Drawings and useful articles for B.R. Railway Operations.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

BRBR coaches 5 (1980s train formations)OARM JUN1988
BRChina Clay load, 4mmOARM FEB2000
BREngineer's trainsOAMRIAUG1996
BRFour character headcodesOARM NOV1986
BRHeadlamp codes (1950 & 1962)OAMRIFEB1995
BRLocomotive Headcodes - Their Application in Model FormOAMRCMAY1982
BRMail trafficOAMRL#1
BRMidland Division - class 8 Freight LocosOAMRCSEP1984
BRMidland Division - Long Distance Passenger Traffic - class 7OAMRCFEB1984
BRParcels stock part 1OARM JAN1999
BRParcels stock part 2OARM FEB1999
BRTimetable for the Rowbarrow BranchOASMTMAY1995
BRTops codes - 1OARM DEC1982
BRTops codes - 2OARM JAN1983
BRTops codes - 3OARM FEB1983
BRTops codes - 4OARM APR1983
BRTops codes - 5OARM MAY1983
BRTops codes - 6OARM MAY1983
BRTrain description codes (1969)OAMRIFEB1995
BRTrain numbers & lampsOARM OCT1971
BRTrain numbers & lampsOARM DEC1971
BRVirtual MPD, 4mmOARM MAY2000
BRWagon typesOABRMJAN2001