Drawings and useful articles for OTHER UK Coaches.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britain's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

A jig for windows in coaching stockCAMRNNOV1958
Anglicised Eggerbahn stockCAMRNNOV1966
Articulated coach stockCAMRNOCT1956
Ashover Light railway coach No 4 (A), 7mmDRBRMAUG2000
Assembling Ratio coachesCAMRNJUL1952
Battery lighting for coachesCAMRNOCT1951
Building cardboard rolling stockCARM FEB1982
Building coaches (RJH), 7mmCARM JUN1993
Building your own coaches, part 1, D.Jenkinson, 7mmCARM APR1979
Building your own coaches, part 2, D.Jenkinson, 7mmCARM MAY1979
Building your own coaches, part 3, D.Jenkinson, 7mmCARM JUN1979
Building your own coaches, part 4, D.Jenkinson, 7mmCARM JUL1979
Card coaches, 7mmCAMRLNOV2001
Carriage construction in polystyrene. G. Heywood, 7mmCAMR MAY1975
Carriage roofs, strip plankingCAMRNFEB1959
CCW Pullman (and Apr), 4mmCAMRNMAR1954
Cleminson Truck on 6wh ng Coach, G.M.Lamb, 16mmCAMR JAN1979
Clerestories and birdcagesCAMRNOCT1960
Close coupling Lima coaches, G.Walters, 7mmCARM OCT1977
Coach bogies by M. Longridge, 4mmCAMRNDEC1947
Coach construction in 4mm - 1, 4mmCAMRCFEB1979
Coach construction in 4mm - 2, 4mmCAMRCMAR1979
Coach construction (Westdale kit), part 1, J.Chamney, 7mmCAMRCMAR1978
Coach construction (Westdale kit), part 2, J.Chamney, 7mmCAMRCAPR1978
Coach construction (Westdale kit), part 3, J.Chamney, 7mmCAMRCMAY1978
Coach roof constructionCARM JAN1982
Coach roof line jig (Ventilators Etc.)CAMR JAN1992
Coach roofsOAMRNMAY1947
Coachbuilding in styrene by E.R.H. FrancisCAMRNFEB1969
Coaches - constructing PC kits, 7mmCAYMRJAN1985
Coaches for Hambledon Moor (SM32), 16mmDRRM APR1990
Coaches from cardCAMRNAUG1956
Coaches in cardCAMRNJAN1959
Coaching stock gangways, 4mmDRRM FEB1985
Compensating coach bogie kits, 4mmCARM DEC1987
Corridor connectionsCAMRNMAR1947
Corridor connections, 7mmCAMRNAPR1958
Detailing coach underframesCARM OCT1987
Detailing vehicles, 7mmCAMR SEP1988
Details for the modeller - pullmansOAMRCJUN1986
Docklands Light Railway coachesDRMR JUL1990
Drawing of Crystal Palace pneumatic railway carriageDRMR SEP1981
Early coaching stock (1892-1895), 4mmDRMRCJUN1983
Equalised bogies by J.H. AhernCAMRNMAY1949
Freelance NG coach, 12mmCAMRNMAR1970
Freelance NG railcar with Triang Hymek power bogie, 16mmCAMRNFEB1968
Gauge 1 bogiesOAMRNSEP1966
Gauge 1 coachesCAMRNJUL1966
Glasgow pre-1977 subway stockDRMRCMAY1977
Glasgow subway, underground stock, 4ft gauge, 4mmDRMRCMAY1977
Inexpensive O gauge coachCAMRNNOV1951
Jacksons for Sprung Bogies, P4CAMRJ#132001
Kit survey: coaches 1INMR NOV1978
Kit survey: coaches 2INMR DEC1978
Kit survey: coaches 3INMR MAY1979
Kit survey: coaches p.s.INMR JUN1979
Mail pick-up apparatusCAMRNSEP1947
Maintenance of model coachesOAMRNAUG1964
Making the Most of Lima O Gauge Coaches, 7mmCAMR JUL1984
Milk Train for Tickling, 2mmCARM JAN2001
Modelling low Level Footboards to Rolling StockCAYMROCT1984
Modifying proprietary stock to EM by J. RussellCAMRNJUL1962
NG O-16.5, kitbashing coaches, 7mmNGCARM JUN1987
NG horse drawn coachCAMRNMAY1969
New Stock for the Mid-Lincolnshire Railway, 7mmCAMR FEB1981
Panelling coaches, 7mmCAMRNMAR1964
Post Office sorting vans (A), 4mmDRRM MAY1990
Pullman COH type, 6wh bogies, car, 4mmDRMRCMAY1977
Pullman coachesCARM SEP1999
Pullman parlour/bk2, 12wh 63ft 10in, 4mmDRMRCSEP1977
Pullman Type H (K) 12wDRMRCMAY1977
Pullmans #44 Palermo, #270 EthelCAMRCJUL1986
