Drawings and useful articles for S.R. Locomotives.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

BWHARHunslet, 2-4-2T, 4&7mmDRMRCFEB1985
IOWRIOWR 02 class (A), 0-4-4T, 4mmDRRM JUL1992
LBRBaldwin - Lyn - NG, 2-4-2T, 5.5mmDRRM APR1994
LBRGibson loco kit construction 1, 2-6-2T, 7mmCAMRCMAY1984
LBRGibson loco kit construction 2, 2-6-2T, 7mmCAMRCJUN1984
LBRGibson loco kit construction 3, 2-6-2T, 7mmCAMRCJUL1984
LBRGibson loco kit construction 4, 2-6-2T, 7mmCAMRCDEC1984
LBRGibson loco kit construction 5 - conclusion, 2-6-2T, 7mmCAMRCMAY1985
LBRHunslet proposed, 2-4-2T, 7mmDRMRCFEB1986
LBRLoco cab and backhead details, 16mmDRMT JUN1983
LBRLocomotive drawings, 4&7mmDRMT APR1983
LBRLocomotive drawings, 16mmDRMT MAY1983
LBRLynton and Barnstaple Manning Wardle Tank, 2-6-2T, 7mmDRMRCAPR1984
LBRManning Wardle cab drawing, 16mmDRMT JUN1983
LBRManning Wardle tank, 2-6-2T, 7mmDRMT APR1983
LBRProposed Design for a Hunslet, 4-4-0T, 7mmDRMRCSEP1985
LBRTank engine, 2-6-2T, 16mmDRMT APR1983
LBRTank engine, 2-6-2T, 16mmDRMT MAY1983
LBRYeo, Exe, and Taw in 16mm, 7mm, and 4mm scale (also May '83), 2-6-2TDRMT APR1983
LBSCRA1 class, 0-6-0T, 7&12mmDRMRJ#631993
LBSCRBevy of Brighton beauties (locos), 7mmOARM MAY1984
LBSCRBrighton Works 'Terrier', 0-6-0T, 7mmCAMRJ#631993
LBSCRBrighton class B4, 4-4-0DRMRNSEP1951
LBSCRClass A tank (Terrier) (A), 0-6-0T, 4mmDRRM OCT1989
LBSCRClass B2 Billington, 4-4-2DRRM NOV1995
LBSCRClass D3 No. 368, 4-4-0, 7mmCAMRNSEP1963
LBSCRClass E2, 0-6-0T, 2mmCAMRNMAY1959
LBSCRClass I3, 4-4-2T, 1/2insCAMRNJAN1952
LBSCRClass J1, 4-6-4T, 4mmDRRM DEC1982
LBSCRD1 mainframes, 4-4-0, 7mmCAMRNNOV1953
LBSCRD2, 0-4-2DRMR FEB1973
LBSCRDe Winton, Manning Wardle, No. 219, 0-6-0, 7mmDRMR AUG1977
LBSCRDetailing Stroudley's Terriers, 0-6-0T, 4mmCARM DEC1989
LBSCRI1 Tank (Photo Feature), 4-4-2T, 7mmOARM FEB1992
LBSCRK, 2-6-0, 4mmDRMR SEP1977
LBSCRK class mogul, 2-6-0, 4mmDRRM JUL1984
LBSCRKitson No. 463, Hove, 2-4-0DRMRNSEP1961
LBSCRL class, Remembrance, 4-6-4T, 4mmDRRM NOV1993
LBSCRMotor for D1, 4-4-0CAMRNFEB1954
LBSCRN15X, 4-6-0DRRM OCT1998
LBSCRNo. 14, 1852, 2-2-2WTDRMRNMAR1960
LBSCRPressing Stroudley cab roofsCAMRNMAR1949
LBSCRSeaford, 2-2-2DRMRNJUL1965
LBSCRSharp Stewart, 2-4-0DRMRNMAY1958
LBSCRStroudley Jumbo, 0-6-0DRMRNJUN1952
LBSCRTerrier, 0-6-0T, 7mmDRRM DEC1981
LBSCRTerrier, 0-6-0TDRRM OCT1989
LBSCRTerrier (correspondence), 7mmCAMRJ#651993
LBSCRThe Brighton Atlantic tanks (Classes I1 and I3), 4-4-2T, 4mmDRRM AUG1990
