Drawings and useful articles for S.R. Coaches.

(Last April 3rd, 2018.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britain's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

Scale drawings of coaches in MRN (R.E.Tustin)INMRNJUL1957
LBR3rd class coaches (1898-1903), 7mmDRMRCSEP1983
LBRFerguson stock, 7mmCABRMSEP1999
LBRNG Coaches, 7mmNGCARM JUL2000
LBRThird class coachesDRMRCSEP1983
LBSCR26ft Stroudley 4whDRMRNMAR1950
LBSCR28ft 4 1/2in 1st class Carriage, 4mmDRMRCMAY1987
LBSCR2nd class slip brakeDRMRNJAN1965
LBSCR32ft compositeDRMRNDEC1964
LBSCR3rd class brakeDRMRNJAN1965
LBSCR54ft Bogie StockDRMRCNOV1971
LBSCR54ft Bogie StockDRMRCDEC1971
LBSCRBalloon autocarDRMRNJUL1951
LBSCRBillinton 6wh carriage detailsDRMRNAUG1964
LBSCRBillinton double end brake vanDRMRNSEP1964
LBSCRBillinton standard 6wh brakeDRMRNSEP1964
LBSCRBlock passenger train, c1872, 4mmDRMRCAPR1977
LBSCRPullman buffet carDRMRNNOV1959
LBSCRPullman car BeatriceDRMRNJAN1959
LBSCRPullman coaches 2, 4mmDRMRCMAR1981
LBSCRPullmans 1875-77, Pt 1, 4mmDRMRCFEB1981
LBSCRPullmans 1877DRMRCMAR1981
LBSCRPullmans 1890-93, pt 3DRMRCAPR1981
LBSCRPullmans 1895-1898, pt 4DRMRCMAY1981
LBSCRPullmans 1899-1900, pt 5DRMRCJUN1981
LBSCRPush-pull coaches, 4mmDRMRCSEP1980
LBSCRPush-pull coaches, 4mmDRMRCOCT1980
LBSCRPush-pull trailer brake third and trailer composite, 4mmDRMRCFEB1980
LBSCRPush pull brake composite, 4mmDRMRCJAN1980
LBSCRPush pull composite, 4mmDRMRCJAN1980
LBSCRPush pull third, 4mmDRMRCJAN1980
LBSCRRoyal train vehicles, c 1897 BillingtonDRMRCJUN1975
LBSCRSet trains, 8wh bogie stock, c1907 (see also letter in 10/76, 4mmDRMRCAUG1976
LBSCRStroudley Carriage, 4mmDRMRCJAN1987
LBSCRStroudley brake vanDRMRNJUL1964
LBSCRStroudley brake vanDRMRNNOV1964
LBSCRStroudley brake van, Billinton rebuildDRMRNJUL1964
LBSCRTrailer brake 3Rd and Composite Coaches of 1922, 4mmDRMRCFEB1982
LCDRBogie passenger vanDRMRNAPR1971
LSWR22ft & 24ft, 4wh luggage vans & fruit, c1883/94, 4mmDRMRCAPR1976
LSWR24ft Hearse CarriageDRMRCOCT1979
LSWR24ft, passenger luggage van, 7mmDRMR MAR1975
LSWR25ft 4wh passenger stock, c1876, inc composite brake 3rd, 4mmDRMRCNOV1975
LSWR29ft 6in First (1883), 4mmDRMRCFEB1985
LSWR30ft 2nd and 3rd 6wh coaches (1879-1890), 4mmDRMRCJUL1983
LSWR30ft passenger brakes 1882, 4mmDRMRCFEB1983
LSWR32ft lavatory 1st (1882), 4mmDRMRCJUL1983
LSWR34ft 1st/2nd and 48ft brk/3rd/lav coaches, 4mmDRMRCJAN1984
LSWR34ft 3rd and brake 3rd coaches (1882-1883), 4mmDRMRCOCT1983
LSWR4 coach suburban block trainDRMRNJUL1950
LSWR4 coach, non-corridor, 56ft stock, 4mmDRMRCOCT1974
