Drawings and useful articles for OTHER UK Signals and Signal Boxes.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

A sauce for semaphores Pt 1, 4mmCAMRJ#111999
A sauce for semaphores Pt 2, 4mmCAMRJ#122000
Authentic layout signalling (correspondence)OAMRJ#471991
Authentic layout signalling (see MRJ No 47)OAMRJ#451991
Automatic SignalsOAMR NOV1990
Basic signalling 1OAMT JUL1980
Basic signalling 2OAMT AUG1980
Basic signalling 3 - ground, shunting and stop signalsOAMT OCT1980
Basic signalling 4 - shunting & bracket signalsOAMT DEC1980
Basic signalling 5 - sightingOAMT MAR1981
Basic signalling 6 - junctionsOAMT JUN1981
Basic signalling 7 - gantries and multipurpose signalsOAMT JUL1981
Basic signalling 8 - colour LlightsOAMT FEB1982
Block instruments on Buckingham, 4mmCAMRJ#601993
Bouncing signalsCAPMRAPR1988
Building a layout - 15 - Signalling 1, 4mmCAMRCJUN1982
Building a layout - 16 - Signalling 2, 4mmOAMRCJUL1982
Building a layout - 17 - Signalling 3, 4mmOAMRCAUG1982
Building a layout - 18 - Signalling 4, 4mmOAMRCSEP1982
Building a layout - 19 - Signalling 5, 4mmOAMRCOCT1982
Building a layout - 20 - Signalling - 6, 4mmCAMRCNOV1982
Building a layout - 21 - Signalling - 7, 4mmCAMRCJAN1983
Building a layout - 22 - Making the Signals - 1, 4mmCAMRCMAR1983
Building a layout - 23 - Making the Signals - 2, 4mmCAMRCAPR1983
Building a layout - 24 - Controls 1 - Lever Frame Theory, 4mmCAMRCMAY1983
Building a layout - 25 - Controls 2 - Lever Frame Practice, 4mmCAMRCJUN1983
Building a layout - 26 - Controls 3 - Conditional Link Contr, 4mmCAMRCAUG1983
Building a layout - 27 - Controls 4 - 4 Further Useful Circu, 4mmCAMRCSEP1983
Building a layout - 28 - Controls 5 - More Useful Circuits, 4mmCAMRCOCT1983
Building a lever frameOARM DEC1988
Capacitor discharge unit - further notesOARM NOV1975
Colour light signals, 4mmCAMRNNOV1960
Colour light signals - control circuitry, 4mmCARM APR1988
Colour light signals - G.EndacottOARM JAN1981
Constructing a lever frameCARM JUL1996
Constructing colour light signallingCACM FEB1992
Converted Hornby Dublo signals for NGCAMRNJAN1958
Designer Signals - Signal Construction, 4mmCAMRJ#122001
Developements in semaphore control, 4mmCAMRJ#121987
Electrifying signalsCARM SEP1985
Flockton Sidings signal box (A), 4mmDRSMTDEC1989
For outdoor line, 7mmCARM JUL2000
Garden railway signalsCAMRNFEB1957
Ground signals, 4mmCARM SEP1992
How do your signals bounce?CAMRCOCT1985
Interlocking of signals and pointsOAMR JUL1992
Keep taking the tablets - working single line block instrumeCAMR JUN1983
LEDs, S.HineOAMR OCT1979
Lever frame construction, G. Walter, 7mmCARM SEP1977
Light up your signals, R.Hobson, 4mmCARM MAR1980
Light your lamp - fibre optics for semaphore signalsOARM MAY1983
Locking lever frame, 7mmCAMR DEC1981
Making a block signalling instrumentCARM FEB1993
Making a wooden location boxOAMRISEP1994
Manual Interlocking of PointsOAYMRFEB1985
Market Drayton signal box, 4mmCASMTAPR1988
Matters arising on signals and signallingOAMT JAN1981
Mechanically interlocked lever frameOARM JAN1980
Minden Signal Box, 4mmCAMR JAN1989
Modelling the Southern signal boxesCARM APR1987
Modern fixed distantDRSMTJAN1989
Multiple aspect signalling for model railwaysOARM JUL1990
Newport East signal box, 1:148DRRM OCT1992
Operating semaphore signalsCAMR MAY1983
Operating signal gantryCAMBTAPR1994
Pen Tor roads 'four holer' signal contruction, 4mmCAMRJ#611993
Point and signal control at Lincoln loco, 4mmCARM SEP1990
Position light shunt signalsOARM APR1990
Pre-grouping signals, 1/2insCAMRNJUL1949
Push button routing - more onOARM FEB1976
Push button routing systems 1: one button, one routeOARM OCT1974
Push button routing systems 2: diode matricesOARM NOV1974
Push button routing systems 3: capacitor discharge unitOARM DEC1974
Rayhamming the Davin bouncer, 7mmCAMRJ#101998
Reflected light for signals by P.D. HancockCAMRNAPR1948
Scale working signal lampsCAMRNMAY1955
Searchlight signalsCAMRNMAY1955
Secondary & ground signalsCAMRCJAN1985
Semaphore signals, 7mmCARM MAY1988
Signal OperationCAMR JUL1988
Signal boxes, 4mmDRRM APR1985
Signal box, Abersoch (A), 4mmDRRM DEC1993
