Drawings and useful articles for OVERSEAS Locomotives.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

AfricaClass Gma/M Garratt, SAR, 8.45mmDRCM JUL1982
AfricaClass NGG 11 Beyer-Garrett 2ft gauge (A), SAR, 16mmCACM FEB1990
AfricaClass S2 narrow gauge, SAR, 0-8-0, 1:64DRCM MAY1984
AfricaEAR 24 class in 7mm scale, Canon W.H. Nicholson, 4-8-0, 7mmCAMR APR1977
AfricaEAR, Tribal class 29, 2-8-2, 5.15mmDRCM MAY1982
AfricaEAR, Tribal class 30, 2-8-4, 5.15mmDRCM MAY1982
AfricaEAR, Tribal class 31, 2-8-4, 5.15mmDRCM MAY1982
AfricaNigerian Railways 4-8-2, 4-8-2OACM SEP1984
AfricaNigerian Railways, River class - Vulcan foundry, 2-8-2, 2.9mmDRCM DEC1980
AfricaRhodesia Railways BE1 diesels, 3.5mmDRCM DEC1993
AfricaRhodesia Railways class DE2 (A), 1-Co-Co-1DRCM JUN1991
AfricaRhodesia Railways class DE6 dieselsDRCM JUL1993
AfricaRhodesian railway Garratt for LGB, 10mmDRCM SEP1982
AfricaRhodesian Railways class 7, 4-8-0DRCM AUG1994
AfricaRhodesian Railways class 9, 4-8-0DRCM FEB1994
AfricaSAR Garratt class GBDRCM AUG1988
AfricaSAR, Avontuur 15 class - 2ft gauge, 2-8-2, 7mmDRCM NOV1983
AfricaSAR, Garratt, 4-8-2+2-8, 4mmDRCM JUL1985
AfricaVouga Valley locos - various (A)DRCM APR1988
AsiaBritish N. Borneo State Rly metre gauge, 4-6-0, 7mmDRCM NOV1983
AsiaChinese Railways QJ class (A), 2-10-2, 3.5mmDRCM OCT1988
AsiaChinese Sl class, 4-6-2DRCM OCT1994
AsiaClass 56 Pacifics, 4-6-2, 3.5mmDRCM SEP1986
AsiaJapanese class E10, 2-10-4T, 1:150&4mmDRCM NOV1985
AsiaJavanese railway locomotive (A), 2-8-2DRCM OCT1992
AsiaMiddle East Baldwin, 2-8-2STDRMRNAPR1947
AsiaMiddle East Baldwin, 0-6-2TDRMRNAPR1947
AustAustralian V/line N class diesel and N series cars (A), Co-CoDRCM JUN1992
AustGear Meat Co. Barclay tank, 4-4-0TDRCM MAR1993
AustLogging loco, 1:64DRCM SEP1984
AustNew South Wales class C32, 4-6-0DRMRNNOV1958
AustNew Zealand Railways K class, 4-8-4DRCM OCT1993
AustNSW class 30 (A), 4-6-0DRCM MAY1992
AustNSW class 38 (A), 4-6-2DRCM FEB1990
AustNSW class 40, Co-CoDRCM JUL1994
AustNSW class 42 (A), Co-CoDRCM JUN1990
AustNSW class 421 (A), Co-Co, 3.5mmDRCM AUG1992
AustNSW class 422 (A), Co-CoDRCM JAN1991
AustNSW class 43DRCM MAR1993
AustNSW class 44, Co-CoDRCM MAY1994
AustNSW class 442 (A), Co-CoDRCM DEC1990
AustNSW class 45DRCM AUG1990
AustNSW class 47, Co-CoDRCM OCT1992
AustNSW class 48, Co-Co, 3.5mmDRCM MAR1991
AustNSW class 49, Co-Co, 3.5mmDRCM FEB1991
AustNSW class 70, 0-6-0DRCM SEP1991
AustNSW class 73 (A), Bo-BoDRCM OCT1990
AustNSW class 80, Co-CoDRCM AUG1991
AustNSW class SRA 81, Co-CoDRCM OCT1989
AustQueensland Railway Garratt, 2-6-0+0-6DRRM AUG1987
AustQueensland railway 3100/3200 & 3500/3600 classes (A), Bo-Bo-BoDRCM MAR1992
AustQueensland Railways A10 class (A), 0-4-2, Sn3DRCM SEP1992
AustScratchbuilding New Zealand n.g.. MalletDRCM MAR1994
AustSt George & Christchurch Rly (3ft 6in gauge), 2-6-2TDRGRWNOV1988
