Drawings and useful articles for OTHER UK Workshop Practices.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

5in extension to Maidenhaiste, 7mmCARM FEB1992
A horizontal viceOAMRJ#821995
A scale micrometerOAMRJ#861996
Alex Jackson couplings, 4mmOARMD#6 1997
Another way of fixing wheelsOAMR JUL1981
Applying transfers to rolling stockOARM MAY1992
Artwork for etching, S.HineOAMR AUG1978
Assembling etched coupling rods, 7mmOAMRJ#731994
Baseboard basics, C.J.FreezerOAMR MAY1978
Baseboard ConstructionOAMR AUG1987
Baseboard- Warleey Road LayoutOARM DEC1999
BaseboardsOARM SEP1995
Baseboards for beginners part 1OARM NOV1988
Baseboards for beginners part 2OARM DEC1988
Baseboards for Warley Road, 4mmOARM JUN2000
Baseboards from KappaboardOARM JAN2000
Bending barsOAMRJ#211988
Bending handrails in quantityOAMRJ#112000
Beware the pitfalls (Chassis construction)OAMR JAN1993
Boxpok wheel construction, 7mmOAMR JAN1992
Bricks and mortarCAMRJ#201988
Bubble free castings and bulk modellingOAMRJ#981997
Buffer improvement, 4mmOAMRJ#771995
Building a wagon clamp, 4mmOAMRIMAY1996
Building and using a wire flattenerOAMRIAPR1996
Buying and making small drillsOAMRJ#571992
Cast white metal - part 1 - tools and techniques, C.J.FreezeOARM AUG1975
Cast white metal - part 2 - loco kits, C.J.FreezerOARM SEP1975
Cast white metal - part 3 - kits with chassis, C.J.FreezerOARM OCT1975
Centricast - mould making & castingOAMRCNOV1985
Chimneys and domes (see MRJ 50)OAMRJ#521992
Chimneys and domes (Using a lathe) (see MRJ 52)OAMRJ#501991
Chriscoupling (close coupling coaches), 4mmOARM JUL1992
Circular baseboard for Bellfield Hall layout, 7mmCARM JAN1992
Cleaning up flux and dirtOAMRJ#841996
Coach building clampOAMRIJUN1997
Compensating for error in scale drawingsOAMR MAR1981
Copper topped chimneys - electroplated brassOAMR JUL1982
Copper & nickel platingOAMR NOV1978
Corrugated rolling millOAYMRJAN1987
Cramps and clampsOAMRIJUN1997
Cutting embossed plastic sheetOARM MAY1989
DIY plastic mouldingOAMRJ#551992
Dangerous solvents etc.OAMR JUN1978
Delay latch couplings, 7mmOARM MAY1990
Different bearingOARM DEC1989
Drawing usageOARMD#2 1996
Drills part 1OAMRIOCT1995
Drills part 2OAMRINOV1995
Drills part 3OAMRIDEC1995
Drills part 4OAMRIAUG1996
Electroplating whitemetalOARM MAR1982
Electroplating, e.g. copper capped chimneys, T.EastOAMR SEP1978
Enlarging holesOAMRJ#871996
Etched brass kit constructionOAMRCAPR1985
Etching at home part 1OAMRJ#571992
Etching at home part 2OAMRJ#581992
Etching or plating, R.SpiersOAMR SEP1974
Finishing cast wheels, 4mmOAMRJ#371990
Five rules for novice scratchbuilders 1OAMR AUG1983
Five rules for novice scratchbuilders 2OAMR OCT1983
Forming flanges on chimneys and domesOAMRJ#791995
Forming tumblehomes in coach constructionOARM JUL1988
Get stuck in (adhesives)OAMRJ#101998
Getting the drop on etched rivetsOAMRJ#731994
Going nowhere fast - Rolling RoadOAMRJ#931997
Grow your own rivetsOAMRJ#901996
Hand Lettering, 7mmOAMRJ#122001
Heat - use in model railway constructionOAMR OCT1975
Heavy duty soldering, 7mmOAMRJ#801995
Height GaugeOAMR APR1988
High efficiency worm drivesOAMRJ#421990
Home EtchingOAMR JUL1988
