Drawings and useful articles for L.N.E.R. Track Plans.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

GCRStation, ApplebyTRMRNOCT1970
GCRStation, ElshamTRMRNOCT1970
GCRStation, Macclesfield CentralTRMRNJUN1955
GCRStation, Scawby and HibaldstowTRMRNOCT1970
GERStation, BecclesTRRM DEC1985
GERStation, Buntingford terminusTRRM APR1989
GERStation, HunstantonTRRM JAN1987
GERStation, Kennet, SuffolkTRRM FEB1997
GERTurntable, SCAMRJ#891996
GERTypical tandem turnout, 3mmDRMBTAUG1994
GNRRail built buffer stops, 4mmCAMRJ#481991
GNRStation, AlfordTRMRNSEP1970
GNRStation, Alford, June 1919TRMRNJUN1971
GNRStation, Burgh Le MarshTRMRNSEP1970
GNRStation, EastvilleTRMRNSEP1970
GNRStation, EdgewareTRRM JUL1995
GNRStation, FendykeTRMRNJUN1971
GNRStation, Kings Cross, LondonTRRM DEC1995
GNRStation, Louth, 4mmLARM MAY1986
GNRStation, Rye House, St.Margarets, Ware, Hertford East branchTRRM NOV1996
GNRStation, Stanley JunctionTRMRNSEP1960
GNSRStations, variousTRRM AUG1990
GNSRStation, AboyneTRRM SEP1995
HBRDrax, Pickburn etc. stationsTRMRCAUG1986
HBRHull (Paragon) stationSPPMRSEP1986
HBRMoorhouse stationTRMRCAUG1979
LNERCowans and Sheldon 50ft turntable, 4mmCAMRJ#251988
LNERCowans Sheldon 50ft turntable, 4mmDRMRJ#251988
LNERKings Cross loco yardTRMRCAPR1980
MGNJRBlakeney stationTRMRIAUG1995
MGNJRCromer Beach stationTRMRCJAN1979
MGNJREdmondthorpe & Wymondham stationTRMRCJAN1979
NBRScotland Street yardTRRM MAR1977
NBRStations, variousTRRM JUL1981
NBRStation, Border Counties RlyTRRM SEP1976
NBRStation, Edinburgh Waverly in BR periodTRRM MAR1995
NBRStation, Kielder Forest, Border countryTRRM SEP1996
NBRStation, Northumberland CentralTRRM NOV1977
NERStation, Ashington, NorthumberlandTRRM FEB1997
NERStation, BirstwithTRMRNAPR1957
NERStation, Catterick BridgeTRMRNAPR1971
NERStation, DacreTRMRNAPR1957
NERStation, DarleyTRMRNAPR1957
NERStation, HampsthwaiteTRMRNAPR1957
NERStation, HarrogateTRMRNAPR1961
NERStation, MashamTRMRNAUG1956
NERStation, Middleton in TeesdaleTRRM MAR1995
NERStation, MoultonTRMRNAPR1971
NERStation, Pateley BridgeTRMRNAPR1957
NERStation, Pool in WharfedaleTRRM AUG1974
NERStation, Ripley ValleyTRMRNAPR1957
NERStation, ScortonTRMRNAPR1971
NERStation, West TanfieldTRMRNAUG1956
NSLRSeahouses stationTRMRIAUG1995
WHRMallaig & other stationsTRRM NOV1989
WHRStation, ArdluiTRRM MAY1995