Drawings and useful articles for OTHER UK Locomotives.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

0-4-2T & 6 wheel stock, 7mmCARM JAN1991
A brace of pacifics, 4-6-2, 7mmCARM DEC1981
An approach to good kit constructionCAMRNSEP1962
Anglicising a Rivarossi B&O switcherCAMRNMAR1958
Another potboiler (Mamod stationary engine and Meccano bits), 16mmCARM AUG1983
Avonside MLM SC DM, 0-4-0, 16mmCARM APR1997
Bagnall Wrightlines, 0-4-0, 7mmCABRMAUG1999
Baldwin, 4-6-0T, 4mmNGDRBRMFEB1998
Bar Frames (Applicable to 7mm Scale) D. allenden, 7mmCAMR MAR1976
Barclay N.G. tank, 0-4-0T, 4mmCARM APR2001
Basic chassis construction, 7mmCABRMFEB2000
Battery locos for the gardenCARM JUN2000
Black Hawthorn, 0-4-2ST, SM32DRRM JUL1986
Body building for beginners, 7mmCABRMMAR2000
Boiler bandsCAMRNDEC1951
Brightonised Molyette, live steam based on LBSC (author) des, 7mmCAMRNAPR1950
Build a garden railway Hymek in gauge 1. 3 parts (Nov to Jan, B-B, )CAMRNNOV1965
Building a 24 volt motor (MMRS) (and Dec)CAMRNNOV1964
Building a chassis in 4mm, 3 parts (Sep to Nov)CAMRNSEP1962
Building crossed arm pantographs, 7mmCAMR FEB1984
Building locos from cardCARM FEB1982
Building model locomotivesCARM JAN1987
Building steam cylinders in gauge 1 by G.I. StokesCAMRNJUN1970
Building TT locomotivesCAMRNJUN1957
Bunker of tank engines, D.Donaldson, 7mmCAMR APR1977
Burlington Bertie Live Steam, 0-4-0T, G scaleOARM FEB2001
Card techniquesCARM MAY1996
Cast resin locomotive chassisCAYMRNOV1984
Charles Pooter (16mm ng Steam Locos), 16mmCAMR SEP1981
Chassis compensation, 0-4-4T, 4mmCAMRJ#122000
Chassis construction - 4CARM APR1982
Clockwork mechanism repairsOAMRNJUL1957
Clockwork mechanism repairs (and Aug)OAMRNMAY1948
Constructing driving wheelsCAMRNAPR1962
Continuous smoke from Triang unitsOAMRNNOV1968
Convert Bing tender loco to tank, 2-4-0T, 4mmCAMRNMAY1947
Converting Hornby Dublo and Triang to EM by J. RussellCAMRNJUN1962
Diesel Loco in O-9, 0-4-0, 7mmNGCARM JAN2001
Dinorwic Quarries Hunslet, 0-4-0STDRMRNSEP1966
Dinorwic Quarries No. 2, 0-4-0STDRMRNMAR1967
Dinorwic Quarries No. 49 Velinheti, 0-4-0STDRMRNNOV1966
Driving wheels for 2 rail by J.H. AhernOAMRNNOV1955
Early Trevithick locosDRMRCNOV1979
Eggerbahn anglicisedCAMRNJUN1969
Excelsior - 7mm on narrow gauge, loco, 7mmCAMR SEP1974
Experimental transmission, gas-electric, 10mmOAMRNAUG1947
Ferret diesel, 0-4-0, SM32CARM JAN1992
Finishing the body, 7mmCABRMAPR2000
A cheap shunter, 0-4-0T, 7mmCASMTSEP1987
A classic locomotive, 4-4-0, 3.5mmDRSMTOCT1994
Adapting Lima locos (diesel shunter), 7mmCACM MAR1993
Adding life to locosCAPMRAUG1988
Anglicised Atlas/Roco diesel shunter, Co, 7mmCAST JAN1984
Anglicising the Plymouth diesel, 0-6-0, 7mmCAMT FEB1982
Atlas Switcher Conversion - Two for O Gauge, Co, 7mmCAST NOV1982
