Drawings and useful articles for G.W.R. Structures.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

BARRYMPD, Bridgend and buildings, 4mmDRMR APR1977
BARRYMPD, buildings, variousDRMR MAY1977
BARRYStandard signalDRMRNFEB1959
BGRBroad gauge bridgeDRMRCJAN1980
BGRBroad gauge timber bridgesDRMRCFEB1980
BGRStroudwater Canal viaductDRMRCMAR1980
BMRBedwas stationSPMRCMAR1978
CAMBEngine shedDRPMRFEB1986
CAMBLlanfyllin stationSPMRCFEB1978
CAMBScratchbuilt footbridgeDRRM MAY1997
CAMBStation, Bovey (photo)DRMRNJUL1970
CAMBStation, HarlechDRMRNNOV1948
CAMBStation, Lustleigh (photo)DRMRNJUL1970
CaRMasonry underbridgeDRMRNAPR1964
GWRAnother Brunellian Chalet, 4mmDRMRCAUG1984
GWRBanbury shedDRGWJ#3 1992
GWRBanbury ShedOAGWJ#342001
GWRBirmingham Moor St stationSPMT MAY1981
GWRBishop's Lydyard station, SomersetDRMBTFEB1993
GWRBlack Dog HaltDRMRCJUN1986
GWRBodmin goods shed, 2mmDRMRCJUN1984
GWRBodmin lamp shedDRMRCAPR1984
GWRBodmin passenger buildingsDRMRCFEB1984
GWRBodmin stationDRMRCJAN1981
GWRBodmin weighbridge officeDRMRCJAN1984
GWRBoundary markersDRGWJ#1 1992
GWRBranch terminiOARM MAR1989
GWRBridgend station, GlamorganSPMT JUL1981
GWRBrunel Chalet (secondary)DRMRCAUG1984
GWRBrunel Timber ViaductDRMRCFEB1963
GWRBrunelian ChaletsDRMRCAUG1983
GWRBuild a Brunel viaductCAMRNFEB1963
GWRBuilding a coal stage, 4mmCARM JAN1996
GWRBuilding a layout - 30 - Structures for Bodmin - 1, 4mmCAMRCJAN1984
GWRBuilding a layout - 31 - Structures for Bodmin - 2, 4mmCAMRCFEB1984
GWRBuilding a layout - 32 - Structures for Bodmin - 3, 4mmCAMRCAPR1984
GWRBuildings, 4mmCAMR AUG1987
GWRBullo Pill Locomotive Shed, 4mmCARM FEB2001
GWRCastle Cary station internals, 4mmDRRM AUG1993
GWRCattle & horse dock models, 4mmCARM MAY1996
GWRCattle dock, Highworth (photo)DRMRNMAR1955
GWRChipping Camden, main buildingCAMRNJUL1962
GWRChipping Camden, material, methodsCAMRNMAY1962
GWRChipping Camden, platform shelterCAMRNOCT1962
GWRCholsey and Moulsford stationDRMRCFEB1979
GWRColeford stationSPMRCAPR1980
GWRConcrete post and wire fencingDRGWJ#131995
GWRCorrugated hutDRMRNMAR1966
GWRCorrugated iron hut, 7mmCAMRNMAR1966
GWRCranmore - various structures. (preserved railway), 2mmDRRM JUL1975
GWRDisused goods - Bishops CleeveSPRM FEB1988
GWRDorchesterDRGWJ#4 1992
GWRDorchester stationDRGWJ#4 1992
GWRDunster station buildings, 2mmDRPMRJUL1986
GWREngine shed, 4mmCASMTJUN1987
GWREngine shed (based on Princetown), 4mmDRSMTJUN1987
GWRFlax Bourton tunnelDRMBTDEC1992
GWRFootbridge, Hatton (photo)DRMRNSEP1954
GWRFootbridge, Holt Junction (photo)DRMRNAPR1958
GWRFootbridge, Peter K kit, 7mmDRRM JAN1995
GWRFootbridge, Peter K kit, 7mmCARM JAN1995
GWRGogarth halt (ex Cambrian section), 2mmDRRM NOV1975
GWRGoods depot. LiverpoolDRMBTJUN1992
GWRGoods shed, Abersoch (Cardigan)DRRM MAR1993
GWRGoods shed, Bearley (photo)DRMRNJUL1956
GWRGoods shed, Bourton on WaterDRMRNFEB1962
GWRGoods shed, Cardigan(A), 3mmDRRM MAR1993
GWRGoods shed, Chipping CamdenDRMRNDEC1962
