1982
BRClass 55 Deltic, Co-Co, 4mmDRBRMFEB1998
BRClass 55 Deltic, Co-CoCAMRCJUN1981
BRClass 55 Deltic, Co-Co, 2mmCARM MAY1999
BRClass 55 Deltic, Co-CoDRRM MAY1999
BRClass 56, Co-Co, 4mmDRBRMJAN1994
BRClass 56, Co-Co, 4mmDRRM JAN1983
BRClass 56, Co-CoDRRM JAN1984
BRClass 56, Co-Co, 7mmCARM OCT1998
BRClass 56 (Body Only) (A), Co-Co, 4mmDRRM JAN1992
BRClass 56 - RJH kit, Co-Co, 7mmCABRMJAN1994
BRClass 56 (photo article only - no drawings), Co-CoDRMRIMAR1997
BRClass 56 diesel, Co-Co, 3/16in&4mDRMR OCT1978
BRClass 58, Bo-Bo, 4mmDRMRLSEP2001
BRClass 58, Co-CoDRRM NOV1988
BRClass 58, Co-Co, 4mmCARM MAY1998
BRClass 58- no drawings, Co-CoDRMRINOV1995
BRClass 59 in Card, Co-Co, 4mmCARM JUN1987
BRClass 60, Co-Co, 4mmDRRM MAR1995
BRClass 60 Detailing, Co-CoCAMR NOV1990
BRClass 60 MMP kit, Co-Co, 7mmCAMRL#4
BRClass 7 variations, 4-6-2CAMRCAPR1981
BRClass 71 - a fibreglass diesel loco body, Bo-Bo, 7mmCAMRCMAY1983
BRClass 73, Bo-BoDRMRINOV1995
BRClass 73 Electro-Diesel, Bo-BoDRRM SEP1995
BRClass 73 electro-diesel, Bo-BoDRMRJ#111986
BRClass 73 electro-diesels (A), Bo-BoDRMRIAUG1996
BRClass 73/0 (Body Details), Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM MAY1990
BRClass 76 EM1 electric, Bo-Bo, 3.3mmDRMRCMAR1981
BRClass 76 EM1 electric, Bo-Bo, 4mmOAMRCNOV1985
BRClass 76/77, Bo-BoOASMTJAN1989
BRClass 76/77 electric loco (A), Bo-Bo, 3.5mmDRSMTOCT1988
BRClass 81, Bo-BoDRRM JAN1966
BRClass 81, Bo-BoDRRM SEP1980
BRClass 81 electric AL1, Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM NOV1980
BRClass 81 (AL1) details, Bo-BoDRRM JAN1986
BRClass 81 electric loco, Bo-Bo, 4mmDRMRCAPR1981
BRClass 82 (A), Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM APR1994
BRClass 82 electric loco, Bo-Bo, 4mmDRMRCAPR1981
BRClass 83 & 84 electric, Bo-BoDRMRCMAY1981
BRClass 83 (AL3) electric, Bo-BoDRRM JAN1996
BRClass 83, AL6 25kv electric, Bo-BoDRMRNMAR1967
BRClass 85 & 86 electric, Bo-BoDRMRCJUN1981
BRClass 86 (AL6), Bo-Bo, 4mmDRMRLMAR2001
BRClass 86 electric, Bo-BoDRRM MAY1985
BRClass 86 electric, Bo-BoDRRM JUL1985
BRClass 86 electric loco parcels livery, Bo-BoDRMR AUG1990
BRClass 87 electric, Bo-BoDRMRCJUL1981
BRClass 89 electric loco (A), Co-Co, 4mmDRSMTAUG1988
BRClass 89 prototype electric, Co-Co, 4mmOAMRCNOV1985
BRClass 8P No 71000 Duke of Gloucester modified Triang-Airfix, 4-6-2, 4mmCAMRNSEP1970
BRClass 90 kitbash, Bo-Bo, NCARM JUN1993
BRClass 90 part 1, Bo-Bo, 7mmCAMR FEB1990
BRClass 90 part 2, Bo-Bo, 7mmCAMR MAR1990
BRClass 90 part 3, Bo-Bo, 7mmCAMR APR1990
BRClass 9F No 92245, 2-10-0, 4mmCAMRNSEP1963
BRClass 9F, Franco-Crosti, 2-10-0, 4mmDRMRCFEB1982
BRClass AL1/81 electric locomotive (A), Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM DEC1991
BRClass cab fronts and bogies, 4mmDRMRCMAR1981
BRClasses 45, 46 and 47 - 'The Peaks', 1-Co-Co-1, 4mmDRRM SEP1983
