Drawings and useful articles for G.W.R. Locomotives.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

ADRAlexandra Docks, Nos 1205 & 1206, 2-6-2T, 4mmDRRM DEC1994
ADRHawthorn Leslie - Ex Alexandra Docks tank (A), 0-6-0ST, 4mmDRRM NOV1990
ADRNo. 7, (Pontypridd), 0-6-2STDRWRCNOV1997
BARRYB1 class, 0-6-2TDRRM NOV1987
BARRYBuilding a Barry Railway loco part 2, 0-6-4T, 7mmCASMTDEC1989
BARRYBuilding a Barry Railway loco part 3, 0-6-4T, 7mmCASMTJAN1990
BARRYClass F (A), 0-6-0ST, 4mmDRRM MAR1989
BARRYClass G, 0-4-4T, 4mmDRRM JAN1987
BARRYClass H, 0-8-2T, 4mmDRRM NOV1986
BARRYClass J, 2-4-2T, 4mmDRRM OCT1985
BARRYClass L, 0-6-4TDRMRCJAN1951
BARRYClass C (Orig & GWR Rebuild), 2-4-2TDRMRCOCT1956
BARRYClass E, 0-8-0DRMRCJAN1952
BARRYClass F, Saddle & Pannier Rebuild, 0-6-0TDRMRCAPR1954
BARRYClass G, 0-4-4TDRMRCMAR1950
BARRYClass H, 0-8-2TDRMRCMAR1953
BARRYClass J, 2-4-2TDRMRCOCT1955
BARRYClass L (A), 0-6-4T, 4mmDRRM JAN1992
BARRYCooke (USA), 0-6-2T, 4mmDRMR DEC1977
BARRYHeavy tank engine, 0-6-4TDRSMTOCT1989
BARRYHeavy tank engine, 0-6-4T, 7mmCASMTOCT1989
BER#1376, 0-6-0TDRMBTJUN1992
BERBroad Gauge tank (A), 4-2-4WT, 4mmDRRM JUN1992
BERPearson broad gauge, 4-2-4WTDRRM DEC1970
BERSaddle tank, 4-4-0STDRRM JUN1992
BMRClass 9, 2-4-0TDRMRCAUG1956
BMRJung tank engine, 0-6-2TDRSL #11
BMRNos 1-8,13-16. GWR 2177-2188, 0-6-0STDRMRCSEP1954
BMRStephenson tank engine (A), 2-4-0T, 4mmDRRM MAR1993
BPGVRNo. 10 (A), 0-6-0T, 4mmDRRM JUN1990
BPGVR"Cwm Mawr" no.5, 0-6-0STDRRM MAY1989
BWRBodmin, (notes), 0-4-0ST, 7mmDRMR SEP1976
CAMBSaddle tank Plasfynnon for Kerry branch, 0-4-0ST, 7mmDRMR DEC1976
CAMBScratchbuilt in EM, 2-4-0CAMRNOCT1969
CAMBSharp Stewart (pt1), 0-6-0, 4mmDRMRIMAR1994
CAMBSharp Stewart (pt2), 0-6-0, 4mmDRMRIAPR1994
CAMBex Met. R, 4-4-0TDRRM FEB1967
CAMBex Met. R., 4-4-0DRRM FEB1967
CAMBNumbers 819,820 & 821, 0-6-0TDRRM AUG1995
CAMBSharp Stewart, 4-4-0DRRM AUG1966
CAMBSharp Stewart, 0-6-0DRRM JAN1968
CAMBTank engine, 2-4-0TDRRM MAR1965
CAMB#908, 0-6-0DRRM MAY1967
CaRCardiff Railway Loco (A), 0-6-0ST/P, 4mmDRRM JUN1988
CaRClass 33 (Orig & GWR Rbld, No.155), 0-6-2TDRMRCMAY1958
CaRKitson tank (A), 0-6-2T, 4mmDRRM JUN1994
CCRTank engine, 4-4-0TDRRM SEP1973
GWR1016 class, 0-6-0PTDRRM MAY1969
GWR1101 class, 0-4-0DRMRNAUG1947
GWR1361 class, 0-6-0STDRRM JUL1970
GWR1361 class, 0-6-0STDRRM AUG1987
GWR1361 class (and Feb), 0-6-0ST, 4mmCAMRNJAN1968
GWR1366 class, 0-6-0PTDRRM OCT1967
GWR1366 class, 0-6-0PT, 7mmCARM JUL1997
GWR1366 class, 0-6-0PTDRRM DEC1999
