Drawings and useful articles for L.N.E.R. Coaches.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britain's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

CLC56ft composite (1880) & 50ft brake third (1881), 4mmDRMBTFEB1995
ECJS6wh full brakes, 4mmDRMRJ#111986
GCR31ft 3rdDRMRNMAR1956
GCR34ft brake 3rdDRMRNMAR1956
GCRBarnum 3rd open gauge 1DRMBTDEC1993
GCRBuffet carriage (1899)DRRM JUN1981
GCRBuffet carriage (1899), 4mmDRRM JUN1981
GCRComposite & brake 3rdDRRM AUG1982
GCRExtension stockDRRM JUN1981
GCRLondon extension coaching stock, 4mmDRRM JAN1981
GCRMystery coach, 8 wheel,bogie with verandah, 2mmDRRM DEC1975
GCRVan, composite and brake 3rd coaches, 4mmDRRM AUG1982
GER1st class dining car #684DRMBTOCT1994
GER31ft 6in 6wh mainline brake, 4mmDRMRCOCT1985
GER3rd, 4wh carriage, g/a, c1882, 5mmDRMR OCT1974
GER4wh coaches, 7mmDRPMROCT1988
GER4wh coaches, 4mmCAPMROCT1988
GER4wh suburbanDRMRNJAN1948
GER50 ft corridor third, 7mmCAMRJ#901996
GERBrake third coach, 4mmDRMRCJUN1987
GERBuilding a GER 6wh coach, 7mmCAMR AUG1981
GERRestaurant cars, 1st cl, 1907, 1898, no. 662/663 (A), 4mmDRMBTOCT1994
GERUnderframes for Gaslit Coaches, G. Pember, 7mmCAMR MAY1975
GERWide Surburban, 4wh coaches, G. Pember, 7mmCAMR OCT1977
GNR12wh compo brake #318, 4mmDRMRCOCT1981
GNR12wh bogie open brake third, 4mmDRMRCNOV1979
GNR12wh bogie, Gresley 1906 corridor brake compo and compo coac, 4mmDRMRCDEC1978
GNR12wh compo brake #175, 4mmDRMRCSEP1981
GNR12wh compo #1761, 4mmDRMRCAUG1981
GNR12wh Composite brake No 318, 4mmDRMRCMAR1982
GNR1st semi-corridor, 4mmDRMRCJUL1981
GNR4 compartment bk-3rd bogie corridor with clerestory roof 190, 2.5mmDRMR OCT1974
GNR4 compartment brake 3rdDRMRNNOV1954
GNR45ft coaching stock (various types) (A), 4mmDRMBTOCT1991
GNR5 compartment 3rdDRMRNNOV1954
GNR5-compartment thirdDRMR JUN1978
GNR6wh full brakeDRMRJ#4 1985
GNR6wh full brakes, 4mmDRMRJ#111986
GNR8wh 59ft 11in elliptical roof 4+ bk/3rd bk, 4mmDRMRCJUN1977
GNR8wh 59ft 11in, elliptical roof open 3rd/open 1st-3rd, 4mmDRMRCJUL1977
GNR8wh and 12wh brake first, 4mmDRMRCDEC1979
GNR8wh bogie, 43 1/2 ft, clerestory luggage brake van, 4mmDRMRCJAN1977
GNRArticulated stock (A), 4mmDRSMTMAY1993
GNRBogie luggage van, 4mmDRMRCNOV1976
GNRBogie post office vans (two), 4mmDRMRCSEP1976
GNRCarriage trucks (CCT) diags 358/360/362/364/375 (A), 4mmDRMBTOCT1991
GNRClerestory 1st brakeDRMRCDEC1979
GNREastern beauty - brake composite from a kit, 7mmCAMRJ#112000
GNRFirst class family saloonDRRM JUN1997
GNRGresley 3rd open & compoDRMRCJUL1977
GNRGresley 3rd/bk & 1st/bkDRMRCJUN1977
GNRGresley ell. roof non-corridor stock coaches, inc brake lav,, 4mmDRMR OCT1975
GNRGresley ell. roof non-corridor stock, inc brake 3rd, milk/lu, 4mmDRMR OCT1975
GNRGresley ell. roof non-corridor stock, inc compo lav, compo,, 4mmDRMR OCT1975
GNROpen 3rd Coach (1903), 4mmDRMRCJUN1982
GNRParcels van D331, Hound van D339, 4mmDRMRJ#191988
GNRQuintuple Articulated Restaurant Car Set, 4mmDRMRCDEC1985
GNRTwin Articulated Restaurant brake Car Set, 4mmDRMRCSEP1982
GNRTwin Articulated Suburban Coaches - 1 (1907), 4mmDRMRCJUL1982
GNRTwin Articulated Suburban Coaches - 2 (1907), 4mmDRMRCAUG1982