AustTasmanian Railway Garrett, 0-4-0+0-4DRMRNJUN1966
AustTaupo Totaro Timber Co No 7 (New Zealand) (A)DRCM MAR1994
AustVictoria Railways class X dieselDRCM JUN1994
AustVictorian Railways R class, 4-6-4DRCM NOV1993
EurAlong French railways (various narrow gauge)DRCM OCT1993
EurAustrian Railways class 170, 2-8-0DRCM MAY1993
EurBrienz Rothorn Bahn H2/3, 3.5mmDRCM NOV1992
EurClass OK-Z 32 Loco, Poland, 2-10-2OACM NOV1986
EurCNCF, Portugese n.g. locos (A)DRCM MAY1991
EurDB class BR41, 2-8-2DRCM AUG1991
EurDB 01 (10) class pacific, 4-6-2, 1:87&1:16DRSMTMAR1986
EurDB class BR82, 0-10-0T, 1:64DRCM JUL1984
EurDB correcting Lima's Kleinlok, 7mmCASMTNOV1990
EurDB Harz metre gauge locosDRCM JUL1992
EurDB Isle of Rugen class 99.4631, 0-8-0TDRCM SEP1994
EurDB Prussian P8 class (A), 4-6-0DRCM JUN1992
EurDBB 01-5 pacifics, 4-6-2DRCM SEP1984
EurDBB BR39 mikados, 2-8-2OACM MAY1984
EurDBB locos (1) - class 110OACM SEP1982
EurDBB locos (2) - class 111, Bo-BoOACM NOV1982
EurDBB locos (3) - class 118OACM JAN1983
EurDBB locos (4) - classes 150 & 157OACM MAY1983
EurDBB locos (5) - class 194OACM JUL1983
EurDBB mighty 44SOACM MAR1983
EurDBB Prussian P4-2 - prototype and model, 4-6-0, 1:64DRCM MAY1984
EurDBB Reichsbahn No 05001 (1935), 4-6-4, 4mmDRMT FEB1983
EurDBBs class BR118OACM JUL1984
EurDutch tram engine Sylvold, 1:64DRCM SEP1987
EurFerrocarril De Mallorca locos, 4mmDRCM SEP1986
EurFV Spain, Engerth metre gauge locomotive, 2-6-4T, 3.5mmDRCM SEP1983
EurHistoric Dutch loco, 3.5mmDRCM SEP1986
EurHungarian MAV class 424, 4-8-0, 3.5mmDRCM SEP1984
EurLiege & Maastricht (Belgium) c1890, 0-6-0, 4mmDRMR JUL1976
EurMY class part 1 (A), DenmarkDRCM NOV1992
EurMY class part 2, DenmarkDRCM DEC1992
EurNord, class 050 TD - 1, 0-10-0T, 3.5mmDRCM JUL1983
EurNord, class 050 TD - 2, 0-10-0T, 3.5mmDRCM SEP1983
EurNord, Petiet loco, 0-8-0, 1:64DRCM MAY1986
EurOBB, 1670 class, 2mmDRCM MAY1983
EurOBB, Austrian - Goldsdorf loco, 2-6-4, 1:64DRCM SEP1982
EurOBB, Austrian narrow gauge 2091 class (A), 1-B-1DRCM JAN1991
EurOBB, class 1045 (1927) and class 1145 (1930) electrics, 2mmDRCM JAN1983
EurOBB, class 1245.0 and 1245.5, 1:160DRCM JUL1982
EurOBB, class 1570, 2mmDRCM MAY1983
EurOrenstein and Koppel narrow gauge tank engine, 0-6-0T, 7mmDRCM MAY1993
EurOSE Mitsubishi diesel, Bo-BoDRCM SEP1993
EurPR class (A), Denmark, 4-6-2, 3.5mmDRCM SEP1992
EurRHB 4/4 (11S), Switzerland, OmCACM FEB1989
EurRHB 4/4 (11S), SwitzerlandDRCM FEB1989
EurSNCF Nord 141TC, 2-8-2DRMRNAPR1961
EurSNCF Nord 231C, 4-6-2DRMRNJUN1971
EurSNCF St.Jean d'Angely, 2-4-2DRMRNAUG1968
EurSNCF St.Jean d'Angely, 2-4-2DRMRNSEP1968
EurSNCF St.Jean d'Angely, 2-4-2DRMRNNOV1968
EurSaxony n.g. railways part 2 - early locos (1)DRCM SEP1993
EurSaxony n.g. railways part 3 - early locos (2)DRCM NOV1993
EurSaxony n.g. railways part 4 - early locos (3)DRCM FEB1994