Is it safe? chemicals and model railways, T.EastOAMR JUN1978
Jackson couplingsOAMRJ#551992
Jackson couplings part 2 (see MRJ No 59)OAMRJ#561992
Jackson couplings (correspondence)OAMRJ#591992
Lathe surveyOAMR JUL1980
Loco frames for Dewsbury, 7mmOAMRJ#601993
Lost wax castingOAMRJ#191988
Machining loco wheels, 7mmOAMRJ#441991
Make it in brass, NOASMTMAR1995
Making 7MM gauge glasses, 7mmOAMRIMAR1996
Making curved baseboardsOARM JUN1957
Model loco test bedOARM NOV1990
Mounting Motors - White Metal Kit AssemblyOAMR JUN1982
Multiscale equivalents (comparative table of scales)OAMR MAY1976
Offset resistance solderingOAMRJ#821995
Oil lubrication of small scale mechanismsOARMD#6 1997
Pattern Making, 7mmOAMR MAY1988
Patterns for casting, S.HineOAMR SEP1979
Piercing saw tableOAMRJ#451991
Pinpointing AxlesOAMRCSEP1984
Plasticard punchingsOAMRJ#521992
Portable BaseboardsOAMR FEB1989
Practical SolderingOAYMRDEC1984
Pressing wheels, Gear Boxes, Drive Shafts, BearingsOAMR MAY1982
Producing plates by non-photographic means. D.AllendenOAMR FEB1975
Punching louvresOAMRJ#451991
Quartering Driving wheelsOAMR JUL1988
Quartering device, 2mmOAMRJ#951997
Quick Cut - Profiform GuillotineOAMRJ#122001
Radius bending jigOAMRJ#101999
Railway in a wardrobeOARM DEC1957
Representing rivets and thingsOAMRJ#112000
Rescaling drawings and diagramsOARM SEP1983
Resin Split AxlesOAYMRAPR1985
Resin cast track parts, 7mmOAMRJ#371990
Resistance solderingOAMRJ#511991
Resistance solderingOAMRJ#741994
Rivet Embossing PunchOAYMRJUN1987
Riveting stuffOAMRJ#911996
Rivetting in the latheOAMRJ#221988
Rivetting stuff - making a rivetting toolOAMRJ#901996
Rolling Stock for Bridport Town, 7mmNGOARM FEB2001
Scratchbuilding by computerOAMRJ#981997
Screw threadsOAMRIJAN1997
Sector plate lockOARM JAN2000
Shape memorizing wireOAMRJ#731994
Shortening small bushes, 4mmOAMRJ#861996
Silver SolderingOAMRCJAN1982
Simple gear meshingOAMRJ#671993
Snips and shearsOAMRJ#971997
Soft working cradleOAMRJ#841996
SolderingOARM JAN1981
Soldering - a pragmatic approach part 5OAMRIJAN1995
Soldering - a pragmatic approach part 6OAMRIFEB1995
Soldering - a pragmatic approach part 7OAMRIMAR1995
Soldering is EasyOAMR MAY1984
Soldering Technique (You Too Can Be a Hot Shot)OAMR OCT1992
Soldering White Metal - Dracula to the RescueOAYMRMAR1985
Soldering moving jointsOAMRJ#761995
Soldering white-metalOARM JUL1985
Soldering white-metal castingsOARM MAY1977
Soldering whitemetal to brassOAMRJ#961997
Soldering with low melt alloy - cerrobendOAMR APR1981
Soldering (Ironing Out the Snags)OAMR DEC1992
Soldering (It's all a Matter of Degree)OAMR JAN1993
Soldering (Keep It Clean)OAMR NOV1992
Soldering (Moments of Truth)OAMR FEB1993
Soldering (Sizzle Stuff)OAMR MAR1993
Soldering (Take the Right Track and It's Plain Sailing)OAMR APR1993
Split frames part 1, 4mmOAMRJ#191988
Split frames part 2, 4mmOAMRJ#201988
Sprung CompensationOAYMRNOV1985
Styrene behaviourOAMRJ#9 1986
Sweat soldering jigOAMRJ#451991
Taps and tappingOAMR OCT1975
The D.G. coupling, 4mmOARMD#4 1997
The rat - rolling stock axle 'thingy', 7mmOAMRJ#101999
The scale opticianOAMRJ#561992
Three point baseboard supportsCAMRJ#481991
