Drawings and useful articles for L.M.S Coaches.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britain's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

CR45 foot, non-corridor coaches, 4mmDRMR MAY1975
CR57ft compositeDRMRNDEC1955
CRHornby compos to 12-wheel, 4mmCAMRCFEB1977
CRLav brake compositeDRMRCJAN1963
CRPullman dining cars (Caledonian section), 4mmDRMRJ#261988
FR47ft lavatory brake composite, D22, 3/16inDRMR FEB1980
FR47ft luggage lavatory composite D21 (notes in MR 2/80), 3/16inDRMR APR1980
FR48ft 3rd classDRMRCMAR1963
FRNew PW mess coach, 4mmCARM FEB2000
FRTricomposite 39ft (1882)DRMR MAR1991
GSWR34ft 6in postal sorting vanDRMRNAUG1956
GSWRDirectors saloon, no 174, 8wh bogie, 3/16inDRMR FEB1976
HR6wh 1st class lavatory coaches (Dia 2) (A), 4mmDRMRIMAR1995
HR6wh coaches - 2, 4mmDRMRCJAN1982
HRBogie, directors saloon, c1902, 4mmDRMR JUN1975
HRDirectors' saloon #59DRMR MAY1975
HRDrummond 6wh (1897)DRMRCDEC1981
HRDrummond 6wh (1900)DRMRCJAN1982
HRJones 6wh 1st class coupe ended lavatory 'B'DRMRIMAR1995
LMS50ft parcels van by C.LeighCAMRNMAY1947
LMS57ft pushpull brake 3rdDRRM JUL1985
LMS62ft brake compositeDRRM JAN1969
LMSA tale of two coaches part 1, 4mmCAMRISEP1996
LMSA tale of two coaches part 2, 4mmCAMRIOCT1996
LMSAirfix/Dapol GWR 57ft to LMS autocoach D1856, 4mmCAMRIOCT1996
LMSAutocoach D1856DRMRISEP1996
LMSAutocoach D1856DRMRINOV1996
LMSBrake 3rd D 1703DRMRJ#181987
LMSBrake 3rd D 1771DRMRJ#181987
LMSBrake third coach, 4mmCARM JUL2001
LMSBudd stainless steel corridor first, 4mmDRRM JAN1980
LMSComposite D 1736DRMRJ#181987
LMSDistrict Engineer's saloon (5522 kit), 7mmCAMR SEP1990
LMSDistrict Engineers saloon, 7mmCAMR OCT1988
LMSDistrict Engineers saloon (A), 7mmDRMR OCT1988
LMSDynamometer car No 3DRMR MAR1988
LMSEngineers inspection saloonDRMRNSEP1964
LMSEuston electric, driving trailer composite, ex LBSCRDRMRNOCT1965
LMSEuston electric, motor coach 3rd, ex LBSCRDRMRNOCT1966
LMSFull brake in gauge 1DRRM JUN1994
LMSKitbashing an etched 4mm coach ( 1), 4mmCAMRJ#801995
LMSKitbuilding coaches (Comet kits), 4mmCARM NOV1993
LMSNon-passenger vansDRMBTAPR1993
LMSPush-Pull brake third, 4mmDRRM JUL1985
LMSPush-Pull coach, 4mmCARM MAR2000
LMSRatio to push-pull coachesCARM AUG1991
LMSSidelines coach B3, 7mmCABRMSEP1996
LMSSleeping van (S & T)DRMRCJUL1974
LMSStanier Coach InteriorsOARM APR1987
LMSStanier Period 1 brake 3rdDRMRCSEP1966
LMSStanier Period 1 Std CompositeDRMRCSEP1966
LMSStanier coaches, 2mmCARM JUN2001
LMSThe non-corridor project - 1 (suburban coaches) D.Jenkinson, 7mmCAMRJ#151987