Baldwin, 4-6-0T, 7mmDRBRMJAN1998
Battery locomotives - D.RowlandsCAPMRJUN1987
Build an O gauge loco for 15 pounds., 7mmCASMTNOV1986
Cheap locomotive, 7mmCAPMRAUG1988
Colne Valley tank (A), 0-6-2T, 5mmDRSMTMAR1994
Constructing a Merlin Midas (ng steam loco), 0-4-0CAMT AUG1981
Constructing locos in styrene part 2, 7mmCASMTAPR1990
Constructing locos in styrene part 3, 7mmCASMTJUL1990
Constructing locos in styrene part 4, 7mmCASMTSEP1990
Etched frame and gearbox kits, 7mmCAMBTDEC1993
First loco for 0-16.5, 7mmCASMTNOV1989
Flexible drive shaftsOAMRNFEB1949
Flywheel driveOAMRNAPR1949
For PotpynCARM OCT1995
For SpringdaleDRRM FEB1999
Fordson rail tractor, 4mmCARM AUG1997
Frank S Nr 25983 1941 Henschel, 1/22DRSL #10
Freelance body on Minitrains OO9 chassisCAMRNFEB1970
Freelance diesel electric, 4mmCAMRNMAY1950
Freelance diesel loco (A), 16mmDRMT OCT1983
Freelance diesel shunter, 7mmDRSMTJUL1987
Freelance diesel shunter ex Atlas, 0-6-0, 7mmCASMTOCT1985
Freelance from Triang Big Train chassis, 0-4-0T, 16mmCAMRNAUG1971
Freelance loco, 0-4-2T, 4mmNGCARM JAN2000
Freelance tram engine 'Silvius' (A), 7mmDRSMTOCT1991
Garden live steamCARM JUN1999
Gearing up (kit assembly), 7mmCAMR MAR1993
Get the Walschaerts right, 4&7mmCAMR NOV1974
Glyn Valley Sir Theodore/Dennis, 0-4-2TDRMRNJUN1967
Gowen Valley Lt Rly,7mm ng line on 16.5mm track, W. Barker,, 7mmCAMRCDEC1975
Hands across the sea - modifying the Roco/Atlas shunter, 0-6-0, 7mmCASMTOCT1986
Happiness is Pixie shaped, construction of a narrow gauge 0-, 0-4-0, 16mmCAMR DEC1974
HB models steam loco components in use, 7mmCAMR MAR1982
Harvey Watkin's models (ng), J.Wheldon, 16mmCARM AUG1977
Hawthorn Leslie Industrial, 0-6-0, 4mmCAMRJ#122001
Hidden pneumatic controlOAMRNJUL1949
HMV factory, 0-4-0WTDRMRNJAN1948
HO tender wheels to scale, 3.5mmCAMRNAUG1958
Highfield tram locomotive, 7mmCASMTAPR1987
Home made piston valve cylindersCASL #10
How to construct live steam in O scale. 3 parts (Sep to Nov, 2-6-0, )CAMRNSEP1957
In the beginning (live steam) - Clarey Edwards, 7mmCASL #6
Inside motion, 7mmCARM SEP1988
Insulated driving wheelsOAMRNOCT1948
Internally fired live steam boiler by G.I. StokesOAMRNMAR1967
Last call for the Plymouth (Atlas conversion), 7mmCASMTFEB1990
Life in the shed (steam loco maintenance)OAMR APR1982
Live steam - resurrection of a pot boilerCAMRCMAY1987
Live steam made simple, J. van Riemsdijk, G1CARM MAR1977
Live Steamer, 7mmCARM AUG1985
Live steam remote controlOAMRNJAN1971
Live steam tram engine, 7mmCAMR MAY1988
Loco chassis construction - 1CARM JAN1982
Loco chassis construction - 2CARM FEB1982
Loco chassis construction - 3CARM MAR1982
Loco cradle, maintenance aidOAMRNAUG1962
Loco detailing (coal not coke is the real thing)CAMR JUN1993
