Drawings and useful articles for OTHER UK Goods Wagons.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

10T Colne Valley & Halstead, openDRMRNJAN1961
10T steel hopper wagon - City of Birmingham Gas Dept 719, 7mmDRMID#12
15T steam travelling crane (A), 4mmDRRM AUG1990
19th century wagons, the Gloucester wagon Co., 7mmDRMR JAN1980
4wh Tank wagons for class B Liquids, 4mmDRMRCFEB1985
4wh van (c1851), 3/16inDRMR APR1978
7.5T Steam Breakdown craneDRMRCJAN1971
8T Cleobury, Mortimer, Dittons Prior, vanDRMRNJUL1959
Adjustable pin-point bearings in EMCAMRNAPR1962
Alex Jackson coupling - 1CAMR JUL1977
Alex Jackson coupling - 2CAMR AUG1977
Back to basics (Modeller's World kit)CAMRJ#751994
Ballast, Lynn & FakenhamDRMRNJUL1969
Banana vans, 4mmCARM APR1990
Beginners Guide to Tank wagonsOAMRCMAY1984
Bolster W. (Ng)CARM MAR1996
Box vans, 4mmCAMRNJUL1954
Brake van - Lima Conversion, 7mmCAMRCDEC1982
Breakdown crane part 1CARM JUN1998
Building wagons in wood by N.Dale, 6 parts (Feb to Jul), 4mmCAMRNFEB1964
Building wagons pt 1, introduction, 4mmCAMRNFEB1964
Building wagons pt 2, floor, body assembly, 4mmCAMRNMAR1964
Building wagons pt 3, end pillars, corner plates, strapping, 4mmCAMRNAPR1964
Building wagons pt 4, V hangars, brake gear, 4mmCAMRNMAY1964
Building wagons pt 5, solebars,louvres, cylinders, 4mmCAMRNJUN1964
Building wagons pt 6, brake vans, footboards, 4mmCAMRNJUL1964
Coalfield loads (Open wagons)OAMRCFEB1982
Colliery & Coke Wagons, 2mmCARM SEP2001
Compensation for O gauge wagonsCARM JUN1984
Constructing a crane, 7mmCARM JUN1994
Contractors side tipping mineralDRMRNAUG1961
Cowans Sheldon 15T crane with Ex SDJR runnerDRMR DEC1990
Cowans Sheldon 15T steam breakdown cranesDRMR MAR1990
Cowans Sheldon 15T steam breakdown cranesDRMR APR1990
Cowans Sheldon 15T steam crane & match wagon,1893DRMR AUG1990
Departmental vansDRMR JAN1988
Departmental vansDRMR DEC1988
Departmental vansDRMR FEB1989
Engineers dept. wagons, 2mmCAMRNJUL1969
Ex CC 1m gauge tankDRMRNMAR1970
For breweriesDRRM JUN1995
Foster-Yeoman fleet of aggregate wagonsOAMRCMAR1986
Free running wheelsOAMRNJAN1961
Freelance breakdown crane, 4mmCAMRNMAY1947
From armchair to workbench 1 - weathering wagonsOARM JUL1987
From armchair to workbench 2 - take these chainsOARM AUG1987
Frost 10/12T coalDRMRCFEB1964
Gauge O topics (BA nuts & Slater's kits)CARM MAR1991
Gauge O topics (brake & cattle van)CARM FEB1991
Gauge O topics (LNWR 6W brake & Slater's coke wagons)CARM MAY1991
Generator van ADB975325CARM JUL1989
Goods wagons for SM32 part 1, 16mmCARM FEB1991
Goods wagons for SM32 part 2, 16mmCARM MAR1991
Guards van (SM32), 16mmCARM AUG1989
Harvey Watkin's models (ng), J.Wheldon, 16mmCARM AUG1977
Heavy engineering loadDRRM DEC1999
Here comes the weed killer 2 (1960s), 4mmCARM OCT1990
History of British wagons by K. Vincent 3 parts (Apr to Jun)OAMRNAPR1960
Home made 1: wagon loadsCARM OCT1980
Home made 2: wagon loadsCARM FEB1981
Home made 3: covered wagons (tarpaulins)CARM MAR1981
Home made 4: more loads for more wagonsCARM JUN1981
Home made wagon loadsCARM NOV1980
Improving Airfix class B tank, 4mmCAMRNMAR1961
Jig for van hingesCAMRNDEC1962
Kit survey: goods wagonsINMR NOV1977
Kit survey: wagons postscriptINMR FEB1978
Making accurate wheels/axles in EMCAMRNJUN1954
Mineral wagons part 1: welded 16 tonners D.1/108, 1/109, 1/1, 4mmDRMRJ#541992
Model wagon maintenanceOAMRNAUG1964
Modelling for the hamfisted, Jem Harrison, 7mmCAMR APR1980
Modelling scrap wagons part 1, 4mmCARM OCT1992
Modelling scrap wagons part 2, 4mmCARM NOV1992
Modifying Hornby Dublo wagons by J.H. Ahern, 4mmCAMRNDEC1952
Modifying Ks, Ratio, Hornby Dublo, 4mmCAMRNAPR1968
Modifying RTR to EM by J. RussellCAMRNAUG1962
Modifying Triang wagon, 7mmCAMRNNOV1969
Modifying Trix, Hornby Dublo, Triang, 4mmCAMRNNOV1966
Motorised breakdown crane, 4mmCARM AUG2001
Moulded open spoke wheels, 7mmCAMRNFEB1960
Moving tiebars for compensated stock, 2mmCAMRJ#151987
NG O-16.5, brake van, 7mmNGCARM MAR1992
NG O-16.5, cabbies brake, 7mmNGCARM JAN1989
Narrow gauge tankDRMRNMAR1970
NG transporter truck, 7mmCAMRNAUG1954
NG transporter wagon, 4mmCAMRNSEP1966
O gauge wagonsCARM DEC1985
OO9 wagons from TT stock, 4mmNGCARM JUL2001
PO 12T Tank wagon, 7mmCAMRCAPR1983
Photographs of "P.O.P." Private Owner WagonsOAMRJ#122001
Plastic paragons (wagon kit construction), 4mmCAMRJ#641993
Quick and easy (Powsides wagons), 7mmCAMRJ#112000
Ransome & Rapier breakdown crane, 4mmCARM AUG1995
Rebuilding Triang Big Train gondola, 10mmCAMRNOCT1968
Rebuilding Triang/Hornby mineral, 7mmCAMRNDEC1968
