Drawings and useful articles for L.M.S Goods Wagons.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

CR10T open wagonDRRM DEC1976
CR10T open wagonDRRM NOV1986
CR10T van, 7mmDRMRCSEP1982
CR10T ventilated vanDRMRNFEB1963
CR10T ventilated (photo) vanDRMRNMAY1963
CR14T, dropside, pig iron wagon, 7mmDRRM JUL1975
CR16T end door, coal openDRMRNMAY1965
CR6T, one door vanDRMRNOCT1961
CR6T, two door vanDRMRNOCT1961
CR7T low goods openDRMRNMAY1965
CR8T drop sided openDRRM MAY1974
CRBallast hopperDRMRNNOV1962
CRBrake van with ballast plowDRMRNNOV1962
CRCarriage truck & fish & game van, 7mmDRMR JAN1975
CRFish & game truck, 7mmDRMR DEC1974
CRHorsebox,c 1869, 7mmDRRM MAR1975
CRMilk truck (c1869), 7mmDRMR SEP1974
FR10T covered vans diagram 21/22, 7mmDRMRJ#441991
FR10T high sided openDRMRNSEP1963
FR10T low sided, No. 5243 openDRMRNDEC1966
FR12T low sided, openDRMRNMAR1960
FR6T, one plank, No.125 openDRMRNDEC1966
FR6/8T low sided, 1866 openDRMRNJUL1961
FR8T high sided, 1874 openDRMRNJUL1961
FRCarriage truck - Met. Carr & wagon co, 1870, 7mmDRMR FEB1981
FRHorsebox (1871), 7mmDRMR AUG1980
FRMineral (1864), 7mmDRMRJ#151987
GSWR10T bolster, 5mmDRRM JUL1975
GSWR10T drop sided, openDRMRNJUN1960
GSWR10T single bolster wagon, 5mmDRMR JUN1975
GSWR10T, 5 plank open wagon, 7mmDRMR AUG1976
GSWR10T, double end door goods and mineral wagon, 7mmDRRM OCT1979
GSWR10T, high sided 5 plank wagon, open, 7mmDRRM JUN1977
GSWR12T, brake van, 7mmDRMR JAN1977
GSWR16T double end door coalDRRM JUL1973
GSWR4wh milk & motor car van, 7mmDRMR JUL1975
GSWR8T double end door goods and mineral wagon, 7mmDRMRCOCT1982
GSWR8T, medium side wagon, 7mmDRMRCMAR1975
GSWR8T, pig iron wagon, 7mmDRRM SEP1974
GSWRDia 67 horsebox, 4mmDRMBTJUN1992
GSWRHorsebox, 1875 Met C&W CoDRMBTJUN1992
HR2 deck sheep truckDRMBTDEC1994
HR20T 6wh brakeDRMBTJUN1992
HR8T 2-plank dropside ballast wagonDRMRIJUN1995
HR8T coal, No. 2689 openDRMRNMAY1962
HR8T low sided, No. 177 openDRMRNAPR1962
HR8T low sided, No. 2490 openDRMRNJAN1962
HR8T medium No. 1043 openDRMRNJAN1962
HRDouble deck sheep van, 4mmCAMRNDEC1970
HRDrummond cattle wagonDRMRNAUG1964
HRMeat vanDRRM AUG1957
LMS12T covered vanDRMBTAPR1992
LMS12T covered vanDRMR JAN1975
LMS12T dropside & end soleDRMBTOCT1992
LMS12T pipe wagon, 7mmDRMT SEP1982
LMS12T refrigerator in cardCAMRNJUN1952
LMS12T van D2097 from Parkside kit PC42 (pt1)CAMRIMAR1994
LMS12T van D2097 from Parkside kit PC42 (pt2)CAMRIAPR1994
LMS12T van D2108 from Parkside kit PC42 (pt1)CAMRIMAR1994
LMS12T van D2108 from Parkside kit PC42 (pt2)CAMRIAPR1994
LMS12T, 3plank, medium wagon, 10mmDRMR JUN1976
LMS16T soda ash steelDRMBTAPR1992
LMS1932 built brakeDRMBTJUN1992
LMS20T 1948 built brakeDRMBTJUN1992
LMS20T brake vanDRRM JUL1970
LMS20T standard coal wagon, 7mmDRMR FEB1976
LMS20T trolley wagon, 7mmDRMR APR1977
LMS31ft, 6 wheel (photo), fishDRMRNMAY1947
