Drawings and useful articles for OTHER UK Electrics.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britain's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

A Sauce For Semaphores - Signal Operating MotorsCAMRJ#132001
A dual point motor driverOARM JAN1997
All lit up (Micro-Minature 1.5V Lamps)OARM MAY1993
Automate your colour light signalsOARM NOV1987
Automatic 3-aspect signallingOARM JUL1983
Automatic evel crossing lightsCARM APR1988
Automatic train location 1OARM MAR1985
Automatic train location 2OARM APR1985
Automatic train location 3OARM MAY1985
Automatic train location 4OARM JUN1985
Basic Electrification - 1OAMR APR1982
Basic Electrification - 2OAMR MAY1982
Basic Electrification - 3OAMR JUN1982
Basic Electrification - 4OAMR JUL1982
Basic Electrification - 5OAMR AUG1982
Basic Electrification - 6OAMR SEP1982
Basic Electrification - 7OAMR OCT1982
Basic Electrification - 8OAMR DEC1982
Basic train detectionOARM JAN1989
Block InstrumentCARM JUN1999
Building a layout - 29 - Wiring the Layout Boards, 4mmCAMRCNOV1983
Capacitor discharge unitsOARM JUN1982
Capacitor discharge unitsOARM MAY1990
Catenary, 4mmOARM OCT1993
Cheap motor controlOAYMRAPR1987
Chopper ControllerOAYMRDEC1985
Circuit for running in locomotivesOARM APR1976
Coach lightingOAMR OCT1987
Command control systemsOAMRCJAN1985
Control panelOARM JUL1996
Control panel airliner styleOARM DEC1993
Control panel from computer keyboardOARM SEP2000
DCC explainedOARM APR1998
Detectors & switches for diode matrices, T.RossOARM NOV1977
Diodes part 1OAMRIMAY1995
Diodes part 2OAMRIJUN1995
Don't panic (layout wiring)OARM SEP1989
Dynadrive updateOAMR OCT1990
Electric motorsINMRCMAY1980
Electric point controlsOAMR JAN1979
Electrics & electronics part 1OAMRINOV1996
Electrics & electronics part 2OAMRIDEC1996
Electrics & electronics part 3OAMRIFEB1997
Electrics & electronics part 3OAMRIJUN1997
Electrics & electronics part 4OAMRIMAR1997
Electrics - 1 (live and dead frog turnout wiring)OAMRCSEP1982
Electrics - 2 (crossover wiring)OAMRCOCT1982
Electrics - 3CAMRCJAN1983
Electrics - back to basicsOAYMRDEC1984
Electrics - everything under controlOAYMRNOV1984
Electrics - semi-conductors - 1OAYMRMAR1985
Electrics - semi-conductors - 2OAYMRAPR1985
Electrics - the basic attractionOAYMRJAN1985
Electrics - theory of alternating currentOAYMRFEB1985
Electrics - Zero 1 computer controlOAYMRJAN1985
Electrics - Zero 1 your layoutOAYMRFEB1985
Electromagnets, J. LanganOAMR DEC1977
Electromagnets, J. LanganOAMR JAN1978
Electronic flywheelOAMRCJUN1987
Electronics for an operating layout - 1OAMR MAR1983
Electronics for an operating layout - 2OAMR APR1983
Electronics for an operating layout - 3OAMR MAY1983
Electronics pt 1OARMD#1 1996
Electronics pt 2OARMD#2 1996
Electronics pt 3OARMD#3 1996
Electronics pt 4OARMD#4 1997
Electronics pt 5OARMD#5 1997
Electronics pt 6OARMD#6 1997
Fibre optics - pipe your lightOARM OCT1982
For loft layoutCARM AUG1996
Garden railway In N, 2mmOARM AUG1995
Halogern over HeptonOARMD#1 1996
Hand held point motor switcherOARM SEP1985
Hidden sidings (control the easy way)OARM JUL1991