Through the mill - drill/mill conversion part 1OAMRIDEC1996
Through the mill - drill/mill conversion part 2OAMRIJAN1997
Through the mill - drill/mill conversion part 3OAMRIFEB1997
Tips on resin castingOAMRJ#541992
Tooling UpOAMR JUN1993
Toolmakers clampsOAMRIJUL1996
Tools of the TradeOAMR MAY1993
Track defect detector, 4mmOAMRJ#571992
Turning without a latheOARM JUL1981
Two easy-to-make workshop aidsOARM DEC1989
Un-soldering technique, A.MacdougallOAMR MAY1979
Universal paint standOAMRJ#281989
Universal rivet toolOAMRJ#101998
Using CyanoacrylatesOAMR MAY1981
Using CyanoacrylatesOAMR MAR1983
Using Kristal KlearOARMD#3 1996
Using Kristal Kleer glazing solution, 4mmOAMRJ#701994
Using piercing saws and cutting outOAMRJ#101998
Wagon suspension tested, 7mmOAMRJ#101998
Wheel quartering press and jigOAMR FEB1977
Whether to Weather ?OAMRJ#132001
Whitemetal CastingOAMR SEP1993
Whitemetal solderingOAMRIJAN1997
Adhesives - methods and reasons for useOALM OCT1983
Baseboard jointsOABRMJUL1997
Building a portable 'box' baseboardOAPMRJAN1989
Building a stock boxOASMTJAN1991
Butane burners and boilers (letters), 7mmOASL #14
Casting with low-melt alloysOAMRIMAR1996
Cosmetic rivetsOAMBTOCT1992
Distressing woodOASMTMAR1992
Files for the ham fistedOAMRIAPR1994
Fresh thoughts on baseboardsOAPMRFEB1984
Fully portable (baseboard construction)CAPMRMAR1988
High efficiency locomotive drives - Syd StubbsOAPMRJAN1986
In search of the ideal coupling, 3mmOABRMAPR1993
Kadee clinicOASMTMAY1992
Lightweight baseboardsOASMTNOV1992
Lightweight baseboards - a postscriptOASMTJUL1993
Lincs auto coupling systemOABRMAPR1994
Making realistic brake pipesOASMTMAR1992
Modelling in plasticard part 1OAMRIJAN1994
Modelling in plasticard part 1OAMRIFEB1994
Modelling in plasticard part 2OAMRIAPR1994
Modelling in plasticard part 3OAMRIJUN1994
My etchings, 2mmOABRMJUN1994
New construction method for rigid baseboardsOACM JAN1992
Paxolin sleeper cutterOAPMRMAR1985
Plasticard modelling part 4 - wagons, 4mmOAMRINOV1994
Plasticard modelling part 5 - wagon detailing, 4mmOAMRIDEC1994
Plywood baseboard constructionOASMTJUN1990
Plywood bases for small layoutsOASMTAPR1991
Resistance solderingOARMD#1 1996
Simple casting with silicon mouldsOAST NOV1983
Soldering - a pragmatic approach part 1OAMRISEP1994
Soldering - a pragmatic approach part 2OAMRIOCT1994
Soldering - a pragmatic approach part 3OAMRINOV1994
Soldering - a pragmatic approach part 4OAMRIDEC1994
Solvents and safety rulesOAMRIAPR1994
Solvents, information and packagingOAMRIJUN1994
Stack them high (storage and workbench unit)OASMTMAR1991
Taper boilers without special equipment (live steam)OAGRWDEC1989
The art of solderingOASMTAPR1987
Tools - a modellers guideOAMT JUN1983
Tools for the railway modellerOAPMRAUG1986
Valve gear for the steam loco part 1, 4mmOABRMAUG1994
Valve gear for the steam loco part 2, 4mmOABRMSEP1994
Valve gear for the steam loco part 3, 4mmOABRMOCT1994
Whitemetal solderingOARM AUG2000
Whitemetal solderingOARM SEP2000
Working Bench on wheelsOAMR SEP1984
Workshop part 1 - the DrillOAMR AUG1987
Workshop part 2 - the Drill, ConclusionOAMR SEP1987
Workshop tipsOAMRJ#711994
Wunyard - layout storage/carrying boxOASMTAUG1993