BRConvert and detail Hornby version to EM, Co-BoCAMRNNOV1966
BRConverting Hornby Dublo 3 rail version to 2 rail, 2-6-4T, 4mmCAMRNFEB1955
BRConverting a class 25 from Hornby, Bo-Bo, 4mmCARM APR1995
BRD0260 Lion (A), Co-Co, 4mmDRRM JUN1990
BRD0280 Falcon, Co-CoDRRM NOV1999
BRDapol Drewery diesel, 0-6-0, 4mmCAMRIJUL1995
BRDeltic, Co-CoDRMRNAUG1958
BRDeltic, Co-Co, 4mmDRRM MAR1984
BRDeltic, Lima to prototype, Co-CoCARM JUN1981
BRDetailing 47500, 0-6-0T, 4mmCARM OCT1988
BRDetailing a "Peak" class 45, 1-Co-Co-1CAMR NOV1991
BRDetailing a Farish class 20 part 1, Bo-Bo, NCAMRIFEB1996
BRDetailing a Farish class 20 part 2, Bo-Bo, NCAMRIAPR1996
BRDetailing Hornby class 58, Co-CoCAMRIDEC1995
BRDetailing a West Highland class 37/4, Co-Co, 4mmCARM DEC1989
BRDetailing classes 31 and 37, Co-Co, 4mmCARM DEC1995
BRDetailing Farish class 40, 1-Co-Co-1CARM FEB1993
BRDetailing the Lima class 33 to 33 and 33/1, Bo-Bo, 7mmCAST NOV1983
BRDiesel DS1169, 0-4-0DRRM MAY1973
BRDiesel shunter, 0-6-0DRMRNSEP1953
BRDiesel traction chart 1 (class/years in service)OABRMOCT1996
BRDiesel traction chart 2 (class/years in service) shuntersOABRMOCT1993
BRDrewry class 04 shunter, 0-6-0, 7mmDRRM MAY1981
BRDublo tank detailed, 2-6-4TCARM SEP1983
BRDuke of Gloucester 71000, 4-6-2DRBRMSEP1994
BRDyna-driven class 37, Co-Co, 4mmCAMRJ#841996
BRE5000 electric, Bo-BoDRMRNJUN1959
BREM2 electric No. 27000, Co-CoDRMRNJUL1955
BRElectric classes 88/89, Bo-Bo, 7mmCARM JUN1987
BRElectric traction chart (class/years in service)OABRMDEC1994
BREnglish Electric type 1 No. D8000, Bo-BoDRMRNDEC1957
BREnglish Electric type 2 'Baby Deltics', Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM MAY1983
BREnglish Electric type 2 'Baby Deltics', Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM JUN1983
BREnhancing Lima class 59, Co-CoCARM MAR1995
BRFarish class 37 (pt1), Co-CoCAMRIMAY1994
BRFarish class 37 (pt2), Co-CoCAMRIJUN1994
BRFell A1 Models kit, 2-D-2, 7mmCAMRLNOV2001
BRFell locomotive No 10100 (A), 4-8-4, 4mmDRRM AUG1991
BRFor Waltham, 2mmDRRM JAN1999
BRGT3 gas turbine, 4-6-0DRMRNJUL1962
BRHawker Siddley Kestrel, Co-CoDRRM JUN1995
BRHeljans Class 47 Diesel, 4mmCAMRJ#132001
BRHornby 'Evening Star' conversion to Crosti 9F (Crownline kit, 2-10-0CAMT JAN1982
BRHornby class 25 detailing, Bo-Bo, 4mmCARM AUG1988
BRHornby class 25 detailing, Bo-Bo, 4mmCARM SEP1988
BRHornby class 29 to 22, Bo-Bo, 4mmCARM APR1992
BRHornby class 37, Co-Co, 4mmCAMT JAN1981
BRHunslet DJ13 shunter (inc notes), 0-6-0, 7mmDRMR AUG1979
BRHunslet DY1diesel shunter (inc notes), 0-4-0, 7mmDRMR MAY1979
BRHunslet class 06, 4mmDRMRL#3
BRHymek, B-B, 7mmDRPMRMAR1986
BRHymek, B-B, 4mmDRRM NOV1983
BRHymek for O Gauge, B-B, 7mmCASMTSEP1986
BRHymeks - detailing information, B-B, 4mmCARM NOV1983
BRImproving G-F class 33, Bo-BoCARM FEB1996
BRImproving the Airfix model (Class 31), A1A-A1ACAMRJ#141987