LBSCRWell Tank, G. Della-Gana, 2-2-2WT, 7mmCAMR NOV1976
LCDRCrampton Falcon, 4-4-0DRMRNMAR1953
LCDRCrampton No. 27, 4mmCAMRNJUN1950
LCDRCrampton Sandes, 4-4-0TDRMRNMAR1953
LSWR380 class, Adams, 4-4-0DRMRNFEB1955
LSWR395 class, cab fittings, 6mmDRMR JUN1975
LSWR460 class, 4-4-0DRMRNOCT1961
LSWRAdams Radial, 4-4-2T, 4mmDRMR AUG1982
LSWRAdams Radial - Martin Finney Kit, 4-4-2, 7mmCAMRJ#122001
LSWRAdams Radial - Martin Finney Kit - Part 2, 7mmCAMRJ#122001
LSWRAdams radial, 4-4-2T, 4mmDRRM JUL1983
LSWRAdams radial, 4-4-2TDRRM AUG1983
LSWRAdams radial (article), 4-4-2T, 7mmDRMR SEP1977
LSWRAdams radial tank (and Dec), 4-4-2T, 7mmCAMRNNOV1962
LSWRAdams, Jubilee class loco only, 0-4-2, 5mmDRRM SEP1975
LSWRBeattie Well Tank, 2-4-0WT, 4mmDRMR MAY1982
LSWRBeattie Well Tank, 2-4-0WT, 4mmDRRM SEP1985
LSWRC14 Class from Triang Nellie, 0-4-0T, 4mmCARM JAN2001
LSWRC14 rebuild, 0-4-0TDRRM AUG1968
LSWRC14 tank locos, 2-2-0TDRRM AUG1968
LSWRC14 tank locos (A), 2-2-0T, 4mmDRRM JUL1989
LSWRC8, 4-4-0DRRM FEB1973
LSWRClass 02 - whitemetal loco construction, 4mmCAPMRJUN1984
LSWRClass B4 in S scale, 0-4-0TCAMRNOCT1958
LSWRComet, c 1832. side elevation only, 0-4-0, 7mmDRMR JUN1975
LSWRConstructing 700 class, 0-6-0, 4mmCARM AUG1996
LSWRD15, G.J.Jefferson, 4-4-0, 7mmCAMRCAPR1980
LSWRDrummond 700 class goods, 0-6-0DRMRNJUN1963
LSWRDrummond class K10 in EMCAMRNJUL1955
LSWRDrummond class T9, scratchbuild, 6 parts (Mar to Aug), 4-4-0CAMRNMAR1964
LSWRE10, 4-2-2-0DRRM JAN1986
LSWREast Kent No. 5 (ex LSWR No. 488), 4-4-2TDRMRNJUN1971
LSWREx 395 class, 7mmCAMRJ#331989
LSWRExpress passenger Shark, 2-4-0DRMRNSEP1965
LSWRG6 Adams, 0-6-0TDRRM AUG1997
LSWRH15, Urie, 4-6-0DRMBTAPR1994
LSWRH16, Urie (A), 4-6-2T, 4mmDRRM DEC1988
LSWRH16, Urie (A), 4-6-2T, 2mmCARM MAR1999
LSWRHamworthy goods branchDRRM JUN1998
LSWRIlfracombe goods, 0-6-0DRMRNSEP1969
LSWRJubilee, 0-4-0TDRMRNMAY1967
LSWRK10 & L11, 4-4-0DRRM OCT1970
LSWRK14 tank locos (A), 0-4-0T, 4mmDRRM JUL1989
LSWRKing Arthur class, 4-6-0OAMRJ#801995
LSWRKing Arthur class, 4-6-0, 4mmDRRM NOV2001
LSWRKing Arthur class (article), part 1, 4-6-0, 7mmDRMR JAN1978
LSWRKing Arthur class (article), part 2, 4-6-0, 7mmDRMR FEB1978
LSWRKit construction of an Ilfracombe, "JUNO", 0-6-0, 7mmCAMRJ#761995
LSWRL12, 4-4-0, 4mmDRRM JUL1984
LSWRM7, 0-4-4TDRRM AUG1968
LSWRM7, 0-4-4T, 4mmDRRM JUN1982
LSWRM7, 0-4-4TDRRM SEP1998
LSWRM7, 0-4-4T, 2mmCARM AUG1999
LSWRM7, 0-4-4T, 4mmDRYMROCT1984