Round-end wagons - adapting Slater's kits, 7mmCARM MAR1982
Rubber sprung wagon buffersCAMRJ#231988
Rusting steel mineral wagonsCAYMRJAN1987
Salt and store wagons 3H kit adaption, D.E.Morley, 7mmCAMRCJUN1978
Scale couplings for O gaugeCARM MAR1988
Scratchbuilding for the hamfisted - vans, Jem Harrison, 7mmCAMR MAY1980
Scratchbuilding for the hamfisted - wagons, Jem Harrison, 7mmCAMR NOV1979
Scratchbuilding model wagons - part 1, 4mmCAMRJ#121987
Scratchbuilding model wagons - part 2, 4mmCAMRJ#131987
Scratchbuilding model wagons - part 3, 4mmCAMRJ#141987
Scratchbuilding model wagons - part 4, 4mmCAMRJ#151987
Scratchbuilding wagons in plastic, 7mmCAMRJ#681994
Scratchbuilt tank wagon, 7mmCAMRJ#171987
Short wheelbase & end door wagons, 2mmCARM JUL2001
Slater's tank wagon Kit, 7mmCAMRJ#361990
Slatted ventilatorsOAMRNJAN1963
Steam breakdown crane and match truckDRRM SEP1957
Steam crane (DJB Kit), 7mmCAMR FEB1991
Steelworks wagons, 7mmCAYMRMAY1985
Sulphuric acid tankDRRM JUN1957
Tamper, NCARM MAR1997
Taylor Hubbard 5T craneOAMRCAUG1980
Teabag tarpaulins, OOCASMTFEB1995
The Wigan Coal & Iron Co. 6T wagon (A), 7mmDRMRIAPR1995
Timber wagons for Tickling, 2mmCARM NOV2001
Van roofsOAMRNMAY1947
Variety in model wagons, 4mmCARM MAR1985
Wagon Building With WoodCAMR SEP1984
Wagon and van springingCAMRNSEP1958
Wagon loadsCAMRLJUL2001
Wagon loads 1 - sheeted vehicles, 7mmCAMRJ#631993
Wagon loads 2 - heavy metal, 7mmCAMRJ#661993
Wagon loads 3 - the joy of sacks, 7mmCAMRJ#671993
Wagon loads 4 - the empty, 7mmCAMRJ#681994
Wagon loads 5 - nutty slack, 7mmCAMRJ#691994
Wagon loads 6 - loose floorboards, 7mmCAMRJ#701994
Wagon loads 7 - distant drums, 7mmCAMRJ#721994
Wagon running gearCAMRJ#131987
Wagon running gear, 4mmCARMD#3 1996
Wagon running gear - sprung suspension systems, 4mmCARMD#4 1997
16T steel wagon story part 1 (A), 4&6.3mmDRMBTAUG1991
16T steel wagon story part 2 D.1/102, 103, 105 (A), 4mmDRMBTOCT1991
1923 12T wagon part 1 (A), 7mmDRSMTJUL1991
1923 12T wagon part 2 (A), 7mmDRSMTAUG1991
All for a fiver (bogie wagon for 5 pounds)CASMTMAR1989
Battering steel wagonsCASMTJUL1993
Brake wagon No. 1DRMRIJUN1996
Breakdown cranesOAMRL#3
Build 7mm narrow gauge wagonsCAST MAY1982
Building a tank wagon (Slater's 14T cylindrical tank), 7mmCASMTMAY1990
Compensation for RTR wagonsCAMRISEP1994
Cornwall railways wagon drawings and photos, 4mmDRPMRMAR1985
Eastern and Midlands railway goods stock, 4mmDRBRMJUL1993
Freelance narrow gauge guards van On16.5, 7mmCAPMRFEB1987
Freight wagons made to measureCACM SEP1987
Fruit cocktail (van details)CAMRIAPR1994
G10 15T van (A), 3.5mmDRCM DEC1992
Gauge 1 breakdown crane, 10mmOAPMRJUL1987
Heywood etched brass calf vanCASMTDEC1986
International containers, 4mmDRSMTFEB1985
International containers - signs & markings, 4mmCASMTFEB1985
Lee Moor tramway wagons, 10mmDRPMRJAN1987
Light railway good vehicles (various) (A)DRCM JAN1993
Low price lowfits, 7mmCASMTOCT1991
Low priced wagon for O gaugeCASMTJUL1986
Mainline 10' fitted tank wagonCAMRIFEB1996
Making a Morel (propellor wagon), 4mmCAST OCT1983
Mid-Suffolk brake van - kit conversionCAPMRAUG1987
Narrow gauge wagons, 7mmDRST MAY1982
Open freight wagon OMM29 & OMM37 (A)DRCM AUG1989
Sheeted goods wagonsCASMTJAN1990
Shunter's truck based on GWR type, 4mmDRMT APR1983
Sprat & Winkle couplings for RTR wagonsCAMRIOCT1994
Steel wagons, 4mmDRSMTJUL1985
Taking the trouble (upgrading plastic wagon kits), 4mmCAMRISEP1994
Tank wagon and fruit van construction - Meteor Models, 7mmCALM MAR1984
Upgrading a Three Aitch wagon, 7mmCASMTOCT1987
Wagon compensationCARMD#3 1996
Wagon construction jigCAMRIMAY1996
Wagon sheetsCAMRNNOV1958
Wagon springing with Slater's system, 7mmCAMRJ#801995
Wagon turntable, 4mmOARM DEC1989
Wagon underframe in 2mm, 2mmCAMRJ#901996
Wagon variations, 7mmCARM JUN1985
Wagons for the Exbury branch, N.H.Pattenden, 7mmCAMR SEP1978
Wagons, batch production, 7mmCAMRNSEP1966
Wheel springing, 4mmCAMRNNOV1952
Working snowplough, ng on O, J.Wheldon, 16mmCARM DEC1975
Working wagon loads (pt1)CAMRIJUL1994
Working wagon loads (pt2)CAMRIAUG1994
Workington Iron & steel Co Bogie wagon, 4mmCARM MAY1986
Workmans wagon in OO9CAMRNMAY1969
World of wagons (prototypes) by D. Rowland 18 parts (Jan to, Oct 68)OAMRNJAN1967
World of wagons, pt 1 wagon study and identificationOAMRNJAN1967
World of wagons, pt 2 mineral wagons (1)OAMRNFEB1967
World of wagons, pt 3 mineral wagons (2)OAMRNMAR1967
World of wagons, pt 4 plates, tubes, pipesOAMRNMAY1967
World of wagons, pt 5 boplates, trestrolsOAMRNJUN1967
World of wagons, pt 6 opens, fitsOAMRNJUL1967
World of wagons, pt 7 medfits, lowfitsOAMRNAUG1967
