Drawings and useful articles for OTHER UK Structures.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

19th century town house, 4mmDRMRCAUG1975
3 storey house, 7mmCARM MAY2000
A jig for ruling windowsCAMRNOCT1958
A local cinema (modelling cinemas part 3)OASMTAPR1995
Airfix general store into half reliefCAMRNJUN1959
Allan Downes buildings, 7mmCABRMFEB1996
Allan Downes embossing stone walls, 7mmCABRMMAR1996
Allan Downes townscape, 7mmCABRMFEB1998
Allan Downes, Wills brick sheet, 7mmCAMRLSEP2001
Alpine chalet, 2mmDRMRCJAN1979
Another cornersite, low reliefCAMRNAUG1971
Assorted buildings in assorted scalesDRRM SEP1996
Bakehouse, Papworth St AgnesDRMR JAN1977
Ballard's garage (A), 4mmDRRM JUN1992
Basic structure building techniquesCARM DEC1992
Bilteezi construction sheetsCAMRNFEB1957
Black Swan Inn, 4mmCARM SEP1998
Bluebell Row (Cottage Construction)CAYMRFEB1987
Boduan Station BuildingDRRM APR1996
Borchester awning, valancingCAMRNSEP1960
Borchester main buildingCAMRNJUL1960
Borchester main entranceCAMRNOCT1960
Borchester roofCAMRNAUG1960
Borchester, station buildings by F. DwyerCAMRNJUN1960
Bottle Kiln, 4mmCARM JUN1998
Branchline station buildingsCAMRNOCT1958
Brewery, 4mmCARM JUL1998
Brewery Buildings, 7mmCARM MAR2001
Brick arch bridge (A), 2mmDRBRMOCT1998
Bridge buildingOAMR OCT1991
Bridge just far enough (bridge construction)CARM JAN1987
Bridge over the Bridgewater Canal at PatricroftOAMRCDEC1982
BridgesOARM AUG1984
Bridges and tunnels - 1OARM DEC1984
Bridges and tunnels - 2OARM FEB1985
Bridges and tunnels - 3OARM MAR1985
Bridges and tunnels - 4OARM MAY1985
Bridges and tunnels - 5OARM AUG1985
Bridges and tunnels - 6OARM SEP1985
Bridges and tunnels - 7OARM MAR1986
Bridges and tunnels - 8OARM MAY1986
Broadway Dairy NewburyDRMRCFEB1983
Build a salt worksDRRM AUG1957
Build a suspension bridge, 7mmCAMRNJUN1950
Builders yardDRRM MAY1994
Building a church (pt 1/2), 7mmDRRM JUN1995
Building a church (pt 2/2), 7mmDRRM JUL1995
Building a cottage, hotel, etc., 4mmCARM JUL1993
Building a period garage, 4mmCARM NOV1992
Building an MPD, 4mmCARM NOV1989
Building factories, 4mmCARM FEB1986
Building railwaymen's houses, 3.5mmCARM SEP1994
Buildings by Bob Dawson- continued, 7mmCARM SEP2001
Buildings for garden railwaysCAMRNMAY1948
Buildings, information sourcesCAMRNFEB1964
Bus stationCAMRNFEB1947
Butley MillsCARM NOV1999
Card cottageCARM FEB1999
Cardboard modellingCARM JUN1998
Cast your own detailsCARM AUG1983
Central Steam Bakery (Beer), 4mmDRRM MAY2001
ChimneysDRRM AUG1995
Church Eaton BuildingsCAMR SEP1988
Church tower - outdoor, 16mmCARM SEP2000
Coal and lumber merchantDRRM SEP1957
Coal order officeCAMRNOCT1958
Coal store and ash pitCAMRNDEC1957
Coaling plantCAMRNMAY1963
Coaling stage (Toronto modified by J.H. Ahern)CAMRNJUN1953
Combined loco and carriage shedCAMRNJUL1956
Compact loco depot (and Oct)CAMRNSEP1961
Concrete viaduct in gauge 1CAMRNMAY1954
Construction of platformsDRRM JUL1957
Corner shop, low reliefCAMRNMAY1970
Corner wine merchantDRMR AUG1988
Corrugated iron fenceCAMRNJUN1958
Cottage, 4mmCARM JAN1998
Cottage construction, 4mmCARM AUG1994
