Drawings and useful articles for L.M.S Signals and Signal Boxes.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

CRKillin junction signal box (A), 3mmDRMBTAUG1994
CRKirkdunnie signal box, 7mmCAMR FEB1990
CRSignal Box, Alyth Junction (photo)DRMRNAPR1962
CRSignal Box, Comrie (photo)DRMRNNOV1961
CRSignal Box, Crieff (photo)DRMRNNOV1961
CRSignal Box, Glenemitten (photo)DRMRNJAN1960
CRSignal Chart (5) - Common Styles 1912-22, 1928-34OAMRCAUG1984
CRSignal box (conversion), 4mmCARM MAR1990
CRSignal box, KirtlebridgeCAMRNDEC1967
CRSignal Box, KirtlebridgeDRMRNDEC1967
CRSignal Box, Oban Junction (photo)DRMRNJUL1960
FRDistant, Newby Bridge (photo)DRMRNFEB1951
FRGround signal, 7mmCAMRNNOV1956
FRSignal Box, Foxfield (photo)DRMRNFEB1967
FRSignal Box, Millom (photo)DRMRNMAY1963
GSWRSignal Box, Kilmalcolm (photo)DRMRNNOV1955
GSWRSignal Box, Portarlington (photo)DRMRNMAR1970
HRKinloss signal boxDRMRIMAY1994
HRKinloss signal boxDRMRIJUN1994
HRKinloss signal boxDRMRIMAR1995
HRSignal box, BurgheadDRMRNJUL1953
HRSignal Box, BurgheadDRMRNFEB1963
HRSignal Box, Carr BridgeDRMRNOCT1965
HRSignal Box, GarveDRMRNOCT1952
HRSignal Box, Garve (photo)DRMRNMAR1968
HRSignal Box, Inverness, Rose Street (photo)DRMRNDEC1966
HRSignal Box, Keith East (photo)DRMRNJUL1963
HRSignal Box, Kyle of Lochalsh (photo)DRMRNOCT1962
HRSignal Box, Kyle of Lochalsh (photo)DRMRNOCT1968
HRSignal Box, Thurso (photo)DRMRNSEP1963
HRSignal Box, Tomatin (photo)DRMRNOCT1965
HRSignal Box, Wick (photo)DRMRNSEP1963
HRSignal, semaphore, Dornoch (photo)DRMRNFEB1961
LMSBracket signal, Brixworth (photo)DRMRNAUG1971
LMSBuilding an upper quadrant bracket signal, 4mmCARMD#1 1996
LMSLMS and constituents signal chartOAMRCMAR1984
LMSSignal Box, Gleneagles (photo)DRMRNSEP1962
LMSSignal Chart (3) - LMSR and Constituent CompaniesOAMRCMAR1984
LMSSignal box Dunham Hill No 2 (A), 3mmDRRM DEC1990
LMSSignal box name boards, .66inDRMR SEP1974
LMSSignal box, Dunham Hill 1943OARM DEC1990
LMSSignal box, PolmadieDRRM MAR1970
LMSSignal box, Warrington - Arpley Junction, 4mmDRRM APR1984
LMSSignal, Banner repeater, Longton (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
LMSSignal, Distant down starter, Rochdale (photo)DRMRNJUN1959
LMSSignal, Down starter No. 1, Bedford St.Johns (photo)DRMRNMAR1971
LMSSignal, Down starter No. 2, Bedford St.Johns (photo)DRMRNMAR1971
LMSSignal, Down starter, Bedford St.Johns (photo)DRMRNMAR1971
LMSSignal, Lattice post, Rawtenstall (photo)DRMRNFEB1971
LMSSignal, Lattice post, Tebay (photo)DRMRNFEB1971
LMSSignal, Three doll bracket, Crewe (photo)DRMRNJUN1971
LMSSignal, Three doll bracket, Stenson Junction (photo)DRMRNJUL1971
LMSSignal, Two arm, Irchester (photo)DRMRNAPR1971
LMSSignal, Two arm, Kirkham & Wesham (photo)DRMRNFEB1971
LMSSignal, Two arm, Wilpshire Tunnel (photo)DRMRNAPR1971
LMSSignal, Two doll balanced, Glendon North (photo)DRMRNJUL1971
LMSSignal, Two doll balanced, Leagrave (photo)DRMRNJUL1971
LMSSignal, Two doll, right bracket, Crewe (photo)DRMRNJUN1971
LMSSignal, Up starter, Olney (photo)DRMRNFEB1971
LMSSignals and angled nameboardsDRRM JUN1971
LMSSingle post signalsDRRM JUN1971
LMSTelegraph pole lines (A)DRRMD#6 1997
LMSThree doll balanced bracket signal, 6mmDRRM MAY1981
LMSTring cutting signal gantry, 4mmDRMRIJUL1995
LNWRBracket signal 'Long Tom'DRRMD#3 1996