World of wagons, pt 8 hoppersOAMRNSEP1967
World of wagons, pt 9 special hoppersOAMRNOCT1967
World of wagons, pt 10 vans (1)OAMRNNOV1967
World of wagons, pt 11 vans (2)OAMRNDEC1967
World of wagons, pt 12 special vansOAMRNJAN1968
World of wagons, pt 13 banana, gunpowder vansOAMRNFEB1968
World of wagons, pt 14 cars and cowsOAMRNJUN1968
World of wagons, pt 15 conflatsOAMRNJUL1968
World of wagons, pt 16 rest of the specialsOAMRNAUG1968
World of wagons, pt 17 brake vans (1)OAMRNSEP1968
World of wagons, pt 18 brake vans (2), conclusionOAMRNOCT1968
Bass Ratcliff & Gretton, vanDRMRNAUG1964
Bass, Ratcliffe & Gretton, openDRMRNMAR1964
FFRFestiniog Railway wagons, 5.5mmCARM FEB1989
GVT4wh brake van, 16mmDRMT AUG1983
IND10T coal hopper wagon - Moresby Coal Co, 7mmDRMRJ#361990
INDIndustrial side tipping wagon, 7mmDRMRCFEB1984
INDNottinghamshire Light Railway - 2ft3in Gauge 4T Open wagon, 4mmDRMRCJUN1983
INDSide Tipping wagons, 7mmDRMRCFEB1984
INDThe wagons of the Denaby Collieries (A), 7mmDRRMD#4 1997
IOMR3 plank dropside No. M43, openDRMRNAUG1957
IOMRCovered goodsDRMRNDEC1957
IOMRG10 - 4wh 6 ton covered goods vanDRMRIAUG1995
IOMRG19 - 4wh 3 ton covered goods vanDRMRIAUG1995
IOMRK1 - 4wh 6 ton cattle wagonDRMRIAUG1995
IOMRM56 - 4wh 2 plank drop-side 6DRMRIAUG1995
IOMRManx class M in 4mmDRRM MAR1995
IOMRModelling Manx H wagonsCARM OCT1995
IOMRWagons in styreneCAMRNAUG1966
LTBrake van, 7mmDRBRMMAR2001
MERLuggage/mail vans, 4mmDRMRCOCT1985
MET10T goods vanDRMRNSEP1964
MET10T high sided openDRMRNAPR1963
MET3 plank wagon (A), 7mmDRSMTMAR1990
MET3-Plank wagonDRMR JUN1988
METBrake van ca. 1892DRMR MAR1988
METBrake van (Ex-ROD)DRMR JUN1989
METCattle van 1898 (A), 7mmDRSMTAPR1989
METCattle wagon ca. 1893DRMR APR1988
METCovered vanDRMR APR1989
METGoods brake van 1893 (A), 7mmDRSMTFEB1989
METShunter's Truck, ca 1900DRMR MAR1989
NWNGRBuilding wagons, 8mmCARM NOV1987
NWNGRVarious wagonsDRRM NOV1987
PO6T dumb buffer 4-plank: Wigan coal & Iron Ltd.DRMRIAPR1995
POARC's High Tech hoppers 1 (JHA LTF), 4mmOARM AUG1990
POECCI Blues TDA chalk slurry wagonDRRM OCT1988
POFoster Yeoman, PXA aggregate (A), 4mmDRRM FEB1988
POGRC&W 10T 6-plank: Stevenson Clarke & Co. (A), 7mmDRMRIJUL1995
POHoneyball & Son, 8 ton coal wagon (A), 7mmDRMRIAUG1995
POICI Liquid chlorine tankDRMR AUG1990
POICI bogie limestone hopperDRRM FEB1996
POImproving a Slaters PO wagon, 7mmCAMRJ#311989
POModern PO wagons - 1OAMRCDEC1985
POModern PO wagons - 2OAMRCJAN1986
POMoss Bay Ironworks Workington, gondolaDRRM MAY1986
POPO coal - West YorkshireDRRM JUN1997
POPO wagons - historical researchOARM JAN1988
POPO wagons of Gloucestershire - part 1, 7mmDRMRCNOV1979
POPO wagons of Gloucestershire - part 2, 7mmDRMRCDEC1979
PORailease GLW 51 Tonne 2 Axle Scrap Carrier 1, 4mmDRMRCNOV1986
PORailease GLW 51 Tonne 2 Axle Scrap Carrier 2, 4mmDRMRCDEC1986
PORailease POA Open 2 Axle Scrap Carrier, 4mmDRMRCOCT1986
POSalt Union wagons (Various) (A), 7mm&1/4inDRMBTFEB1994
POThe wagons of Herbert Clarke (A), 7mmDRRMD#1 1996
POTiphook 90 Tonne GLW PIA carrier (A), 4mmDRRM JUN1989
POWhatley (Spenser) and Underhill 8T coal wagon (A), 7mmDRRMD#0 1996
POWigan coal and Iron Co Nos 3, 172, 415, 8245 (A), 7mmDRMBTFEB1995
PO10T wagon, 4mmCAMRNAPR1969
PO3.5T colliery mine car, ButterleyDRMRNAPR1971
POAdams & Son 12T, 7 plank openDRMRNFEB1964
POAdler & Allan, 1938, open (photo)DRMRNMAR1964
POAlbert Usher, 10T, 7 plank openDRMRNAUG1965
POAlexander Comley Ltd, 1938, mineral (photo)DRMRNMAY1969
POAlexander Comley Ltd, openDRMRNJUN1949
POAlexander Comley Ltd, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1964
POAll steel type, 1947, mineralDRMRNNOV1965
POAmalgamated Anthracite, 12T openDRMRNAPR1969
POAnderson & Co, Whitstable, open (photo)DRMRNJUL1965
POAnsley Hall, Nuneaton. openDRMRNMAR1948
POAplin & Barrett Ltd, milkDRMRNJAN1970
POAppleby-Fotheringham, openDRMRNJUN1951
POArthur Wharton Ltd, Leeds, openDRMRNNOV1965
POAshman, Crewe, 10T 5 plank openDRMRNSEP1964
POAssociated Chemical Co, rectangular tankDRMRNFEB1970
POAssociated Portland Cement Manufacturers, openDRMRNAUG1963
POAssociated Portland Cement Manufacturers, vanDRMRNAUG1963
POAssociated Portland Cement Manufacturers, vanDRMRNJAN1964
POAtkinson & Prickett Ltd, 12T, mineralDRMRNMAY1969
POA.Day, Luton, 10T, 5 plank openDRMRNSEP1970
POA.G.Bailey, Kent, 12T, 7 plank open (photo)DRMRNAUG1963
POA.Hinxman & Co, Devizes, openDRMRNJUL1969
POA.Hinxman & Co., 7 plank coalDRMRNJUL1969
POA.Howick, South Nutfield, openDRMRNJUN1949
POA.J.Salter & Co Ltd, 12T open (photo)DRMRNJAN1966
POA.S.Williams, Liverpool, open (photo)DRMRNMAY1965
