Drawings and useful articles for B.R. Goods Wagons.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

BR10T Starfish ballast, 4mmDRMRCMAR1984
BR12T No. B754402 vanDRMRNAUG1970
BR12T No. E238319 vanDRMRNAUG1970
BR12T No. M228265 vanDRMRNJUL1970
BR12T fruit van, 7mmDRMT NOV1982
BR12T fruit van D1/230 - Parkside kit PC42 (pt1)CAMRIMAR1994
BR12T fruit van D1/230 - Parkside kit PC42 (pt2)CAMRIAPR1994
BR12T goods van D1/200 - Parkside kit PC42 (pt1)CAMRIMAR1994
BR12T goods van D1/200 - Parkside kit PC42 (pt2)CAMRIAPR1994
BR12T shock openDRMBTAPR1992
BR12T vans 1955-61DRYMRAPR1987
BR12T ventilated vanDRMRNJAN1952
BR13T China Clay wagonsCARM JUN1988
BR13T China Clay wagons, 7mmDRRM JUN1988
BR13T all steel coal hopper wagonDRMT NOV1982
BR13T all steel coal hopper wagonDRMT JAN1983
BR13T Highbar wagon (Diag 1/039), 7mmDRMT FEB1983
BR13T end door China Clay wagonDRMR JUN1990
BR13T high sided goods wagon - drop sidesDRMR JUN1990
BR13T standard long vanDRMRNJUL1952
BR13T standard medium vanDRMRNJUL1952
BR14T Ling ballast, 4mmDRMRCMAR1984
BR14T rail wagon - WhitingDRMBTOCT1992
BR16T end door all steel wagons, 7mmDRMT JUL1982
BR16T end door all-steel mineral wagon, 5mmDRRM NOV1980
BR16T mineralDRMBTAUG1994
BR16T mineralDRMRNNOV1966
BR16T mineralDRMRNJAN1967
BR16T mineral Parkside Dundas, 7mmCABRMJUN1996
BR16T mineral Parkside Dundas, 7mmCABRMJUN1997
BR16T mineral Walsworth Models, 7mmCABRMMAR1997
BR16T PalbrickDRMBTAPR1993
BR16T mineral to 13T sand tipCARM JUN1981
BR16T mineral wagon, 7mmDRRM AUG1999
BR16T minerals - 2, 4mmDRRM MAR2000
BR16T minerals - 3, 4mmDRRM MAY2000
BR16T minerals - 4, 4mmCARM JUL2000
BR16T rivetted mineral wagon, 4mmCAMRJ#861996
BR16T steel open, 6.5mmDRMT JUL1982
BR16T steel wagon story part 3 D.1/102,103,105 (A)DRMBTDEC1991
BR1960's weed killer train (A), 2mmDRRM SEP1990
BR1974 BREL lime hopper, 4mmDRRM SEP1994
BR1974 BREL lime hopper, 4mmCARM SEP1994
BR20T brake van conversion, 4mmCASMTAUG1991
BR20T Grampus ballast openDRMBTOCT1992
BR20T Herring ballast hopperDRMBTOCT1992
BR20T cement & 37T stoneDRMRCAPR1979
BR20T Crab ballast wagon design code ZC513A, 4mmDRMRCDEC1984
BR20T Lamprey ballast wagon Dia 1/570 (Rebuilt), 4mmDRMRCDEC1984
BR20T standard goods brake van (Diags 1/506 &1/507), 4mmDRMRCMAY1983
BR20T std coke hopper - 3 Types, 4mmDRMRCAUG1983
BR20T tank wagon partially fitted for ferry traffic, 7mmDRMRCNOV1984
BR20T Tunny ballast, 4mmDRMRCMAR1984
BR20.5T Plaice ballastDRMRCAUG1985
BR21T iron ore hopperDRMBTAUG1994
BR21T loco coalDRMBTAUG1994
BR21T mineral wagon from 16T wagon, B. Walls, 7mmCAMRCAUG1977
BR21T mineral wagons - 3 types, 4mmDRMRCNOV1983
