Drawings and useful articles for S.R. Signals and Signal Boxes.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

IOWRSignal Box, Brading (photo)DRMRNJUN1956
IOWRSignal Box, Newport (photo)DRMRNMAR1960
IOWRSignal Box, Smallbrook Junction (photo)DRMRNFEB1963
LBSCRGantry signal, East Croydon (photo)DRMRNFEB1952
LBSCROlder style signal boxDRMRNFEB1954
LBSCRSignal Box, Deptford Wharf NorthDRMRNMAR1961
LBSCRSignal Box, Fishbourne Crossing (photo)DRMRNJUL1964
LBSCRSignal Box, Langston Bridge (photo)DRMRNJUL1967
LBSCRSignal Box, Midhurst (photo)DRMRNAPR1963
LBSCRSignal Box, Upper Warlingham (photo)DRMRNJUL1957
LBSCRStandard Wood Signal Box, 4mmDRMRCJUN1982
LCDRSignal Box, Walworth coal Siding (photo)DRMRNMAR1970
LSWR1867 signal, Esher (photo)DRMRNMAY1959
LSWRBere Alston Signal BoxDRMR FEB1991
LSWRDorchester, part 6, signal box, 2mmDRMRCMAY1978
LSWRLattice post signal, 7mmDRMR JAN1981
LSWRLattice post signal (correspondence)CAMRJ#531992
LSWRLattice post signal (MSE kit) (see MRJ No 51), 7mmCAMRJ#601993
LSWRLattice post signal (see MRJ No 53), 7mmCAMRJ#511991
LSWRMaking Southern Signals (inc. LSWR), 7mmCAMR JAN1981
LSWRMoreton signalling diagramDRMRNSEP1968
LSWRSignal Box, Botley (photo)DRMRNOCT1963
LSWRSignal Box, Colyton (photo)DRMRNNOV1960
LSWRSignal Box, Exmouth (photo)DRMRNNOV1968
LSWRSignal Box, Grateley (photo)DRMRNSEP1965
LSWRSignal Box, MoretonDRMRNOCT1968
LSWRSignal Box, Portland (photo)DRMRNFEB1963
LSWRSignal Box, Shepperton (photo)DRMRNJUN1965
LSWRSignal box,DRRM AUG1970
LSWRSignal box, Castle Gates, AxminsterDRRM MAR1995
LSWRSignal box, Corfe Castle, 4mmDRRM DEC1976
LSWRSignal box, SwanageCAMRNAUG1963
LSWRSignal Box, Swanage (photo)DRMRNAUG1963
LSWRSignal Box, Wareham (photo)DRMRNJUN1971
LSWRSignal box, kitbash, 4mmDRRM NOV1997
LSWRSignal box, Swanwick, 4mmDRRM APR1986
LSWRSignal box, Wogret Junction, 4mmDRRM APR1978
LSWRSignal cabin, Swanage, 4mmDRRM AUG1975
LSWRSignal, Instow up distant (photo)DRMRNMAR1959
LSWRSignal, Standard semaphore armDRMRNAUG1955
LSWRSignal, Vorrator lattice post (photo)DRMRNMAR1959
LSWRSignal, Winchester (Chesil) fixed distant (photo)DRMRNJUN1959
LSWRSignalbox and Ground Frame, 4mmDRRM FEB1985
SECRSignal Box, Dunton Green (photo)DRMRNJAN1963
SECRSignal Box, Hawkshurst (photo)DRMRNJUN1961
SECRSignal Box, Hawkshurst (photo)DRMRNJAN1962
SECRSignal Box, Westerham (photo)DRMRNAPR1961
SREast Grinstead signal boxDRYMRSEP1986
SRRail built signalsCAPMRJUN1986
SRRail built upper quadrant signal, 7mmDRMR JAN1981
SRScale signals, 7mmCAMRNJUL1950
SRSemaphore Signals (Ratio & Scale Signal Supply), 7mmCAMR MAR1992
SRSignal BoxDRYMRAUG1985
SRSignal Box, All Hallows-on-Sea (photo)DRMRNJUL1966
SRSignal Box, Dorking North (photo)DRMRNSEP1964
SRSignal Chart (1) - SR and Constituent CompaniesOAMRCOCT1983
SRSignal box, B Box, Brockenhurst, 4mmDRRM JAN1980
SRSignal box, FawleyDRRM OCT1973
SRUpper quadrant signals, 7mmCAMRNNOV1956
SRUpper quadrant signals (modelling)DRMRNNOV1956
SRWimbourne signal boxDRMR FEB1973