Drawings and useful articles for G.W.R. Track Plans.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

CAMBStation, HarlechTRMRNMAY1948
GWRAshburton stationTRGWJ#121994
GWRAshburton stationTRMBTAPR1993
GWRBG 7, Broad Gauge Line, Proto 7, 2R, W. Salter, 7mmLARM JAN1977
GWRBanbury engine shedTRGWJ#3 1992
GWRBaulk road pointwork - 1, 2&4mmDRMRJ#0 1985
GWRBaulk road pointwork - 2, 2mmDRMRJ#1 1985
GWRBaulk road trackCAPMRMAY1985
GWRBirkenhead (Woodside) stationTRMBTDEC1992
GWRBirmingham Hockley (Goods): 6 partsTRGWJ#151995
GWRBranch terminiTRRM FEB1989
GWRBrixham stationTRGWJ#211997
GWRCongresbury stationTRGWJ#151995
GWRGobowen stationTRGWJ#221997
GWRHatton stationTRGWJ#191996
GWRHenley-in-Arden stationTRGWJ#111994
GWRHighworth stationTRMBTAPR1993
GWRKetley (goods)TRGWJ#141995
GWRLiskeard stationTRMRCMAY1984
GWRLongitudinal trackCAMRNMAR1949
GWRMaiden Newton stationTRGWJ#0 1991
GWRMarlborough stationTRGWJ#6 1993
GWRMoreton-in-Marsh stationTRRMD#5 1997
GWRRanelegh Bridge loco yardTRMRCAPR1980
GWRRoss-on-Wye stationTRGWJ#2 1992
GWRSt. Ives stationTRGWJ#0 1991
GWRStation, Abingdon, Berks.TRRM MAR1996
GWRStation, Aston RowantTRMRNSEP1950
GWRStation, Barry IslandTRMRNDEC1955
GWRStation, BearleyTRMRNJUL1956
GWRStation, BrentTRMRNJAN1949
GWRStation, BridportTRRM MAY1972
GWRStation, ChacewaterTRMRNMAY1957
GWRStation, CirencesterTRRM AUG1976
GWRStation, Cleobury MortimerTRRM JUN1986
GWRStation, Clifton BridgeTRMRNAPR1956
GWRStation, CricciethTRRM DEC1974
GWRStation, Dunster, SomersetTRRM JUN1997
GWRStation, Gwinear RoadTRMRNFEB1967
GWRStation, HanningtonTRMRNFEB1955
GWRStation, Hatton JunctionTRMRNAUG1954
GWRStation, HeathfieldTRRM DEC1970
GWRStation, HellstonTRMRNFEB1967
GWRStation, HelstonTRRM JAN1972
GWRStation, HighworthTRMRNMAR1955
GWRStation, HighworthTRMRNOCT1966
GWRStation, Holt JunctionTRMRNAPR1958
GWRStation, KingswearTRMRNAUG1970
GWRStation, Leigh BridgeTRRM APR1972
GWRStation, Madeley CourtTRRM JUL1986
GWRStation, NancegollanTRMRNFEB1967
GWRStation, Neen SollarsTRRM SEP1986
GWRStation, PrazeTRMRNFEB1967
GWRStation, PresthopeTRRM AUG1986
GWRStation, PwllheliTRRM JAN1997
GWRStation, Snail Beach JncTRRM SEP1980
GWRStation, StantonTRMRNFEB1955
GWRStation, Stratford upon AvonTRRM JAN1996
GWRStation, St. IvesTRRM NOV1970
GWRStation, StrattonTRMRNFEB1955
GWRStation, St.DavidsTRMRNJUN1969
GWRStation, St.ErthTRMRNMAR1965
GWRStation, St.IvesTRMRNMAR1965
GWRStation, Tavistock SouthTRRM MAR1972
GWRStation, TetburyTRMRNAUG1957
GWRSt.Ives, stationTRMRNAPR1947
GWRStation, TivertonTRRM MAR1971
GWRStation, Watlington OxonTRRM JAN1996
GWRStation, Whitland, West WalesTRRM MAY1997
GWRTaunton P.W. depotSPMT MAR1980
GWRTavistock stationTRGWJ#171996
GWRTiverton junction stationTRGWJ#8 1993
GWRTurntable, 2mmCARM MAY2000
GWRTurntable 55ft, 4mmDRMRJ#111986
GWRUxbridge High St. stationTRGWJ#2 1992
GWRUxbridge High St. stationTRGWJ#4 1992
GWRUxbridge Vine Street stationTRGWJ#131995
GWRWatlington stationTRMRNAUG1950
GWRWest Bay station, DorsetTRMBTAPR1993
GWRYealhamptonTRGWJ#9 1994
S&WRStation, Milkwall & SlingTRRM OCT1995