GWR1366 class, 0-6-0PT, 4mmDRRM DEC2000
GWR1366 class, 0-6-0PT, 4mmDRRMD#0 1996
GWR1366 class (pt1), 0-6-0PTCAMRIJUL1994
GWR1366 class (pt2), 0-6-0PT, 7mmDRMRIAUG1994
GWR14XX class, 0-4-2TDRRM OCT1967
GWR14XX class, 0-4-2T, 2mmDRRM JUN1977
GWR14XX class, 0-4-2TDRRM JUN1990
GWR14XX class, 0-4-2TDRRM JAN1997
GWR14XX general arrangement, 0-4-2T, 7mmDRMRJ#1 1985
GWR15XX class, 0-6-0PTDRRM MAR1969
GWR15XX class, 0-6-0PT, 4mmDRRM APR1985
GWR1600 class, 0-6-0PTDRRM AUG1969
GWR1854 class, 0-6-0STDRRM SEP1963
GWR19XX class, 0-6-0PTDRRM JUL1973
GWR2021 class (A), 0-6-0PTDRGWJ#201996
GWR2021 class locos, 0-6-0ST, 7mmCARM APR2001
GWR2251 Class (Collett Goods), 0-6-0DRMRNJUL1951
GWR2251 class, 0-6-0DRRM JUL1968
GWR2251 class (A), 0-6-0, 4mmDRRM NOV1989
GWR2251 class mixed traffic locos (A), 0-6-0DRGWJ#241997
GWR2251 Mainline Collett - finishing off, 0-6-0, 4mmCARMD#4 1997
GWR22XX, 0-6-0, 4mmDRRM DEC1999
GWR2301 class (Dean goods) (A), 0-6-0DRGWJ#131995
GWR26XX class (Aberdares), 2-6-0DRGWJ#211997
GWR27XX and 57XX classes, 0-6-0PT, 2mmDRSMTSEP1985
GWR2822, 2-8-0DRGWJ#342001
GWR28XX class, 2-8-0DRGWJ#111994
GWR28XX class, 2-8-0DRRM FEB1969
GWR28XX class, 2-8-0, 2mmCARM FEB1998
GWR2900 Saint class, 4-6-0DRRM APR1968
GWR3001 class, 2-2-2DRMRNJUL1965
GWR3100 class, 2-6-2TDRRM JAN1987
GWR3100 & 6100 class, 2-6-2TDRRM OCT1970
GWR3150 class, 2-6-2TDRRM NOV1970
GWR3200 Dukedog class, 4-4-0DRRM DEC1967
GWR3200 Earl class (Dukedogs), 4-4-0DRGWJ#101994
GWR32XX, 4-4-0DRMRNJUL1966
GWR34, 4-4-0TDRRM MAR1968
GWR36XX class, 2-4-2TDRRM NOV1967
GWR36XX class, 2-4-2T, 4mmDRRM NOV1977
GWR3800 County class, 4-4-0DRRM OCT1968
GWR3900 class, 2-6-2TDRRM NOV1967
GWR3901 class, 2-6-2T, 3/16inDRMR APR1975
GWR39XX, 2-6-2T, 4mmDRRM APR1976
GWR4000 gal tenders, 4mmCAMRJ#261988
GWR4200 class, 2-8-0TDRRM FEB1968
GWR439 'Bicycle' class, 2-4-0, 4mmDRMR AUG1983
GWR43XX class, 2-6-0, 4mmDRMRIOCT1993
GWR43XX class, 2-6-0DRRM AUG1968
GWR43XX & 93XX, 2-6-0, NCARM NOV1996
GWR43XX class (Malcolm Mitchell kit), 2-6-0, 7mmCAMRIOCT1993
GWR43XX class (short cab), 2-6-0DRGWJ#191996
GWR4400 class orig, 2-6-2TDRRM JUN1990
GWR4405, Construction of, part 4 J. Harrison, 2-6-2T, 7mmCAMR OCT1974
GWR4405, Construction of, part 5 J. Harrison, 2-6-2T, 7mmCAMR NOV1974
GWR4405, Construction of. part 6 J. Harrison, 2-6-2T, 7mmCAMR DEC1974
GWR44XX, 2-6-2T, 2mmDRRM MAR1977
GWR44XX/45XX class small prairie, 2-6-2TDRRM DEC1968
GWR44XX/45XX class small prairie, 2-6-2TDRRM JAN1969
GWR4555 (A), 2-6-2TDRGWJ#161995
