Drawings and useful articles for OTHER UK Scenery.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

A load of scrap (for wagons), 4mmOAMRJ#101998
Across a bigger gap (Viaduct Construction), 7mmOARM FEB1992
Adding snow to a layoutOARM DEC1992
Alternative trees - Robert SkeneOAYMRFEB1986
Animating a layout (Fallsbridge) part 1, 4mmOAMR DEC1990
Animating a layout (Fallsbridge) part 2, 4mmOAMR JAN1991
Animating a layout (Fallsbridge) part 3, 4mmOAMR FEB1991
Animating a layout (Fallsbridge) part 4, 4mmOAMR MAR1991
Animating a layout (Fallsbridge) part 5, 4mmOAMR APR1991
Animating a layout (Fallsbridge) part 6, 4mmOAMR MAY1991
Arches and bridgesOARM SEP1984
Arkinstalls: a modernised mill, 4mmOAMRJ#301989
Armchair conifers, 4mmOAMRJ#331989
Atmospheric smoke, 7mmOAMRJ#971997
Backscenes for BramblewickOAMRJ#651993
Ballasting the trackOARM JAN1983
Basic scenery construction, 4mmOAMRIAUG1997
Be your own brickieOAMR JUL1993
Better baths and buckets, 4mmOAMRJ#981997
Boats for BrightburyOASMTJAN1995
Bonsai treesOAMRNNOV1964
Branching Out - Building Model TreesOAYMRFEB1985
Brewing up (small town breweries)OARM DEC1994
Bridge, GOARM NOV1995
Bridges and scenery, 4mmCAMRNSEP1948
Bridges as scenic effectsCAMRNSEP1948
Building a model gasworks, 4mmOARM JUL1989
Building a viaduct, 4mmOARM OCT1990
Buildings in 4mm scaleOARM DEC1984
Canal modelling, 4mmOAMRJ#8 1986
Cardboard construction (Bob's a real card)OAMR JUN1993
Catchpol's Workshop 1 - Dealing with wallsOAYMRNOV1984
Catchpol's Workshop 2 - Roofing methodsOAYMRDEC1984
Catchpol's Workshop 3 - Skyline treesOAYMRJAN1985
Catchpol's Workshop 4 - RailingsOAYMRAPR1985
Cheap scenics are worth a packetOAMR OCT1993
Colliery modelling in 4mm scaleOARM MAY1993
Completing the landscape part 1OARM FEB1992
Completing the landscape part 2OARM MAR1992
Constructing conifersOARM JUL1992
Convincing waterOAYMRAPR1985
Corrugated iron fenceCAMRNJUN1968
Cosmetic telegraph wiresOAMR DEC1991
Cosmetic wiring for semaphore signals, 4mmOAMR JUN1991
Creating trees, 2mmOAMRJ#381990
Curved platformOARM MAR1996
Deciduous treesOAMR SEP1984
Detailing scenicsOAYMRMAY1985
Diesel depot, 4mmOARM JUL1991
Diorama Animation (Swan Vistas)OAMR MAY1993
Display Piece - Creating A DioramaCAMRJ#122001
Down to earth (using old tea bags)OAMR JAN1993
Down to earth by KineCAMRNNOV1960
Dummy Run, sketching in 3DOARM JUL1992
Easywater Pond diorama: water modellingOARM DEC1994
Effective scenic modellingCAMRNOCT1956
Embankments and cuttingsCAMRNAUG1948
Exbridge Quay, 4mmOARM APR1987
Excuse for sceneryOARM JUL1985
Falls from parcel stringOARM OCT1996
Fencing, 4mmCAMRNJUN1951
Fencing TypesOARM JUN1996
Foliage - where to put treesCAMRNJUN1959
Gauxholme viaduct, 4mmOARM JAN1988
GCS quarry, 4mmOARM FEB1994
Girder bridgeOAYMRDEC1985
Hand painted backscenesOAMR MAR1989
Horsebridge Mill, 4mmOARM NOV1994
Horses and waggons (Duncan Models kits)OAMRJ#741994
How to paint a backsceneOARM JAN1995
It's down to grass roots (simulated grass)OAMR DEC1993
Jigsaw scenery constructionOAMRIMAR1995
Landscape foundationsOARM NOV1990