BRIvatt 2MT (pt1), 2-6-2T, 7mmDRMRIJAN1994
BRIvatt 2MT (pt2), 2-6-2T, 7mmDRMRIFEB1994
BRJouef class 40 detailed, 1-Co-Co-1CARM JUL1983
BRJouef class 40 detailed, 1-Co-Co-1CARM JAN1987
BRKitbuilding a class 37 (RJH), Co-Co, 7mmCARM FEB1994
BRLima BG to ETH generatorCARM JUL1989
BRLima class 33 detailed, Bo-BoCARM MAY1987
BRLima class 60 detailed, Co-CoCARM SEP1991
BRLima class 73 detailed, Bo-BoCARM MAY1990
BRLima class 73 to EM, Bo-Bo, 4mmCASMTSEP1986
BRMainline class 45 to 44, 1-Co-Co-1CARM JUL1981
BRMetrovick experimental gas turbine No. 18100, Co-CoDRMRNOCT1957
BRMinitrix class 27 to 33, Bo-BoCARM JUN1982
BRModifications to the Hornby Cl. 25, Bo-BoCAMR MAR1983
BRModified J94, 0-6-0TCASMTJUL1987
BRNBL Warship kit, B-B, 7mmCABRMAPR2001
BRNew drive for Mainline Warship, B-B, 4mmCARM AUG1995
BRNew drive mechanismsCARM AUG1995
BRNo. 10800, Bo-BoDRMRNMAR1955
BROld King coal part 1 (Class 58), Co-Co, 4mmCARM NOV1988
BROld King coal part 2 (Class 58), Co-Co, 4mmCARM DEC1988
BRPeak class 46 (A), 1-Co-Co-1, 4mmDRRM JAN1994
BRPeak type 4 diesel, 1-Co-Co-1, 3mmDRPMRSEP1984
BRPilot Scheme Peaks (Class 44) (A), 1-Co-Co-1, 4mmDRRM FEB1988
BRPower bogies for Hornby version, Co-Co, 4mmOAMRNAPR1968
BRPower bogies for Triang shunter, 0-6-0, 4mmOAMRNAPR1968
BRProposed 2 car DMUDRMRNJAN1953
BRRe-wheeling a Warship, HOCASMTMAR1995
BRRefining the Triang Hymek, B-B, 7mmCAMRNMAR1970
BRRefitting a Lima class 50, Co-CoCARM JUL1995
BRRefurbish your class 37 diesel, Co-Co, 4mmCAPMROCT1986
BRRepowering a Lima class 33, Bo-Bo, 7mmCARM JUN1988
BRRewheeling Lima class 31 (pt1), A1A-A1ACAMRIMAY1995
BRRewheeling Lima class 31 (pt2), A1A-A1ACAMRIJUN1995
BRRose with thorns (Redrose kit - Ivatt tank), 2-6-2T, 7mmCAMRIAUG1994
BRRuston/Hornsby diesel, 0-4-0DRRM MAY1973
BRScratchbuilding the class 59 part 1, Co-Co, 4mmCARM OCT1990
BRScratchbuilding the class 59 part 2, Co-Co, 4mmCARM NOV1990
BRScratchbuilt West Country (Plasticard), 4-6-2, 7mmCARM MAY1992
BRStandard 9F, 2-10-0DRMRNMAR1954
BRStandard 9F, 2-10-0, 4mmDRST SEP1982
BRStandard 9F, 2-10-0, 7mmDRYMRMAR1986
BRStandard class 2, 2-6-0DRMRNAPR1953
BRStandard class 2, 2-6-2TDRMRNOCT1953
BRStandard class 2, 2-6-2TDRRM MAY1957
BRStandard class 2, 2-6-2T, 4mmDRRM MAR1980
BRStandard class 2, 2-6-2TDRRM OCT1985
BRStandard class 3, 2-6-2TDRMRNAUG1952
BRStandard class 3, 2-6-0DRMRNJUN1954
BRStandard class 3, 2-6-2TDRRM MAY1957
BRStandard class 3, 2-6-2TDRRM APR1999
BRStandard class 4, 4-6-0DRMRNOCT1951
BRStandard class 4, 2-6-4TDRMRNOCT1951
BRStandard class 4, 2-6-0DRMRNFEB1953
BRStandard Class 4, 2-6-0DRMRNFEB1953
BRStandard class 4, 2-6-4TDRRM MAY1957
BRStandard class 4, 2-6-4T, 4mmDRRM AUG1983
BRStandard class 4, 2-6-4T, 4mmDRRM SEP1983
BRStandard class 4, 2-6-0DRRM JUN1996
BRStandard class 4 (A), 4-6-0, 4mmDRRM DEC1990