GWR4555 class, 2-6-2TDRRM APR1970
GWR4555: a preservation pioneer (pt1), 2-6-2TDRGWJ#161996
GWR4555: a preservation pioneer (pt2), 2-6-2TDRGWJ#171996
GWR45XX (with 44XX variations) and other details, 2-6-2T, 7mmDRMR SEP1974
GWR45XX class no. 4507, 2-6-2TDRGWJ#2 1992
GWR45XX class: 4555-4574 series, 2-6-2TDRGWJ#161995
GWR45XX small prairie, 2-6-2T, NCARM AUG1997
GWR45XX small prairie, 2-6-2TDRRM SEP1999
GWR4600 class, 4-4-2TDRRM FEB1970
GWR47XX class, 2-8-0DRGWJ#0 1991
GWR47XX class, 2-8-0DRRM FEB1968
GWR47XX class, 2-8-0DRRM FEB1986
GWR47XX, (weight diagram), 2-8-0, 2mmDRRM SEP1975
GWR48XX auto engines (A), 0-4-2TDRGWJ#221997
GWR5101/6100 class, 2-6-2TDRGWJ#5 1993
GWR517 class, 0-4-2T, 4mmDRMR JAN1980
GWR517 class, 0-4-2T, 4mmDRMR FEB1980
GWR517 class, 0-6-0T, 4mmDRMR NOV1980
GWR517 class, 0-4-2TDRRM OCT1997
GWR517 varieties, 0-4-2T, 4mmCAMRJ#931997
GWR51XX large prairie, 2-6-2T, 4mmDRRM AUG1993
GWR5400 class auto-engines, 0-6-0PTDRRM DEC1995
GWR5400/6400/7400 class, 0-6-0PTDRRM SEP1969
GWR5401 class, 0-6-0PTDRMRNSEP1967
GWR54XX Pannier (Modellers World Kit), 0-6-0T, 7mmCARM APR1992
GWR5690 56xx, 0-6-2TDRGWJ#382001
GWR56XX class, 0-6-2T, 2.5mmDRLM FEB1984
GWR56XX class, 0-6-2TDRRM OCT1969
GWR56XX class, 0-6-2T, 4mmDRRM AUG1975
GWR56/66XX class, 0-6-2T, 4mmDRRM MAY1984
GWR5700 class by S.C. Hine, 0-6-0PT, 2mmCAMRNJAN1962
GWR5700 class, live steam pannier, 0-6-0PT, 10mmCAMRNSEP1965
GWR57XX class (A), 0-6-0PTDRGWJ#8 1993
GWR57XX/8750 class, 0-6-0PTDRRM JUN1970
GWR6100 class, 2-6-2T, 2&4mmDRLM FEB1984
GWR61XX class (A), 2-6-2TDRGWJ#5 1993
GWR64XX class, 0-6-0PT, 4mmDRRM JAN1980
GWR6800 Grange class, 4-6-0DRRM JUN1968
GWR68XX class, Grange (loco only), 4-6-0, 2mmDRRM JUN1978
GWR69 class, 2-2-2DRRM AUG1970
GWR69-76 class single in EM finescale, 2-2-2CAMRNFEB1956
GWR72XX class, 2-8-2T, 7mmCAMR DEC1989
GWR72XX class, 2-8-2TDRRM DEC1969
GWR72XX class, 2-8-2TDRRM MAY1991
GWR7800 Manor class, 4-6-0DRRM JUN1968
GWR78XX (A), 4-6-0DRGWJ#151995
GWR8100 & rb 3100 class, 2-6-2TDRRM DEC1970
GWR850 class, 0-6-0STDRMRNDEC1949
GWR850 class, 0-6-0STDRRM SEP1968
GWR850 class, 0-6-0ST, 7mmCARM JUN1999
GWR93XX class (A), 2-6-0, 4mmDRRM APR1992
GWR94XX class, 0-6-0PTDRRM JAN1968
GWR94XX scratchbuilt, 0-6-0PT, 7mmCAMRNAPR1961
GWR9700 class condensing, 0-6-0PTDRRM JAN1968
GWRA pannier, 0-6-0T, 7mmCARM DEC1978
GWRAberdare class, 2-6-0DRRM JUL1969
GWRAirfix 1400 class, 4mmCAMRCNOV1978
GWRAirfix 6100 class, 4mmCAMT JAN1981
GWRAirfix Castle to Star, 4-6-0, 4mmCARM JAN1986
