Drawings and useful articles for OTHER UK Painting.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

10 pound air brush compressorOAMRJ#591992
A painting jigCAMRNAUG1970
Aid to lettering and liningOAMR NOV1982
Airbrushing techniques (Mix and match)OAMR DEC1992
Chemical blackeningOAMRJ#961997
Coach bogie colouring - 1OAMRJ#901996
Coach bogie colouring -2OAMRJ#911996
Coal wagons, 7mmOARM MAR1998
Complex coach liveries, 4mmOAMRJ#521992
Cosmetic ageing (wagons), 7mmOAYMRMAY1985
DIY transfers (drawing the line)OAMR FEB1993
Guide to loco repaintsOAMR JAN1994
Hand lettering rolling stockCAMRNJUL1969
Home made transfersOAMRJ#991997
Instant Rust paintOAMRLSEP2001
Layout detail (The feelgood factor)OAMR SEP1993
Lazy Susan - A turntable to hold models whilst paintingOAMRJ#122001
Lettering OO stockCAMRNFEB1951
Lettering wagonsCAMRNJUN1963
Lining on a knife edgeOAMRJ#3 1985
Loco Crew (Holy smoke! the driver is a nun)OAMR MAY1993
Locos & weatheringOARM DEC1989
Making a spray gunCAMRNMAR1953
Masking hints and tipsOAMRIDEC1995
Paint a peelOAMRJ#101999
Painting and Lining ModelsOAMR MAY1984
Painting Figures, 4mmOAMR OCT1987
Painting Figures part 3 (Modern Acrylic Paints)OAMR APR1988
Painting and lining (1)OARM JAN1981
Painting and lining (2)OARM FEB1981
Painting and lining using decal sheet, 7mmOAMRJ#111999
Painting and weathering (rolling stock) K.DavisOARM DEC1981
Painting backscenesOARM JAN1995
Painting by an old master - locomotives and rolling stockOAMRJ#761995
Painting figures part 1 (Town and Country Folk)OAMR FEB1988
Painting Figures part 2 (The Upper and lower classes)OAMR MAR1988
Painting Figures (General)OAMR DEC1987
Painting landscape backscenesOARM JAN1997
Painting locosCAMRNJAN1964
Painting model landscapesOAMR FEB1981
Painting Plastic FiguresOAMR NOV1987
Painting model scenery by KineOAMRNAPR1961
Painting models by TustinCAMRNJAN1949
Painting OO coachesCAMRNSEP1956
Painting plasticsCAMRNJUN1963
Painting PullmansCAMRNJUL1954
Painting, lining and finishing models, 4mmOARM MAY1984
Paints and paintingCAMRNJUN1959
Paintshop - painting locomotives, 7mmOAMRIJUN1997
Pow-wow (transfer lettering)OAMRJ#101998
Pressfix transfersOAMRIAUG1997
Prototype paint qualityOAMRNOCT1950
Railway colour schemes by J.N. MaskelyneOAMRNMAY1950
Repainting and Improving FiguresOAMR JAN1984
Rub-on letter (point) sizesOAMRNOCT1969
Scrumbled teak coachesOAMRJ#571992
Smear Campaign (Weathering)OAMR MAR1993
Spray painting - have gun will use it, J.WhittakerOAMR MAY1979
Standing in the shadows - figure painting, 7mmOAMRIJAN1996
The art of weathering - 1OAMRJ#151987
The art of weathering - 2OAMRJ#181987
The courage to weather (stock)OARM MAY1985
Transfer lettersOAMRNSEP1961
Useful painting tipsOAMRNFEB1960
Using powdersOARM MAY1995
Wagon letteringCAMRNAUG1947
Wagon lettering with a differenceCAMRNFEB1957
Weathering, 7mmOARM JAN1996
Weathering (smear campaign)OARM MAR1993
Weathering a HutOAMR FEB1988
Weathering Locos, 7mmOAMR DEC1989
Weathering Techniques (Get the Picture)OAMR NOV1992
Weathering Techniques (Weather Or Not)OAMR OCT1992
Weathering (Altered Images)OAMR JUL1993
Weathering (Doing the Dirty)OAMR FEB1993
Weathering (Grime and Punishment)OAMR JAN1993
Weathering (Weathering Heights)OAMR AUG1993
Weathering (When Doing Things by Halves is for Real)OAMR APR1993
Weathering effects on steel structuresOAMRJ#2 1985
Weathering, Woodhams styleOARM JAN1993
Whether to weatherOAMRIJUN1997
Acrylic paints for railway modellersOACM JUL1984
Airbrushing made easyOACM JUN1992
Applying graffiti to stock and buildingsOACM NOV1993
Decals and how to apply themOACM AUG1992
Easy ways of weatheringOASMTDEC1990
Enamel advertising signsOASMTFEB1989
Figure paintingOABRMSEP1993
Hints for better paintworkOAPMRMAY1985
Painting and finishing road vehiclesOASMTJUL1990
Painting and lettering freight wagonsOAST NOV1983
Painting locomotivesOASL #10
Painting & weathering locosOAMRL#1
Painting, lettering and weatheringOACM JAN1993
Painting, lining and lettering - Paul SkinnerOAPMRAPR1986
Realistic locomotive painting and finishingOAPMRJAN1984
The A-Z of simple air brush paintingOAPMRMAR1989
Transfer lining 1 - the basicsOAMRIDEC1993
Transfer lining 2OAMRIFEB1994
Transfer lining 3OAMRIAPR1994
Wear and weathering for rolling stockOAMT OCT1980
What about scale colourOASMTAUG1990
POLettering PO wagons using designers gouacheOARM MAR1983
POPO wagon ColoursOAMRCJUN1984
POPainting Private Owner wagonsOARM DEC1983