LSWR4 & 6 wh CoachesDRMRCJUN1987
LSWR42ft 6in Tri-compo, 4mmDRMRCSEP1984
LSWR44ft Bullion van, 4mmDRMRCJUN1984
LSWR44ft bogie guards vanDRMRNSEP1953
LSWR44ft passenger guards vanDRMRCNOV1981
LSWR48ft bogie guards vanDRMRNSEP1953
LSWR48ft cooking car & van, 4mmDRMRCDEC1982
LSWR49ft electric train coachDRMRNJAN1950
LSWR4wh 24ft 6in composite, c1877, 4mmDRMRCFEB1976
LSWR4wh luggageDRMRNSEP1951
LSWR51ft electric train coachDRMRNJAN1950
LSWR56ft bogie, non-corridor, brake 3rd, 4mmDRMRCSEP1975
LSWR56ft brake 3rd (1908), 4mmDRMRCDEC1982
LSWR56ft corridor 1stDRMRCSEP1978
LSWR56ft passenger brake vans, 4mmDRMRCOCT1982
LSWR58ft brake compoDRMBTOCT1993
LSWR6 wheel guards vanDRMRNNOV1951
LSWR6wh 28ft 6in second, c 1876, 4mmDRMRCFEB1976
LSWR6wh guards vanDRMRNNOV1951
LSWR6wh milk vanDRMRNSEP1951
LSWR8wh bogie, 57ft Ironclad coaches, bk 3rd, pantry 3rd, 4mmDRMRCAUG1979
LSWRBogie 52ft tricomposite coaches, 4mmDRMRCSEP1978
LSWRBogie, 57ft Ironclad coaches, all 1st, all 3rd, 4mmDRMRCJUL1979
LSWRClerestory restaurantDRMRNMAY1951
LSWRCoaches - roof, sides by Tustin, 7mmCAMRNMAY1969
LSWRCoaches by Tustin, 7mmCAMRNAPR1969
LSWRDining saloon, 3mmDRMRCJAN1975
LSWRDining saloons, 4mmDRMRCAPR1975
LSWRDining saloons, 4mmDRMRCMAY1975
LSWREagle saloonsDRMRCNOV1982
LSWRGate-stock auto coach, 4mmDRBRMOCT2001
LSWRHighfield 44ft passenger brake van, 7mmCAMRCNOV1986
LSWRLSWR arc-roofed coaches, 4mmCAMRJ#891996
LSWRMotor coach Nos 8001 - 8126DRMRNOCT1949
LSWRMotor coach Nos 8751 - 8792DRMRNOCT1949
LSWROpen 'Gate' stockDRRM JAN1992
LSWROpen 'Gate' stock (A), 4mmDRRM JAN1991
LSWRParliamentary coachDRMRNFEB1967
LSWRRatio to 4-wheel BirdcageCARM APR1985
LSWRRoyal Pair, 4mmDRMRCSEP1986
LSWRTriang to Ironclad coachCAMRCJUL1975
LSWRWD ambulance cars, 4mmDRMRCNOV1978
SECRBrake tri-compositeDRMRNJAN1951
SECRContinental stock by E.R.H. Francis, 4mmCAMRNJAN1971
SECRNon Corr CoachesDRMRCAUG1974
SR59ft bogie, 1st class coach, c1946, 2mmDRRM SEP1975
SRBogies utility vanDRRM JAN1974
SRBuilding birdcage stock, 4mmCAMRNJUL1960
SRBuilding steel coaches (and Aug), 4mmCAMRNJUL1953
SRBulleid coaches - part 1, 4mmDRMRCNOV1980
SRBulleid coaches - part 2, 4mmDRMRCDEC1980
SRBulleid coaches - part 3, 4mmDRMRCJAN1981
SRCross channel vansDRRM JUN1974
SRDetails of 4wh luggage vansCAMRCMAY1987
SREngineers signal and telegraph van - ex guards vanDRMRNAUG1949
SRMaunsell corridor coaches, 7mmCAMRJ#961997
SRMaunsell third, 7mmCARM JAN1999
SRModelling Hastings stock (type 65 - class 201)CAPMRMAR1984
SRPush-Pull brake Compo and Third of 1931, 4mmDRMRCAPR1982
SRUtility vansDRRM NOV1973