Landscape sculpture in the gardenOARM AUG1989
Landscaping over the cracksOAMRJ#7 1986
Large viaductOAMR JUN1991
Lineside miscellanyOAMRCOCT1982
Lineside scenery and tunnels by J.K. NelsonCAMRNJUN1953
Little Burton MPD, 4mmOARM JAN1991
Living landscapes - trees and plants for garden railwaysOAYMROCT1984
Living trees by G.I. StokesOAMRNNOV1962
Longevity for model buildings in the gardenOARM AUG1991
Making a diorama, 4mmCARM DEC1994
Man the pumps - garage, 7mmOAMRJ#951997
Measuring with bricksOAMR FEB1991
Milliput figures, 4mmOARMD#2 1996
Model brewery, 2mmOARM APR1983
Model landscape gardeningOAMRNJAN1966
Model ships, 2mmOARM JAN2000
Modelling Hills and ContoursOAYMROCT1984
Modelling a colliery, 4mmOARM MAR1984
Modelling effective scenery (Abergynolwyn), 7mmOARM JAN1993
Modelling in cardOARMD#4 1997
Modelling the mountainsOARM MAR1987
Modelling vernacular houses, 10mmOARM DEC1992
Modelling waterCAMRNAPR1949
Natural scenic materialsOARM JUN1990
One Every Four Minutes - Making TreesCAMRCMAY1985
Operating accessories, 7mmOARM OCT2000
Overhauling scenery and structuresOAMRNAUG1964
Ox & Berks farm wagons, 4mmOAMRJ#161987
Pantiles for Pendon, 4mmOAMRJ#471991
Paving slabsOARM FEB1997
Peat Bogs, eerie tales and coalOARM MAY1994
Pendon - a layout for connoisseursCAMRNMAY1959
People backdatedOARM FEB1997
Period agricultureOAMRJ#101986
Period waterways, 4mmOAMRJ#161987
Perspective modellingOAMRJ#361990
Pillar boxes - a history for modellersOARM AUG1991
Planning for pictorial effect (and Nov)CAMRNOCT1954
Platform realism part 1OARM MAR1989
Platform realism part 2OARM APR1989
Point motors; how to hide themOARM MAY1984
Populate your layoutCAMRNAPR1958
Posters add lifeCAMRNNOV1958
Pre-fab concrete hut, 4mmOARM NOV1994
Private siding, 4mmOARM SEP1985
Puddles - 1OAMRJ#901996
Puddles - 2, 7mmOAMRJ#911996
Putting on the TrimmingsOAMR FEB1994
Realistic coalCAMRNAUG1947
Realistic fencingCAMRNMAR1958
Representing long grass, 4&7mmOAMRJ#791995
Representing pantilesOAMRJ#331989
Representing short grass, 4&7mmOAMRJ#781995
Rock walls by KineCAMRNOCT1960
Rockingham pottery, 4mmOARM FEB1991
Rockingham pottery part 1OARM AUG1991
Rockingham pottery part 2OARM SEP1991
Rough grassOAMRJ#351989
Roye Englands Modelling Notebooks - Part 1, 4mmOAMRJ#122001
Roye Englands Modelling Notebooks - Part 2, 4mmOAMRJ#122001
Roye Englands Modelling Notebooks - Part 3, 4mmOAMRJ#122001
Roye Englands Modelling Notebooks - Part 4CAMRJ#122001
Roye Englands Modelling Notebooks - Part 5CAMRJ#122001
Roye Englands Modelling Notebooks - Part 6CAMRJ#132001
Roye Englands Modelling Notebooks - Part 7CAMRJ#132001
Scale metal fencing, 4mmCAMRNDEC1952
Scenery Construction (Get Stuck In)OAMR NOV1993
Scenery Construction (Getting Plastered)OAMR JAN1994
Scenery and structures for small scalesOARM FEB1991
Scenic effects - trees by KineCAMRNSEP1960
Scenic landscaping, eggbox land, J.KineOAMR JUN1979
Scenic methodsOARM DEC1980
Scenics - Basic Ground CoveringsOAYMRJAN1985
Scenics - Bridging the GapsOAYMRNOV1984
Scenics - Holding Nature at Bay, Retaining WallsOAYMRDEC1984
