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(Last January 20th, 2022)

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The following is a list of model magazines published in the UK which carry articles of interest to railway modellers with an interest in modelling British railways.

British model magazines with a British flavour

British Railway Modelling (ISSN 0968-0764)

Garden Rail (ISSN 0969-952X) which includes Garden Railway World

Hornby Magazine (ISSN 1753-2469)

Model Rail (ISSN 1369-5118)

Model Railway Journal (ISSN 0267-3207) still has no web site! Contact is Cygnet Magazines Ltd, c/o 10 Bradshaw Crescent, Honley, Holmfirth, Huddersfield, HD9 6EG, ENGLAND

Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review (ISSN 0958-0808)

Railway Modeller (ISSN 0033-8931)

British model magazines which are no longer published

Finescale Railway Modelling Review (ISSN not assigned) - Only three issues were published: no.1 Autumn 2014; no.2 Winter 2014/15; and no.3 Spring 2015. The short duration was due to the untimely death of the owner and editor, Bob Barlow.

Loco Modeller (ISSN ????) - Only five issues were published between October 1983 and April 1984.

Model Railway Collector (ISSN 0951-6840). This was volume 7 of Model Railway Enthusiast. It was published in 2000.

Model Railway Constructor published from 1933 until June 1987.

Model Railway Enthusiast published from 1994 to 1999 at which time it became Model Railway Collector for its last, and incomplete, year.

Model Railway Gazette published from 1994 until ????

Model Railway News published from 1925 until 1971 when it became Model Railways.

Model Railway Review (ISSN 1460-2490) published four bimonthly issues from October/November 1997 until April/May 1998.

Model Railways published from 1971 until 1994. Previously Model Railway News. For a brief period starting in October 1984 it changed to Your Model Railways but in July 1987 it reverted to Model Railways.

Model Trains (ISSN ????) published by AIRFIX and, later, Pallitoy. It ran from January 1980 to December 1983.

Model Trains International (ISSN not assigned) - this magazine evolved from Model Trains, (1980-83) and Scale Model Trains, (1982-95) and first appeared with a bi-monthly issue Nov/Dec 1995. It was mainly concerned in showing layouts in small spaces, covering British, European and North American types. All issues were edited by Chris Ellis. The final Issue was Number 118 (May/June 2015).

Modellers Backtrack (ISSN 0961-5466) published from April/May 1991 until February/March 1995.

Modelling Railways Illustrated (ISSN 0969-7349) was Irwell's model magazine. It changed hands twice in its last year. It was published from September 1993 to August 1997.

Practical Model Railways (ISSN 0265-3087) published its first issue in December 1983 and continued until March 1989.

RailModel Digest (ISSN ????) published 7 issues, numbered preview to 6, from 1996 until 1997.

Scale Model Trains (ISSN ????) published from April 1984 until June 1995 (Vol 13 No.10) at which point it was taken over officially by Model Railway Enthusiast, but actually spawned Model Trains International.

Scale Trains (ISSN ????) ran from April 1982 to March 1984 at which point it changed its name to Scale Model Trains.

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