The BRMNA Member Zone

September 1st, 2023

Access to the Member Zone is limited to BRMNA members who are in good standing with their membership dues.

There are three main features that are included in the current implementation: the Forum; Electronic versions of the JOURNAL; and, advanced advertising of second hand sales.

The Forum: This facility allows members to pose questions and get answers to them; to discuss the challenges they are facing and the successes they have had; and to get comments back from other members in their quest to model the railways of Britain while living in North America. You will find a comprehensive set of FAQs and a search facility to help you get the most out of it. You can make new postings and respond to other posts without waiting for the approval of the forum moderator as well as being able to include images. Postings are monitored to ensure that new topics relate strictly to modelling or to the prototype of railways in Britain and that responses stay on topic.

Electronic version of the JOURNAL: New JOURNALs are posted in the Member Zone shortly after publication at which time it will be accessible to members without any additional passwords. Journals from previous years have been added which will give members access to articles that appeared in earlier issues from the start of BRMNA.

Advanced advertising of second hand sales: The Second Hand Sales page of the main web site is open to anyone so there is no guarantee that BRMNA members can buy from these lists before anyone else. All new listings and additions to existing listings will normally be posted in the Member Zone for a period of two weeks before they appear on the main web site. This will ensure that members get the first opportunity to make purchases.

Member Zone Access: To gain access to the Member Zone you need to have an active username and a password. However, as you are reading this then in all likelihood you have not registered before so you will not yet have either a username or a password.

When you click on "Proceed to Register for the Member Zone" you will be transferred to the Login/Register page to start the registration process. There you will see two rectangular boxes. To the left of one box it says "Username" and to the left of the other it says "Password". Since you do not yet have either you should not enter anything in these boxes. Above the boxes you will see "LOGIN - REGISTER". You should click on "REGISTER" which will take you to the terms and conditions of use of the Member Zone. You should read them and then click on the button that indicates that you accept them which will take you to the registration form.

To complete the registration form you make up and then enter your own username (your nom-de-plume). You then enter your email address, a password (that you make up), your given name, your surname and then you answer a question which is a security feature designed to ensure that it is actually a BRMNA member trying to register rather than a spammer! (Note that there are three different questions and one comes up at random for each registration attempt. BRMNA members will probably know the answers but if you find that you are stumped please contact the Secretary.) Finally you click on the submit button.

Like many things these days, it takes longer to describe it than to actually do it!

The email address that you provide will be used to inform you when your username has been activated. The information you provide through the registration process will appear on any postings or replies that you make on the forum. Please note that your membership status will be verified before your username is activated and it may take up to 24 hours. Once it has been activated you will be able to logon immediately using the username and password that you chose when you registered. If you have problems or you subsequently forget your logon details you can contact the web manager for assistance.

Member Zone Maintenance: A periodic back-up of the Forum Database is important and when it is underway access to the Member Zone will not be possible. The intent is to keep the number of times that this occurs to a minimum and to ensure that the period of inaccessibilty is relatively short.

Proceed to Register for the Member Zone

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