Loco for CharmouthCARM JUN1999
Loco mechanism construction, 4mmCARM DEC1982
Loco superstructuresCARM JUN1982
Locomotive, 4-4-0, 2mmCARM DEC1998
Locomotive chassisCAMRNJAN1964
Locomotive construction in styrene part 1CASMTMAR1990
Locomotive maintenanceOAMRNAUG1964
Locomotives for Kerry Bridge (Narrow Gauge) part 1, 7mmCAMR JAN1990
Locomotives for Kerry Bridge (Narrow Gauge) part 2, 7mmCAMR MAR1990
Locomotives in gauge O, Eric Walford & Arthur Clapp, 7mmCAPMRFEB1985
Locos of Cwmfyddl, 7mmCARM SEP1994
Look for the narrow gauge - loco construction, 7mmCAST APR1982
Low budget loco (freelance), 0-6-0T, 7mmCASMTAPR1992
Making a start at scratch buildingCAMRNMAR1948
Making drivers for Singles by M. SharmanCAMRNMAR1965
Making locomotive mainframesCAMRNAUG1956
Making scale Walschaerts valve gear, 4mmCAMRNJAN1954
Making spoked wheels by S. Stubbs. (and Jul)CAMRNJUN1959
Making worms/gear wheelsCAMRNJUL1957
Mamodification 1 - radio controlled Mamod, 0-4-0, 16mmCAMT MAY1983
Mamodification 2 - radio control, 0-4-0, 16mmCAMT JUN1983
Mamodification 3 - radio control, 0-4-0, 16mmCAMT JUL1983
Mamodification 4 - in steam at last, 0-4-0, 16mmCAMT AUG1983
Mamodification 5 - meths vs solid fuel firing, 0-4-0, 16mmCAMT SEP1983
Mars, 0-4-0T, GCARM NOV2000
Methods of making Walschaerts valve gearCAMRNMAY1956
Mineral locos - Iain Rice, 4mmDRPMRMAR1984
Model locomotive construction, 4mmCARM JUN1986
Model locomotive construction, chassisCAMRNMAY1960
Model locomotive construction, crankpins and wheel assemblyCAMRNAUG1960
Model locomotive construction, meshing worm/gearsCAMRNJUN1960
Model locomotive construction, wheel quarteringCAMRNJUL1960
Modelling Cathay pilots (08 & Ruston 0-6-0s), 0-6-0CARM MAY1995
MRL Simplex ng IC 4-wheelDRRM JUN1975
Modified mechanismOAMRNMAR1947
Modifying RTR locosCAMRNJUN1957
Motor drives for O gaugeOAMRNMAY1962
Motors, Gears and Your ModelCAMRCJUL1984
NameplatesCARM APR1995
NBL DH, 0-4-0DRRM DEC1957
NG O-16.5, locos (16 different), 7mmNGCARM MAR1983
NG O-16.5, Desmond's conversion, 7mmNGCARM DEC1989
NG O-16.5, Dolgoch (Wrightlines kit), 0-4-0T, 7mmNGCARM JAN1988
NG O-16.5, locomotive in card, 2-6-4T, 7mmNGCARM OCT1991
NG O-16.5, Margaret and Falcon, 0-4-0T, 7mmNGCARM AUG1990
NG OO9, modelling industrial diesels, 0-4-0, 4mmNGCARM APR1995
Narrow Gauge Fairlie, Don Boreham, 16mmCAMR JUL1980
Narrow gauge diesels 0-16.5 (A), 7mmDRSMTNOV1987
Narrow outlook - ng shunter, 7mmCACM MAY1982
NG O-16.5, Coffee Pot loco, 7mmCAMT MAY1981
Novo Bashing - Fun for a Fiver, Bo-Bo, 7mmCAMR OCT1982
O Gauge from Kits, Vic Green, 7mmCAMR APR1980
One pair of small steam locomotives, 7mmCAGRWAUG1990
Outside 3rd rail current collectorOAMRNFEB1955
Outside Valve GearCAYMRMAY1987
Performance of Loco Mechanisms - 1CAMRCJUN1982
