Drawings and useful articles for G.W.R. Coaches.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britain's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

BGRParliamentary CarriageDRMRNMAR1966
CAMB4wh 1st saloons & bogie TPO, 3/16inDRMR NOV1977
CAMB6wh family saloon, 3/16inDRMR SEP1977
CAMB6wh football saloon, 3/16inDRMR SEP1977
CAMBTravelling Post OfficeDRMR NOV1977
GWR1897 Royal TrainDRMRCAPR1981
GWR38ft 6ins suburban bogie brake 3rdDRRM JUL1957
GWR4-wheel coach (Dia S1) part 2, 7mmCAMRIJAN1997
GWR40ft Passenger brakes, 7mmDRMRCNOV1979
GWR40ft Passenger brakesDRMRCJAN1980
GWR46ft 6in newspaper vanDRMRNSEP1951
GWR50ft 8wh non-clerestoryDRMRNOCT1953
GWR50ft 8wh non-clerestoryDRMRNOCT1953
GWR51ft 8wh non-clerestoryDRMRNOCT1953
GWR54ft 1st class #s 8011 to 8016DRMRNFEB1954
GWR54ft clerestory 3rdDRMRNFEB1952
GWR55ft clerestory compositeDRMRNJUN1952
GWR56ft 11 1/4in toplight brake vanDRMRNAPR1952
GWR56ft clerestory compositeDRMRNSEP1952
GWR56ft & 57ft thirdsDRMRNJUN1951
GWR57ft toplight brake thirdDRMRNAUG1951
GWR57ft toplight brake tri-compositeDRMRNDEC1951
GWR57ft toplight brake vanDRMRNAPR1952
GWR57ft toplight compositeDRMRNOCT1951
GWR60ft restaurant car, dia. H39DRGWJ#121994
GWR68ft Dreadnought compositeDRMRNAPR1951
GWR69ft 5in underframeDRMRNAUG1959
GWR69ft Dreadnought 3rdDRMRNDEC1950
GWR70ft 'South Wales' coaches 1923-1926DRGWJ#171996
GWR70ft brake 3rd concertinaDRMRNFEB1950
GWR70ft coaches in 2mm and 4mm by G. Williams and S. HineCAMRNMAR1968
GWR70ft composite and 3rd concertinaDRMRNAPR1950
GWR70ft Dreadnought brake 3rdDRMRNOCT1950
GWR70ft concertina brake 3rdDRRM MAR1973
GWR70ft toplight compositeDRMRNJUN1967
GWR70ft tri-composite with luggageDRMRNJUN1950
GWRA Siphon too far (etched kit building), 4mmCAMRIJUL1995
GWRAirfix Autotrailer, 4mmCAMRCDEC1978
GWRAirfix Autotrailer, 4mmCAMRCFEB1979
GWRAirfix "B" set detail, 4mmCAMRCSEP1980
GWRAirfix "B" to Autotrailer, 4mmCAMRCJUL1978
GWRAlternative auto trailers, 4mmDRMRJ#9 1986
GWRAn original branch set, 7mmCAMRJ#941997
GWRAuto trailer addenda (MRJ No9), 4mmDRMRJ#171987
GWRAuto-coach diagram A30 (1932-33)DRRM JAN1997
GWRAutocoach, single doorDRMRNAPR1967
GWRAutotrailer - Triang conversion, 4mmCAMRNMAY1969
GWRAutotrailer by E.R.H. Francis, 4mmCAMRNJUL1970
GWRB set brake coachesDRRM SEP1999
GWRB set from Farish Coaches, 4mmCARM NOV1993
GWRBogie mailvan, body only, c1888, convertible, broad gauge, 4mmDRRM OCT1974
GWRCamping coach internals - holiday hauntsDRRM SEP1993
GWRClerestoriesCAMR NOV1987
GWRClerestory 3 compartment brake 3rdDRMRNJUL1953
GWRClerestory 4 compartment brake 3rdDRMRNJUL1953
GWRClerestory Brake ThirdDRMRNSEP1952
