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Site Description

The British Railway Modellers of North America (BRMNA) is an international organisation which caters for railway modellers who share an interest in modelling Britain's railways and especially those who live in North America.

Overall, the aim of this web site is to provide a broad range of information and links which will be of value to all modellers but especially to those interested in the railways of Britain.

In addition to providing information about BRMNA, where you can also see an example of the BRMNA Journal, its history and how to join BRMNA, which we hope you will do , there is information about Britain's railways and also about modelling Britain's railways which contains links to the BRMNA index of drawings and articles.

While BRMNA is the ONLY organisation of its kind serving modellers all over North America, there are some other organisations in North America catering for British railway modellers, which aim to draw their membership more locally, and which might interest you, as well as some in Australia and New Zealand which are modelled after BRMNA. On the Meetings Page you will find meeting information.

A major challenge facing the British railway modeller in North America is obtaining products and services. This has been largely overcome through free personal advertising in the BRMNA JOURNAL and on the Sales page where there is always an extensive range of second hand items for sale as well as the wants page to help you to find items that you need; and through BRMNA supplier members. These members own businesses that import British products at competitive prices, are knowledgeable about the products available and, in some cases, they also handle second hand items.

In Britain it is possible to visit a model railway show almost every weekend. While it is almost the same in North America, the difference is knowing whether there is the possibility of viewing British models or layouts or where new or used British products might be on sale. Also, when planning a trip to the UK it is useful to know what shows might be on during your visit. We try to overcome these challenges through the coming events page which will list only shows where you can expect to see British models or products.

Modellers all over the world rely on magazines and for those interested in British magazines it has been a rapidly changing market recently. Because of the number of them there are two pages: the first showing British railway modelling magazines; the other showing British railway prototype magazines.

There are many specialist organisations in Britain and the specialist page lists them and in some cases provides a link to their web site under three main categories: Special Modelling Societies; Special Interest Groups; and Preservation Societies.

Because of the diversity of interests, some useful links for British railway modellers provides a number of possible jump off points into the rest of railway hyperspace!

A site like this would be incomplete without some images of both prototypes and models as well as some references to other sites with images.

Finally, there is also a member zone which, as the name suggests, is for BRMNA members only. This provides them with a discussion forum, access to current and past Journals, and a preview of new listings of second hand items before they are posted for general access on the main site.

Technical Information

The main part of the web site is primarily HTML code with a couple of JavaScripts and does not explicitly use cookies. As such it should be accessible and visible to you regardless of the browser you are using on your computer. However, the settings on your computer might affect exactly what you can and cannot see. It has protection through an X509 certificate and SSL.

All email addresses that appear on the web site are scrambled to reduce the risk that they will generate unwanted spam. The unscrambling is accomplished using a JavaScript. The email address should become visible at the bottom LHS of the screen when the mouse/cursor hovers over the words "CLICK HERE" and should invoke your default email program when the mouse is then clicked. Each of the email addresses should appear in an alternate format in the event that JavaScripts are not enabled on your computer. This alternative appears as an image in PNG format. It should appear on your screen if your computer settings do not allow Javascripts.

The layout images from members are designed to appear on the home page. This is accomplished through a Javascript which selects images at random to be displayed. Again there is an alternate arrangement in the event that JavaScripts are not enabled on your computer. This alternative appears as a text message that will show either "You should see an image from a member here" or "Enable Java Scripts to view images here by members".

The memberzone of the web site is also primarily HTML code with a couple of JavaScripts. It also uses PHPBB for the protection of the Journals. However, this part of the web site also uses cookies to be able to recall your password.

Having problems with or questions about the site?

If you have experienced problems when accessing the BRMNA web site and you believe that it is because the settings on your computer do not allow JavaScripts or cookies then you can change the settings to allow them. Doing so should not give you any concerns for the security of your computer.

If you do not know how to make the necessary changes then you can contact the web manager to ask for assistance.

You can also contact the web manager if you have questions about the web site.

To contact the web manager, CLICK HERE or use the email address found in the following image:

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