Performance of Loco Mechanisms - 2CAMRCJUL1982
Performance of Loco Mechanisms - 3CAMRCAUG1982
Platelayers trolley, BoDRRM NOV1969
Playcraft conversion of OO9 crane locomotiveCAMRNAUG1969
Polet freelance loco, 01:34CARM JUN1997
Port class (Hunslet), 0-4-0TDRRM MAR1994
Post war mechanisms, performanceOAMRNDEC1949
Power Under Constraint, Clockwork, D.Donaldson, 7mmCAMR MAY1976
Quartering cranks for outside framesCARM JUL1991
Queen Mary College design for a more efficient steam locomot, 7mmCARM SEP1978
Reality in steam, Gauge O electronic sound synthesizer, P.A., 7mmCAMRCDEC1975
Rebuild that old motorCAMRNJAN1955
Reconditioning Hornby Dublo 3 rail mechanisms, 4mmOAMRNFEB1961
Repairs to wheels, clockworkOAMRNDEC1956
Resurrection of a Pot BoilerCAMRCMAY1987
Scratchbuilt, 10mmCARM NOV2000
Selsey Rly Manning Wardle Morous, 0-6-0STDRMRNSEP1970
Selsey Rly Manning Wardle Sidlesham, 0-6-0STDRMRNJUL1970
Selsey Rly Peckett, 2-4-2TDRMRNNOV1970
Sentinel shunter from Highfield kit, 7mmCASMTDEC1985
Sentinel tramCARM JUL1998
Servicing Triang locos (and Sep), 4mmOAMRNAUG1960
Shunter for a tenner (diesel), 7mmCASMTNOV1987
Simple steam loco (converted stationary Mamod)CARM AUG1981
SM32, a trio of pot boilers, 16mmCARM AUG1981
SM32, another sweet season (live steam), 16mmOARM AUG1990
SM32, Mamod story, 16mmOARM APR1992
Single slidebar motion, 4mmOAMRNMAR1971
Sir William, Steam Tram Loco, (With Plans), E. Emerson, 16mmCAMR SEP1977
Slip return cranksOAMRNOCT1947
Slipper valve control, live steamOAMRNSEP1961
Snaefell Mountain Railway coal tram No 7 Maria (A), 4mmDRRM DEC1994
Split Frame Current CollectionCAMR DEC1980
Split axles for 2 railOAMRNJUL1956
Springing OO locomotivesCAMRNSEP1951
Stanton Iron Co. Hunslet, 0-6-0STDRMRNAPR1968
Steam loco, 16mmCARM OCT1999
Steeplecab (4 wheel) tramway locomotive, 0-4-0, 4mmCARM MAY1997
Stud contact current collectorOAMRNFEB1950
Tale of 2 Locos - Live Steam, 16mmCAMR MAR1982
Taming the Mamod - Live Steam, 7mmCAYMRMAY1985
Tender FlaresCAMRJ#122001
Backscratcher pickupsCAMRJ#171987
Coaling-up - a prototypical load of fuelCAMRJ#821995
Insulated efficiency (chassis construction), 7mmCAMRJ#561992
Portescap motors in awkward locos, 4mmCAMRJ#211988
Quartering procedureCAMRJ#181987
The large Hunslets, 5.5mmCARM JUL1985
The Wrens (Kerr Stuart narrow gauge) (A), 0-4-0T, 8mmDRRM FEB1988
Three from one, Lima conversions, Sir D. Gibson, 7mmCARM DEC1977
Tinplate reconstruction of Hornby compound J. Nicholls, 4-4-0, 7mmCARM JAN1976
Towards better running Valve GearCAMR JUL1981
Tram engine Sentinel from Triang dock tank, 4mmCAMRNMAY1971
Tram engine modellingCAPMRDEC1986
Tramway Garrett in Oe, OeCACM SEP1994
Triang Big Train diesel conversion, 16mmCAMRNSEP1969
Turning coarse O wheels to scale (and May)CAMRNFEB1957
