Drawings and useful articles for OTHER UK Track Plans.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

Adapting Peco buffer stopsCARM MAR1996
Aids to point construction, blades/tie bars, 7mmCAMRNFEB1947
Automatic Turntable, 7mmCAMR FEB1982
Ballasting trackCAMRNJUL1959
Balsawood in track, 4mmCAMRNOCT1961
Broad gauge, baulk road, W Salter, 7mmCARM DEC1975
Buffer stopsCARM MAR1996
Build a sand dragCAMRNDEC1959
Building OO pointsCAMRNMAY1954
Building a layout - 9 - Trackwork, 4mmCAMRCOCT1981
Building a layout - 10 - Trackwork, 4mmCAMRCNOV1981
Building a layout - 11 - Trackwork, 4mmCAMRCDEC1981
Building a layout - 12, 4mmCAMRCJAN1982
Building a layout - 13 - Point Rodding - 1, 4mmCAMRCFEB1982
Building a layout - 14 - Point Rodding - 2, 4mmCAMRCMAR1982
Building a turntable, 4mmCARM APR1984
Calculations and making pointsCAMRNOCT1950
Catch pointsCARM SEP1997
Catch points and trapsCAMRIDEC1994
Cheap and simple point controlCAMRJ#441991
Cleaning OO trackCAMRNJUN1960
Compensator for cable controlCAMRNAUG1956
Converting Hornby Dublo 3 rail tinplate points to stud conta, 4mmCAMRNMAR1958
Converting Hornby Dublo 3 rail tinplate track to stud contac, 4mmCAMRNFEB1958
Curved pointsCAMBTDEC1994
Developments in 7mm trackwork part 1, 7mmCAMRJ#221988
Developments in 7mm trackwork part 2, 7mmCAMRJ#231988
Developments in 7mm trackwork part 3 - postscript, 7mmCAMRJ#261988
Different types of buffer stopCARM OCT1995
Docklands Light Railway trackDRMR JUL1990
Double scissors crossover, 4mmCAMRNJUL1955
Double slip construction, 4mmCAMRNAPR1949
Double slip construction, 10mmCAMRNAPR1949
Easy track building, outdoors, 7mmCAMRNJUN1969
End of the line - a sector plateCAMT MAR1981
Everlasting rust - techniques for model trackCAYMRDEC1984
Exactotrack, 4mmCAMRJ#122001
Finescale 0 gauge improved, 7mmCAMRJ#991997
Fishplates in fine scale OCAMRNNOV1969
Flatbottom pointsCAYMRJAN1986
Flatbottom trackCAYMRDEC1985
Garden railway consCARM AUG1999
Gauge 1 track constructionCAMRNJAN1951
Gauge 1 track for outdoorsCAMRNAPR1970
Halved-joint point constructionCAMRNOCT1955
Hidden Exits - cassette storageCARM APR2001
Iain Rice on laying track; Pt. 1 of 2CAMR MAY1983
Improved crossing vees, 4mmCAMRJ#461991
Improving Peco pointsCAMRINOV1994
Inset into roadCARM AUG1998
Installing point machines (E. Beal's West Midland)CAMRNAUG1954
Insulated fishplatesCAMRNSEP1950
Insulated rail jointing alignmentCAMRNAUG1956
Interlaced trackCAMRNJUL1960
Introduction to tracklaying, 7mmCAPMRMAY1985
Jig built pointsCAMRNJUL1959
Jig for crossing veesCAMRIAUG1996
L-shaped fiddle yardCARM DEC1999
Laying Peco streamline outdoors, V.Jackson, 7mmCARM DEC1978
Laying Pecoway trackCARM JUN1957
Lifting flapCARM JUL1996
Little Western points by J. RussellCAMRNMAY1959
Little Western track by J. RussellCAMRNMAR1959
Loco driven track cleanerCAPMRJUL1987
Locomotives & curvesOAGRWDEC1989
Making OOO flexible trackCAMRNMAY1956
Making permanent way in EMCAMRNFEB1956
Making tinplate railCAMRNMAY1947
Making track with copper clad, cutting sleepersCAMRNFEB1967
Making tracksCAMBTJUN1991
Making your point, calculationsCAMRNAUG1963
Minimum space train turntableCARM JAN1988
Mixed gauge by M. SharmanCAMRNSEP1967
Mixed gauge trackworkCAMRNJAN1960
Modelling Overhead 1500V DC, 4mmCAMR MAR1992
More realistic permanent wayCABRMJUL1993
Motorise your turnouts - a cheap and easy methodCAMR JAN1981
NG O-16.5, stub point, 7mmCASMTFEB1990
NG pointworkCAMRNSEP1954
NG trackwork using PCBCAMRNDEC1965
O Gauge track - 3, 7mmCASMTJUN1987
O Gauge track 1 - introduction & Peco track, 7mmCASMTJAN1987
O Gauge track 2 - the Gibson range, 7mmCASMTMAR1987
O gauge finescale trackCAMRNMAY1958
Off the rails - trackwork guideCASMTJAN1989
On the track - Mr MerlinCASL #8
Overhead current collection for model trainsCAPMRAPR1984
P4 trackworkCAMRNMAY1970
Permanent Way (C&L Trackwork Construction), 7mmCAMR JUL1991
Permanent wayCAMRNOCT1964
Plotting transition curvesCAMRNAPR1953
Point Construction Using Copper Clad PaxolinCAMR JAN1983