Sea Green - Model Trees from natural plantCAMRJ#122001
Shear Delight (Using Household Items)OAMR MAR1993
Simple CornfieldOAMR SEP1984
Simple cattle dockOASMTMAY1995
Simple freight stationOASMTAPR1995
Art of backscenesOACM MAY1993
Backscenes for layoutsOASMTNOV1994
Backseen businessOASMTOCT1992
BR level crossing with interlocked warning lightsOAPMRDEC1983
Building's my way, 3mmOABRMAUG1993
Canal for a corner siteOAMT MAY1981
Canal modelling part 1OASMTAUG1994
Canal modelling part 2 - boats and peopleOASMTSEP1994
Catering for the car (garage layouts)OAPMRJAN1988
Classic coaling stage part 2OASMTJUL1994
Cobblers bridge, 7mmOASMTJUL1988
Corrugated ironOASMTAPR1994
Corrugated iron huts, 7mmOASMTJUL1990
Creating a sceneOASMTJAN1993
Creating large scale structuresOACM MAY1994
Culverts for your layoutOAST MAR1983
Detail to enhance the sceneOASMTJAN1993
Diesel fuelling pointOASMTJUL1992
Disused and overgrownOASMTJUL1994
Early (1830s) coalmineOAST OCT1983
Falmouth Dock station, 4mmOASMTNOV1990
Fibre optics and working gatesOAPMRSEP1984
First impressions countOASMTOCT1991
Fogman's hutOAMRIAUG1994
Frying pan to turntableOAPMROCT1984
Garden railway landscapingOAGRWDEC1990
Getting stoned - convincing rockface fabricationOAMT NOV1981
Goods stations part 1OASMTJAN1991
Goods stations part 2OASMTFEB1991
Grass and weedsOABRMAUG1993
How does your garden growOAGRWMAR1993
Is your tunnel a bore? (tunnel entrances)OASMTJAN1986
Landscaping a layout (garden railway), 10mmOAPMROCT1984
Layout illumination - St Just by gaslightOAST JUL1983
Layout in a garden shed - scenery and backsceneOASMTMAY1986
Layout in a garden shed - scenery constructionOASMTJUL1986
Letter boxes - GPOOAMBTFEB1994
Letter boxes - GPOOAMBTDEC1994
Light work - a structure in featherboard, 7mmOAMRINOV1994
Lineside factory part 2OASMTFEB1992
Lineside industryOASMTDEC1990
Little local oil depotOASMTMAR1988
Make oak trees in 2 hoursOAPMRJAN1987
Making better brickworkOASMTSEP1992
Making cliffs and cuttingsOAMT MAR1981
Miniature landscapesOAGR JUN1994
Miniature Ribblehead viaductOASL #14
Modern station buildingsOASMTMAR1994
More scenic effectsOASMTJUN1991
Motor barge at low costOASMTDEC1990
Moulds for cut stoneOACM OCT1989
Newmarket grain terminalOASMTMAY1994
Open girder skew bridgeOASMTJUL1992
Paston Ridings - the cottages part 1, 4mmOABRMAPR1993
Paston Ridings - the cottages part 2, 4mmOABRMMAY1993
Perspectives on backscenesOAMRL#3
Pictorial panorama (back scene)OAPMRAPR1988
Planting out - low maintenance gardeningOAGRWJUL1994
Planting out - pests and diseasesOAGRWJUN1994
Planting out - plant profile geraniumsOAGRWSEP1994
Plants for the garden railwayOASL #10
Post Office terminalOASMTJAN1993
Priesthill and Darnley - canal and swing bridgeOASMTMAR1991
Prototypes for everything - buildingsOASMTMAY1992
Railway gardener's diaryOAGRWOCT1994
Realism in stone wallingOASMTNOV1988
Rockery magic (garden railway scenery)OAGRWNOV1988
Rockwork using polystyrene and polyfillaOACM OCT1992
Scale timber open shed, 4mmOASMTNOV1992
Scenery 1 (Stan Ginn) - modelling treesOAPMRJUL1984