High efficiency (coreless) motorsOARM JAN1980
High frequency electricsOAYMRAUG1985
Inertia control with saturated switching, T.J.AndersonOARM MAR1978
Inertia simulation controllerOARM OCT1983
Inertia simulaton at low cost (see also letters RM 7/77)OARM MAY1977
Infra-red control (catnip)OAMR FEB1992
Introducing radio controlOAYMRDEC1985
LEDs for your layoutOAMRCDEC1985
Lighting with diodesOARM MAR1976
Logic circuits - 1OAMR AUG1979
Logic circuits - 2OAMR OCT1979
Logic circuits - 3OAMR NOV1979
Logic circuits - 4OAMR JAN1980
Logic circuits - 5OAMR MAR1980
Logic circuits - 6 clocks and flashing lightsOAMR AUG1980
Logic circuits - 7, multiplexingOAMR OCT1980
Logic circuits - 8, decodingOAMR DEC1980
Manual Control of Points and Signals, Electrically InterlockOAMR JAN1984
Memory wire turnout operating unit, 4mmOAMRJ#111999
Miniature LEDs and their usesOARM AUG1991
Model Sound EffectsOAYMRNOV1985
Model railway electricsOARM AUG1982
Motorizing a Peco turntable, 4mmOARM JAN1993
Motors & mechanismsINMRCOCT1981
Motors - Improving the Whining PowerOAYMRSEP1985
Motors, electromagnets and controlOARM JUN1990
On the lighter side - layout illuminationOARM MAR1990
One knob transistor control, D.GriffithsOARM MAR1978
Outdoor Electronics (A Step Forward), 7mmOARM FEB1990
Panel in perspexOARM SEP1987
Pendon's Point MotorsCAMRJ#122001
Point IndicationOAMRCSEP1985
Practical electrics - wiring your layout, E.EmersonOAMR JUL1978
Professional DIY control cabinetOARM JUL1992
Protection & IndicationOAYMRFEB1986
Radio control and rusty boltsOARM JAN1991
Radio controlled Hymek, Bo-Bo, 7mmOARM JUL1984
Reedless track circuitsOARM DEC1991
Relay operated route switchingOARM AUG1990
Remote control level crossing gatesOARM OCT1992
Ringfield MotorsOAMR JUN1990
Rolling Your Own - Home Made MotorsOAYMROCT1985
Route indicator for double slips & crossoversOARM NOV1989
Scale lamps (LED operated), 4mmOARM JAN1989
Scaletime - computer program for a scale clockOARM DEC1985
Scratchbuilt Controller for Coreless MotorsOAYMRAPR1985
Section breaksOARM FEB1992
Semiconductor control 1: thyristor controlOARM JUL1975
Semiconductor control 2: transistor theoryOARM AUG1975
Semiconductor control 3: building the unitOARM SEP1975
Signal & Turnout Operating UnitOAMRJ#132001
Simple 2 Rail WiringOAMR APR1984
Simple pulse controllerOARM APR1976
Smoke effectOARM JUL1997
Solid state cut-outs, N.H.GrayOARM MAR1978
Split frame chassis constructionOAMRINOV1996
Stops & starts, J.MorrisOARM MAR1978
The electronic flywheel, 7mmOAMRJ#101999
The gadget - track power testing deviceOAMRJ#101999
Block working with computersOAMRJ#611993
Fidelity controllersOAMRJ#781995
Home made slow action point actuatorsOAMRJ#211988
Layout lightingOAMRJ#461991
Point power (dimensioned for 4mm scale)OAMRJ#201988
Track circuits made simpleOARM FEB1996
Track occupation detection circuitOARM JUL1989
Track occupation indicators - (see also letters RM OCT & NOVOARM AUG1976
Traffic controlOARM MAR1976
Train detectionOARM NOV1985
Troubleshooters (Uses of a Multimeter)OAMR SEP1991