GWRClerestory non-corridor 1stDRMRNAPR1953
GWRClerestory non-corridor 2ndDRMRNAPR1953
GWRClerestory non-corridor 3rdDRMRNAPR1953
GWRClerestory non-corridor 5 compartment brake 3rdDRMRNJUL1953
GWRClerestory upgrade, 4mmCAMRJ#881996
GWRCoach hinges, 4mmCAMRJ#801995
GWRCoaches for Pendon by G. Williams and S. HineCAMRNJUN1968
GWRCoaches from traditional materials, 4mmCAMRJ#101998
GWRCommode and door handles, 4mmCAMRJ#831995
GWRComposite No 765DRMRNOCT1969
GWRComposites by E.R.H. Francis, 4mmCAMRNOCT1969
GWRDean coaches part 1 (4-wheel), 7mmCAMRJ#241988
GWRDean coaches part 2, 7mmCAMRJ#281989
GWRDiamond jubilee royal train - 1, 4mmDRMRCMAY1981
GWRDiamond jubilee royal train - 2, 4mmDRMRCJUN1981
GWRDiamond jubilee royal train - 3, 4mmDRMRCAUG1981
GWRDining and restaurant cars (steel panel) variousDRMBTOCT1992
GWRDining and restaurant cars (wood panel) various (A-Pt1)DRMBTAUG1992
GWRDining and restaurant cars, 1934 to 47 Collet (A-Pt3), 2mmDRMBTDEC1992
GWRDouble-ended slip (1938)DRRM OCT1971
GWRDreadnought corridor composite diag E77 (A), 4mmDRMBTAPR1991
GWRFit for a Queen - Royal Train 1, 4mmCAMRCAPR1983
GWRFit for a Queen - Royal Train 2, 4mmCAMRCMAY1983
GWRGWR coaching stock (clerestory), 4mmCAMR JAN1990
GWRK's autotrailerCAMRCJAN1979
GWRKitbashing an etched 4mm coach ( 2 ), 4mmCAMRJ#811995
GWRKitbashing an etched 4mm coach ( 3 ), 4mmCAMRJ#821995
GWRKitchen service coachDRGWJ#121994
GWRKs autocoach assembly, 4mmCAMRNAPR1967
GWRModelling TPO vehiclesDRPMRJUL1984
GWRMonster, 7mmCAMR SEP1991
GWRParliamentary CarriageDRMRNMAR1966
GWRPart of broad gauge coachDRMRNFEB1960
GWRR.S.&T.E. inspection saloonDRMBTOCT1993
GWRRailmotor, Nos 73-80, 81-83DRMRNAPR1967
GWRRoyal Train, 1890'sDRMRCMAY1973
GWRSiphon G, 1929 Wide TypeDRMRNFEB1953
GWRSlater 7mm MR 3rd class 4wh to 2nd class Dia S1CAMRIDEC1996
GWRSlip coachesCAMRNMAY1969
GWRSouth Wales 70ft coaches (1923-26) (A)DRGWJ#171996
GWRSteel panelled diners 1923 to 1947DRMBTOCT1992
GWRSuper saloonDRRM DEC1971
GWRSupersaloon scratchbuild, NCARM DEC1994
GWRThe super saloons (1) (A)DRGWJ#281998
GWRThe super saloons (2) (A)DRGWJ#321999
GWRToplight 56ft and 57ft 3rdsDRMRNJUN1951
GWRToplight 57ft 6in brake 3rdDRMRNAUG1951
GWRUnderframe and bogie for clerestoryDRMRNDEC1952
GWRWood panelled diners 1896 to 1921DRMBTAUG1992
GWRYellow Fever - Collett 1938 Orion Kits, 7mmCAMRJ#122001
GWRYellow Fever - Collett 1938 Orion Kits - Part 2, 7mmCAMRJ#132001
OWWR21ft x 7ft 6in coach - Thames Valley relic.DRMRNFEB1951
SDevonBroad Gauge 1st/2nd compo (1853), 4mmDRRM MAY1992
SDevonBroad Gauge 3rd 6 wheel open, 4mmDRRM MAY1992
TVR4wh dinerDRMBTJUN1993
VORSecond open and vista coaches, 4mmDRSMTJAN1989