GWRAirfix Prairie to EM, 4mmCAMRCJUN1977
GWRAn EM Earl, 4-4-0, EMCAMRJ#122001
GWRArmstrong class, 4-4-0DRRM SEP1963
GWRArmstrong class (A), 4-4-0DRGWJ#6 1993
GWRArmstrong, Sir Alexander, 999, 2-2-2DRMRNDEC1951
GWRAshley Grange, live steam, 4-6-0, 7mmCAMRNDEC1961
GWRAtbara class, 4-4-0DRRM MAY1971
GWRAtbara class Colombo, 4-4-0, 7mmCAMRJ#531992
GWRBachmann 93XX class (pt1), 4mmCAMRIMAR1994
GWRBachmann 93XX class (pt2), 4mmCAMRIAPR1994
GWRBadminton class, 4-4-0DRRM APR1971
GWRBarnum class, 2-4-0, 4mmDRMR MAY1980
GWRBarnum class, 2-4-0DRRM JUL1966
GWRBarnum (A), 2-4-0, 4mmDRRM MAY1988
GWRBPGVR No 5 Cwm Mawr (A), 0-6-0ST, 4mmDRRM MAY1989
GWRBristol Models "County"CAMRCOCT1978
GWRBritains biggest tank loco, 2-10-2T, 7mmCAMRCSEP1981
GWRBroad Gauge Metropolitan Well Tank, 2-4-0, S7CAMRJ#122001
GWRBroad Gauge tank, 4-4-0T, 4mmDRRM JUN1992
GWRBroad gauge single, 4-2-2, 7mmCAMRNMAY1969
GWRBrunel's Hurricane, 1:148DRRM OCT1992
GWRBuilding a GWR 28XX: Wrenn/Airfix conversionCAMT FEB1982
GWRBulldog, 4-4-0DRRM JUL1997
GWRBulldog (Bird) class, 4-4-0DRRM DEC1967
GWRBulldog class 3449 'Nightingale', 4-4-0DRGWJ#261998
GWRBulldogs, 4-4-0, 4mmCARM MAY1957
GWRBulldogs, 4-4-0, 4mmCARM JUN1957
GWRCab plate for 2-2-2 class 3001CAMRNNOV1965
GWRCambrian Rlys 908OAGWJ#362001
GWRCastle class, 4-6-0, 7mmDRMRJ#741994
GWRCastle class, 4-6-0DRRM AUG1961
GWRCastle class (A), 4-6-0DRGWJ#1 1992
GWRCastle, A. Towers, 4-6-0, 7mmCARM OCT1977
GWRChassis, 10mmCARM JUL1996
GWRChurchward, North Star, 4-4-2CAMRNJAN1968
GWRCity class, 4-4-0DRRM JAN1971
GWRCity class, 4-4-0, 4mmDRRM OCT2000
GWRCity of Truro (Diagram), 4-4-0DRMRNMAR1957
GWRClass 2301 Dean goods, 0-6-0, 7.4mmDRRM NOV1983
GWRClass 47XX (A), 0-4-2TDRGWJ#0 1991
GWRClifford Castle, 4-6-0, 7mmCAMRJ#931997
GWRCollett 28XX, 0-6-0DRGRWAPR1990
GWRConstructing an 850 class saddletank, 0-6-0T, EMCARM APR1997
GWRConvert Armstrong version in EM, 0-4-2TCAMRNJUL1950
GWRConvert Ks 43XX to EM and detail, 2-6-0CAMRNJUL1963
GWRConvert Ks Dean Goods to EM, 0-6-0CAMRNOCT1963
GWRConvert Triang Lord of the Isles to EM, 4-2-2CAMRNJAN1963
GWRConvert Triang Princess to GW Hall, 4-6-0, 4mmCAMRNAUG1958
GWRCounty class, 4-6-0DRRM NOV1968
GWRCounty tank, 4-4-2TDRRM JUN1971
GWRCounty tank, 4-4-2TDRRM OCT1984
GWRCounty, live steam (and Aug 70 issue), 4-6-0, 4mmCAMRNDEC1969
GWRDean No 34, 0-4-4T, 10mmDRGRWAPR1992
GWRDean cast iron chimneyDRMRNDEC1953
GWRDean convertible - broad gauge, 2-2-2DRMRCMAY1985
GWRDean goods, 0-6-0DRMRNAPR1969