LNWRDwarf semaphore Hooton junction south (photo)DRMRNJAN1958
LNWRModelling LNWR SignalsOAMR MAY1982
LNWRModelling signals by J.K. NelsonCAMRNJUL1968
LNWRSemaphore signalDRRMD#0 1996
LNWRSignal Box, ArmitageDRMRNJAN1957
LNWRSignal box & Station bldgDRRM SEP1996
LNWRSignal box, Armitage (photo)DRMRNJUN1954
LNWRSignal Box, Buckingham (photo)DRMRNJAN1961
LNWRSignal Box, Hammerwich (photo)DRMRNMAY1958
LNWRSignal Box, Keswick (photo)DRMRNFEB1960
LNWRSignal box, LinthwaiteCAMRNFEB1965
LNWRSignal Box, Llanerchymedd (photo)DRMRNAUG1965
LNWRSignal Box, Longridge (joint LYR) (photo)DRMRNAUG1958
LNWRSignal Box, Macclesfield Hibbel Rd (photo)DRMRNJUN1955
LNWRSignal Box, Rugby No. 5 (photo)DRMRNAUG1954
LNWRSignal Box, Tredegar Junction lower (photo)DRMRNOCT1964
LNWRSignal Box, Workington Main No. 3 (photo)DRMRNNOV1965
LNWRSignal box, Spratton, etcDRRM APR1985
LNWRSignal gantry, 4mmDRRM FEB1988
LNWRSignal, Down platform, Macclesfield (photo)DRMRNJUN1955
LNWRSignal, Down starter, Bricket Wood (photo)DRMRNFEB1956
LNWRSignals from Ratio kits (2 parts)DRMRIOCT1994
LNWRSplitting arms, Llandudno Junction (photo)DRMRNFEB1951
LNWRType 4 signal box, 4mmDRMRINOV1994
LNWRUnique bracket signal, 4mmCARMD#3 1996
LNWRVarious LNWR boxesDRMBTAUG1992
LNWRWood signal box, 4mmDRMR OCT1974
LYRGetting there slowly - interlocked lever frames, 4mmCAMRJ#112000
LYRInkerman Street signal box - slate sizes (correspondence)CAMRJ#431990
LYRInkerman Street signal box (see MRJ No 43), 7mmCAMRJ#421990
LYRMechanical interlockingCAMRJ#831995
LYROverhead signal cabin, 3mmDRRM MAY1987
LYRSignal Box, Clayton WestDRMRNFEB1970
LYRSignal Box, Longridge (Joint LNWR) (photo)DRMRNAUG1958
LYRSignal cabins sizes 5 and 6 (A), 7mmDRMBTFEB1995
MCRSignal, BraytonDRMBTAUG1993
MCRSignal, BullgillDRMBTAUG1993
MCRSignal, DalstonDRMBTAUG1993
MRAssorted MR signal boxesDRMBTOCT1994
MRCrossbar signal (A) (drawing dated 1943), 4mmDRMID#6
MREttington signalboxDRMRNJAN1964
MREttington station buildingsDRMRNJAN1964
MRGallows and tunnel signalsDRRM DEC1971
MRGantry signalsDRRM AUG1971
MRGround signalsDRRM OCT1971
MRMiscellaneous equipment drawings (A), VariousDRMID#3
MRMR signal box variants - Ratio kit, 4mmCARMD#2 1996
MRSignal Box Details, 4mmOAMRCAPR1982
MRSignal Box, EttingtonDRMRNJAN1964
MRSignal Box, Gloucester type, BarwoodDRMRNJUL1962
MRSignal Box, Grassington (photo)DRMRNMAY1955
MRSignal Box, OrmsideDRMRNJUN1960
MRSignal Box, Standard Type, Mill HillDRMRNJUN1960
MRSignal box, 7mmCARM MAR1993
MRSignal box diagram Barrow-On-Soar (A)DRMID#14
MRSignal box diagram Desford Colliery sidings 1904 &1959 (A)DRMID#8
MRSignal box diagram Swannington (A)DRMID#12
MRSignal box diagram Ullesthorpe C1945 (A)DRMID#8
MRSignal box diagrams Birmingham Lawley St No3/A/B boxes (A)DRMID#10
MRSignal box (late design) (A), 7mmDRMID#2
MRSignal boxes, 4mmCARM DEC1991
MRSignal boxes, Settle & CarlisleOARM MAR1987
MRSignal box, Gloucester EastgateDRRM MAR1993
MRSignal cabin, Bakewell, 2mmDRRM MAR1975
MRSignal, Home & distant, Leicester platform (photo)DRMRNAUG1955
MRSignals & bridgesDRMBTFEB1993
MRSingle post signalsDRRM JUN1971
MRStop shunt & blasting signalDRRM SEP1971
MRStop signalsOAMBTFEB1992
MRWooden signal arm (A), 1.5inDRMID#3
NSRSignal Box, Blythe Bridge (photo)DRMRNSEP1964
SDJRSignal box, Midsomer Norton, 2mmDRRM DEC1984
SDJRWest Pennard signal box (A), 4mmDRBRMDEC1994