POA.T.Locke, Guidford, openDRMRNMAR1948
POA.W.Beckett, Hastings, openDRMRNMAR1969
POBaddesley, 12T, 7 plank, openDRMRNJUN1951
POBaker Bros, Reading, openDRMRNMAR1953
POBannister, Hull, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1964
POBarratt, Radcliffe-on-Trent, openDRMRNMAY1970
POBass, Ratcliff & Gretton LtdDRMRNMAR1964
POBeaumont & Co, Ipswich, openDRMRNMAR1948
POBenjamin Harding (photo)DRMRNJUL1971
POBerryhill Collieries, 10T, 7 plank openDRMRNAUG1966
POBird & Son, rectangular tar (photo)DRMRNDEC1969
POBlaenavon Co, 10T, 7 plank open (photo)DRMRNDEC1969
POBlaenavon Co, 1881 openDRMRNMAR1961
POBlaencaelan Lead Ore, peaked roofDRMRNMAY1960
POBOCM Poultry food (Unilever), van (photo)DRMRNAUG1963
POBognor Regis coal, 12T open (photo)DRMRNMAR1964
POBold Venture Lime Co, openDRMRNSEP1950
POBolsover, early 10T type openDRMRNMAY1966
POBoston coal Co, Hull, open (photo)DRMRNJAN1966
POBowater Mersey Papermills 16T flat (photo)DRMRNMAR1969
POBradbury 12T, 7 plank openDRMRNAUG1965
POBraithwaite, Hestor & Co, openDRMRNSEP1965
POBreedon & Cloud Hill Lime, openDRMRNAUG1948
POBrereton Collieries, No. 1711 openDRMRNDEC1965
POBrewer, Aberdeen, 10T, 7 plank openDRMRNJUL1969
POBristol Docks, vanDRMRNJUN1966
POBritish Benzol & coal, open (photo)DRMRNJUL1964
POBritish Iron & steel Corp, mineral (photo)DRMRNDEC1963
POBritish Oil & Cake Mills 11.5T tank (photo)DRMRNAUG1965
POBritish Tar Products, 14T tank (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
POBurgess & Penfold, Eastbourne, open (photo)DRMRNJUL1971
POButterly Patent all steel, 14T, mineral (photo)DRMRNAPR1969
POButterly Patent floor & chassis, mineralDRMRNDEC1970
POButterly Patent wagon, mineral (photo)DRMRNMAY1965
POB.Q.C. 10T 3 plank, openDRMRNJUN1949
POB.Turner, Morris Cowley, open (photo)DRMRNFEB1965
POC & G Ayres Ltd, Reading 20T, mineral (photo)DRMRNOCT1965
POCadbury (Bourneville) ca 1934 hopper (photo)DRMRNJUN1964
POCambrian wagon works (1944), mineral (photo)DRMRNJAN1969
POCannop, 12T, 7 plank open (photo)DRMRNJUN1966
POCarlisle Co-op Society, 10T openDRMRNAUG1966
POCarlton No. 1070, 12T, 7 plank, openDRMRNDEC1956
POCarricks 12T vanDRMRNAUG1964
POCarrs Bwllfa colliery, open (photo)DRMRNJUL1966
POCefnmawr & Rhosymedre Gas, openDRMRNNOV1970
POCeirog Granite 4T, narrow gauge, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1968
POCharles Hill, open (photo)DRMRNDEC1969
POCharles Ritchie & Sons, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1966
POCharrington, Gardner, Locke, mineral (photo)DRMRNJAN1965
POCharrington, Sells, Dale, openDRMRNJAN1965
POChatterley-Whitfield, openDRMRNMAR1953
POChemical & Metallurgical Co tank (photo)DRMRNMAY1965
POChichester coal, openDRMRNSEP1970
POChillington Iron Co, openDRMRNAPR1960
POChipman Chemical, ca 1956 tank (photo)DRMRNAPR1966
POCity of Birmingham gas dept. hopperDRMRNNOV1970
POClay Cross Co, openDRMRNDEC1955
POClee Hill Quarry, 10T, 4 plank open (photo)DRMRNNOV1968
POClydach Lime & Stone, peaked roof (photo)DRMRNAPR1970
POColman's Mustard (model), van (photo)DRMRNOCT1969
POColwyn Bay gas dept, open (photo)DRMRNNOV1963
POConsolidated Fisheries, Grimsby, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1963
POConsolidated Fisheries, Grimsby, open (photo)DRMRNSEP1963
POConsolidated Fisheries, openDRMRNJUN1951
POCooke & Nuttall 10T flatDRMRNNOV1963
POCrashaw Brothers, 8T, saltDRMRNMAY1960
POC. Kurtz D section tankDRMRNMAY1960
PODale & Co, No. 49, rectangular tank (photo)DRMRNNOV1970
PODalton Main, openDRMRNMAY1964
PODarfield Main Colliery, mineral (photo)DRMRNMAR1964
PODarngavil coal Co, openDRMRNJUN1965
PODenaby Main Colliery, open (photo)DRMRNMAY1969
PODenby Grange Collieries, openDRMRNMAR1953
PODerbyshire carriage & wagon, 12T, openDRMRNMAY1966
PODerbyshire carriage & wagon, 13T, open (photo)DRMRNDEC1964
PODixon, Glasgow, 10T, 5 plank openDRMRNJUL1969
PODoncaster Royal Infirmary, openDRMRNAPR1964
PODorchester Gas & Coke, openDRMRNOCT1963
PODorman Long & Co 12T hopper (photo)DRMRNMAR1964
PODorman Long, mineral (photo)DRMRNDEC1963
PODorman Long, steel, open (photo)DRMRNMAY1964
PODoughty Richardson, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1964
PODovercourt Bay Co-op, open (photo)DRMRNJUN1964
PODowlais Iron Co, openDRMRNMAR1961
PODunduff Quarry, Ayr, 1899, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1966
PODutton Massey, openDRMRNSEP1950
POD&L Owen, Caernarvon, openDRMRNNOV1969
POD.Pitt & Sons, Reigate, open (photo)DRMRNJUL1971
POD.V.Gostick, Bradford, openDRMRNSEP1964
POEarl of Derby (1923) horse box (photo)DRMRNJUN1970