Country buildings.CARM JUN1999
Country goods shedCAMRNAUG1953
Country loading bayCAMRNAUG1961
Country station building, 4mmDRRM MAR1994
Country station building, 4mmCARM MAR1994
Couple of Semis, 4mmCAYMRFEB1985
Covered seat, HoughtonDRMR JAN1977
Curved platformsCAMRNNOV1954
Cycle shop, ThameDRMRCMAY1981
Daventry station, 7mmCAYMRMAY1987
Daventry station, 7mmCAYMRJUN1987
Design of breweriesDRRM OCT1995
Detached house, BristolDRRM JAN1972
Docklands Light Railway buildingsDRMR JUL1990
Door & window detailsDRRM JAN1972
Double track bridge, 4mmCAMRNOCT1970
Dummy frontagesCAMRNDEC1956
Early footbridgeDRMRNMAR1961
Early type bridge over riverDRMRNMAR1961
Electricity substation, 4mmCARM DEC1987
Elementary steps in making structuresCAMRNFEB1961
Fan, engine shed, tunnel arch: Crystal Palace pneumatic rly.OAMR SEP1981
Farm for all regions, 2mmCARM AUG1982
Farm on your layoutOARM MAR1985
Fenny Bottom station buildingCARM APR1992
Fire and waterCARM AUG1983
Fishing village cottages, Ynys GwyntogCAMRNSEP1964
Flour Mill - Horsbridge SussexDRRM NOV1994
For garden railwayCARM AUG1997
For Market Lindum layoutCARM NOV1996
For outdoor layout, 16mmCARM JAN2000
For outdoor useCARM AUG2000
Fox and Goose, Coombe BissettDRRM NOV1957
Fraddon VillageCAMR JUN1990
From corrugated ironDRRM MAR1997
From pizza baseCARM JUL1995
Fullers restaurant. low reliefCAMRNFEB1970
Gabled house, freelanceCAMRNMAR1958
Gabled house, freelanceCAMRNMAY1958
Garage/shop, low reliefCAMRNAUG1948
Garages etc., BrightonDRMRCJUN1983
Garden railway buildingsDRRM JUL1957
Gas worksDRRM JUL1989
Georgian houseCAMRNSEP1964
Girder bridge, G.F. Harding, 7mmCARM AUG1977
Goods shedCAMRNOCT1963
Goods shedCAMRNJUN1969
Goods shed, 7mmCARM DEC1998
Great Western Hotel, low reliefCAMRNJAN1970
Guttering and fall pipes, 2mmCARM JUL1982
Half relief with Airfix kitsCAMRNJUN1969
Half timbered housesCAMRNJUL1955
Half-timbered cottageDRMR OCT1976
Helwith viaduct (Ribblesdale), 4mmCARM NOV1985
Henekeys off-license, low reliefCAMRNAPR1970
Herculaneum bridge, 4mmDRRM APR2000
Highland hotel in styreneCAMRNMAY1967
Hollymount farmCARM FEB1996
House backsDRRM AUG1971
Houses, 4mmCARM JUN1997
Houses, 4mmCARM JUN1998
Houses from linoleumCAMRNAUG1958
Industial building & cafe, 4mmDRRM JUL1977
Industrial railway coal trafficDRRM APR1994
Info & warning road signsDRMR MAR1977
Iron worksCAMRNMAY1959
Lifting bridge, 4mmCAMR NOV1987
Likkle cottage, 4mmCAMR OCT1987
Lime worksCAMRNNOV1947
Lime worksDRRM DEC1957
Limeworks in the garden, Rev. Peter Denny, 3.5mmCAMR OCT1978
Lineside factoryCAMRNOCT1961
Lineside hutsCAMRNSEP1969
Lineside oil installationsCAMRNNOV1956
Locoshed for N.G. Line, 4mmCARM MAY2001
Locoshed interior, 4mmCARM FEB2000
Low relief, parapet walls/housesCAMRNAPR1959
Lurgashall Mill, KentDRRM AUG1997
Madder Valley brickworksCAMRNDEC1954
Make use of Superquick kitsCAMRNJUL1968
Making a simple haltDRRM JUN1957
Making corrugated iron, 4mmCARM DEC2001
Making glazing bars, P.J.SmithCARM SEP1978
Making valancesCAMRNFEB1961
Market placeCARM JAN1997
Midland Iron Co., 4mmCARM JUL2000