Two rail current collectors by J.H. AhernOAMRNJUN1949
Two rail current collectors with split axlesOAMRNMAY1957
Updating the MamodCAYMRAUG1986
Vac pipes and handrail knobsCAMRNNOV1957
Various in OO9, 4mmNGDRRM JUN1996
Wallsea Works Report 1992, 7mmCAMR SEP1992
Walschaerts Valve GearDRYMRMAY1987
Washout plugs, 4mmCARM MAY1977
Weathering - the dry alternativeOARM SEP1988
Doxford shipyard crane tanks, 0-4-0TDRRM OCT1971
Garratt, Vivian and Sons, 0-4-0+0-4DRRM NOV1972
"BASS" #5, 0-4-0STDRRM APR1972
Wirrall No. 11, 4-4-2TDRMRNDEC1967
Working loco headlamp codesOAMT JAN1983
BCCHunslet-Barclay, Bo-BoDRRM MAR1991
BCCHunslet-Barclay diesel shunter 'Blue John' part 1CARM MAR1991
BCCHunslet-Barclay diesel shunter 'Blue John' part 2CARM APR1991
BSCHunslet 400HP diesel hydraulic (A), 0-6-0, 4mmDRRM NOV1991
BSCHunslet 776HP diesel hydraulic (A), 0-8-0, 4mmDRRM DEC1991
CMChevalier, 0-4-2STDRMRNMAY1962
CoRCorris Railway - Sir HaydenDRRM APR1998
EWOLDEasingwold Railway No 2, 0-6-0, 7mmDRMRJ#311989
EWOLDHudswell Clarke No. 2, 0-6-0DRMRNSEP1969
FFRDouble Fairlie L., 0-4-4-0TCARM MAR1998
FFRDouble Fairlie (A), 0-4-4-0T, 5.5mmDRRM NOV1992
FFRDouble Fairlie Taliesin, 0-4-0+0-4DRMRNJAN1957
FFRElectric Double Fairlie, 0-4-4-0T, 16mmCARM JAN2001
FFRHarlech Castle (1990 rebuild)DRGRWMAR1991
FFRHunslet - Linda & Blanche, 0-4-0STDRRM APR1993
FFRManning Wardle Saddle Tank, 0-4-2ST, 16mmCAMR FEB1980
FFRTank engine (Penryn Hunslet), 2-4-0T, 7mmDRRM APR1993
GVTBaldwin, 4-6-0T, 7mmNGDRBRMDEC1997
GVTGlyn Valley Baldwin, 4-6-2TDRMRNAPR1966
GVTGlynn, 0-4-2TDRMRNJUL1967
IND2ft 6in gauge, Hunslet, 2-6-2T, 7.8mmDRMR JAN1976
INDAndrew Barclay (A), 0-6-2T, 4mmDRRM SEP1992
INDAndrew Barclay class E, 0-4-0WTDRMRNFEB1967
INDAvonside (A), 0-4-0T, 7mmDRSL #14
INDAvonside class B3, 0-6-0ST, 7mmDRRM SEP1975
INDAvonside class B3, 0-6-0ST, 7mmDRRM OCT1975
INDAvonside class B3, 0-6-0ST, 4mmDRRM JUL1985
INDAvonside, SS class, 0-4-0ST, 7mmDRRM NOV1974
INDBagnall No 300, 0-4-0T, 9.5mmDRMRJ#1 1985
INDBarclay 12in diam cylinder, 0-4-0ST, 7mmDRRM DEC1974
INDBass brewery #9 & 11, 0-4-0STDRMBTOCT1993
INDBrace of Hudswell Clarkes, 0-6-0T, 4mmDRMRJ#381990
INDClass 59 Foster Yeoman, Co-Co, 4mmDRMRCFEB1986
INDDOT (Isaac Bolton 1867), 0-4-0T, 7mmCABRMJUN1994
INDDiesel, 0-4-0DRYMRMAR1985
INDDrewry 204HP shunter, 7mmCASMTFEB1988
INDFoster-Yeomans ARC class 59, Co-CoCAMR OCT1991
INDFowler of Leeds, 2ft gauge tank, Kalgoorlie, L. Jones, 0-6-0T, 5/8inCAMR JUN1976
INDHarton Colliery nos. 13 - 15, Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM OCT2001
INDHellingley Hospital, 0-4-0DRMRNSEP1960
INDHudswell Clarke, 0-6-0STDRMRJ#311989
INDHudswell Clarke 204 HP diesel loco, 0-6-0, 4mmDRMRCJAN1987
INDHudswell Clarke diesel shunter, 0-4-0, 7mmDRMR MAR1984
INDHunslet 'Tattoo', 0-4-2TDRSL #9
