Drawings and useful articles for OTHER UK Railway Operations.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

Boiler loadOARM JUL1999
Branch Line goods OperationOAMR NOV1992
British outline in garden, 16mmOARM JUL2001
Building block instrumentsOARM FEB1993
Carboy loadOARM OCT1999
Computer based freight wagon flow part 1OAMR OCT1990
Computer based freight wagon flow part 2OAMR NOV1990
Computer based freight wagon flow part 3OAMR DEC1990
Computing and railway modelling (timetable display)OARM JUL1984
Container traffic, 3mmOAMRJ#431990
Exhibiting a layoutOARM DEC1999
Freight handlingOAMR SEP1993
Freight handlingOAMR OCT1993
Freight stock movementOAMR OCT1991
Front operation, 7mmOARM JAN1998
Garden railway - first thoughtsOARM APR1998
Garden railway -starting outOARM OCT1998
Garden railway operatingOARM JAN1999
Garden railway planning & researchOARM NOV1998
H/D Wagon LoadOARM JUN1999
Loads - empty!, 4mmOARM AUG2000
Locomotive headlamp codes part 1OAMRIJAN1995
Around the clock - operationOASMTAPR1990
As it was pt 2 - freight handlingOAMBTAPR1992
Car carrier operatingOASMTNOV1985
Coals to Somerset (Yeovil coal yard 1980's)OASMTMAR1991
Headcode C trafficOAMBTDEC1993
Locomotives for garden railway, 16mmOARM AUG2001
Locos of Longlands & Western (live steam), 16mmOARM JUN2001
Model railway operation - 1OAST JUN1982
Model railway operation - 2OAST JUL1982
Model railway operation - 3OAST AUG1982
Model railway operation - 4OAST NOV1982
Model railway operation - 5OAST FEB1983
MR, LMS & BR codesOAMBTOCT1992
Model railway operation part 1OAMRJ#301989
Model railway operation part 2OAMRJ#311989
Model railway operation part 3 - Passenger train formationOAMRJ#321989
Model railway operation part 4 - Freight train operationOAMRJ#331989
Model railway operation part 5 - Thoughts on layout designOAMRJ#341989
Model railway operation part 6 - Methods of operationOAMRJ#351989
Model railway operation part 7 - Signalling and interlockingOAMRJ#361990
Model railway operation part 8 - PostscriptOAMRJ#421990
Operating Portpyn layoutOARM MAY1999
Pit prop loadOARM MAR1999
Portable storageOARM AUG1997
Realistic TimetablesOAYMRSEP1985
Recreating Prototype TrainsOAMRJ#122001
Recreating Prototype Trains - Part 2OAMRJ#122001
Royal trains (esp cl 47)OAMRL#2
Scrap loadsOARM AUG1999
Sheeted loadsOARM MAY1999
Timber loadsOARM NOV1999
Timetable compilation, N.EaglesOAMR OCT1980
Train formationsOARM DEC2000
Trains at different times In history, 4mmOARM MAY2001
Driving details, 16mmOARM JUL2000
Waybill system part 1OASMTOCT1993
Waybill system part 2OASMTNOV1993
Waybill system (letter)OASMTSEP1991
Waybills by computerOASMTFEB1994
INDBass trains and their operationOAMBTDEC1991
POCoal loadsOARM MAY2000
POOperation of Private Owner wagonsOAMRJ#211988
RCHHeadlamp codes (1903 & 1923)OAMRIJAN1995
RCHHeadlamp codes (pre-1903)OAMRINOV1996
WDArmoured Train (1940) part 1, 4mmOAMR MAR1991
WDArmoured Train (1940) part 2, 4mmOAMR APR1991
WDArmoured Train (1940) part 3, 4mmOAMR MAY1991