Scenery 2 (Stan Ginn)OAPMRSEP1984
Scenery 3 (Stan Ginn) - shaping up on roofsOAPMRNOV1984
Scenery 4 (Stan Ginn) - making gardensOAPMRAPR1985
Scenery from styrene blocksOASMTAPR1990
Scenic settings - ploughed land & thatchOAPMRJAN1985
Scenic work 1 - basicsOAST MAY1982
Scenic work 2 - structuresOAST JUN1982
Scenic work 3 - fences, hedges and other detailsOAST JUL1982
Second look (added detail)OASMTFEB1992
Simple loaders, 4mmOASMTMAY1994
Simple platform fencingOASMTAUG1991
Slate RoofingCAMRJ#132001
Slate roof modelling part 1OARM FEB1990
Slate roof modelling part 2OARM MAR1990
SM32, Comptom Great Quarry, 16mmOARM MAY1992
Small commercial structure (low relief)OASMTJAN1986
Small oil depot for your railwayOAST SEP1983
Smoke effectsOAMRJ#921997
Starting outsideOAPMRDEC1984
Starting to model buildingsOAPMRSEP1984
Stone walling, 7mmOAMRJ#681994
Take notice (signs from plastic tags), 4mmOARM JAN1993
Telegraph and electricity supply poles, 4mmOAMRJ#431990
Telegraph polesOASMTFEB1991
Telegraph poles (letter)DRSMTJUL1991
Terrific treesOARM AUG1990
Terrific treesOARM AUG1994
Tetbury's TreesCAMRCJUN1984
Thatched cottagesOARM JAN1981
The 'Exbridge' warehouses, 4mmOAMRJ#141987
The Bank, 4mmCAMRJ#132001
The British hedgerowOAMRJ#241988
The Engine And Tender - A Pub, 4mmCAMRJ#122001
The Railway EmbankmentOAMR SEP1987
The gutter press - building gutters, 4mmOAMRJ#961997
The lineside coaster, 7mmOAMRJ#311989
The Nissen Hut, 4mmCAMRJ#122001
The pits in modelling (ash pit construction)OARM JAN1990
The scenic art of George Iliffe StokesOAMRJ#131987
The shoe box warehouseOASMTAUG1992
The steam shed - bits & piecesOAMBTJUN1994
There's an old mill by the streamOAPMRMAY1988
Tiling a scratch built roofOARM OCT1987
Timber Yard (Card Built)OAYMRDEC1984
Timber loads and timber yardsOASMTJAN1993
Timber pallets, 12mmOASMTJUN1990
Timber yard, 7mmOARM JUL1995
Town and country by G.I. StokesOAMRNAPR1961
Townscape - Ely St, Stratford-on-Avon - 1OAPMROCT1987
Townscape - Ely St, Stratford-on-Avon - 2OAPMRNOV1987
Train washing plantOASMTJAN1990
Trash in station yardOARM MAR1996
Tree Developments - Model Tree ConstructionCAMRJ#122001
Tree ProductionOAMR AUG1991
TreesOAMT APR1981
Trees & Hedges on 'Black Santon'OAYMRMAR1987
Trees by P.D. HancockCAMRNAPR1955
Trees from YarrowOARM OCT1984
Trees from kitsOASMTJUL1993
Trees, shrubs and nutsOARM JAN1983
Tudor buildings the easy wayOARM MAY1989
Tunnel endsOASMTJUN1993
TunnelsOARM SEP1984
Tunnels & track settingsOASMTFEB1986
Twenty minute trees, 4mmOAMRJ#341989
Using and old van bodyCAMRNAPR1956
Village church and houses, 4mmOARM AUG1984
Water by KineCAMRNJAN1961
Water techniques, 4mmOARM AUG2000
WaterfallsOARM OCT1996
Weather vaneOAMR MAY1990
Weathered buildingsOASMTFEB1990
Wessex countryside, 7mmCAMRNMAY1953
Weycroft Mill, 1:12OARM OCT1993
Wheelwright's shopOAST SEP1983
Winter landscape (winter trees), 4mmOAMRJ#122000
Working level crossing barrierOARM APR1994
Working trees (garden layout) (and Jun)OAMRNMAR1964
Yellow brick row (building construction), 4mmOAMRIAPR1994
INDLineside industry, 7mmOARM MAY1994