Mileposts, road signsDRMR FEB1977
Mill, 7mmCARM AUG1997
Mock Tudor shop, low reliefCAMRNJUL1971
Model Building Construction - 1, 4mmCAMRCNOV1981
Model Building Construction - 2, 4mmCAMRCDEC1981
Model Building Construction - 3 - Basic MethodsCAMRCJAN1982
Model Building Construction - 4 - WallsCAMRCFEB1982
Model Building Construction - 5 - WallsCAMRCMAR1982
Model Building Construction - 6 - doors and WindowsCAMRCAPR1982
Model Building Construction - 7 - Internals & LightingCAMRCMAY1982
Model Building Construction - 8 - Gutters, Drainpipes & ChiCAMRCJUN1982
Model Building Construction - 9 - Tiles & SlatesCAMRCSEP1982
Model Building Construction - 10 - ThatchCAMRCOCT1982
Model Building Construction - 11 - WeatheringCAMRCNOV1982
Model Building Construction - 12 - Finishing DetailsCAMRCDEC1982
Model arch girder bridge, gardenCAMRNMAY1951
Modelling a disused goods shed, 4mmCARM FEB1988
Modelling buildings in cardDRRM DEC1996
Modelling farms and innsCARM JAN1984
Modern Georgian, 1962DRRM JAN1972
Modern houseCAMRNNOV1958
Modifying commercial kits by J. RussellCAMRNSEP1962
Monks Brewery, 4mmCAMR JUN1988
Narrow gauge loco shed, 3.5mmDRMR JUL1978
Netty, 7mmCARM JUL1999
NG loco depot, 7mmNGCARM MAY1981
O Gauge Station (Full Circle), 7mmCAMR JUN1993
O gauge bridge constructionCAMRNOCT1956
O gauge garden viaductCAMRNSEP1948
Oust HouseDRMR NOV1983
Pack Horse InnCARM OCT1999
Pair of cottages, ca 1840CAMRNMAR1963
Period lampsCAMRNSEP1961
Platelayers hutCAMRNFEB1956
Platform awningsCAMRNJUL1955
Prefabricated concrete bridge construction, 10mmCAMRNMAR1957
Pump house, HeathDRMR JAN1977
Quick girder bridge in N gaugeCAMRNJAN1968
Railwaymens houses at TebayDRRM SEP1994
Ratio R4 station assemblyCAMRNJAN1957
Refining the Peco turntable kit, NDRRM AUG1996
Regency houseCAMRNJUN1968
Ridge Tiling for buildings, G. Walters, 7mmCARM OCT1977
Roof slatesDRRM MAY1971
Roofing, 7mmCABRMMAR2001
Roofs and drain pipesCARM DEC1978
Roundhouse, 7mmCAMRJ#111999
Row of terraced houseCAMRNDEC1963
Rural garage, 4mmCARM DEC1982
Sawmill, 3mmCARM JAN1995
Sawmill, 3mmDRRM JAN1995
Sawmill/timber yardCAMRNMAR1952
Scratchbuilding windowsCARM NOV1987
Screening plantDRRM OCT1957
Shedcase, 7mmCAMRJ#101999
Shedcase variant, 7mmCAMRJ#101999
Shop & barn, ClunDRMRCMAY1981
Shop on piers, WeybridgeDRMR MAR1977
Shops, low relief, poster hoardingsCAMRNJUL1961
Signal box, SM32CARM SEP1996
Simulated stonework for outdoors, R. Morgan, 7mmCARM AUG1977
Simulation of flint in walls & buildings - Maiden NewtonCARM MAR1981
Single road loco shedCAMRNAUG1958
Small factoryCAMRNDEC1958
Small lifting bridge, Dutch styleCAMRNAPR1970
Small yard officeCAMRNDEC1966
Station adornment - a model model ship, 7mmCARM APR1984
Station for outdoorsCARM JUL1999
Station valancingCAMRNFEB1962
Station, goods shed, Highworth, 2mmCAMRNSEP1966
Station, Wheldrake (photo)DRMRNFEB1963
Steel and glass high-riseDRRM OCT1995
Stone cottage, SomersetDRRM JAN1972
Stone, L shapedDRRM JUL1993
Suburban motor houses, 4mmCAMRJ#101998
3 storey house (G.I.Stokes)DRMRJ#131987
Culham goods shed, 4mmCAMRJ#211988
Dewsbury goods shed, 7mmCAMRJ#491991