LSWRM7 class - Martin Finney kit, 0-4-4T, 7mmCAMRIAPR1996
LSWRNo. 10, 2-4-0TDRMRNJUL1966
LSWRO Gauge Adams - John Brierly, 7mmCAYMRAPR1986
LSWRO2, 0-4-4TDRRM AUG1968
LSWRPhoto feature of class T14, 4-6-0OAMRJ#761995
LSWRRadial tank, 4-4-2T, 2mmDRRM MAR1985
LSWRS15, 4-6-0DRRM AUG1986
LSWRS15, Urie goods engine (A), 4-6-0, 3mmDRMBTOCT1994
LSWRT14, 4-6-0DRRM JUL1972
LSWRT14 Drummond Paddlebox, 4-6-0DRRM FEB1995
LSWRT3 Adams(A), 4-4-0, 4mmDRRM JAN1988
LSWRT6 class, Adams, 4-4-0DRMRNAPR1952
LSWRT9, 4-4-0, 7mmCARM AUG1982
LSWRT9, 4-4-0, 4mmDRRM APR2000
LSWRT9, Drummond, 4-4-0DRMRNMAR1964
PDSWJRHawthorn, Leslie #757,758, 0-6-2TDRRM DEC1997
SECRAirfix 14XX to H-class 0-4-4T, 4mmCAMRIOCT1995
SECRBudget H class (Meteor kit), 7mmCAMRJ#501991
SECRC (A), 0-6-0, 4mmDRSMTDEC1993
SECRC class, 0-6-0DRMRNDEC1968
SECRClass H, 4-4-0T, 7mmCAMRNSEP1968
SECRD, 4-4-0, 4mmDRRM MAR1984
SECRDesigns never built (A), 4-4-2, 4mmDRRM JUL1991
SECRDesigns never built (A), 4-6-0, 4mmDRRM JUL1991
SECRF1 rebuild, 4-4-0DRMRNJUL1971
SECRH (A), 0-4-4T, 4mmDRRM JAN1989
SECRH class (notes), 0-4-4T, 7mmDRMR AUG1976
SECRJ. Stirling, limited side play bogie, c 1889, 7mmDRMR AUG1975
SECRL, 4-4-0DRRM DEC1999
SECRManning Wardle, 0-4-0TDRMR SEP1972
SECRMaunsell E1 (David Andrews kit), 4-4-0, 7mmCARM SEP2001
SECRMaunsell's N class moguls (A), 2-6-0DRRMD#5 1997
SECRN (and N1) mogul, 2-6-0DRRM MAR1996
SECRO class, 0-6-0DRMRNAUG1971
SECRO1 class, 0-6-0DRMRNAUG1971
SECRP Class, 0-6-0TCARM MAY1998
SECRP class (A), 0-6-0T, 4mmDRRM SEP1994
SECRProposed Wainwright, 0-8-0DRMRNNOV1958
SECRQ class, 0-4-4DRMRNJUL1971
SECRQ1 class, 0-4-4DRMRNJUL1971
SECRSECR 'might have been' (A), 0-8-0, 4mmDRRM JAN1992
SECRSharp Stewart, 2-4-0DRMRNJAN1952
SECRV class Nos. 676-680, 4-4-0DRMRNJUL1961
SECRWainwright class D, 4-4-0DRMRNSEP1949
SRA brace of Schools, 4-4-0, 3mmCARM DEC2001
SRA senior scholar - construction of a Firmco Schools class ki, 4-4-0, 7mmCALM FEB1984
SRAirfix WC/BB, 4mmCAMRCSEP1979
SRAusterity Yankee tanks - kitbuilding, 0-6-0T, 7mmCAMRIJUL1996
SRBulleid's Leader, 0-6-6-0TDRRM NOV1989
SRBulleid's Leader (A), 0-6-6-0T, 4mmDRRM MAR1992
SRBulleid Light Pacific (A), 4-6-2, 4mmDRRM APR1989
SRBulleid's light Pacifics (unrebuilt and rebuilt), 4-6-2, 4mmDRMBTAPR1991
SRClass 5 "Schools", 4-4-0DRRM AUG1999
SRClass Z scratchbuild, 5 parts (Mar to Jul), 0-8-0TCAMRNMAR1963
SRConvert Triang Princess to SR King Arthur, 4-6-0, 4mmCAMRNMAY1958
SRConverting Adams G6 to O2, BEC TT3 version, 0-4-4TCAMRNMAY1968