GNSR27ft 6wh brakeDRMRNDEC1956
GNSR35ft 6wh full brakeDRMRNMAY1956
GNSR6wh 3rd coach from cardCAMRNMAY1961
GNSRBrake compositeDRMRCJAN1963
LDECR6wh carriages, 4&8mmDRMRCAUG1976
LDECR6wh coach, 4mmDRMRCMAR1976
LNER1st restaurant car (underframe only) (A), 4mmDRRM JAN1989
LNER26ft saloon (LNER 21173)DRMRNNOV1965
LNER52ft 6in gangwayed brake van (A), 4mmDRRM SEP1989
LNER61ft 6in brake 3rd saloonDRMRNMAR1953
LNER61ft5ins locker compoDRMBTOCT1993
LNERBogie brake van (notes)DRRM SEP1988
LNERBrake compo for Pendon, 4mmCAMRNSEP1970
LNERBrake thirdsDRRM MAR1998
LNERBuffet restaurant carDRMRNAPR1966
LNERBuilding a Gresley brake from Ian Kirk parts, 7mmCAMRIAPR1996
LNERCoaches in cardboardCAMRNJUL1952
LNERCoaches in teak, 4mmCAMRNFEB1968
LNERCorridor coach, 4mmCAMRNMAR1951
LNERDetailing Gresley coaches, 4mmCARM DEC1987
LNERFirst class articulated sleeping cars, 4mmDRMRCSEP1985
LNERFlush sided coaching stock, 4mmCAMRJ#391990
LNERFull brake, 7mmCARM MAR2000
LNERGangwayed brake vans (A), 4mmDRRM JUN1989
LNERGresley coach details (4mm but suit any scale), 4mmDRMRCMAR1982
LNERGresley coaches, 3mmCAMRNDEC1967
LNERGresley diagrams 21/23/115 - resin kit construction, 7mmCAMRJ#791995
LNERGresley Middle Period Full Brake - MJT Components, 4mmCAMRJ#132001
LNERGresley full brakeCARM FEB1999
LNERGresley non-corridor first, 4mmCARM JUL1987
LNERGresley steel full brakeDRRM OCT1997
LNERHornby coach detailing, 4mmCARM DEC1987
LNERImproving Bachmann Thompson coachesCAMRIAPR1995
LNERKitchen car, 4mmCARMD#0 1996
LNERLuggage brake van D 245DRRM JUN1989
LNERModelling Gresley Coaches, 4mmCAMRCOCT1982
LNERNon-Vestibule, 7mmCARM FEB1998
LNEROpen 1st diner, 52ft stock, 8wh c 1914, 4mmDRMRCDEC1975
LNERQuad-articulated set, 4mmCARM APR1988
LNERQuintuplet articulated carriages (A)DRMRIAPR1995
LNERSuburban coaches from Ian Kirk parts, 7mmCARMD#3 1996
LNERSuburban twin sets, 4mmCAPMRDEC1988
LNERThe ElizabethanCARM NOV1998
LNERThompson NCB 3 wagon & carriage works, 7mmCABRMJAN1996
LNERThompson full brakeCARM OCT1998
LNERUsing Hamblings sides, 7mmCAMRNSEP1967
MGNJR6wh luggage-brakeDRMR JAN1978
MGNJR6wh passenger brakeDRMRCMAY1984
MGNJR6wh 5comp 3rd coach, 4mmDRMR AUG1978
MGNJR6wh brake 3rd (Circa 1891-5), 7mmDRMRCMAR1984
MGNJRFull brake, GNR built (1893) No 196, 7mmDRMRCJUL1984
MGNJRPassenger brake van (1921-4), 7mmDRMRCMAY1984
MNEJR54ft 1907 clerestory mailDRMBTJUN1992
NBR3rd class saloonDRMBTAUG1993
NBRReid brake 3rdDRMBTAUG1992
NBRThird class brake No 538 of 1908, 4mmDRMBTAUG1992
NER3rd class saloonDRMBTAUG1993
NER4wh saloonDRMRNNOV1965
NER4wh saloonDRMRNJAN1966
NER52ft bogie lavatory composite c 1896, 4mmDRMR SEP1975
NER52ft clerestory compositeDRMRNJUN1947
NERAutocarDRMR JUL1979
NERBogie, autocar coach, 4mmDRMR JUL1979
NERCarriage trucks, 8wh & 4 wheel, 4mmDRMR JUN1976
NERLow-Roof Compartment Bogie Coach, 4mmDRMRCAPR1986
NERSaloon (BRE900270)DRMRNNOV1965
NERSaloon (BRE900270)DRMRNJAN1966
NERSaloon (BRE900270)DRMRNMAR1966
NERSaloon Coach (Connoisseur Models), 7mmCAMR MAY1992
NERSemi Corridor 3rdDRMRCFEB1964
WisbechWisbech & Upwell Coach, 7mmCAMRCNOV1984
WisbechWisbech and Upwell Tramway bogie coaches (A), 4mmDRBRMAPR1993
YNMParliamentary carriageDRMRNMAY1966