BR21T mineral wagons (2 Types), 4mmDRMRCDEC1983
BR21T mineral wagons D.1/107, 1/110, 1/119, 1/120, 4mmDRMRJ#711994
BR24.5 ton mineral wagon, 7mmCAMRJ#811995
BR24.5 ton mineral wagon - kit construction, 4mmCAMRJ#771995
BR27T all steel tippler mineralDRMRNFEB1967
BR27T iron oreDRMRNMAY1953
BR27T iron ore tipplerDRMRNFEB1967
BR32T coal hoppersOAPMROCT1988
BR34T Turbot ballastDRMRCAUG1985
BR35T CLA, CLB, creosote tankDRRM OCT1957
BR35T GLW AVB tank wagonsDRMR JAN1991
BR35T bitumen tanks from Hornby tank, 4mmCARMD#2 1996
BR35T tank wagon class BDRMRCFEB1985
BR35T, LWB tanker, 8.5mmDRMR SEP1977
BR37 3/4T, PO hopper aggregate wagon, 7mmDRMR DEC1977
BR45T GLW tank wagonDRMR APR1992
BR50T Rail/Sleeper/Ballast, "Sturgeon"DRMR OCT1989
BR60ft bogie LP gas tankDRMR JAN1978
BR61ft Salmon rail wagonDRRM MAY1989
BR80ft China Clay bogie hopper (A), 4mmDRRM JAN1991
BR8T banana vans, 1968-71DRYMRNOV1985
BR8wh 100T, bulk powder wagon, 7mmDRMR AUG1977
BR90T Tiphook aggregate hopperDRRM JUN1989
BRARC's High Tech hoppers 2 (JHA LTF) (A), 4mmDRRM SEP1990
BRAX container; demountable flour silo, 7mmDRBRMMAY1999
BRBallast brake & workman's vanDRMBTOCT1992
BRBallast plough brakeDRMBTOCT1992
BRBogie bolster E wagons - 4 Types, 4mmDRMRCMAR1983
BRBogie, 60 foot PO tanker, LPG, 7mmDRMR JAN1978
BRBR period tank wagonsDRMR OCT1990
BRBrake van Connoisseur, 7mmCABRMSEP1996
BRBrake vansCASMTOCT1990
BRBreakdown Train Unit (Crane) part 2 (A)DRMR JUL1992
BRBreakdown crane, Cowan SheldonDRMRNSEP1961
BRBritish Steel Corp, axle motion bogie bolster, 7mmDRMR JUN1975
BRCable laying wagon, 7mmCABRMSEP2000
BRCatfish 19T ballast hopperDRMBTOCT1992
BRClass STS - anhydrous ammonia tankDRRM FEB1994
BRCleveland potash 90T, 8wh bogie, hopper wagon, 7mmDRMR OCT1977
BRConflat a Slater's, 7mmCABRMAUG1996
BRContainer traffic, 7mmCAMRJ#891996
BRConversion, 7mmCARM JAN1998
BRDetailing the Hornby TTA tank wagon, 4mmCAMRIJAN1997
BRDistillers MG - TTA tank wagons, 4mmCAMRIOCT1996
BREarly monoblock tank wagonsDRMR JUL1991
BRFinescale from RTR - Bachmann Wagons to P4, P4CAMRJ#132001
BRFinescale from RTR - Bachmann Wagons to P4 - Part 2, P4CAMRJ#132001
BRFish vans for St. Catherines, 7mmCARM SEP2001
BRFitted box vanDRMRNDEC1967
BRFlatrol EV in 4mmDRRM FEB1996
BRFreight wagon 'Plaice', 4mmDRMRCAUG1985
BRFruit van based on a LMSR design, 7mmDRMRCMAY1986
BRG2 Gane a rail carrierDRMBTOCT1992
BRGrain wagonsDRMBTAPR1994
BRGrampus non-hoppered ballast wagon, 4mmDRMRCMAR1985
BRGrampus wagons, 4mmCARM OCT1987
BRHBA/HEA 46T coal hoppers, 4mmDRMRIOCT1993
BRHow to model a PW train, NCARM JAN1995
BRISO/Freightliner containerDRRM AUG1970
BRLima 16T to 21T mineral wagon, 7mmCAMRCAUG1977