INDHunslet 15X20in saddle tank, 0-6-0ST, 7mmDRMRCSEP1986
INDHunslet 1ft10 3/4in gauge, "Charles" - Penrhyn Quarry Rly, 0-4-0ST, 16mmDRMR MAR1978
INDHunslet Austerity, 0-6-0STDRRM OCT1973
INDHunslet Austerity, 0-6-0ST, 4mmDRRM JAN1986
INDHunslet diesel, 0-4-0, 4mmDRMRCJUN1987
INDHunslet diesel shunter, 0-4-0, 7mmCASMTNOV1988
INDHunslet kit (85A models), 0-6-0T, 7mmCARMD#0 1996
INDIndia and Millwall Docks locomotivesDRMT FEB1982
INDIndustrial loco King George V (A), 0-4-0, 10mmDRSL #12
INDKerr Stuart ng diesel locomotives, 4mmDRMRCNOV1977
INDKerr Stuart shunter (1930) (A), 7mmDRSMTNOV1992
INDLeighton Buzzard light railway no 4 (Barclay), 0-6-0TDRGRWJUL1991
INDLilliputian, 0-4-0TDRMR JAN1982
INDLister-Blackstone ng, 4w drive, type 4m3 1c loco, 0-4-0, 21mmDRRM OCT1978
INDLoco No 7058, 0-4-0T, 4mmCARM MAR1998
INDLyoncross Colliery Locomotives N.S.Macmillan, 7mmCAMR MAY1978
INDManning Wardle, 0-6-0T, 1:22.5DRGRWDEC1991
INDManning Wardle, 0-6-0STDRRM SEP1972
INDManning Wardle, 0-8-0T, 4mmDRRM JUN1976
INDManning Wardle 'Chevalier', 0-6-2T, 1:22.5DRGRWDEC1991
INDManning Wardle - Joy's Valve Gear, 7mmDRMRCFEB1986
INDManning Wardle - Par Harbour Lines, 0-4-0ST, 4mmDRSMTJUN1984
INDManning Wardle - old class 1 - Morous, 0-6-0TDRMRJ#121987
INDManning Wardle class B,C, 0-4-0STDRRM JAN1974
INDManning Wardle class I, 0-6-0STDRRM JUL1974
INDManning Wardle class M, 0-6-0STDRRM APR1974
INDManning Wardle class M, 0-6-0STDRRM JUL1974
INDManning Wardle n.g. Loco, 0-6-2T, 4mmDRRM AUG1985
INDManning Wardle saddle tank, 0-4-0ST, 4mmDRMR DEC1980
INDManning Wardle, 1862, 0-4-0DRMRNJAN1948
INDManning Wardle, 1890, 0-6-0DRMRNAUG1968
INDManning Wardle, Rosalind, c1874, 0-4-0ST, 7mmDRRM DEC1975
INDMersey Docks Diesel - Hudswell Clarke, 0-6-0, 7mmDRMR MAR1983
INDMid-Suffolk Light Railway tank, 0-6-0T, 7mmCASMTDEC1987
INDMines locomotive, diesel mech, gauge 2ft 6in to 3ft 6in, 0-4-0, 7mmDRMR JAN1975
INDMore Manning Wardles, 4mmCAMRJ#791995
INDMuir-Hill industrial diesel, 0-4-0, 7mmCARM APR2001
INDNarrow Gauge Ruston, 7mmCAMRJ#301989
INDNeilson, 0-4-0T, 4mmDRMR NOV1978
INDNeilson 'box' tank, 0-4-0ST, 4mmDRMR JUN1978
INDNeilson - Redruth & Chasewater, 0-6-0T, 4mmDRSMTJUN1984
INDNeilson - Redruth & Chasewater, 0-4-2T, 4mmDRSMTJUN1984
INDNeilson 3ft 3 1/2in gauge locomotive, 7mmDRRM DEC1981
INDNG (1ft 6in to 3ft), ic locos (4 types), 7mmNGDRRM JUN1975
INDNG. (1ft 6in to 3ft) i/c locos, 3 types, motor rail ltd, 7mmNGDRRM JAN1976
INDNeilson single cylinder locomotive, 0-4-0T, 7mmDRMR DEC1981
INDNo. 4 Hunslet, 0-6-0TDRRM SEP1972
INDPenrhyn Quarry, Hunslet, 'Charles' (16mm ng on O track), 0-4-0STDRMR MAR1978
INDPenrhyn Quarry, Linda, ng (16mm on O gauge track), 0-4-0ST, 16mmDRMR OCT1976
INDPenrhyn, De Witt Clinton, 0-4-0TDRMRNAUG1965
