Drawings and useful articles for S.R. Goods Wagons.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

LBR6wh vanCAST APR1983
LBRBogie brake vansCAST APR1983
LBRBogie goods stock, 7mmDRMT MAR1983
LBRBogie open wagonCAST APR1983
LBRCovered bogie wagon, 7mmDRMT MAR1983
LBRGoods van, 16mmDRMT JAN1983
LBROpen bogie wagon, 7mmDRMT FEB1983
LBROpen wagon, 16mmDRMT DEC1982
LBSCR10T high sided openDRMRNMAR1965
LBSCR15T brake van, 1915DRMRNAPR1953
LBSCR20T brake van, 1922DRMRNNOV1952
LBSCR20T brake van, 6 wheelDRMRNAPR1953
LBSCR20T goods brake vansDRRM MAY1971
LBSCR6T, single bolster timber wagon, 7mmDRRM MAY1979
LBSCR8T & 10T box vansDRRM OCT1970
LBSCR8T ventilated vanDRMRNJUL1962
LBSCRBrake van circa 1859DRMR MAY1991
LBSCRBreak vans of 1851, 1859 (A), 7mmDRMBTOCT1994
LBSCRCattle van, 1921DRMRNJAN1963
LBSCRCattle wagons C1865 and 1877DRMR AUG1992
LBSCRCoal wagon (1860) & covered van (1864), 7mmDRMBTFEB1995
LBSCRDouble horse boxDRMRNJUL1957
LBSCRHorse box C1850 (A), 12mmDRMR JUL1993
LBSCRHorse boxes, 1871 - 1889DRMR DEC1989
LCDR4wh goods brake van (c1860), 4mmDRMR APR1978
LCDREarly goods brake vanDRMR APR1978
LCDRSingle bolster, timber dia. C721DRRMD#3 1996
LCDRTimber wagons (A), 7mmDRRMD#3 1996
LSWR10T goods brake vanDRMRJ#321989
LSWR10T high sided No. 5056 openDRMRNFEB1969
LSWR10T high sided openDRMRNJUL1964
LSWR10T road van (SR diag 1541), 7mmCAMRJ#321989
LSWR10T ventilated vanDRMRNFEB1968
LSWR10T ventilated van, No. 3433DRMRNAUG1968
LSWR12T, 8 plank tarp bar openDRMRNAPR1964
LSWR16ft horseboxDRMRNMAY1952
LSWR21ft horsebox, 3/16inDRMR OCT1974
LSWR21ft, horseboxDRMRNMAY1952
LSWR32ft special milk vanDRMRCOCT1979
LSWR4w, special luggage vans, 4mmDRMRCJUN1976
LSWR8T & 10T box vansDRRM NOV1970
LSWRBogie, 48ft fruit vans, 4mmDRMRCNOV1978
LSWRBolster wagonDRMRNSEP1965
LSWRConstruction in wood - various, 4mmCARM JUN2001
LSWRCovered carriage truck 1898 (19.5ft) no 6605, 4mmDRMBTAUG1993
LSWRCovered carriage truck 1904 (21ft) No. 22, 4mmDRMBTAUG1993
LSWRDragon wagon, 4mmDRRM APR1990
LSWREngineer's train, 4mmCARM MAY1986
LSWRStandard brakeDRRM JUN1971
SECR10T high sided 4 plank goods wagon, open, 7mmDRRM AUG1977
SECR10T road vanDRMBTJUN1992
SECR10T round end No. 5246 openDRMRNJUL1967
SECR10T round end openDRMRNDEC1959
SECR12T, 7 plank wagon, 7mmDRRM APR1975
SECR25T goods brake vanDRRM APR1971
SECR6 wheel,brake vanDRRM AUG1971
SECR6 wheel,vans, 4mmDRRM OCT1980
SECR8T, high sided goods and mineral wagon, 7mmDRRM JUL1978
SECRExpress coal round endDRMR MAR1972
SECRHigh sided, 5 plank, 4mmCAMRNSEP1969
SECRMineral/goodsDRRM NOV1985
SECRRound end wagons, 7mmCARM AUG1987
SECRStandard brakeDRRM APR1971
SR10T Insulated meatDRMRCSEP1966
SR10T box van, 9ft/10ftDRRM DEC1970
SR13T open wagon, 4mmDRMT SEP1983
SR20T ballastDRMR JUL1987
SR20T ballast wagon, 7mmDRMR JUL1987
SR20T mineral wagon, Dia. 1386DRRMD#2 1996
SR25T brake vansDRMR MAR1989
SR25T goods brake vanDRRM JAN1971
SR5 Plank Open - David Geen Kit, 4mmCAMRJ#122001
SR8 wheel,goods brake vanDRRM MAR1971
SRBogie brake/25T express goods brakeDRMRIJUL1996
SRBrake van/pickupDRRM JUN1993
SRBuilding the Queen Mary part 1 (Shedmaster's kit), 7mmCAMRISEP1996
SRBuilding the Queen Mary part 2, 7mmCAMRIFEB1997
SRCCT General Utility van, 4mmCAMT AUG1983
SRCovcar (CCT), 4mmDRMT AUG1983
SRExpress bogieDRRM MAR1971
SRPLV parcels van Slater kit, 7mmCAMRLJUN2001
SRQueen Mary 25T bogie brakeDRMBTJUN1992
SRStandard brakeDRRM JAN1971
SRUnfitted wagonsDRYMRAUG1986
SRVan body, 7mmCAMRNNOV1964
SRWagon conversions, 4mmDRRM NOV1985
SRWagon conversions, 4mmCARM APR1986