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Last October 5th, 2021.

The image references are in three groups: Prototype images maintained on this site; model images maintained on this site; and prototype images on other sites.

The number in parentheses after the title of the photograph is the size of the image file.

If you have images that you think would interest visitors to this site, then send them to me. To contact me if you have suggestions about the type of UK railway related photographs you would like to see; or images or links to other sites to contribute

Images on the BRMNA site.

Prototype images

Ex LBSCR Terrier Class no. 54, WADDON(76K), posing at the CRHA museum at St.Constant only minutes after emerging from the preparation shed where she had just undergone a cosmetic renovation in preparation for going back on public display, Dave Venables.

On the weekend of July 2nd and 3rd (and again on July 9th and 10th) WADDON(51K), was placed at the entrance to the museum following which she will be back on public display in Building No. 5, Dave Venables.

GWR and BR (Western Region) City Class 3440(12K), City of Truro at Didcot, K.Nakamura.

GWR and BR (Western Region) Prairie 4575 Class 5572(12K) at Didcot, K.Nakamura.

SR and BR (Southern Region) King Arthur Class 30777, Sir Lamiel, (21K) Loughborough, GCR, R.Turle.

MR, LMS and BR (Midland Region) 0-6-0 locomotive (22K) number 58246 in LMS days.

LNER and BR (Eastern Region) class A4, 60007, Sir Nigel Gresley, (33K), Alresford, Mid Hants Railway, R.Turle.

WD and BR standard class 8F, Austerity (26K), Alresford, Mid Hants Railway, R.Turle.

BR Class 37 37 131(18K) at Didcot, K.Nakamura.

BR Class 37 37 274(18K) at Didcot, K.Nakamura.

BR Class 52 Western(23K) at Didcot, K.Nakamura.

British Rail Class 73 73 235(50K) at Gatwick station, D.Venables.

British Rail Class 86 86 252(43K), The Liverpool Daily Post, at Carlisle Citadel station, D.Venables.

GWR corridor(15K) coach at Didcot, K.Nakamura.

A condemned mink A 10T box van(25K).

Some backhead details (49K) of LNWR locomotive, Hardwicke, at York Museum, D.Venables.

Some backhead details (49K) of standard class 6 at York Museum, D.Venables.

Model images

Ex Midland and Great Northern 4-4-0 (41K) locomotive modelled in P4 on the layout of the late Tom Kidd, D.Venables.

A GWR 0-4-2T (43K) locomotive on Brian Fayle's O scale layout, D.Venables.

A pristine version of the Hornby OO scale Rocket (24K) owned and photographed by John Miller.

Other images

This map of London's Railways (159K) makes great wallpaper for one's computer, but also makes one realise the extent of the railway systems throughout London.

Images at other sites.

Prototype images

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