Signal cabin from the past, 3.5mmDRSMTMAR1993
Signal cabin from the past part 1CASMTMAR1993
Signal cabin from the past part 2CASMTAPR1993
Signal cabin, Banjo Road, 7mmCARM JUN1988
Signal control by turnout motorsOARM JAN1988
Signal lights, 4mmCAMRNJAN1949
Signal making in HO scale, 3.5mmCASMTJUL1990
Signal post telephone or battery box, 7mmOAMRIDEC1994
Signal practice (letter in PMR 12/84)OAPMRNOV1984
Signalbox for Fisher Street, 7mmCARM DEC1988
Signalling an O Gauge Railway part 2, 7mmOARM NOV1989
Signalling for Model railways, 12 part series (Jan to Dec)CAMRNJAN1960
Signalling for Model railways, pt 1, common typesCAMRNJAN1960
Signalling for Model railways, pt 2, application of typesCAMRNFEB1960
Signalling for Model railways, pt 3, signals and stationsCAMRNMAR1960
Signalling for Model railways, pt 4, signals and stationsCAMRNAPR1960
Signalling for Model railways, pt 5, colour light signalsCAMRNMAY1960
Signalling for Model railways, pt 6, interlockingCAMRNJUN1960
Signalling for Model railways, pt 7, facing point lock, loc, k barCAMRNJUL1960
Signalling for Model railways, pt 8, miniature lever framesCAMRNAUG1960
Signalling for Model railways, pt 9, miniature frames with, electricaCAMRNSEP1960
Signalling for Model railways, pt 10, track circuitsCAMRNOCT1960
Signalling for Model railways, pt 11, illuminated track diag, ramsCAMRNNOV1960
Signalling for Model railways, pt 12, review of seriesCAMRNDEC1960
Signalling for the modellerCARM MAY1987
Signalling for the modellerCARM OCT1997
Signalling in prototype styleOAST JAN1984
Signalling the Castle Eden BranchOARM OCT1993
Signals, 16mmCARM AUG1985
Signals and Signalling - 1OAMR AUG1984
Signals and Signalling - 2OAMR SEP1984
Signals by A. Vaughan, 14 articles (Jul to Sep 63), articles, , drawingCAMRNJUL1962
Signals for the Madder Valley by J.H. AhernCAMRNJUL1954
Signals, pt 1, Introduction (series also has many photos)CAMRNJUL1962
Signals, pt 2, McKenzie & Holland finials (NER, GER, NSR, H, R, TVR, NCAMRNAUG1962
Signals, pt 3, cruciform finials (LYR, LCD, LOR)CAMRNSEP1962
Signals, pt 4, cruciform finials (NBR large and small, LORCAMRNOCT1962
Signals, pt 5, cruciform finials (LSWR, HBR)CAMRNNOV1962
Signals, pt 6, cruciform finials (CDR, Barry, SER)CAMRNDEC1962
Signals, pt 7, postsCAMRNJAN1963
Signals, pt 8, lattice posts (GN, single and double lattice, )CAMRNFEB1963
Signals, pt 9, posts (BR tubular steel)CAMRNMAR1963
Signals, pt 10, concrete postsCAMRNAPR1963
Signals, pt 11, rungs (FR, GN)CAMRNMAY1963
Signals, pt 12, laddersCAMRNJUL1963
Signals, pt 13, signal galleries (NER, GER, MR, LYR)CAMRNAUG1963
Signals, pt 14, squat cap finials (Cambrian, FR)CAMRNSEP1963
Signals, rules and regulationsOAMBTFEB1992
Simple Auto SignallingCAYMRJAN1987
Simple InterlockingCAYMRMAR1987
Simple automatic colour lightsOARM DEC1976
Simple electrical interlockingOARM JAN1986
Simple point controlCASMTOCT1990
Simplest signal bouncerOAMRJ#671993
Slow bounce signal mechanismCAMRJ#461991
Slow motion signal activationCARM SEP1996
SM32, using stone to build, SM32CARM SEP1996
Small scale signals by J.K. NelsonCAMRNMAY1950
TT signals, operation and controlCAMRNNOV1961
The Best Laid Schemes - Control PanelCAMR JUN1983
Torre signal box, 7mmCABRMSEP1993
Track circuits for block sectionsOARM DEC1981
Track occupancy indicator - (see also letters rm 1/76)OARM NOV1975
Train description for beginners (headcodes) 3OARM DEC1981
Typical semaphore signalDRMRISEP1994
Welshpool signal box, 4mmDRSMTFEB1989
Wiring colour light signalsCARM APR1981
Working colour lights, NOARM MAR1997
Working ground signals, 4mmCABRMMAY1994
Working route indicatorsCAPMROCT1988
Working semaphore signalsCARM MAR1987
Working signals, 2mmCARM JUL1995
FFRBuilding banner type signalsCAMRNJUL1963
FFRSemaphore and disc signalsCAMRJ#241988
IOMRSignal Box, Douglas (photo)DRMRNMAR1966
IOMRSignal box, St.JohnsCAMRNAUG1970
IOMRSignal Box, St.JohnsDRMRNAUG1970
IOMRSignal Box, St.Johns (photo)DRMRNMAR1966
LTLondon Underground signalling system pt 2/2OAYMRMAR1987
WLSignal Box, Castle CaereintonDRMRNAPR1968
WLSignal Box, Castle Caereinton (photo)DRMRNAPR1961
WPRSignal box, Porlock WeirDRRM APR1973