Push-pull trailer for HO, HOCASMTJAN1995
Scratchbuilding for the Hamfisted - Coaches, Jem HarrisonCAMR JUL1980
Six wheel chassis for curvesCAMRNNOV1954
Slabsided PullmansCAMRNJUN1947
Sprung bogiesCAMRNNOV1953
Sprung coach bogies, 7mmCAMRJ#111999
Teak Coaches in 7mm Scale, A.G.Thomas, 7mmCAMRCAPR1980
Thoughts on six-wheel coaches, 3mmCAMRJ#122000
Tramcars on loanINMRNSEP1963
Triang Big Big coach experimentsCAMRNAUG1970
Universal Cleminson truck chassis for 6-wheel, 4mmCAMRJ#122000
Coach suspension systems, 4mmCAMRJ#9 1986
Flexible chassis for 6 wheelersCAMRJ#561992
Glazing etched coach kitsCAMRJ#171987
Sprung coach bogies, 4mmCAMRJ#301989
Upgrading etched coach kits, 4mmCAMRJ#131987
Vestibule connectionsCAMRNOCT1959
Westdale coaches, 7mmCABRMFEB1995
Brecon Mountain railway 39 seat coaches, 8mmDRSL #12
Building Highfield coach kits, 7mmCAPMRAUG1987
Carriage drawing made easyOAMBTOCT1993
Cheap motor bogie, 7mmCASMTJUL1987
Cluster of coaches (light railway)DRCM JUL1993
Coach tumblehomesCAMRISEP1995
Compact coaches(A)DRSMTMAY1995
Eastern and Midland coaching stock (Various) (A)DRBRMAPR1994
Edward Exley & his coaches, 7mmOAMBTAPR1994
Flush windows (Lima coaches)CAPMRMAY1985
Light Railway coaches, 7mmCASMTJUL1993
Maid of Morven pullman observation gauge 1DRMBTDEC1993
Narrow Gauge coach construction, 7mmCASMTAPR1984
Parcels stock construction (Highfield kits), 7mmCASMTJUN1990
Pullman luxury, 4mmCAPMRMAY1987
Pullman parlour 1st - Ansonia - gauge 1DRMBTDEC1993
Pullman story part 1 (A), 4mmDRMBTJUN1991
Pullman story part 2 (A), 4&7mm&3/1DRMBTAUG1991
Windows in passenger stock by J.H. AhernCAMRNSEP1951
FFRBuffet carDRMRNNOV1958
FFRCoach No. 100DRMRNOCT1966
FFRCoach No. 24DRMRNNOV1965
FFRFfestiniog buffet car constructionCAMRJ#781995
FFRQuarrymen's coach C1860, 7mmDRSMTAPR1984
GVTCoach bodies, 14mmCAMRNSEP1963
GVTCoaches, 14mmCAMRNOCT1962
GVTCoaches, 4mmCAMRNMAR1963
GVTSemi-open coachCAMRNMAY1963
INDAshover Coach (2ft Gauge), 7mmCAMRJ#271988
IOMRC class, 4wh coachDRMRNJAN1966
IOMRCoaches in styrene, 4mmCAMRNJAN1966
IOMRF14 - brake composite bogie carriageDRMRIAUG1995
IOMRF18 - brake composite bogie carriageDRMRIAUG1995
IOMRLuggage van No. 27DRMRNFEB1960
IOMRManx magic (A), 4mmDRMRIAUG1995
KESRBogie coaches, 4mmDRMRCAPR1987
KESRBrake van No, 15 (ex NLR)DRMRNJAN1971
KESREx GER 4wh coachesDRMR FEB1988
KESRPickering 3rd bogie coachDRMRNJAN1970
KESRPickering bogie coach, brake compositeDRMRNJAN1970
KESRPickering brake 3rdDRMRNJAN1970
LT1927 electric control trailer carDRMRNAPR1963
LT1927 Tube stock carDRMRNMAR1962
LT1935 Tube stock, 4mmCAPMRNOV1988
LT1973 tube stock, motor and trailer, 4mmDRRM OCT1978
LTDistrict Rly Ealing-Southend coachDRGRWSEP1989
METC69 Circle/Met stockDRRM JAN1971
METDistrict A electric stock, 1903DRMR NOV1989
METDistrict Railway 'A' electric stockDRMR NOV1989
METDreadnought steam stock, 1910/1923DRMR SEP1989
MeR3rd class electric No. 38 (1923-25 stock)DRMRNAUG1965
MeR3rd class electric trailer Nos. 100-101DRMRNSEP1965
NWNGRBeddgelert - kit upgrade, 0-6-4ST, 4mmCAMRJ#781995
NWNGRBrake compositeDRMRNJAN1966
NWNGRBrake composite, 7mmDRRM MAY1987
RVR3rd class coach No. 2DRMRNFEB1969
SMCriggon Branch trailer carDRMRNMAR1971
SWOLDBogie coach, ng, 4mmDRMRCFEB1979
SWOLDOriginal & rebuiltDRRM JUN1987
SWOLDSouthwold railway stock, 4mmDRRM JUN1987
TR3rd class coach No. 18DRMRNJUN1965
TRCoach Nos. 1,2,3DRMRNSEP1965
TRCoach No. 4DRMRNOCT1965
TRCoaches, 7mmCAMRNAUG1965
WLWelshpool elegance, 7mmCAMRJ#101998