EurSaxony n.g. railways part 5 - diesel locomotives and railcarDRCM JUN1994
EurSBB-CFF, EB 3/5 locomotive, 2-6-2T, 1:64DRCM MAY1983
EurSBB, AE 3/5 10219 (1963-66), 3.5mmDRCM JUL1985
EurSNCB, Belgian class 12, 2-4-2, 7mmDRCM NOV1982
EurSNCF, 130B, 2-6-0DRGRWMAY1989
EurSNCF, 140-C freight locomotive, 2-8-0, 3.5mmDRCM MAR1985
EurSNCF, 141R, 2-8-2, 4mmDRCM JAN1984
EurSNCF, 2-141A Ex-Nord 4.1101.50, 2-8-2, 4mmDRCM MAR1982
EurSNCF, American built 141R, 2-8-2, 3.5mmDRST JAN1984
EurSNCF, class 2-4-2 A1, 4-8-4, 1:64DRCM JAN1983
EurSNCF, class 5-141E and class 5-141C, 2-8-2, 3.5mmDRCM MAY1982
EurSNCF, ex C De F De L'Est 2409-32 compound, series VIII, typ, 3.5mmDRCM MAR1983
EurSNCF, ex Sud-Est 5-141E, 2-8-2, 3.5mmDRCM MAR1982
EurSNCF, ex TC Nord 040F, SNCF, 0-8-0, 4mmDRCM JAN1982
EurSNCF, Locotracteur Y6200, 1:100DRCM SEP1985
EurSteam locos of the Cf Do EstadoDRCM SEP1994
EurSwiss metre gauge - Ge 2/4, RhB, 3.5mmDRCM MAR1984
EurSwiss traction Fe4/4 No. 18561, Bo-BoDRMRNAUG1965
EurWurttemberg State Railways rack & adhesion locomotive, 2-6-0T, 3.5mmDRCM MAR1985
EurZittau-Ogbin-Jonsdorf loco, Saxony, 2-10-2, 3.5mmDRCM JAN1987
IndiaBombay Steam Tram, R.Powell, 7mmCAMR MAR1979
IndiaDarjeeling &Himalaya class B, 0-4-0STDRMRNAPR1967
IndiaDarjeeling B class, 0-4-0, 16mmDRSL #12
IndiaDarjeeling Himalayan railway class C, 4-6-2DRCM JAN1992
IndiaDehri Rhotas light railway loco type 2B, 2-6-2, 7mmDRSL #7
IndiaGwalior Light railway (India) loco, 4-6-0DRSL #6
IndiaNG Indian tank, 0-4-0STDRRM NOV1957
IndiaUSRA metre gauge Mcarthur Loco, 2-8-2DRCM SEP1986
NAmAlco FA diesels (A), Bo-BoDRCM JUN1989
NAmBaltimore & Ohio class S1 & S1A, 2-10-2, 1/8inDRMT AUG1981
NAmBaltimore & Ohio President class P7 5300 series, 4-6-2, 4mmDRCM NOV1985
NAmB&O B18/B19, 4-6-0DRCM DEC1994
NAmDiesel 'E' units (A&B units) B&O, Bo-Bo, 3.5mmDRSMTSEP1984
NAmGP7 General Motors diesel, Bo-Bo, 3.5mmDRST JAN1984
NAmGreat American dieselsOACM NOV1986
NAmMini BaldwinDRGRWMAY1989
NAmPennsy GG1, 2-Co-Co-2, 7mmCACM JUN1988
NAmPennsylvania T-1 Duplex, 7mmCACM OCT1990
NAmReading Railroad Camelback, 0-4-0, 7mmCACM NOV1984
NAmScratchbuilding industrial diesel switcher, 7mmCACM JUL1993
NAmUS Army Transportation Corps S160 (A), 2-8-0DRCM DEC1989
NAmUSRA Austerity Macarthur class, 2-8-2DRGRWMAR1989
NAmWestern Maryland class 17, 2-10-0, 4mmDRCM MAY1986
S.AmCentral Uraguay railway rebuilt, 2-8-0DRRM AUG1987
SAmBarbados Rly (2ft 6in gauge), 0-6-0TDRGRWNOV1988
SAmCentral Uraguay rebuilt loco, 2-8-0, 4mmDRCM MAY1987
SAmFerrocarril Industrial De Rio Turbio (narrow gauge), 2-10-2, 1:64DRCM NOV1987
AfricaLagos steam tramway, 0-4-0T, 4mmDRMRCJUL1976
EurEst Compound #1002, 0-6-0DRMRCJUL1974
NAmBuilding American - 1 -Bar Frames, 16mmCAMRCAUG1985
NAmBuilding American - 2, 16mmCAMRCFEB1986
NAmTransatlantic Shunter - Vancouver BC, 4mmCAMRCJUN1987