LMS6 wheel, covered combination vanDRRM MAR1970
LMS6 wheel, express fishDRRM NOV1969
LMSBanana vans (A), 7mmDRSMTOCT1988
LMSBrake vans (D1659/D1890) (A), 7mmDRMBTFEB1994
LMSBreakdown crane, 7mmCABRMMAR1999
LMSBuilding a breakdown crane, 4mmCARMD#5 1997
LMSCoke loads, 4mmDRRM JAN2000
LMSContainers types a and B (A), 4mmDRSMTJAN1991
LMSCorrugated end vans (A), 4mmDRRM SEP1991
LMSDistressed beer van, 7mmCARM OCT2000
LMSEdrow steel A&B containersDRMBTOCT1994
LMSEngineer's trainCARM MAR1999
LMSEx Warwell bogie bolster BDRMBTOCT1992
LMSHigh sided goods D1666 (A), 13.3mmDRMBTDEC1994
LMSHopper coke wagon, 20T, 7mmDRMR DEC1974
LMSHorsebox, 4wh diagram 1956, 4mmDRMR NOV1976
LMSLMS Opens - Wagon Construction, 4mmCAMRJ#122001
LMSLMS wagon miscellany - 5 plank opens, 4mmCAMRJ#781995
LMSLMS wagon miscellany - Cattle trucks, 4mmCAMRJ#841996
LMSLMS wagon miscellany - Cattle trucks, 4mmCAMRJ#851996
LMSLMS wagon miscellany - vans, 4mmCAMRJ#801995
LMSMeat van (Haywood Kit), 7mmCASMTFEB1988
LMSModelling a full brake, 10mmCARM JUN1994
LMSNo. 525136 (photo), fruitDRMRNOCT1947
LMSParkside 12T open, 7mmCABRMAUG2001
LMSShunters RunnerDRMRCFEB1963
LMSStandard, braked,12T goods van, 3/16inDRMR JAN1975
LMSTwin gas tank wagonDRMBTJUN1994
LMSVans for Palethorpes pork sausages, 4mmCAMRJ#891996
LMSWagon miscellany, 4mmCAMRJ#731994
LMSWagon sheets, 4mmDRMR APR1977
LMSWater tank wagon, 7mmCABRMJUL2001
LNWR10T goods van, piped onlyDRMRNFEB1965
LNWR10T malt or ale vanDRMRNJUL1966
LNWR10T merchandise wagon of 1912 (75919 to 76018), 7mmDRMRJ#241988
LNWR10T, 4 plank highside goods wagon, 7mmDRRM FEB1977
LNWR10T, lowside wagon with fixed ends, 7mmDRRM MAY1977
LNWR20T 4 wheel brakeDRMRNNOV1960
LNWR20T 6wh brake - for Wapping TunnelDRMBTJUN1992
LNWR20T grain wagon, 'might have been', 7mmDRMR SEP1976
LNWR4 LNWR open wagonsDRRM AUG1996
LNWR4wh combination truck, fruit van, 4mmDRMR AUG1982
LNWR4wh motor car truck, 7mmDRMR NOV1974
LNWR4wh van (c1851), 3/16inDRMR APR1978
LNWR6T fully fitted vanDRMRNAPR1961
LNWR6T high sided openDRRM JUN1973
LNWR6T, 2 plank dropside ballast wagon, 7mmDRRM SEP1977
LNWR6wh combination truckDRMR AUG1972
LNWR7/10T glass wagons, ca 1903 (A), 4mmDRMR FEB1989
LNWRBogie tramcar truck, 2.6mmDRMT MAR1981
LNWRBrake van in gauge 1CAMRNJUL1968
LNWRCovered - motor car trafficDRMR SEP1972
LNWRGas holder tank (1893) (A) (letter MBT 4/3), 7mmDRMBTJUN1994
LNWRGunpowder vanDRMRNJUN1963
LNWRGunpowder van (photo)DRMRNSEP1963
LNWRGunpowder van (photo)DRMRNDEC1963
LNWRO gauge in motion - LMS and LNWR rolling stockCARM OCT1983
LNWRP.C. Kit Construction - LNWR Horse Box, 7mmCAMR SEP1983
LNWRPlate glass wagon, 7mmCAMRNJAN1957
LNWRPontncwynydd guards van, 4mmCAMRNSEP1961
LNWRTwin match trucks 14ft 11insDRMRNFEB1964
LNWRTwin match trucks 16ft 5insDRMRNFEB1964
LTSR4wh brake van c 1877, 7mmDRMR APR1975
LYR10T 18ft van, 4mmCAMRNJAN1970