LMSThe non-corridor project - 2 (suburban coaches) D.Jenkinson, 7mmCAMRJ#181987
LMSThe non-corridor project - 3 (suburban coaches) D.Jenkinson, 7mmCAMRJ#221988
LNWR30ft 1in 6wh picnic saloon D84, D85 (A)DRMBTDEC1992
LNWR32ft 6wh coaches Nos 10 (1879), 1341 (1881/2), 501 (1880), 7mmDRMBTDEC1994
LNWR50ft Corr StockDRMRCSEP1971
LNWR50ft Corr StockDRMRCDEC1971
LNWR50ft cove roof mailDRMBTJUN1992
LNWR64ft cove roof mailDRMBTJUN1992
LNWR68ft sleeperDRYMRAUG1986
LNWRAll 3rd picnic saloon and TPO - the odd couple, 4mmCAMR JAN1988
LNWRBuilding Chowbent coaches part 1, 7mmCAMRIFEB1997
LNWRBuilding Chowbent coaches part 2, 7mmCAMRIFEB1997
LNWRBuilding a 30ft corridor parcel van, Trevor Charlton, 7mmCAMR DEC1978
LNWRCarriage brakeCARM DEC1998
LNWRDiner, diagram D9 (12 wheel), 4mmDRRM DEC1997
LNWRDiner, WCJS 12 wheelDRRM SEP1996
LNWRFull brake, 4mmDRRM JUL1985
LNWRObservation car (1911), 4mmDRMRCJAN1983
LNWRQueen Victoria's royal saloon(s), 2 off 6 wheel, 3mmDRRM JAN1978
LNWRRoyal Dining saloonDRMRCAUG1969
LNWRRoyal Train saloon No 56, D63 of 1898/9 (A), 4&7mmDRMBTAPR1993
LNWRThe twelve wheelers of Wolverton part 1 (A), 4mmDRMBTFEB1992
LNWRThe twelve wheelers of Wolverton part 2 (A), 7mmCAMBTAPR1992
LNWRThe twelve wheelers of Wolverton part 3 (A), 7mmCAMBTJUN1992
LNWRWCJS Corridor Composite Dia. 134, 7mmDRRM MAY2000
LTSR1876 4wh passengerDRMRNMAR1950
LTSRComposite No 46-47DRMRNJUN1955
LTSREaling-Southend 3rd No. 309-318DRMRNJUN1955
LTSREaling-Southend brake 3rd No. 80-83DRMRNMAY1955
LTSRStandard bogie 1st classDRMRNMAY1954
LTSRStandard bogie 3rd classDRMRNMAY1954
LTSRStandard bogie brake 3rdDRMRNMAY1954
LTSRStandard bogie compositeDRMRNMAY1954
LYR4wh luggage van (Diagram 1), 7mmDRMR NOV1982
LYR6wh family saloon 1st class, 4.9mmDRMR AUG1983
LYRBogie corridor, 'fireproof coaches', brake 3rd, all 1st, all, 4mmDRRM JAN1979
LYRDirectors saloon, 6wh then 8wh bogie, c 1883, 4mmDRMR DEC1975
LYRExperimental tricomposite coaches, 4mmDRRM SEP1978
LYRManchester & Oldham coach sets, 4mmDRRM JUL1978
LYRNon-passenger vansDRMBTAPR1993
MCR3 compartment 3rd, diagram 10DRMRNJAN1967
MCR5 compartment 3rdDRMRNJAN1967
MCR6 compartment brake composite C1905, 3mmDRMBTAUG1993
MCR6wh third D8, 4mmDRMR APR1980
MCRComposite coach 1st and 2nd class, 3/16inDRMR APR1981
MCRPassenger brake vanDRMRNJAN1967
MR1st coupe of 1848 (J.Wright builder) (A), 8mmDRMID#0
MR24ft milk van of 1901 (A), 7mmDRMID#3
MR31ft 6wh full brakeDRMRNMAR1957
MR31ft brakeDRMR JUN1974
MR31ft compositeDRMRNMAR1960