GWRDean Nos. 3276 to 3231, 2-4-0DRMRNAPR1955
GWRDean Single (and Nov), 4-2-2, 4mmCAMRNOCT1968
GWRDean goods part 1 (A), 0-6-0, 4mmDRRM SEP1990
GWRDean goods part 2 (A), 0-6-0, 4mmCARM OCT1990
GWRDean goods, 2301 class, 0-6-0, 3mmDRMR NOV1974
GWRDean single, 4-2-2, 4mmDRRM MAY1976
GWRDean standard goods, 0-6-0DRMRNSEP1956
GWRDean, Nos. 3226-3231, 2-4-0DRMRNAPR1955
GWRDetailing a pair of class 850s, 0-6-0TCARM JAN1995
GWRDetailing interior of Castle CaryCARM AUG1993
GWRDouble framed 119 cl #120, 0-6-0PTDRMBTJUN1992
GWRDuke and Bulldog classes (A), 4-4-0, 4mmDRMBTAUG1991
GWREE D/E shunter, 0-6-0, 4mmDRMR MAY1976
GWREarl Cawdor, 4-4-0DRRM MAR1971
GWREarl of Radnor (Dukedog), 4-4-0, 4mmDRRM NOV1990
GWREarl/Dukedog, 4-4-0DRSL #9
GWREjector & steam brake valveDRGWJ#271998
GWREqualising wheels on Ks pannier, 0-6-0PT, 4mmOAMRNFEB1967
GWREx MSWJR loco (A), 2-4-0, 7mmDRSL #14
GWREx SHT saddle tank (A), 0-4-0ST, 4mmDRRM OCT1989
GWRFlower class, 4-4-0DRRM FEB1971
GWRGEM 4800 class to 3575CAMR NOV1975
GWRGooch Firefly, 0-6-0DRMRCJUN1985
GWRGooch Rover, 4-2-2DRMRCJUN1985
GWRGooch South Devon, 4-4-0TDRRM FEB1973
GWRGooch, March 1892, broad gauge loco, 4-2-2, 4mmDRRM OCT1974
GWRGrange class (A), 4-6-0DRGWJ#271998
GWRGWR 56XX from a Leinester kit, 0-6-2T, 7mmCAMRIJUL1997
GWRGreat Bear, 4-6-2DRMRNFEB1947
GWRHall class, 4-6-0DRRM APR1964
GWRHall class, 4-6-0DRRM JUN1969
GWRHalls on goods (Midlands and the North)OAGWJ#392001
GWRHalls on goods (Midlands and the North)OAGWJ#402001
GWRHeavy freight, 7mmCARM APR1996
GWRIn close up - No 5187, 2-6-2TOAGWJ#362001
GWRIntermediate tender, 4mmCARM JAN1990
GWRK's 9700 classCAMRCJUL1977
GWRK's "Duke" narrow cabCAMRCDEC1977
GWRKing, 4mmDRMRLMAY2001
GWRKing class, 4-6-0DRGWJ#3 1992
GWRKing class, 4-6-0, 7mmCAMRJ#101998
GWRKing class, 4-6-0CARM AUG1999
GWRKing of the streamliners - GW variety, 4mmCAPMROCT1987
GWRKitbuilding tank locos, G1CARM JUL1996
GWRLady Disdain - 1 - building a straight framed Saint, 4-6-0, 7mmCAMRCNOV1982
GWRLady Disdain - 2 - building a straight framed Saint, 4-6-0, 7mmCAMRCDEC1982
GWRLarge Prairie - kit construction, 2-6-2T, 4mmCAMRJ#761995
GWRLarge prairie, 2-6-2TCARM OCT1997
GWRLima 4500 class to EM, 2-6-2T, 4mmCAMRCOCT1979
GWRLima 4575 to 4500 class, 2-6-2TCAMRCJUN1979
GWRLoco building from scratch - 69 class No 71, 2-2-2, 4mmCARM NOV1986
GWRLocomotives of the GWR - the Sir Daniels (1), 2-2-2, 7mmDRMR OCT1983
GWRLocomotives of the GWR - the Sir Daniels (2), 2-2-2, 7mmDRMR NOV1983