POEast Anglian coal, openDRMRNSEP1963
POEastern United Colliery, openDRMRNJUN1951
POEdinburgh Collieries Co, open (photo)DRMRNJAN1969
POEdmund Thomas, ca 1870, open (photo)DRMRNJUN1966
POEllerbeck, 10T, 5 plank openDRMRNAPR1964
POEllis & Everard, 3 plank, openDRMRNJUN1949
POEnderby Granite Quarries, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1968
POEnfield High Road Co-op, openDRMRNNOV1964
POEnglish clays, St.Austell, openDRMRNMAR1948
POExpress Dairy Company LMS type, van (photo)DRMRNAPR1965
POExpress Dairy Company, van (photo)DRMRNJUL1965
POExpress Dairy, milk, ex SR (photo)DRMRNAPR1965
POExpress Dairy, No. 34 (photo)DRMRNMAR1965
POExpress Dairy, No. 43, ex LMS (photo)DRMRNMAR1965
POExpress Dairy, No. 82 (photo)DRMRNMAR1965
POE.B.Mason Sand Quarries, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1970
POE.Foster & Co, 12T, 8 plank open (photo)DRMRNDEC1963
POE.H.Swift, Dorking, 10T, 7 plank open (photo)DRMRNMAR1969
POFife coal, Lochore, openDRMRNJAN1966
POFina Motor Spirit, 1918, tank (photo)DRMRNMAY1964
POFirbeck, South Yorkshire, 13T, openDRMRNJUN1951
POFlower & Sons, Stoke, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1963
POForest Rock Granite Co, openDRMRNAUG1948
POFox, Derby 12T hopper (photo)DRMRNAPR1969
POFrampton Haemotite No. 1, openDRMRNAPR1960
POFrank Butt & Sons, 10T, 5 plank openDRMRNNOV1963
POFraser & Co, 12T, 7 plank open (photo)DRMRNDEC1968
POFred Proctor, Slough, 1904, open (photo)DRMRNFEB1970
POFremlin Bros, brewers, van (photo)DRMRNMAY1970
POF.Bosley, Didcot, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1969
POF.W.Pinniger, Calne, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1971
POGamman Son & Carter, open (photo)DRMRNMAR1971
POGann & Brown, Whitsable, mineralDRMRNDEC1970
POGarswood Hall Colliery, 1892, open (photo)DRMRNMAR1970
POGarswood Hall Colliery, 1950, openDRMRNMAR1970
POGaslight & Coke Co No. 794, open (photo)DRMRNJUL1963
POGeneral supplies, Portpatrick, openDRMRNAUG1971
POGeorge Humphries, Bath, 1891, open (photo)DRMRNAPR1971
POGermaine, Reading, openDRMRNAUG1970
POGloucester Railwaymens coal, open (photo)DRMRNJUL1970
POGodden & Rudd, Luton, openDRMRNSEP1963
POGreat Grimsby salt, openDRMRNFEB1955
POGreat Treverbyn china clay, openDRMRNAUG1963
POGregory, Kentish Town, No. 25, openDRMRNJUL1965
POGriffiths, Liverpool, openDRMRNAUG1948
POGuest, Keen & Nettlefolds, openDRMRNSEP1965
POG.F.Sleight, Grimsby, open (photo)DRMRNSEP1964
POG.Girling, Peterborough, openDRMRNDEC1965
POG.Heywood & Sons, 12T openDRMRNAPR1965
POG.Heywood & Sons, early openDRMRNAPR1965
POG.Langdon coal, London, openDRMRNFEB1955
POG.R.Harwood, Birmingham, openDRMRNNOV1969
POHafodrynys, Pontypool, openDRMRNAPR1969
POHall & Co, Croydon, open (photo)DRMRNDEC1965
POHall & Co, No. 498, openDRMRNDEC1955
POHannah Samuel & Co, openDRMRNMAR1948
POHarry T S Helswell & Co, open (photo)DRMRNJUL1963
POHaslers, Dunmow, openDRMRNSEP1950
POHaymen Ltd, Rochester, openDRMRNJAN1966
POHeath, Ipswich, openDRMRNDEC1970
POHelston Gas Co, Cornwall, openDRMRNJUN1970
POHemsworth 10T No. 919, openDRMRNDEC1956
POHemsworth Colliery, Doncaster, openDRMRNMAY1970
POHenry Workman, Cheltenham, openDRMRNAPR1960
POHoare, Gothard & Bond, openDRMRNNOV1964
POHolyhead & North Wales Gas, openDRMRNSEP1970
POH.G.Smith & Co, Hastings, open (photo)DRMRNJAN1969
POH.Lewis & Sons, Gorseinon, open (photo)DRMRNDEC1964
POH.Stothert & Co, Cardiff, open (photo)DRMRNSEP1970
POH.W.Snow & Son, 10T, 7 plank open (photo)DRMRNSEP1969
POICI bogie tankDRMRNOCT1953
POIlkeston & Heanor water board, openDRMRNOCT1965
POImperial Chemicals Industries, nitric acid tank (photo)DRMRNAPR1964
POImperial Chemicals Ltd, 1935, tank (photo)DRMRNJUN1966
POInce wagon & ironworks, No. 20, tankDRMRNMAR1971
POInstone 12T, 7 plank, No. 6833, openDRMRNNOV1956
POIsaac Wilkinson Ltd, 12T open (photo)DRMRNMAR1964
POIsaiah Hudson & Son, Leagrave, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1968
POI.C.I. Ltd, Lime Division, openDRMRNMAY1964
POI.C.I. Ltd, Stafford, open (photo)DRMRNDEC1964
POJames Armitage, 10T, 7 plank openDRMRNJUN1970
POJames Bibby & Son, Liverpool, tank (photo)DRMRNSEP1963
POJames Dick, Blairgowrie, openDRMRNSEP1963
POJames Goodwin, Leek, No. 8, openDRMRNJUN1969
POJames Kenworthy & Son, openDRMRNAPR1970
POJames W.Phipp & Son, openDRMRNJAN1970
POJames & William Wood, open (photo)DRMRNAPR1970
POJohn Bennett & Co, flour, 1898, open (photo)DRMRNDEC1969
POJohn Glasbrook, Swansea, openDRMRNMAY1960
POJohn Harms, Brighton, openDRMRNJUL1970
POJohn Lovering & Co, St.Austell, open (photo)DRMRNDEC1968
POJohn West, Windermere, openDRMRNJUN1969