BRLowfit wagons, 4mmDRMRCFEB1987
BRMGR coal hoppers HAA/HDA, 4mmDRSMTOCT1984
BRMGR coal hoppers HBA/HEA, 4mmDRSMTOCT1984
BRMaking hoods for China Clay wagons, 4mmCARM FEB1995
BRMarine Biology 1 - ballast hoppersOARM MAY1988
BRMarine Biology (YMO Salmon) (A), 4mmDRRM MAY1989
BRMerry-go-round hoppersCAMRCAUG1982
BRMilk Market Board 6wh tank, 4mmDRPMRAPR1986
BRMineral wagons - body markings 1950/80, 1/4inDRMRJ#571992
BRMineral wagons Parkside Dundas, 7mmCABRMAPR1998
BRMineral wagons part 3 D.1/108, 4mmDRMRJ#561992
BRModelling contemporary freight stock - 1, OBA 32T open, 4mmCARM SEP1985
BRModelling contemporary freight stock - 2, 4mmCARM DEC1985
BRModern grain hoppers (polybulk wagons), 4mmCARM NOV1988
BRNon-Hoppered ballast (Grampus, Lamprey)OARM SEP1989
BRNon-Hoppered ballast (Ling, Tunney)OARM AUG1989
BRNuclear flask wagon D2/532, 4mmDRMRIJAN1996
BRO&K 102 Tonne aggregate carrier (A)DRRM JAN1990
BRO&K 102 Tonne PHA hopper wagon part 3, 4mmCARM MAR1990
BROpen wagons, 4mmDRSMTOCT1985
BRPBA 80T Clay Tiger 55CARM JAN1991
BRPBA China clay hoppersDRRM DEC1995
BRPCA Cement hopper, 7mmCAMR AUG1993
BRParkside Grampus, 7mmCABRMAUG2001
BRPermanent Way trainDRRM JAN1995
BRPHA O&K 102T hopper (A), 4mmDRRM FEB1990
BRPOA 46T open wagon, 4mmDRRM JUL1990
BRPTA Tippler, 4mmCARM JUL1988
BRPTA Tippler, 4mmDRRM JUL1988
BRP&T track tamper machine, 2mmDRRM SEP1991
BRRail wagon (WR)DRMRNOCT1966
BRRansomes & Rapier steam breakdown crane, 4mmDRBRMSEP2001
BRSalmon update (YMO, YMP in RM MAY 89)OARM MAY1990
BRSand wagon Parkside Dundas, 7mmCABRMOCT1999
BRShark plough brake, 7mmCABRMAUG1998
BRSharks (plough break van) (A), 4mmDRRM JUN1990
BRSnow plough, 4mmDRMRLJAN2001
BRSnowplough, 4mmDRRM DEC1987
BRSnowplough, 4mmCARM DEC1987
BRSpeedlink vans (A) (Bodies Only), 4mmDRRM JAN1988
BRStandard 12T van diag. 1/214 (A), 7mmDRMRIMAY1996
BRStandard 24T hopperDRMRNMAY1953
BRStandard vansDRRM AUG1971
BRStator 150TDRMRNNOV1955
BRSuspension, Gloucester vanDRMR SEP1977
BRTCA 78T chalk slurryDRRM OCT1988
BRTransformer wagonDRRM AUG1997
BRTrestrols - prototype and model, 4mmCAMRIFEB1995
BRTRL depressed centre Presflow 'Tiger tanks'DRMRIMAY1995
BRTTA tanks-no drawingsDRMRIDEC1996
BRTurbot Sleeper wagon, 4mmDRMRCAUG1985
BRVAA, VAB 20ft 9in etc.DRRM JAN1988
BRVTG hooded coil PIB/IPADRRM DEC1985
BRVariations on a welded theme (suit Lima in 7mm)DRPMRAUG1984
BRVDA 41T van, 4mmDRBRMNOV2001
BRVGA 24T van, 4mmDRBRMDEC2001
BRWCW tank wagon, 7mmCABRMJUL1997
BRWagon liveries 1948-64OARM AUG1991
BRWeighing machine vanCASMTMAR1993
BRWhisky grain wagonsDRMBTAPR1994
BRZJV 14T Mermaid ballastDRRM APR1990
BRZJV Mermaid (body only) (A), 4mmDRRM APR1990