Drawings and useful articles for IRISH Signals and Signal Boxes.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

BCDSignal Box, Helens Bay (photo)DRMRNOCT1968
CDRSignal Box, Inver (photo)DRMRNJUN1960
CIESignal box, Carlow (ex GS&WR), 4mmDRRM MAR1978
DWWSignal Box, Bray, Dublin, Wicklow & Wexford (photo)DRMRNJUN1962
DWWSignal Box, Dalkey, Dublin, Wicklow & Wexford (photo)DRMRNJUN1962
DWWSignal Box, Gorte, Waterford, Limerick & Western (photo)DRMRNJUN1964
GNRISignal Box, Dundalk North (photo)DRMRNSEP1965
GNRISignal Box, Navan (photo)DRMRNAPR1965
GNRISignal Box, Oldcastle (photo)DRMRNAPR1965
GSRSignal Box, Ballybrophy (photo)DRMRNJUN1965
GSRSignal Box, Westland Road, Dublin Great Southern (photo)DRMRNJUN1962
GS&WRSignal Box, Listowel (photo)DRMRNMAR1965
GS&WRSignal Box, Mallow (photo)DRMRNJUN1965
LFSignal Box, Newcastle West, Ireland (photo)DRMRNMAR1965
MGWRModelling Irish signalsCARMD#3 1996
MGWRSignal Box, Athlone West Junction (photo)DRMRNJUL1964
MGWRSignal Box, Attymon, Ireland (photo)DRMRNFEB1968
MGWRSignal Box, Ballyhaus Station (photo)DRMRNJUL1964
MGWRSignal Box, Loughrea (photo)DRMRNFEB1968
MGWRSignal Box, Mullingar No. 1 cabin (photo)DRMRNJUL1964
NCCSignal Box, Belcoo, Sligo, Leitrim & NCR (photo)DRMRNMAR1960
PRSignal Box, LochskerowDRMRNNOV1964