Drawings and useful articles for B.R. Painting.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

BRBR colour scheme by J.N. MaskelyneOAMRNMAY1949
BRBR new colours - wagons by J.N. MaskelyneOAMRNSEP1949
BRBR new colours by J.N. MaskelyneOAMRNAUG1949
BRClass 20 today (1988) (Livery Details), Bo-BoOARM MAY1988
BRClass 21/29 livery, Bo-BoOARM NOV1986
BRClass 24 detailing, Bo-BoOAPMRSEP1987
BRClass 31 Railfreight livery, A1A-A1AOARM AUG1986
BRClass 47 "GWR" livery, Co-CoOARM OCT1988
BRClass 47 variations, Co-CoOAMRCSEP1981
BRClass 56 liveries, Co-CoOASMTJUN1989
BRClass a & B tank wagon liveriesOASMTMAY1985
BRCorporate image building liveries for BROAMRCOCT1985
BRDiesel detailingOASMTJAN1992
BREarly Mk2 coach liveriesOARM JUN1985
BRLivery scheme for stationsOAPMRAUG1987
BRLoco and coach colours by J.N. MaskelyneOAMRNDEC1948
BRLocomotive crests - a short study - R.BradleyOARM FEB1981
BRNew BR liveries by J.N. MaskelyneOAMRNMAR1949
BRQuery re-colours by J.N. MaskelyneOAMRNAPR1950
BRThe new colours (BR) by J.N. MaskelyneOAMRNNOV1949