Hut cluster - Lineside huts, 4mmCAMRJ#901996
Petherick road bridge from Wills sheets, 4mmCAMRJ#191988
Shop - Staggs TagerineDRMRJ#281989
Sticky-back roof tiles, 4mmCAMRJ#811995
Swan Hotel, ThameDRMRCDEC1980
Telegraph polesDRMRCJUL1975
Temples of convenience (cast iron toilets)CAMRJ#271988
Terrace of 3 houses, low reliefCAMRNSEP1958
Terrace of housesCAMRNJAN1953
Terraced houses, 4mmCARM FEB2000
Terraced houses, PerthDRRM JAN1972
Terraces in cardboardCARM AUG1998
The Globe Hotel, Exeter, 1/16inDRMRCSEP1985
The Old Ship, Richmond, low reliefCAMRNJUL1971
The Prospect Inn, Exeter, 4mmCAMR JUN1989
The Queen Hotel - Todmorden, 4mmCARM APR2001
The Seven Stars public houseCAMRJ#271988
The Swan Hotel, low reliefCAMRNNOV1969
The picture house (modelling cinemas part 1)OASMTFEB1995
The story of Platt Bridge MPD, 7mmLARM FEB1983
The super cinema (modelling cinemas part 2)OASMTMAR1995
The Titfield Thunderbolt (part 3 - the station)CASMTJAN1995
Three road engine shedCAMRNOCT1960
Three shops, low reliefCAMRNDEC1969
Timber barn, 4mmDRRM JAN1978
Timber built goods shedCAMRNDEC1962
Timber coaling stageCAMRNJAN1970
Timber trestle loading stageCAMRNAPR1954
Timber trestle, gardenCAMRNMAR1969
Timbered farmhouse, 4mmDRRM FEB1996
Tin Tabernacle, S.Wonston HantsDRRM JUN1993
Torrington Viaduct (Tressle), 4mmCARM JUN2001
Town & street name signsDRMR APR1977
Triumph in tin (St Margaret's Church, Hants), 4mmCARM JUN1993
True to life, 4mmCARM SEP1982
Tudor house, freelanceCAMRNMAR1957
Two bay goods shed from 2 SuperquicksCAMRNAUG1961
Two modern factoriesDRRM OCT1957
Two shops, low reliefCAMRNMAR1970
Two shops, low reliefCAMRNAUG1970
Various buildings, 7mmCARM JUN1997
Various buildings & techniques, 4mmCARM JAN2001
Various huts, 4&7mmCARM JUL2000
Viaduct, nine archesDRMRNMAR1961
Victorian buildings, 4mmCARM MAY1998
Victorian shop, Newbury, 4mmDRMRCSEP1984
Village buildings-various, 4mmDRMR JAN1977
Village stable, workshop, shedCAMRNDEC1964
Village structuresCARM MAR1998
Warehouse, Stable Block, goods Shed (Flight of Fancy), 7mmCAMR JUL1993
Wayside woodyardCAMRNJUN1964
Wenbury, Essex farm, 4mmDRRM FEB1995
Why not use Bilteezis?CAMRNJUN1968
Windmills - how to model themCARM JAN1985
Winkstead HallCAMRNJUL1970
Working water millDRMRCMAY1981
World War 2 hexagonal pillbox, 4mmCARMD#3 1996
Ashmouth depot and turntableCAPMRMAR1988
Back street workshop/shopDRPMRJUL1984
Bishopsbourne stationDRPMROCT1985
Bridging the gap - model bridge design and constructionCACM JUL1982
Bugle station platform shelter, 4mmDRSMTMAY1990
Bugle station platform shelter, 4mmCASMTMAY1990
Building in featherboardDRMRINOV1994
Burnham Market station (Circa 1904)SPBRMJUN1993
Classic coaling stage part 1 (A)DRSMTJUN1994
Constructing buildings from card kitsCACM JAN1993
Country house, Lechlade, 4mmDRPMRMAY1985
Deepdene station shelter (A), 4mmDRSMTOCT1991
End of the line (small branch termini)OASMTAPR1994
Engine shedsOAPMRFEB1988
Essay in wood (station building), 7mmCASMTAUG1990
Farmers of Colchester, 4mmDRPMRDEC1987
Feed and seed warehouse, 4mmDRSMTDEC1988
Golden Lion Inn, Romford (Dwg & photos), 4mmDRPMRDEC1983