MR31ft underframe 1883-96DRMRNMAR1960
MR3rd class diner, G1DRMBTDEC1993
MR45ft passenger brake van D536 / L652, 7 & 12mmDRMID#1
MR48ft lav composite & lav brake composite D508 (A), 7mmDRMID#5
MR52ft 3in pullmanDRMRNSEP1955
MR54ft bogie brake composite D519A, 7mmDRMID#2
MR54ft brake third D497 / L560 (A), 7mmDRMID#6
MR6wh motor car van, 3/16inDRMR JUN1975
MR6wh Parcels van 1910, 3/16inDRMR AUG1975
MR6wh composite of 1866 (MCW builder) (A), 7mmDRMID#0
MRBain coaches from Janick kit part 1, 7mmCAMRIAPR1995
MRBain coaches from Janick kit part 2, 7mmCAMRIMAY1995
MRBreakdown train staff van proposed interior, 5mmDRMID#6
MRBuilding P.C. Models etched brass MR 6wh coaches, 7mmCAMR JUN1983
MRBuilding a luggage brake, 4mmCARM JUL1982
MRClayton corridor lav. thirdCAPMRFEB1989
MRClerestory Coaches, 4mmCAMR AUG1990
MRCoachesCARM AUG1990
MREarly rolling stock - coachesOARM MAR1984
MRGen. superintendent's coach, 3mmDRMR NOV1974
MRMotor Car vansDRMR JUN1975
MRNon-passenger vansDRMBTAPR1993
MRPOS travelling Post Office, sortingDRRM JUN1998
MRPOT travelling Post OfficeDRRM JUN1998
MRPullman dining room carDRMRNJAN1959
MRPullman sleeping carDRMRNJAN1959
MRRatio Clerestory, detailingCAMRCJUL1974
MRStretching an MR 6-wheeler ( bogie coach ), 7mmCAMRJ#851996
NLR4 wheel coaches (3)DRRM DEC1971
NLRBrake coach, 4mmDRMRCJUN1987
NLRNorth London 4 - wheelers, 4mmCAMRJ#851996
NSR6wh inspection saloon #356, 4mmDRMR JAN1975
NSRBogie coaches, 7mmCABRMSEP1997
SDJR32ft underframe for 6wh stock, 4mmDRMR DEC1979
SDJR46ft composite, 7mmDRYMRDEC1985
SDJR46ft lavatory luggage composite, 7mmDRMR JUL1980
SDJR46ft third, 7mmDRMR JUN1984
SDJR46ft third class coach, 1902DRMR SEP1987
SDJR48ft lavatory composite, 7mmDRMR JUL1980
SDJR4wh 1st c1886, 7mmDRMR JUN1976
SDJR4wh 3 compt, 1st coach, c1876-80, 7mmDRMR DEC1976
SDJR4wh 3rd 4 compt (& notes), 7mmDRMR MAR1976
SDJR4wh close-coupled coaches, 7mmDRMR JUL1977
SDJR4wh full brake coachDRMR AUG1977
SDJR4wh lwb coaches, 7mmDRMR JUN1977
SDJR4wh all thirdDRMR MAR1976
SDJR4wh brake thirdDRMR JUL1976
SDJR6wh compositesDRMR MAY1978
SDJR6wh 1st and 3rd coaches with underframes, 7mmDRMR SEP1978
SDJR6wh 30ft pass. brake, ca 1890DRMRCJUL1975
SDJR6wh 31ft all third, ca 1890DRMRCJUL1975
SDJR6wh 31ft composite, ca 1890DRMRCJUL1975
SDJR6wh brake 3rd no. 80, 4mmDRMR MAY1980
SDJR6wh brake third, 4mmDRMR DEC1979
SDJR6wh pass brake van, 4mmDRMR DEC1979
SDJRBrake 3rd bogie coach (1904), 4.4mmDRMR NOV1983
SDJRBrake 3rd Notes, Jem HarrisonCAMR AUG1980
SDJRWedmore (modelling SDJR stock): Trevor Gibson, 7mmCARM APR1994