INDPlantation locomotive, 0-4-0DRGRWSEP1989
INDPyramus, 0-6-0T, 7mmCARM MAY1994
INDRefining a Vulcan Pannier, 0-6-0PT, 7mmCAMRJ#701994
INDRuston & Hornsby 16/20hp DieselDRMRNAUG1961
INDRuston & Hornsby 2ft gauge i/c locos (2 types), 7mmDRRM APR1975
INDRuston & Hornsby oil engineDRMRNAUG1961
INDSentinel 100 HP geared steam shunter, 7mmDRSMTDEC1987
INDSentinel 100 HP single geared loco, 7mmDRSL #7
INDSentinel 200 HP double geared loco, 7mmDRSL #7
INDSentinel diesel 48 ton shunter, 0-6-0, 7mmDRRM SEP2000
INDSM32, Fowler resilient, 16mmCARM FEB1990
INDSentinel from scratch, 7mmCASMTAPR1990
INDSentinel steam shunter, 3.5mmDRSMTFEB1994
INDSentinel (1948), 7mmDRSMTDEC1985
INDSimplex 40HP tractor - kit construction, Bo, 7mmCAMRJ#771995
INDSmall industrial diesels, 7mmCASMTJUN1991
INDWD No.304 (ng), 4-6-0T, SM32DRRM JAN1990
INDWantage Tramway No 5 - pt 1, 0-4-0T, 7mmCAMRJ#111999
INDWantage Tramway No 5 - pt 2, 0-4-0T, 7mmCAMRJ#111999
INDWantage Tramway No 5 - pt 3, 0-4-0T, 7mmCAMRJ#112000
INDWantage Tramway No 5 - pt 4, 0-4-0T, 7mmCAMRJ#112000
INDWantage Tramway No 5 - pt 5, 0-4-0T, 7mmCAMRJ#112000
INDWantage Tramway No 5 - pt 6, 0-4-0T, 7mmCAMRJ#112000
INDWantage Tramway No 5 - pt 7, 0-4-0T, 7mmCAMRJ#122000
INDWantage Tramway No 5 - pt 8, 0-4-0T, 7mmCAMRJ#122000
INDWantage Tramway No 5 - pt 9, 0-4-0T, 7mmCAMRJ#122000
INDWantage Tramway No 5 - pt 10, 0-4-0T, 7mmCAMRJ#122000
INDWantage Tramway No 7, 0-4-0T, 4&7mmDRMRJ#6 1986
INDWheal Louise - industrial locos, 4mmDRPMRJUN1984
INDWylam 'Puffing Billy' as rebuilt c1840 (with article), 0-4-0, 1/4inDRMR JAN1979
INDYorkshire Engine Company tank engine, 0-4-0ST, 7mmDRRM FEB1979
IOMRBeyer-Peacock, 2-4-0TDRMR APR1974
IOMRBeyer-Peacock, 2-4-0T, 5.5mmDRRM SEP1983
IOMRBeyer-Peacock, 2-4-0TDRRM MAY1993
IOMRBeyer-Peacock (A), 2-4-0T, 7mmDRMRIJUL1995
IOMRCaledonia ex MNR, 0-6-0TDRRM MAY1995
IOMRNo. 16 Mannin, 2-4-0TDRMRNMAY1959
IOMRNo. 16 Mannin, 2-4-0TDRMRNFEB1963
IOMRNo. 4 Loch, 2-4-0TDRMRNFEB1960
IOMRTank engine (A), 2-4-0T, 7mmDRRM MAY1993
KESRHesperus, 0-6-0STDRMRNFEB1970
KESRNo 4 Hecate, 0-8-0TDRGRWJAN1989
KESRNo 4 Hecate, 0-8-0TDRMRNDEC1969
KESRNo. 1 Tenterden, 2-4-0DRMRNJAN1969
KESRNo. 2 Northiam, 2-4-0DRMRNDEC1968
KESRNo. 4, 0-6-0STDRMRNJUN1970
MERLocomotive, 0-6-4TDRMRNAUG1966
MERMillwall Extension Railway locos, 7mmDRMRJ#531992
MERTank, 2-6-2T, 4mmDRMR JUL1978
MERVarious models - locos etc.CARM MAY1996
MET1200 HP Electric, Bo-BoDRMRNJUL1962
MET1200 HP electric, Bo-BoDRRM NOV1969
MET1200 HP electric, Bo-Bo, 4mmDRRM APR1984
METBeyer Peacock No. 34, 4-4-0TDRMRNNOV1950
METClass A, Beyer Peacock, 4-4-0TDRRM JAN1998
METE class (A), 0-4-4T, 7mmDRSMTNOV1988
METHunslet L30/L31, 0-6-0TDRMRNMAY1968
METMetropolitan No. 1, class E, 0-4-4T, 7mmDRYMROCT1985
METSarah Siddons electric loco, Bo-Bo, 4mmCARM OCT1988