POJones & Co, Malvern, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1969
POJordans, Cheltenham, openDRMRNAUG1948
POJoseph Crook, Ormskirk, openDRMRNOCT1964
POJoseph Crosfield (Persil), open (photo)DRMRNJUL1963
POJoseph Ellis & Sons, openDRMRNAUG1948
POJoshua Gray, Haworth, openDRMRNJUL1966
POJudbud, London, openDRMRNMAR1966
POJ.B.Scholes & Sons, cozy fires, open (photo)DRMRNJUL1963
POJ.C.Abbott 12T removeable rails, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1963
POJ.C.Abbott 12T, 8 plank, fixed rail, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1963
POJ.H.Mitchell, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1963
POJ.L.Davies & Co, 12T, 7 plank openDRMRNAPR1966
POJ.L.Seaton & Co, rectangular tankDRMRNDEC1963
POJ.Sheppard & Son, 8T, 5 plank open (photo)DRMRNMAR1969
POJ.W.Tilsey (illustration), openDRMRNJAN1970
POJ.W.Tilsey (information only), openDRMRNNOV1969
POKynoch 20T, 1924, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1968
POLambton Hetton & Joicey, openDRMRNNOV1964
POLancashire Steel Corporation, Irlam, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1965
POLaporte chemicals, 1968, tank (photo)DRMRNDEC1968
POLeamington Gas, openDRMRNJUN1951
POLeathers Chemical Co Ltd, tankDRMRNMAY1970
POLetchworth Electricity Works, open (photo)DRMRNNOV1964
POLewis Merthyr Colliery, open (photo)DRMRNSEP1969
POLion Emulsions Ltd, tank (photo)DRMRNAPR1970
POLlanbradach, Cardiff, openDRMRNMAR1953
POLocket's, Merthyr, openDRMRNMAR1961
POLongbottom & Co, Sheffield, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1966
POLowell Baldwin Ltd, openDRMRNOCT1963
POMaltby Main Colliery, open (photo)DRMRNJAN1966
POMaltby No. 2112, 12T, 6 plank, openDRMRNNOV1956
POManchester Collieries, open (photo)DRMRNDEC1968
POManchester Ship Canal, ca 1908, open (photo)DRMRNSEP1963
POManvers Main, openDRMRNNOV1964
POMatthew Sheard, Hebden Bridge, openDRMRNMAR1948
POMelbur China Clay, dumb buffers, openDRMRNFEB1970
POMinistry of Supply, mineral (photo)DRMRNMAY1969
POMonckton, No. 799, openDRMRNNOV1956
POMonks Ferry Steam CoDRMRNFEB1947
POMonmouth Steam Sawmills, open (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
POMorris & Holloway, Hereford, open (photo)DRMRNFEB1965
POM&W Grazebrook, Staffs, openDRMRNJAN1970
POM.A.Ray & Sons, 12T, 6 plank openDRMRNAUG1963
PONantyglo & Blaina, No. 13, openDRMRNMAY1960
PONapsbury Mental Hospital, openDRMRNOCT1968
PONational Benzol Mixture, 1937, tank (photo)DRMRNJUN1964
PONational Coal Board tipping (photo)DRMRNJUL1965
PONew Lount & Coleorton Collieries, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1965
PONew Northern Quarries Co Ltd, openDRMRNDEC1963
PONew Rock Colliery Co Ltd, openDRMRNAUG1948
PONewark Corporation Gas Dept, openDRMRNMAR1953
PONixon's Navigation coal, openDRMRNFEB1964
PONorstand Ltd, Grimsby, mineral (photo)DRMRNMAY1969
PONorstand, Grimsby, open (photo)DRMRNSEP1965
PONorthampton Gaslight Co, openDRMRNFEB1965
PONorton & Biddulph Collieries, openDRMRNDEC1969
PONunnery, 13T, 7 plank. openDRMRNMAR1948
POOban Gas Co, 10T, 4 plank openDRMRNMAY1965
POOcean coal Co, 12T, 7 plank openDRMRNDEC1964
POOldham Equitable 10T, 5 plank openDRMRNMAR1966
POOldham Equitable, alternate style, openDRMRNMAR1966
POOldnall Colliery Co, 13T, 7 plank, openDRMRNJUN1951
POOughtibridge Silica, open (photo)DRMRNDEC1968
POOwen Stone Co, peaked (photo)DRMRNMAR1966
POOxcroft 12T, 7 plank, openDRMRNDEC1955
POOxcroft Collieries, Monk Bretton, openDRMRNJAN1964
POOxford District Gas Co, openDRMRNMAR1953
POPalethorpe Sausages, van (photo)DRMRNAPR1965
POPalmer Mann & Co Ltd, open (photo)DRMRNJUL1963
POParhurst, Son & Co 10T, 5 plank open (photo)DRMRNDEC1968
POPark & Blaina Collieries, openDRMRNJUL1969
POParker & Probert 10T, 7 plank open (photo)DRMRNAUG1969
POParkes, Torquay 12T, 7 plank openDRMRNJUL1966
POParkgate Iron & steel Co, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1969
POPeake, Oliver & Peake 12T, cokeDRMRNOCT1965
POPeake, Oliver & Peake Ltd, openDRMRNOCT1965
POPease & partners, 13T, 7 plank, openDRMRNJUN1949
POPensford Colliery, openDRMRNSEP1970
POPeter Dixon & Son, Grimsby, openDRMRNJUN1949
POPeterboro coal Co, openDRMRNSEP1963
POPeterborough & District Tar Distillers, tank (photo)DRMRNOCT1965
POPhilip Earle, No. 4613, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1969
POPhilip Earle, No. 618, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1969
POPilkington Bros light silica, open (photo)DRMRNFEB1969
POPlean Colliery, Bannockburn 10T, cokeDRMRNSEP1969
POPlean Colliery, openDRMRNAUG1965