Goods sheds, Ashmouth etc.CAPMRFEB1986
GPO telephone boxes (A), 7mmDRSMTAUG1989
Hayle Wharf buildings, 4mmDRPMRJUL1985
Hayling Island coaling stage (A), 4mmDRSMTFEB1993
Hopper discharge building, 2mmDRSMTOCT1984
House & shop, Dover Street, CanterburyDRPMRAPR1984
Knots Green, a light railway passing station (with drawing), 3.5mmCASMTSEP1992
Large ivy clad Georgian house, 4mmDRPMRFEB1984
Lavenham Guildhall (timbered), 2mmDRPMRSEP1987
Lavenham stationDRPMRAPR1986
Lineside factory (Moreton in the Marsh) (A), 2mmDRSMTJAN1992
Modelling a Georgian terraceDRMT JUN1980
Modelling period buildingsCAPMRAPR1987
Modelling vernacular buildings part 1DRMRIMAY1995
Modelling vernacular buildings part 2DRMRIJUN1995
More Micro Lines part 1: freight terminal layoutCASMTMAR1989
More Micro Lines part 2CASMTAPR1989
More Micro Lines part 3: the platform shelter, 7mmCASMTMAY1989
More Micro Lines part 4: building the warehouse, 7mmCASMTJUL1989
More Micro Lines part 5 building the warehouse, 7mmCASMTAUG1989
Mostyn YMCA - a corrugated iron mansionDRMRIJUN1996
New station for the Rowbarrow branch, 7mmCASMTSEP1989
North Weald station buildings, 4mmDRPMRMAY1984
Norwich semi, 4mmDRPMRMAY1987
No.1 Hamilton St., BirkenheadDRMBTOCT1993
Old timbered building (Clarke's shoe shop, York), 4mmDRPMRFEB1985
Old warehouse - AlresfordCAST AUG1982
Pair of lineside huts (A), 4mmDRSMTNOV1990
Power station cooling towers, etc.DRST JUL1983
Quarry workshops, Easdale Island, Oban, 2mmDRPMRJUN1985
Rose and Crown Hotel, Wisbech (A)DRPMRFEB1988
Small is beautiful part 8 - the third module, 7mmCASMTSEP1989
Small is beautiful part 9 - the project concluded, 7mmCASMTOCT1989
Standard telephone boxesDRMBTFEB1993
Swing bridge and winding house (Hayle) (A), 2mmDRSMTJAN1992
Thatched pub (Axe and Compasses), 4mmDRPMRSEP1984
The Duck Inn, 4mmDRPMRJAN1984
Tin works from Cornwall, 4mmCAPMRDEC1986
Townscape - 3 shops, 4mmDRPMRJUN1984
Townscape - 4 clapboarded cottages, Canterbury, 4mmDRPMRSEP1986
Townscape - Gate Hotel, Canterbury, 4mmDRPMRNOV1985
Townscape - Georgian house, Colchester, 4mmDRPMRMAY1986
Townscape - Guildford, SurreyDRPMRAUG1985
Townscape - shops, Brunswick Road, Worthing, 4mmDRPMRDEC1986
Townscape - terrace cottages and workshopDRPMRDEC1984
Townscape - timber building, LudlowDRPMROCT1985
Two country cottages - timber framed, 4mmDRPMRJAN1985
Warehouses, Liverpool Road, Manchester, 3mmDRPMRMAR1985
Water columns, tanks & standardsDRMBTDEC1992
Western Counties agriculture 4 storey warehouse, 4mmDRPMRJAN1987
Wheal Louise - mining in CornwallDRPMRJAN1984
Wheal Louise mine buildings, 2mmDRPMRJUL1985
Worswick St bus station., Newcastle on TyneDRRM JUL1996
Build a cottage, 4mmCARM JUL1983
Building for linesideDRRM JAN1972
Culmstock church, 4mmDRRM MAY1983
Devon Estuary InnDRRM AUG1980
Exeter customs houseDRRM DEC1981
Farm buildingsDRRM AUG1982
Gildredge hotel, EastbourneDRRM FEB1973
Mols Coffee House, ExeterDRRM JAN1981
Row of shops, EastbourneDRRM DEC1972
Tenement building, 4mmDRRM JUL1978
Terraced houses, EastbourneDRRM DEC1971
Woodside Hotel, Birkenhead, Cheshire, 2mmDRRM JUN2000