SRCorrection to drawing in Aug. 99 issue, 4-4-0DRRM NOV1999
SREE D/E shunter, 0-6-0, 4mmDRMR MAY1976
SRElectric, No 20001, C-C, 7mmCAMRNMAR1951
SRGrafar MN/BB improved, 4-6-2, NCARM NOV1988
SRGrafar WC detailingCAMRCJAN1977
SRHornby N15 King Arthur, 4-6-0, 4mmCAMRCAPR1978
SRKing Arthur class, 4-6-0DRRM JAN1961
SRKing Arthur class, 4-6-0DRRM FEB1980
SRKing Arthur live steam, 4-6-0, 7mmCABRMJUL1999
SRKitbuilding E5001, Bo-BoCARM DEC1994
SRKitbuilt USA tank, 0-6-0T, 4mmCARM NOV1997
SRL1, 4-4-0DRMRNJAN1961
SRLight Pacific tenders, 4mmDRSMTDEC1985
SRLoco steps and head code discsCAMRNAPR1958
SRLord Nelson class (A), 4-6-0, 4mmDRRM FEB1993
SRManning Wardle "F"- Engineer's Dept., 0-6-0TDRMRJ#721994
SRMaunsell class W, 2-6-4T, 4mmDRRM NOV1984
SRMerchant Navy class (A), 4-6-2DRMRIOCT1995
SRMerchant Navy class Clan Line part 1, 4-6-2, 7mmCAMR FEB1992
SRMerchant Navy class Clan Line part 2, 4-6-2, 7mmCAMR MAR1992
SRMerchant Navy class Clan Line part 3, 4-6-2, 7mmCAMR APR1992
SRMerchant Navy class Clan Line part 4, 4-6-2, 7mmCAMR MAY1992
SRMillholme class ZCAMRCMAY1982
SRModelling Bulleid Pacifics, 4-6-2, 4mmCARM MAY1995
SRMotorizing Dapol Bulleid Pacific, 4-6-2, 4mmCARM FEB1995
SRNo. 20003 electric, C-CDRMRCMAR1981
SRQ Maunsell (A), 0-6-0, 4mmDRRM JUN1991
SRQ Maunsell (A), 0-6-0, 3mmDRRM OCT1991
SRQ1 - 'Spam Cans', 0-6-0, 4mmDRMT MAY1982
SRQ1 - 'Spam Cans', 0-6-0, 3.5mmDRSMTOCT1984
SRQ1 class (A), 0-6-0DRMRIJAN1995
SRQ1 Finecast kit, 0-6-0, 4mmCARMD#4 1997
SRRebuild Hornby Schools, 4-4-0, 7mmCAMRNOCT1967
SRRebuilt West Country/Battle of Britain (A), 4-6-2, 4mmDRRM MAY1992
SRRenovating Bowman live steam version, 4-4-0CAMRNAUG1968
SRSchools class, 4-4-0, 4mmDRLM OCT1983
SRSchools class, 4-4-0, 2mmCAMRNFEB1964
SRStill making do (Lima 4F to Maunsell Q), 0-6-0, 7mmCARM JUN1991
SRTenders, all typesDRMBTOCT1994
SRThe River class part 1 (Finecast kit), 2-6-4T, 4mmCAMRIAPR1995
SRThe River class part 2 (Finecast kit), 2-6-4T, 4mmCAMRIMAY1995
SRUSA class ('Yankee tanks') (A), 0-6-0T, 7mmDRMRISEP1995
SRWC/BB, 4-6-2DRRM APR1989
SRWC/BB rblt, 4-6-2DRRM MAY1992
SRWest Country, 4-6-0, 4mmDRBRMMAY1995
SRWest Country Light Pacifics, 4-6-2DRRM MAR1997
SRWest Country live steam, 4-6-2, 7mmCABRMJUN1996
SRWest Country rebuild, 4-6-2DRMRNSEP1960
SRWest Country, Barnstaple, 4-6-2, 4mmCAMRNSEP1960
SRWills N15 to Maunsell S15, 2-6-0, 4mmCARM OCT1972
SRZ class locomotives (A), 0-8-0T, 7mmDRRMD#0 1996
SRZ, Maunsell, 0-8-0T, 7mmDRRM SEP1980