Point Control - Modelling on a BudgetCAMRCMAR1987
Point constructionCAMRNJUN1956
Point construction (EM), 4mmCAMRJ#151987
Point control, springsCAMRNMAY1970
Point cranks, 4mmCAMRNMAR1956
Point makingCAMRNDEC1957
Point motors in O gaugeCAMRNFEB1956
Point rodding pt 1, 4mmCAMRJ#111999
Point rodding pt 2, 4mmCAMRJ#111999
Point switch blades/operation by BurnsCAMRNDEC1963
Points from Peco, 7mmCARM APR2000
Points, construction, crossings, wiring by BurnsCAMRNJAN1964
Pointwork ComponentsOAMRJ#132001
Pre and post group switches and chairs (A)DRMBTDEC1994
Preparing brass rail with silverCAMRNOCT1950
Prototype points, switches, crossings, check railsCAMRNJAN1953
Rail jogging tool, 7mmCAMRNJUN1959
Rail roller for curved railCAMRNSEP1957
Realistic Tie Bars for PointsCAYMRJUL1985
Reverser/traverserCARM DEC1987
Ro-railer trackCAMRNNOV1963
Scale points by BurnsCAMRNNOV1963
Sector table, 4mmCARM NOV1982
Simple garden track mounting, 7mmCARM AUG1992
Sleepering differences (Pre-grouping companies)CAMRJ#331989
Slow acting point machinesCAMRJ#851996
Southwell Valley T., 4mmNGDRRM JAN2000
Speedy track buildingCAMRNDEC1959
Staple method of track constructionCAMRNDEC1960
Straight cut point blades, 7mmCAMRJ#111999
Stud contact installation, 3/8insCAMRNJUL1951
Studs in track, 7mmCAMRNJAN1951
Superelevation of curved trackCAMR FEB1981
Surveying & levelling with a water U-tubeOAGRWDEC1989
The ballast business - 1CAMT NOV1980
The ballast business - 2CAMT FEB1981
The shuffle yard (fiddle yard), 7mmCASMTNOV1990
Tinkering With Turnouts - Turnout Operating Unit, S4CAMRJ#122001
Track Laying, 4mmCAMR FEB1991
Track and trackbedsCASL #8
Track gauge clearancesCAMBTAUG1992
Track laying outdoors, 7mmCARM AUG1980
Tracklaying, 7mmCAMRNMAR1961
Tracklaying Wessex, 7mmCAMRNFEB1953
Transition curvesCAMRNMAY1962
Transition curvesCARM FEB1985
Transition curves and buffer lockCAMRNJUN1956
Trap pointsCAMBTAPR1993
Traverser for tram layoutCAPMRAPR1985
Traversing fiddle yardCAMR MAR1983
Triang turntable, 4mmCARM JUL1998
Trouble shooting along P Way, maintenanceCAMRNAUG1964
Turnout DrawingsDRYMRSEP1985
Turnout Tiebars, 7mmCAMRJ#122001
Turnout motor installation (Peco)CARM JUN1992
Turntable - 1, 7mmCARM JAN1985
Turntable - 2, 7mmCARM FEB1985
Turntable - 3, 7mmCARM APR1985
Turntable construction, 4mmCARM FEB1984
Turntable for the Winster Valley, SM32CAGRWJUL1991
Two fiddleyards for layout, 7mmCARM SEP2001
Vertical fiddle yardCARM AUG1996
Wagon turntable, 4mmCARM NOV2000
Wagon turntables, 3.5&4mmCASMTAPR1991
Weatherproof track outdoorsCAMRNOCT1952
Working level crossing, 7mmCAPMRAUG1985
Working with Peco individulay (pt 1/2)CARM JUN1995
Working with Peco individulay (pt 2/2)CARM SEP1995
Working with W&H point basesCAMRNMAR1962
FFRMPD, Boston LodgeTRMRNMAY1965
FFRPenawen QuarryTRMRNMAY1965
FFRStation, ArenigTRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, Bala JunctionTRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, Blaeneau FfestiniogTRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, Cwm PrysorTRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, FrongochTRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, Llan FestiniogTRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, Maentwrog RoadTRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, ManodTRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, Tan Y ManodTRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, TrawsfynyddTRMRNMAY1971
FFRYard, Boston LodgeTRMRNMAY1965
KESRStation, RolvendenTRMRNAPR1969
KESRStation, Tenterden TownTRMRNAUG1969
LTStation, Chesham, BucksTRRM SEP1997
LTTrack for the Tube, 4mmCAMRJ#301989
METStation, Edgware tube terminusTRRM AUG1987
RHDR15in Track in 7mm Scale - Mike VincentCAYMRJAN1987
RHDRStation trackage, HytheTRRM NOV1999
SWOLDHalesworth etc. stationTRMRCJUN1979
SWOLDStation, Halesworth etc.TRRM JUN1987
TRStations in 1951 & 1982TRRM JAN1988
TRTywyn Wharf stationTRMRCFEB1980
WDModelling military track, 4mmCAMRJ#112000