Drawings and useful articles for S.R. Railcars.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

BWHARHunslet proposed railbusOAMRCJUN1985
BWHARSteam RailbusDRMRCJUN1985
LSWRElectric sets-trailer coach, 4mmDRMRCDEC1976
LSWRElectric sets, c1915, various drawings, 4mmDRMRCOCT1976
LSWRElectric sets, c1915, various drawings, 4mmDRMRCNOV1976
LSWRH13 class railmotor, 4mmDRMRCOCT1978
SECRSteam rail motor, Sheppey line, 2mmDRRM SEP1975
SRConverting Highfield kits to SR EMU sets, 7mmCAYMROCT1984
SRElectric trains - Ex LSWR, 4mmDRYMRFEB1985
SRMain line EMUs part 1, 4LAV, 6PUL, 6PAN, 2BIL, 2NOL (A), 3&4mmDRMBTJUN1994
SRMain line EMUs part 2, 4COR, 4RES, 4BUF (A), 3&4mmDRMBTAUG1994
SRMaking do (Lima coach conversion to 4COR), 7mmCARM MAY1991
SRModifying Triang Southern electricCARM OCT1957
SRPetrol, 4w, railcar, no 5, 4mmDRMRCMAY1976
SRSR Electrics in Gauge O, 7mmCAMR AUG1984
SRSR mainline EMUs - Pt2DRMBTAUG1994
SRSouthern's "Double-Decker" EMU's, 4mmDRRM JUL2000
SRSouthern Region EMU-MLV Luggage van part 1, 4mmDRRM NOV1991