DVLRCrossing gates (photo)DRMRNAPR1963
DVLRStation, ThorganbyDRMRNJAN1963
DVLRStation, Thorganby (photo)DRMRNMAY1961
DVLRThorganby station building in styrene (and Feb)CAMRNJAN1963
DVLRWater Tower (photo)DRMRNMAY1961
ESRCranmore engine shedDRRM FEB1995
FFRGoods shed, Frongoch (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
FFRGoods shed, Maentwrog Road (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
FFRMPD, Bala (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, Arenig (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, Bala (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, Blaeneau Ffestiniog (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, Maentwrog Road (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
FFRStation, Minffordd, M. Farr, 7mmCARM JAN1975
FFRStation, Portmadoc (photo)DRMRNJUL1956
FFRStation, Trawsfynydd (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
FFRStone viaduct, Tan-y-Manod (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
FFRViaduct, Cwm Prysor (photo)DRMRNMAY1971
FFRYard (bottom), Boston Lodge (photo)DRMRNMAY1965
FFRYard (top), Boston Lodge (photo)DRMRNMAY1965
INDBersham - colliery modellingSPRM MAY1993
INDCanal with mill, BurnleyDRMRJ#321989
INDEastbourneDRRM SEP1971
INDHarbour installations, 2mmDRRM JUL1976
INDLineside factoryDRRM MAY1975
INDLineside industryDRRM FEB1980
INDLogan's storeCARM SEP1980
INDLumberstoreDRRM JUN1975
INDMartins Ltd/Bills cafeDRRM JUL1977
INDOil Depot (E.Beal)DRMR JUN1979
IOMRCrosby stationCAMRNJAN1970
IOMRCrossing keepers hutCAMRNNOV1969
IOMRCrossing keepers hutDRMRNNOV1969
IOMREngine shed/shop, brief introductionCAMRNFEB1963
IOMRRamsey - Manx NorthernSPRM FEB1992
IOMRStation, ColbyDRMRNMAY1970
IOMRStation, CrosbyDRMRNJAN1970
IOMRStation, PeelDRRM APR1974
IOMRStation, RamseyDRMRNAUG1963
KESRNorthiam and Tenterden stationsSPMT NOV1981
KESRStation, High Halden RoadDRMRNSEP1955
KESRStation, RolvendenDRMRNAPR1969
KESRStation,Tenterden (photo)DRMRNSEP1955
LTStation, Arnos Grove (photo)DRMRNFEB1969
LTStation, Balham (photo)DRMRNFEB1969
LTStation, Blackhorse Road (photo)DRMRNFEB1969
LTStation, Chalk Farm (photo)DRMRNFEB1969
LTStation, Holland Park (photo)DRMRNFEB1969
LTStation, Kennington (photo)DRMRNFEB1969
LTStation, Mornington Crescent (photo)DRMRNFEB1969
LTWhitechapel and East FinchleySPMR MAY1978
METArchitecture and signsDRMR MAY1978
METWood Siding (Brill Branch)SPMT JUL1980
SWOLDOther station buildings, .125inDRMRCJUN1979
SWOLDSouthwold station building for ng, .125inDRMRCMAY1979
TRAll change at Abergynolwyn, ng, station building, R. Palk, 7mmCAMRCNOV1976
TRStation, Abergynolwyn new building, 4mmDRRM AUG1975
TRStation, Abergynolwyn (A), 4mmDRRM DEC1990
TRTal-y-Llyn stationsSPPMRJAN1986
TRTalyllyn railway stations 1951 & 1982SPRM JAN1988
TRWharf Station (1865 & 1930)SPRM MAY1992
WCPRClevedon station, 7mmDRPMRAUG1984
WPRGoods shed, Porlock WeirDRRM JUL1973
WPRMPD, Porlock WeirDRRM NOV1972
WVLRStation, Blagdon (photo)DRMRNOCT1970
WVLRStation, Langford (photo)DRMRNOCT1970
WVLRStation, Wrington (photo)DRMRNOCT1970