POPolmaise, Stirling, open (photo)DRMRNJAN1965
POPort of Bristol, covered grain (photo)DRMRNNOV1964
POPounsbury, Bristol, open (photo)DRMRNNOV1968
POPowells Duffryn, early dumb buffers, openDRMRNAPR1960
POPrincess Royal Colliery (1897), openDRMRNFEB1970
POPrincess Royal Colliery, No. 368, openDRMRNAUG1948
POPumpherston Oil Co Ltd, twin cylinders, tank (photo)DRMRNJAN1965
POP.H.Johnson, Rotherham, open (photo)DRMRNMAR1965
POReading Workmens coal Union, openDRMRNSEP1964
PORedheugh Gasworks, coke (photo)DRMRNAPR1971
PORenwick & Wilton, 1900, open (photo)DRMRNMAR1970
PORenwick, Wilton & Dobson, open (photo)DRMRNMAR1970
PORhos Colliery Co Ltd, 10T, 7 plank open (photo)DRMRNJUN1969
PORichard Websters & Sons, open (photo)DRMRNFEB1969
PORobert Addie & Sons 12T, 1906, open (photo)DRMRNJUN1970
PORobert Hutchinson, grain (photo)DRMRNMAR1966
PORoberts & Johns. open (photo)DRMRNAUG1970
PORoberts, Wakefield, No. 305, openDRMRNDEC1956
PORochdale Pioneers, 10T, 5 plank openDRMRNNOV1965
PORossington Main Colliery, open (photo)DRMRNFEB1964
PORossington No. 206, 12T, 7 plank, openDRMRNDEC1956
PORoyal Arsenal Co-op, openDRMRNJUL1970
PORoyal Ordnance Factory, vanDRMRNFEB1964
PORuabon coal & Coke Co, openDRMRNJUL1966
PORugby Portland Cement Co, vanDRMRNJUL1963
POR.C.Harding & Sons, openDRMRNMAY1970
POR.J.Wright, Granite, openDRMRNMAR1966
POR.Taylor & Sons, Dundee, openDRMRNSEP1950
POR.Wakefield & Sons, openDRMRNJAN1971
POSadler & Co Ltd, tank (photo)DRMRNAPR1964
POSalt Union, Bromsgrove, vanDRMRNOCT1964
POSalt Union, Cheshire, 10TDRMRNOCT1964
POSamuel Fox & Co, 8T, 4 plank open (photo)DRMRNJUN1965
POSamuel Fox & Co, openDRMRNJUN1965
POSamuel Hibbert & Sons, ca 1936, open (photo)DRMRNNOV1963
POSamuel Williams & Sons Ltd, 1898, open (photo)DRMRNJAN1969
POSaxa Salt, 10T (photo)DRMRNDEC1965
POScatter Rock Macadams Ltd, open (photo)DRMRNJAN1964
POSeddon's Salt, 10T, box van (photo)DRMRNOCT1970
POSheepbridge, 10T, 6 plank open (photo)DRMRNMAR1965
POShell-Mex & BP Ltd, 1947, tank (photo)DRMRNFEB1964
POShell Chemicals (UK) Ltd, tank (photo)DRMRNMAR1971
POShepherd, Neane & Co (brewers), van (photo)DRMRNJAN1969
POShepherd, Neane & Co, 1912, van (photo)DRMRNDEC1965
POShirebrook Colliery Ltd, 1898, open (photo)DRMRNJUL1966
POShotts Colliery, 1910, 12T, 7 plank openDRMRNMAR1965
POSilkstone coal Co, openDRMRNJUL1963
POSir Victor Sassoon horse boxDRMRNJUL1965
POSlaithwaite Co-op, openDRMRNDEC1964
POSmethwick Corp Gas Dept, openDRMRNMAR1953
POSmith, Parkinson & Cole, openDRMRNAUG1948
POSnow & Sons, 10T, 5 plankDRMRNOCT1963
POSomerset County Council, openDRMRNNOV1963
POSouth Eastern Gasboard hopper (photo)DRMRNJAN1966
POSouth Eastern Gasboard, mineral (photo)DRMRNJAN1966
POSouth Eastern Tar Distillers, rectangular tankDRMRNDEC1970
POSouth Leicester, open (photo)DRMRNJAN1965
POSouth Western Tar Distillers, tank (photo)DRMRNOCT1970
POSpencer Whatley Ltd, No. 4258, open (photo)DRMRNNOV1965
POStanton Tarred Slag, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1968
POStavely coal & Iron Co, openDRMRNNOV1969
POSteel Company of Wales (SCW), lowmac (photo)DRMRNSEP1964
POSteel Company of Wales (SCW), mineral (photo)DRMRNDEC1964
POSteetley Lime & Basic, open (photo)DRMRNJUN1964
POStephenson, Clarke & Associates, 20T, coke (photo)DRMRNJUN1965
POStephenson, Clarke & Associates, mineral (photo)DRMRNMAY1964
POStephenson, Clarke & Associates, openDRMRNMAY1965
POStevco, Oxford, 10T, 6 plank, openDRMRNMAR1948
POStewart & Lloyds Tubes, 12T, 8 plank open (photo)DRMRNOCT1963
POStewart & Lloyds Tubes, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1963
POStonehouse Brick & Tile Co, open (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
POStratford Iron & coal, 12T, openDRMRNSEP1950
POStratford Moreton Tramway, mineralDRMRNNOV1966
POSt.Helens Gas, 12T openDRMRNJUN1965
POSully & Co, Bridgewater, 12T open (photo)DRMRNAPR1966
POSully & Co, broad gauge, open (photo)DRMRNJAN1970
POSwindon United Gas Co, tank (photo)DRMRNNOV1964
POSword & Son, No. 23, 10T, 4 plank open (photo)DRMRNMAY1966
POSword & Son, No. 27, 8T, 5 plank openDRMRNMAY1966
POSycobrite Smokeless Fuel, openDRMRNNOV1969
POSynthetic Ammonia Nitrates, vanDRMRNAUG1964
POS.C.Pritchard, Wolverhampton 10T, coke (photo)DRMRNAUG1969
POS.H.Fordham, 1901, open (photo)DRMRNFEB1969
POS.J.Baverstock, Newbury, openDRMRNJUN1949
POS.Thompson & Co, Lancaster, openDRMRNAUG1970
POTalk O'the Hill Colliery, openDRMRNDEC1969
POTar Residuals Ltd, London, tankDRMRNJAN1970
POThomas Duxbury & Co, 1927, openDRMRNJAN1964
POThomas Edwards, Tynant Quarries, openDRMRNNOV1970
POThomas Meakins, Dorking, open (photo)DRMRNAPR1969