GWRGoods shed, HelstonDRMRNOCT1967
GWRGoods shed, HighworthDRMRNSEP1966
GWRGoods shed, Highworth (photo)DRMRNMAR1955
GWRGoods shed, LampeterDRRM SEP1973
GWRGoods shed, St.Ives (photo)DRMRNMAR1965
GWRGoods shed, Tetbury (photo)DRMRNAUG1957
GWRGWR style stationCAMRNJUL1969
GWRGoods sheds 1840-1860DRMR MAY1975
GWRGuide to drawings of railway structures (GWR)INMRCMAY1983
GWRHalesowen stationSPPMRFEB1985
GWRHalwill slaughterhouseDRRM SEP1991
GWRHelston: Photos + Engine shed drawingDRGWJ#382001
GWRHeytesbury platelayer's hut, 4mmDRRM MAY1989
GWRKetley stationSPMRCFEB1977
GWRKibri kits to Welsh stationCARM JUN1986
GWRLambourne stationSPPMRAPR1988
GWRLevel crossings, S. DevonDRMRCMAY1977
GWRLoddiswell stationSPMR JUN1977
GWRMPD, Cranmore, 4mmDRRM FEB1995
GWRMaiden Newton stationSPMRCAUG1977
GWRModel Royal Albert, Saltash, 7mmCAMRNMAR1971
GWRModelling Brunel timber viaductsCAMRNMAY1959
GWRMPD, Alcester (photo)DRMRNJUL1956
GWRMPD, Ross-on-Wye (photo)DRMRNAUG1969
GWRModelling the Broad Gauge, 4mmOAMRCJUN1985
GWRMPD, Ashburton, 4mmDRMRCOCT1975
GWRNotgrove station nameboardDRMRNJAN1962
GWRPagnton Revisited (inc drawing of 'new'goods shed)DRGWJ#392001
GWRPlatelayer hut, Maiden NewtonDRRM MAR1980
GWRPot type sleeperingDRGWJ#5 1993
GWRPrinces Risborough goods Shed, 2mmDRMR DEC1983
GWRRatio to Clifton DownCAMRCMAY1979
GWRRedbrook Gloucs.DRMBTOCT1992
GWRRoss on Wye general warehouse, 4mmDRMRJ#0 1985
GWRRoss on Wye goodsDRMRCJAN1963
GWRRoss on Wye goods shed, 2&4mmDRMRJ#0 1985
GWRRoss on Wye warehouse and enquiry office, 2mmDRMRJ#0 1985
GWRRural station, Norgrove by G.I. StokesCAMRNMAY1962
GWRScratchbuilding Abersoch signal box, 4mmCARM DEC1993
GWRScratchbuilding Cardigan goods shed, 3mmCARM MAR1993
GWRShelter, Bourton on the water by G.I. StokesCAMRNMAY1962
GWRSignal box from Wills kit, 4mmCARM JAN1998
GWRSouth Devon stationsDRMRCJAN1978
GWRSouth Leigh, station building, 4mmDRRM OCT1978
GWRSt Erth Station - part 2, 2mmDRRM JUN1985
GWRStable block, 4mmDRRM JAN1997
GWRStandard 6' x 6' corrugated iron hutOAGWJ#352001
GWRStandard fog hutDRGWJ#271998
GWRStandard poster boardsDRMRINOV1996
GWRStandard tube fencing & gatesDRGWJ#4 1992
GWRStation Bargeboard, KerryDRMRNFEB1962
GWRStation Bargeboard, LlynclysDRMRNFEB1962
GWRStation Masters houseCASMTFEB1991
GWRStation and goods shed, CulhamDRRM MAY1974
GWRStation and signal box, Torre (A), 1:148DRRM JAN1992
GWRStation based on BamptonCAMRNDEC1969
GWRStation Lamp, Notgrove (photo)DRMRNSEP1961
GWRStation Lamp, Whitney (photo)DRMRNSEP1961
GWRStation Masters Office, KerryDRMRNFEB1962
GWRStation Valancing, HeatherfieldDRMRNFEB1962
GWRStation Valancing, Leamington SpaDRMRNFEB1962
GWRStation Valancing, MarlowDRMRNFEB1962
GWRStation Valancing, St.ErthDRMRNFEB1962
GWRStation building, 4mmOAMRJ#171987
GWRStation, AshburtonDRMRNDEC1965
GWRStation, Aston Cantlow (photo)DRMRNJUL1956
GWRStation, Aston RowantDRMRNSEP1950
GWRStation, Bampton, 2mmDRRM OCT1977
GWRStation, Barry Island (photo)DRMRNDEC1955