LYR10T brakeDRMRNOCT1970
LYR10T brake (2 Types)DRRM DEC1972
LYR10T brake (break) van (A), 7mmDRMRJ#261988
LYR10T brake van, 4mmCAMRNOCT1970
LYR10T brake (variation)DRMRNOCT1970
LYR10T dropside openDRMRNJUN1969
LYR10T fully fitted fish wagon, 7mmDRRM JUN1978
LYR10T fully fitted, goods van, 7mmDRRM FEB1978
LYR10T hand crane, 7mmDRRM OCT1985
LYR10T small van, 4mmCAMRNNOV1969
LYR10T vanDRRM JUL1972
LYR12T coalDRRM APR1972
LYR12T double end door coal wagon, 7mmDRMRCJAN1983
LYR12T (photo) openDRMRNJUL1962
LYR12T single bolster timber wagon, 7mmDRRM FEB1981
LYR13ft 6in cattle vanDRRM AUG1972
LYR15T 6 wheel deal wagon, No. 17694DRMRNDEC1964
LYR15T rail and sleeper wagonDRMRNJUN1970
LYR1908 version, fish vanDRMRNJUN1971
LYR2 plank low goodsDRMBTDEC1994
LYR20T 6 wheel, brakeDRRM MAY1972
LYR20T 6wh brakeDRMBTJUN1992
LYR20T double end door open, 4mmDRRM MAR2001
LYR20T end door, coal openDRMRNMAR1964
LYR20T fitted double end door coalDRRM FEB1974
LYR4 wheel container wagon (Diag 107A), 8mmDRRM APR1983
LYR4 wheel milk truckDRRM OCT1986
LYR6 wheel,milk truckDRRM SEP1986
LYR6wh wagon, 4mmCAMRNJUN1970
LYRBogie tramcar truck, 2.6mmDRMT MAR1981
LYRDropside wagon, 4mmCAMRNJUN1969
LYRFish van, 4mmCAMRNJUN1971
LYRHorse boxesDRMBTJUN1994
LYRHorsebox diagram 108 (A), 7mmDRMR JUN1982
LYRHorsebox dias 108, 109, 109ADRMBTAPR1994
LYRLow goodsDRMBTAPR1992
LYRLow sided wagon, 7mmDRRM NOV1979
LYRMeat van, 7mmCAMRNAUG1971
LYRPiece wagon, 7mmDRRM NOV1979
LYRThe 'Goole' 20T coal wagons (A), 7mmDRRMD#6 1997
LYRThree Box coal wagon, 4mmDRMRCMAR1987
MCR10T brake vanDRMRNAUG1952
MCR10T low sided (oil box) openDRMRNFEB1961
MCR9T low sided No. 953, openDRMRNOCT1960
MCRHorse box & cattle vanDRMBTAUG1993
MCRHorsebox #4DRMR FEB1974
MR10T No. M555 brakeDRMRNJUL1965
MR10T No. M629, brakeDRMRNJUL1965
MR10T box van #48604DRRM JUN1972
MR10T (LT&S Section), 7mmDRRM NOV1979
MR10T single bolster, timberDRMRNMAR1961
MR10T standard brakeDRMBTJUN1992
MR10T, unfitted goods van, 7mmDRRM SEP1979
MR12T coal wagon of 1890 to 11914 D607 (A), 12mmDRMID#8
MR12T wagon with hinged top plank D303 (1904) (A), 12mmDRMID#13
MR12T, highside goods & mineral wagon, code EKD, 7mmDRRM OCT1974
MR12T, highside mineral wagon, code MK, 7mmDRRM MAY1975
MR1865 type Met W&C Co brakeDRMBTJUN1992
MR1865, lettered S&BR, brakeDRMRNJUN1960
MR20T 4wh brake (D1240), 7mmDRMRIDEC1994
MR20T 6wh goods brake D393 / L146 / L158 / L223 / L269 (A), 12mmDRMID#4
MR3 plank wagon, 7mmCASMTJUL1985
MR48Ft Bogie Bolster, 4mmDRRM MAY2001
MR5 plank open wagons, 4mmCARM JUL1980
MR5/6T fully fitted refrigerator meat van, code FRV, 7mmDRRM FEB1979
MR5/6T, code FRV, refrigerator meat van, 7mmDRRM DEC1975
MR6 wheel brakeDRMRNFEB1960
MR6T fully fitted openDRRM OCT1973
MR6T, fitted refrigerator meat van, 7mmDRRM MAR1976
MR6T/8T, fully fitted banana van, 7mmDRRM JUN1976