Using computer logic to obtain simple interlockingOAMRIJUN1997
Variations for Fiddle (cassette system)CAMRJ#271988
Wireless Control for Garden RailwaysOAMRCSEP1985
Wireless Controlled (Infra-Red System)OAMR JAN1983
Wiring Your Layout - 1OAMRCAPR1982
Wiring Your Layout - 2OAMRCMAY1982
Wiring Your Layout - 3OAMRCJUN1982
Wiring Your Layout - 4OAMRCJUL1982
Wiring Your Layout part 1OAMR JAN1990
Wiring Your Layout part 2 - Planning the WiringOAMR MAR1990
Wiring Your Layout part 3 - Connecting It UpOAMR APR1990
Wiring Your Layout part 4 - ControlsOAMR MAY1990
Wiring control panels - wiring techniquesOARMD#4 1997
Adventures with Zero-1OAST JUL1982
Automatic signal controlOAPMRNOV1988
Building an electronic controllerOAPMRJAN1985
Cab control basicsOARMD#2 1996
Capacitor discharge unit constructionOALM NOV1983
Compspeed workshopOAST OCT1982
Constant headlights for dieselsOAMRIMAR1995
Digital Crispin (computerised operation)OAPMRDEC1988
Electrical switching for pointsOASMTJUN1986
Electrics - building an electronic projectOAPMRMAR1985
Electronic 1.5A controller projectOALM FEB1984
Electronics for beginnersOAPMROCT1984
Flexi-Light (structure illumination)OABRMOCT1993
Garden railway electricsOAGRWMAY1989
Garden railway electrics part 2 - controller to trackOAGRWSEP1989
HF coach lightingOACM MAR1984
Introducing electronics - 1OAMT MAY1983
Introducing electronics - 2OAMT JUN1983
JV catenary construction, 4mmOAPMRJUN1988
Keep the gas lights burningOAPMRFEB1985
Layout presentation and lightingOARMD#1 1996
LED tail lightsOASMTJUL1987
Lighten your darkness 1 - Mike's working gaslampsOAPMRAPR1984
Lighten your darkness 2 - non-electric coach illuminationOAPMRAPR1984
Lighting up time - yard lightsOASMTNOV1993
Making wiring easierOAPMRNOV1984
Model railway test facilityCABRMFEB1994
Module fitting - (Zero-1, Airfix, H&M and ECM)OAMT JUN1982
Motor maintenance (pt1)OAMRIJAN1994
Motor maintenance (pt2)OAMRIFEB1994
Multi-test tetersOAPMRJAN1989
Novel form of multi-way connectorOACM AUG1994
Ohm's LawOAPMROCT1984
Point motors and switchesOARMD#3 1996
Remote sprag for wagons on slopesOAPMRJAN1985
Ring main layout wiringOAPMRMAY1985
Rolls Royce performance with one motorOAPMRJAN1988
Smooth operation (overhead powered vehicles)OACM MAR1994
Switchable power supply systemsOACM JUL1987
The best connectors - diodes explainedOAMT NOV1980
The Greenbrier line (3) - wiring and controlsOAST SEP1983
The self contained locomotive, 7mmOAGR OCT1993
Using a bridge rectifierOASMTAUG1987
Using and understanding diodesOAPMRDEC1984
Why radio control?OAGR FEB1994
Wiring for the electrically illiterateOARMD#1 1996
Wiring system that growsOARM JAN1986
Worked Example - 2 Rail WiringOAYMRNOV1985
Working buffer stop light, 4mmOARM JUN1992
SCR/CD diode matrixOARM JUN1982
Working gas lamps (LED operated)OAPMRNOV1988
Working lamps for Sturminster NewtonOAPMRJUL1987
Zero 1 - Command ControlOAMRCJUL1985
Zero 1 - Command Control OperationOAMRCAUG1985
Zero 1 - Computer Control 1OAYMROCT1984
Zero 1 - Computer Control 2OAYMRNOV1984
Zero 1 - Computer Control 3OAYMRDEC1984
Zero 1 Track OccupationOAYMRFEB1986