POThomas R.Stephens, 8T open (photo)DRMRNJUL1970
POThos Lant, Builth Wells, openDRMRNJAN1965
POThos Muir, Son & Patton Ltd, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1970
POThos. Coote & Son, Peterborough, openDRMRNJAN1965
POThruchley & Co, 13T, 7 plank, openDRMRNMAR1953
POTildesley & Son, dumb buffers, openDRMRNAPR1960
POTirdonkin Merthyr Collieries, openDRMRNMAR1970
POTirpentwys, Pontypool, openDRMRNSEP1950
POTredegar Iron & coal, 10T openDRMRNSEP1966
POTredegar No. 4917 (model), open (photo)DRMRNJUL1970
POTrent Iron Co, 10T, 5 plank openDRMRNNOV1963
POTroedyrhiw coal Co, 8T, 4 plank openDRMRNJUN1966
POTunnel Portland Cement flat (photo)DRMRNOCT1964
POTyne Main coal Co, open (photo)DRMRNMAR1953
POT&C Scowcroft & Sons Ltd, open (photo)DRMRNJAN1964
POT&H Roscoe, Stockport, openDRMRNSEP1966
POT.Banks, Longridge, 1922, openDRMRNAUG1970
POT.Clark 12T, cokeDRMRNMAR1964
POT.H.Williams, Birkenhead, openDRMRNAPR1966
POUnilever (Merseyside) ex MR brake (photo)DRMRNMAY1964
POUnited Stone Firms (1928) Ltd, openDRMRNAPR1964
POVallance, 10T, 7 plank openDRMRNJUN1970
POWadsworth & Son, Nos. 65, 66, 67, 68, open (photo)DRMRNNOV1963
POWadsworth & Son, No. 53, open (photo)DRMRNNOV1963
POWainright, John & Co, openDRMRNJUN1951
POWallace Spiers & Co, 10T, 7 plank open (photo)DRMRNDEC1964
POWalter Rigler, Bournemouth, openDRMRNOCT1965
POWalter Thorp, dumb buffered, open (photo)DRMRNFEB1964
POWaterloo, Leeds, 10T, 7 plank, openDRMRNMAR1948
POWath Main, 12T, 7 plank openDRMRNOCT1964
POWesleigh Stone & Lime Co., openDRMRNJUL1964
POWestminster coal Co Ltd, 12T openDRMRNAPR1964
POWestminster coal Co Ltd, 13T openDRMRNAPR1964
POWhite Moss Colliery, Lancs, openDRMRNJUN1964
POWhitehaven Colliery hopperDRMRNMAY1966
POWhitwill Cole & Co, Bristol, open (photo)DRMRNJAN1964
POWigan Iron & coal, 4 plank, dumb buffers, open (photo)DRMRNJAN1970
POWigan Iron & coal, No. 1650, dumb buffers, openDRMRNAPR1960
POWilliam Ambrose, 8T open (photo)DRMRNOCT1969
POWilliam A.Boyle, Bridgend, open (photo)DRMRNOCT1970
POWilliam Campbell, Port Glasgow, openDRMRNAUG1964
POWilliam Hutchison No.8 Jamestown, open (photo)DRMRNNOV1968
POWilliam Morris Ltd (1939), mineral (photo)DRMRNDEC1963
POWincanton Gas Co Ltd, 10T, openDRMRNSEP1950
POWombwell Main Colliery, openDRMRNSEP1965
POWoodman Bros, 10T, 5 plank openDRMRNAUG1966
POWoodthorpe, Walter, openDRMRNSEP1950
POWorthington, 12T vanDRMRNAUG1964
POWrights, Colchester, 12T, 7 plank open (photo)DRMRNNOV1965
POWynnstay Collieries, Ruabon, openDRMRNNOV1969
POW&R Jacobs & Co, Liverpool, 4 plank open (photo)DRMRNFEB1965
POW&R Jacobs & Co, Liverpool, 5 plank open (photo)DRMRNFEB1965
POW&R Jacobs & Co, Liverpool, hopper (photo)DRMRNFEB1965
POW,A,Dodd & Co, Ulverston, openDRMRNAUG1964
POW.A.Day, 1871, mixed buffers, open (photo)DRMRNJUN1969
POW.A.Thompson, Great Malvern, open (photo)DRMRNJUL1971
POW.Barcock, Pinner, open (photo)DRMRNDEC1964
POW.H.Davis & Son Ltd, vanDRMRNSEP1964
POW.H.Essery & Son, openDRMRNFEB1964
POW.Morris, 10T, 5 plank openDRMRNJUL1969
POW.M.Brechin 10T 6 plank open (photo)DRMRNMAR1969
POW.N.Eade & Sons, Shoreham, open (photo)DRMRNAUG1971
POW.Rickman & Son, Hants, openDRMRNJAN1971
POYnisarwed, Swansea, 10T, 7 plank, mixed, openDRMRNJUN1949
POYnishir Steam coal, No. 146, openDRMRNMAY1960
POYorkshire Iron Co, Scunthorpe, mineral (photo)DRMRNMAY1966
POYorkshire Tar Distillers Ltd, tank (photo)DRMRNJAN1964
POYoung & Co, Paisley, dumb buffers, openDRMRNOCT1964
POYoungs Oil Co Ltd, tank (photo)DRMRNSEP1965
RCH7-plank wagon, 4mmCASMTSEP1993
RCHBritish tank wagonOASMTJUN1995
RCHWagon kit, 7mmCASMTDEC1987
RVRRother Valley brakeDRMRNMAR1969
SWOLD4wh van and 4wh & 6wh wagons, ng, 7mmDRMRCAPR1979
SWOLDVarious wagonsDRRM JUN1987
TRCovered vanDRMRNSEP1965
TRGunpowder vanDRMRNSEP1965
TRIncline open wagonDRMRNSEP1965
TRLoco & wagon modelsINRM JAN1988
TRRail/timber bolsterDRMRNSEP1965
TRSplay sided, iron end door openDRMRNSEP1965
TRStraight sided, iron end door openDRMRNSEP1965
TRVan no 5, 7mmDRBRMNOV1994
TRWooden vanDRMRNSEP1965
WDAir Ministry tank wagons part 1, class A (A), 7mmDRMBTAPR1993
WDAir Ministry tank wagons part 2, class B (A) (letters in 3/3DRMBTJUN1993
WDMin of War transport 16T min, 7mmCABRMSEP1997
WDRAF Chilmark flat, van & hopper 2ft gaugeDRRM JUN1996
WDWarflat bogie flat & tank rampDRRM MAR1996
WDWarflat & tankerDRRM MAR1996
WDWarwells, Warflats & RectanksDRRM JAN1996
WL4wh brake van, 7mmDRST MAR1983
WLWorkaday Welshpool, 7mmCAMRJ#101998
WPRWemyss private rly brake (photo)DRMRNJUN1966
WPRWemyss private rly ex GWR brake (photo)DRMRNJUN1966