BRStandard class 4 (A), 2-6-4T, 4mmDRRM JUL1991
BRStandard class 4 locomotive, 4-6-0, 4mmDRMT FEB1981
BRStandard class 4, cab fittings, 4-6-0, 1/2inDRMR OCT1975
BRStandard class 4, & notes, 4-6-0, 7mmDRMR FEB1975
BRStandard class 5 (A), 4-6-0, 4mmDRRM SEP1989
BRStandard class 5MT, 4-6-0DRYMROCT1985
BRStandard class 7, 4-6-2, 4mmDRBRMAUG1993
BRStandard class 7P, Brittania (A), 4-6-2, 4mmDRRM OCT1994
BRStandard class 8F, Austerity (A), 2-8-0, 4mmDRRM OCT1992
BRStandard class 8, Iron Duke & Duke of Gloucester, 4-6-2, 4mmDRRM JUL1987
BRStandard class 9F, 2-10-0, 1:148DRRM JUN1992
BRStandard class 9F (A), 2-10-0, 4mmDRMRIFEB1996
BRStandard class 9F With Br1C Tender (A), 2-10-0, 4mmDRRM APR1988
BRStandard class 9F, Franco-Crosti, 2-10-0DRRM SEP1973
BRStandard class 9F, Franco-Crosti, 2-10-0DRRM FEB1997
BRStandard class 9F, Franco-Crosti, 2-10-0, NCARM MAY1997
BRStandard class 9F, Franco-Crosti (A), 2-10-0, 4mmDRRM FEB1991
BRStandard class 9F, Minitrix improved, 2-10-0CARM JUN1992
BRStd class "BRITANNIA", 4-6-2DRMRJ#C31998
BRSuper Crompton for O gauge, Bo-Bo, 7mmCASMTMAY1989
BRSuperdetailing 33008 'Eastleigh', Bo-BoCARM MAY1987
BRTamper/linerDRRM FEB1998
BRTenders, all typesDRMBTOCT1994
BRThe Metro-Vick class 28 (A), Co-Bo, 4mmDRRM OCT1989
BRThe Warship story: pt. 1 of 2, B-BOAST MAY1982
BRThe Wisbech Wonder - Drewry class 04, 0-6-0, 4mmCAMRJ#871996
BRThe roaring Forties, 1-Co-Co-1, 4mmCARM JUL1983
BRTriang Blue Flyer Hymek, Bo-BoCARM JAN1971
BRTriang Blue Flyer to AL3, Bo-BoCARM OCT1971
BRTriang Hymek motorised, B-B, 7mmCAMRNFEB1968
BRTwin motor diesels, 4mmCARM JAN2000
BRTwin-motor drive for RTR dieselsCAMRIJUL1995
BRType 2 No. D5000, Bo-BoDRMRNOCT1958
BRType font for early diesels and electricsOAMRJ#861996
BRUltrascale wheels for Lima class 31 (pt1), A1A-A1ACAMRIJUN1994
BRWarship class 43 from DJH kit, B-B, 7mmCARM AUG1995
BRWD class J94 - (see also RM 1/86), 0-6-0TDRRM AUG1987
BRWarships - 1, B-BDRST MAY1982
BRWarships - 2, B-BDRST JUN1982
BRWestern, C-C, 7mmCABRMJUN2001
BRWestern class 52 (A), C-C, 4mmDRBRMJUN1995
BRWesterns from Lima class 52, C-C, 4mmCARM OCT1996
BRWorking diesel fan, 4mmCARM OCT2000
BRWrenn class 20 to 15, Bo-Bo, 4mmCARM MAR1986
BRWW2 Austerity, 2-8-0, 4mmDRRM JUN1983
BRWW2 Austerity, 2-10-0, 4mmDRRM JUN1983
BR"Lion" Type 4, Co-CoDRRM JUN1990
BRElectric loco modelsINMRCMAR1981
BRHornby Carlsberg to bitumenCAMRCFEB1985
BRHornby class 29, Bo-Bo, 4mmCAMRCNOV1978
BRHornby class 29 to 22, Bo-Bo, 4mmCAMRCJUN1981
BRHornby class 29 to 22, Bo-Bo, 4mmCAMRCJUL1981
BRHornby class 47 lowered, Co-Co, 4mmCAMRCAUG1985
BRHornby class 47 to 56, Co-Co, 4mmCAMRCAPR1979
BRHornby "Mallard" to LNE, 4-6-2, 4mmCAMRCAUG1980
BRLima class 08, 0-6-0CAMRCNOV1981
BRLima Deltic, detailing, Co-CoCAMRCJAN1978
BRLima Western + skirts, C-CCAMRCAPR1980
BRMainline class 44-6 Peak, 1-Co-Co-1CAMRCOCT1979