METTrain for the Brill tramway, 7mmCARM AUG1999
MNRManx Northern locomotives Nos 1 and 2 (A), 2-4-0T, 5.5mmDRMBTDEC1994
NCBManning Wardle #1207, 0-6-0STDRRM OCT1970
NCBThe 'Big Yin' - Barclay 18in, 0-6-0, 4mmCAMRJ#821995
NWNGRFairlie - sketches only, 0-6-4TDRRM APR1987
NWNGRSingle Farlie 'Snowdon Ranger', 0-6-2T, 7mmCARM APR1987
PentManning Wardle, 0-6-0DRMRNAPR1965
PentManning Wardle for 2ft6in gauge, 0-6-0, 7mmDRMR JUL1977
PentNg - side drawing only, 0-6-0, 7mmDRMR FEB1977
PentPentewan Loco, 0-6-0, 4mmCARM MAR2001
POARC, Steelman Royale D/H CDRRM AUG1989
POClass 59 Foster Yeoman, Co-CoDRRM OCT1986
POEnglish Electric GT3 Gas Turbine, 4-6-0DRRM APR1991
POKitson, class A, long boilered loco for Consett Iron Co, 0-6-0T, 7mmDRRM SEP1974
PentTrewithin, a Cornish curiousity, 0-6-0OAMRJ#201988
PentTrewithin, a Cornish curiousity, 0-6-0, 7mmDRMRJ#211988
RCRye & Camber petrol loco, 0-4-0, 7mmDRBRMFEB1997
RERKerr Stuart diesel mechanical shunter of 1929, 0-6-0, 7mmDRRM MAY1979
RERKerr Stuart diesel mechanical shunter of 1929, M.A.Taylor, 0-6-0, 7mmCARM MAY1979
RERNorthern Rock, 7mmDRBRMJUL1993
RERThree Ravenglass locomotivesDRBRMJUN1997
SMGazelle, 0-4-2WTDRMRNFEB1971
SMNo. 2 Severn, 0-4-2STDRMRNJUL1969
SMNo. 3 Hesperus, 0-6-0DRMRNOCT1969
SMRenovated Gazelle, 0-4-2WTDRMRNMAR1971
SWOLD2-4-0T, 2-4-2T, 0-6-2TDRRM JUN1987
SWOLDAll locosDRRM JUN1987
SWOLDSharp Stewart No. 1 Southwold, 2-4-2DRMRNNOV1963
SWOLDSharp Stewart ng locos, 0-6-2T, 8mmDRMRCJAN1979
SWOLDSharp Stewart ng locos, 2-4-2T, 7mmDRMRCJAN1979
SWOLDSharp Stewart ng locos, 2-4-0T, 7mmDRMRCJAN1979
SWOLDSouthwold Railway No 4 Wenhaston, 0-6-2T, 7mmDRMRCMAR1987
SWOLDSouthwold railway stock, 4mmDRRM JUN1983
TRDolgoch in O-16.5, 0-4-0T, 7mmCARM DEC2001
TRNG O-16.5, Tal-y-Llyn loco construction, 7mmNGCARM APR1988
TRNo 7 - 'Tom Rolt' (A), 0-4-2, 7mmDRRM SEP1991
TRNo. 2 Dolgoch, 0-4-0TDRMRNOCT1965
TRTalylynn pre 1958, 0-4-0STDRMRNSEP1965
WD60cm Gauge WW1 Baldwin (1916), 4-6-0T, 7mmDRMRCFEB1983
WDAusterity (and variants), 0-6-0ST, 7mmDRMRIDEC1993
WDAusterity WD Tank, 0-6-0ST, 4mmDRYMRMAR1986
WDBaldwin WD 60cm (A), 4-6-0T, 7mmNGDRBRMNOV1997
WDBattery shunter, 3.5mmDRSMTFEB1994
WDHunslet, 4-6-0T, 01:32CARM MAR2000
WDHunslet WW1 600mm gauge tank engine, 4-6-0T, 16mmDRMR APR1976
WDHunslet WWI NG, 4-6-0TDRRM JAN1990
WDHunslet, more details, 4-6-0T, 7mmDRMR JUL1976
WDHunslet, more details, 4-6-0T, 7mmDRMR AUG1976
WDRAE Invincible, 0-4-0STDRRM MAY1967
WDRAE Invincible, 0-4-0ST, 4mmDRRM MAR1987
WDRAF Chilmark diesel & electric locos 2ft gauge, 0-4-0DRRM JUN1996
WDROD Austerity battery/electric shunter, 7mmDRSMTSEP1987
WPRBarclay industrial tank, 0-6-0T, 4mmDRRM JUL1985
WeHRBaldwin, 4-6-0T, 7mmNGDRBRMDEC1997
WL2ft 6In gauge diesel - Chattenden, 0-6-0DRGRWJAN1989