GWRLocomotives of the GWR - the Sir Daniels (3), 0-6-0, 4mmDRMR DEC1983
GWRLocos for Ludlow, 7mmOARM APR1995
GWRLocos that never were, 2-10-0, 7mmCARM NOV1994
GWRLocos that never were, 4-8-0, 7mmCARM NOV1994
GWRM/L Mogul modernisedCAMRCNOV1983
GWRMainline 2251: detailing, 0-6-0CARMD#3 1996
GWRMainline 2251: new chassis, 0-6-0CARMD#1 1996
GWRMainline 2251: pickups/ballast, 0-6-0CARMD#2 1996
GWRManor class, 4-6-0DRGWJ#151995
GWRManor class, 4-6-0DRMRNNOV1964
GWRManor class locos, 4-6-0, 4mmDRRM JUL2001
GWRM/L 6100 to 3100 class, 2-6-2TCARM JAN1987
GWRMemories of 61xxs, 2-6-2TOAGWJ#372001
GWRMetro tanks (A), 2-4-0TDRGWJ#4 1992
GWRNo 13 (As 2-4-2WT and Rebuilt As 4-4-0ST), 2-4-2WT, 6.5mmDRMR SEP1983
GWRNo 1334 - Ex Sharp Stewart, 2-4-0T, 7mmDRMR JAN1984
GWRNo. 1, 2-4-0DRMRNDEC1948
GWRNo. 100 "Dean", 4-6-0DRRM AUG1971
GWRNo. 102 "La France", 4-4-2DRRM OCT1971
GWRNo. 143 - a rebuild, 0-6-0DRMRNAUG1950
GWRNo. 36, built 1896, 4-6-0DRMRNJUL1959
GWRNu-Cast 4200 class to EMCAMRCMAY1982
GWR#'s 28,29, 0-6-0STDRMRCOCT1971
GWRPannier (Vulcan Kit), 0-6-0PT, 7mmCAMR SEP1992
GWRPanniers Warren Shephard, 0-6-0PT, 7mmCABRMNOV1997
GWRPrairie, 2-6-2T, 7mmCAMRNAUG1956
GWRPrairie 4575 part 1, 2-6-2T, 7mmCAMR SEP1989
GWRPrairie 4575 part 2, 2-6-2T, 7mmCAMR OCT1989
GWRQueen class (A), 2-2-2DRGWJ#171996
GWRRTR Pannier from N to 2mm (1), 0-6-0PTCAMRJ#881996
GWRRTR Pannier from N to 2mm (2), 0-6-0PTCAMRJ#891996
GWRSaddle tank kit, 0-6-0ST, 7mmCAMRJ#221988
GWRSaint class later style 2931-55 (A), 4-6-0DRGWJ#141995
GWRScratchbuilding a 14XX in O (dwg inaccurate), 0-4-2T, 7mmCAPMRMAY1984
GWRSir Daniels, 2-2-2DRMR DEC1973
GWRSmall Prairie Springside, 2-6-2, 7mmCABRMDEC1996
GWRSmooth Manors, 4-6-0, 4mmCAMRJ#811995
GWRStandard engine & tender bufferCAGWJ#141995
GWRStandard loco tool boxesDRGWJ#161995
GWRStandard toolbox fittingsCAGWJ#191996
GWRStandard toolboxes #1-8,19CAGWJ#161995
GWRStandard toolboxes #11-25CAGWJ#181996
GWRStar class, 4-6-0, 3/8inDRSMTAPR1987
GWRStar class (A), 4-6-0DRGWJ#342000
GWRStars in Traffic (2)OAGWJ#342001
GWRStars in Traffic (3)OAGWJ#352001
GWRSwindonised 0/4, 2-8-0, 4mmCAMRJ#122001
GWRTender toolboxesCAGWJ#191996
GWRTenders, all typesDRMBTOCT1994
GWRThe first 4-6-0 (A), 7mmDRSL #13
GWRThe Great Bear, 4-6-2, 3.4mmDRLM MAR1984
GWRThe Great Bear, 4-6-2, 3/8inDRSMTAPR1987
GWRThe Iver pilotDRGWJ#311999
GWRThree Castles part 1 - Tony Reynalds, 4-6-0, 7mmCAMRJ#731994
GWRThree Castles part 2 - Tony Reynalds, 4-6-0, 7mmCAMRJ#741994