MR6T/8T, fully fitted banana van, code BXS, 7mmDRRM NOV1978
MR8T coke, code CK mineralDRMRNJUN1969
MR8T covered wagon D357, 12mmDRMID#1
MR8T high sided openDRMRNMAR1967
MR8T high sided wagon D351 (1889) (A), 12mmDRMID#14
MR8T hopper bottomDRMRNDEC1963
MR8T low sided openDRMRNSEP1961
MR8T mineral, end/bottom doorsDRRM AUG1974
MR8T van ca. 1893DRMRNMAY1964
MR8/10T longsided, low openDRMRNNOV1961
MR8T, 3plank, low drop sided ballast wagon, 7mmDRRM APR1979
MRA loaded carriage truck in 7mm R.J.EsseryCAMRJ#7 1986
MRBanana van D387 (A), 12mmDRMID#12
MRBanana van, No. 117384DRMRNJUN1961
MRBogie coal wagon, 7mmCARM AUG1987
MRBogie snowplough, 4mmDRBRMDEC1995
MRBogie tramcar truck, 2.6mmDRMT MAR1981
MRBrake van, 2mmCARM JUN1999
MRCattle wagon and RCH 8-plank wagon, 7mmCAMRJ#211988
MRCattle wagon of 1865 (Glos. Wagon Co), 6mmDRMID#10
MRCattle wagons, various, 4mmDRMR JAN1977
MRCoke wagon D342 1888 to 1912 (A), 12mmDRMID#6
MRCoke wagon Slater's, 7mmCABRMSEP1999
MRCovered carriageDRMR SEP1973
MRCovered goods vans D663 / D664 (A), 12mmDRMID#7
MRCowans Sheldon 15T steam crane of 1899 (A), 4mmDRMID#6
MRDetailing Slater's cattle wagon, 7mmCARM JAN1984
MREarly rolling stock - wagonsOARM APR1984
MRHighside, 12T wagon, 7mmDRRM JAN1975
MRHopper coal wagon D343, 7mmDRMID#0
MRHorseboxes, (article & additional drawings in 4mm scale), 7mmDRMR APR1976
MRLarge cattle wagon, 3/16inDRMR APR1975
MRLarge snow plough, 7mmCAMR DEC1981
MRLong cattle wagonDRRM JUN1974
MRLong cattle wagon D298 (A), 12mmDRMID#10
MRLong cattle wagon lot 968 (1921) (A), 1/2inDRMBTDEC1994
MRLong timber truck D389 / L689 / L704 of 1908 (A), 12mmDRMID#2
MRMeat Van No.72DRMRNMAY1961
MRMidland six-wheel guards van, 7mmCAMRJ#991997
MRModifying a Slater's kit (12T), 7mmCASMTJUN1989
MRMostly Midland, 7mmCARM JUL1983
MRMostly Midland - modifying Slater's cattle wagons, 7mmCARM JUL1982
MRNo. 1104 brakeDRMRNNOV1961
MRP.C. Kit Construction - MR Meat, 7mmCAMR SEP1983
MRRefrigerator van, 10mmCAMBTAUG1994
MRRunner for Cowan Sheldon 15T steam crane of 1893 (A), 4mmDRMID#2
MRSleeper wagonDRMRNMAY1966
MRSnowplough, large, 1909DRMRNDEC1965
MRTaking it easy (construction and weathering), 7mmCAMRJ#101998
MRTimber trucks - 2 different types, 7mmCARM JUL1983
MRTop door fastening for 10T wagons (A), 24mmDRMID#13
MRTravelling crane No. 2DRMRNAUG1966
MRVan No. 72DRMRNMAY1961
MRWeighing machine adjustment vanDRMRNAPR1949
MRWeighing machine adjustment (photo) vanDRMRNOCT1950
NSR1874 version brakeDRMBTJUN1992
NSR4wh milkDRMR JAN1974
NSR8T low sided openDRMRNAUG1963
NSR8T, goods van, 7mmDRRM NOV1975
NSRBolster wagonDRMRNSEP1965
SAMJR10T low sided, No. 41 openDRMRNAUG1961
SAMJR8T piped van No. 25DRMRNAUG1961
SDJR8T low sided (11ft WB)DRRM JUL1974
SDJR8T, goods van, 7mmDRRM APR1979
SDJRFreight stock - all fingers and thumbs, 7mmCARM JUL1987
SDJRWith tarpaulin bar, openDRMRNJUN1965