GWRStation, Bearley (photo)DRMRNJUL1956
GWRStation, Bourton-on-the-WaterDRMRNMAY1962
GWRStation, Bovey (photo)DRMRNJUL1970
GWRStation, Carbis (photo)DRMRNMAR1965
GWRStation, Castle Cary - 1, 2mmDRRM OCT1985
GWRStation, Castle Cary - 2, 2mmDRRM NOV1985
GWRStation, Chacewater (floor plan only)DRMRNMAY1957
GWRStation, Chipping CamdenDRMRNJUL1962
GWRStation, Chipping CamdenDRMRNOCT1962
GWRStation, Chipping Camden, 7mmCAMRNNOV1970
GWRStation, Clifton Bridge (photo)DRMRNAPR1956
GWRStation, Dawlish Warren, 1:148DRRM JUN1994
GWRStation, Didcot, island buildingDRRM APR1996
GWRStation, East GloucesterDRRM OCT1977
GWRStation, Grange Court (photo)DRMRNAUG1969
GWRStation, Great Alne (photo)DRMRNJUL1956
GWRStation, Hannington (photo)DRMRNFEB1955
GWRStation, Hatton (photo)DRMRNSEP1954
GWRStation, HellstonDRMRNAUG1967
GWRStation, Hellston (photo)DRMRNJUL1967
GWRStation, HeytesburySPRM MAY1989
GWRStation, HighworthDRMRNSEP1966
GWRStation, Highworth (model only)DRMRNOCT1966
GWRStation, Highworth (photo)DRMRNMAR1955
GWRStation, Holt Junction (photo)DRMRNAPR1958
GWRStation, LambourneSPRM APR1993
GWRStation, Lelant (photo)DRMRNMAR1965
GWRStation, Lustleigh (photo)DRMRNJUL1960
GWRStation, Madeley CourtSPRM APR1980
GWRStation, NancegollanDRMRNJUN1967
GWRStation, NotgroveDRMRNMAY1962
GWRStation, Patchway (A), 2mmDRRM JUL1990
GWRStation, PrazeDRMRNMAR1967
GWRStation, RedlandDRRM DEC1985
GWRStation, Stanton (photo)DRMRNFEB1955
GWRStation, St.Erth (photo)DRMRNMAR1965
GWRStation, Staverton BridgeDRRM JUL1970
GWRStation, Tetbury (photo)DRMRNAUG1957
GWRStation, West Bay, Dorset, 7mmDRRM FEB1996
GWRStation, Westbury (Salop) (see also RM 3/80)SPRM JAN1980
GWRStation, WillitonSPRM DEC1993
GWRStation, Witney (Oxon), 4mmDRRM JUN1978
GWRStaverton BridgeSPMT JUL1981
GWRSt.Annes#2 tunnelDRMBTDEC1992
GWRStonehouse, station buildings and signal box, 2mmDRRM AUG1977
GWRStore/Rest Room, HelstonDRMRNOCT1967
GWRTaplow & Loudwater goodsDRGWJ#321999
GWRTaplow stationSPMRCOCT1979
GWRTaunton in the 40sDRGWJ#311999
GWRTetburyDRRM DEC1957
GWRTetbury station (Allan Downes), 7mmCABRMAUG1999
GWRThame goods shed, 2mmDRMR JUL1975
GWRThe Highworth Branch - Highworth, Hannington, Stanton & StraSPMT JAN1981
GWRThe Severn Valley Railway, Arley, Bewdley & Hampton LoadeSPMT AUG1981
GWRTotnes station (A), 1:148DRRM SEP1992
GWRTotnes (1960 & 1990)SPRM SEP1992
GWRTurntable, Hand operatedDRMRNJUN1962
GWRUffculme station buildingCARM OCT1998
GWRUnclimbable fencingDRGWJ#2 1992
GWRViaduct, Brunel timberDRMRNMAY1959
GWRWatchet station buildingsSPMT JAN1980
GWRWater tankDRGWJ#7 1993
GWRWater tank, Barry Island and Radstock WestDRRM NOV1995
GWRWeighbridge and office, 4mmDRST JUL1983
GWRWeighbridge, Chipping CamdenDRMRNJUN1963
GWRYard Lamp, CirencesterDRMRNSEP1962
OWWRStandard Brunel Stations, 4mmDRMRCJUL1983
OWWRStandard Brunel Stations - a Postscript, 4mmDRMRCAUG1983
TVRStation building, 7mmCABRMMAR2000
TVRTaff Vale plate girderCAMRNMAY1963