GWRTriang "Lord/Isles" rewheelCAMR NOV1979
GWRVulcan, 2-2-2T, 7mmCAMR JUL1990
GWRVulcan, Broad Gauge, P.R. Horton, 2-2-2CAMR MAR1976
GWRWaverley Broad Gauge 1870, 4-4-0DRMR AUG1983
GWRWaverley class - Broad Gauge, 4-4-0, 7mmDRMR MAR1982
GWRno. 3593, 2-4-2TDRRM FEB1968
GWRPannier tank from a Lima 4F, 0-6-0PT, 7mmCARM JUN1981
GWRProjected Pacific, 4-6-2DRRM JUN1997
GWRRiver class, 2-4-0DRRM APR1969
GWRSaint & variants, 4-6-0DRRM APR1968
GWRStar, 4-6-0, 4mmCARM JUL1998
GWRStar class, 4-6-0DRRM MAY1998
GWRTank engine c1866, 0-4-2T, 7mmDRRM JAN1975
GWRTenders, 20th-centuryDRRM JAN1970
GWRThe Great Bear, 4-6-2DRRM SEP1970
GWRTriang Jinty to 0-4-4T, 0-6-0TCARM JAN1978
GWRTwo tank engines, 7mmCARM OCT1990
GWRWith PortescapsCARM MAY1995
GWRWrenn BR vans to 12TCARM AUG1972
GWR"Hilda", 0-6-0STDRRM JUL1986
GWR(GWR + SDJR versions), 4-4-0, 7mmCARM JUL1989
LMMR0-6-0ST, 0-6-0STDRRM JUL1986
LMMRLlanelli & Mynydd Mawr Rly loco, 0-6-0ST, 4mmDRRM JUL1986
LMMRVictory No. 704 - Manning Wardle, 0-6-0T, 7mmDRMR AUG1981
LMMR#704, 0-6-0TDRMR AUG1981
MSWJRDubs, 1894, 0-6-0TDRMRNAPR1962
MSWJRLocomotive, 2-4-0DRMRNMAR1963
MSWJRM/L J72 to 0-6-0T, 0-6-0TCARM OCT1986
MSWJRNo. 1334 ex-MSWJ, 2-4-0DRRM MAY1968
MSWJRSharp Stewart passenger tank, 4-4-4TDRRM SEP1996
MSWJRTank engine, 4-4-4TDRRM MAR1966
PTAmerican Cooke tanks, 0-8-2TDRRM APR1995
PTCooke (USA), 0-8-2T, 4mmDRMR DEC1977
PTSaddle tank (A), 0-6-0ST, 4mmDRRM MAR1990
RRClass A, 0-6-2TDRMRCSEP1953
RRClass AP (Hudswell Clarke), 0-6-2T, 4mmDRRM FEB1994
RRClass AR, 0-6-2TDRMRCMAY1956
RRClass I, Outside Framed, 0-6-0TDRMRCAPR1957
RRClass K, 0-6-2STDRMRCDEC1949
RRClass R, 0-6-2T, 4mmDRRM DEC1985
RREx RR class A1 (A), 0-6-2TDRRM AUG1988
RRK class (A), 0-6-2T, 4mmDRRM OCT1991
RRM & R classes-no drawings, 0-6-2TDRGWJ#101994
RRNeilson Reid & Co.,, 0-6-2STDRMRNAUG1963
RRNo. 67 ex-RR, 0-6-2TDRRM MAY1968
RRSharp Stewart, 1894, 0-6-2STDRMRNOCT1965
SDevonBroad Gauge saddle tank, 4-4-0ST, 4mmDRRM MAY1992
SHTPeckett, 0-4-0TDRRM OCT1989
TVRA class, 0-6-2T, 7mmCABRMAUG1996
TVRClass 04 (Orig Cond), 0-6-2TDRMRCJUL1949
TVRClass 04 locomotive, 0-6-2T, 4mmDRRM APR1986
TVRClass A (Original Cond), 0-6-2TDRMRCAUG1950
TVRClass A rebuild, 0-6-2T, 4mmDRRM JUN1987
TVRClass C, 4-4-2TDRMRCDEC1948
TVRClass C, 4-4-2TDRRM MAR1991
TVRClass K (Tender Loco), 0-6-0DRMRCJUL1951
TVRClasses U & U1, 0-6-2TDRMRCMAR1955
TVRK class, 0-6-0, 4mmDRBRMAPR1998
W&PRSharp Stewart Hesperus 1876, 2-4-0TDRMRNDEC1970
W&PRSharp Stewart No. 2 "Hesperus", 2-4-0TDRMR JAN1984