Drawings and useful articles for B.R. Railcars.

(Last September 28th, 2003.)

The table which follows shows references to drawings and articles of interest to those modelling Britains's railways and which are found in British model railway magazines.

BR4 DMU's, 4mmCARM DEC1998
BR4-CEP and 4-BEP units from Lima coaches, 7mmCAST NOV1982
BR4CEP EMUs from Mk1s pt 1/2CARM JUN1993
BR4CEP EMUs from Mk1s pt 2/2CARM JUL1993
BR4CIG/4BIG EMU stock, 4mmDRMRCOCT1980
BRAPT - train of the 80's, 1/130DRMT MAY1980
BRAnbrico "Flying Banana", 4mmCAMRCMAR1983
BRClass 101 DMUCARM SEP1998
BRClass 101 informationDRRM APR1997
BRClass 104 conversion to class 110, 4mmCASMTAUG1989
BRClass 105 DMUDRRM FEB1998
BRClass 105 DMU, 4mmCARM JUL1999
BRClass 121/122 railcar, 4mmDRMRLAPR2001
BRClass 141 (A)DRSMTOCT1990
BRClass 142 Pacer (MMP Kit), 7mmCAMR JUL1990
BRClass 142 Skipper/PacerDRRM SEP1986
BRClass 150/2 Sprinter DMUDRRM APR1989
BRClass 158 Sprinter, 4mmCARM AUG1990
BRClass 158 SprinterDRRM JUL1996
BRClass 306 EMU, 4mmDRPMRAPR1987
BRClass 41 HSTDRRM OCT1993
BRClass 442 EMU from Hornby ModelsCARM JUN1994
BRClass 456 EMU (A), 4mmDRRM JAN1994
BRDetailing a G-F class 158CARM JUL1996
BRDetailing Lima Super SprinterCARM NOV1994
BRDiesel railbusDRMRNFEB1959
BREdinbrough-Glasgow p/p setCAMRCDEC1980
BRField of Sprinters, 4mmCARM JAN1989
BRGloucester DMU, 4mmDRRM MAR1983
BRHornby DMU to class 108, 4mmCAMRCJAN1986
BRHornby DMU to Derby l/w, 4mmCAMRCJAN1985
BRHornby Mk 1 to 420 EMU, 4mmCAMRCOCT1980
BRHST & Mk 3A coachesCAMRCJAN1980
BRIC125, 4mmDRMRLOCT2001
BRIntercity 125, power cars, 2&4mmDRRM FEB1977
BRLIMA class 117 makeover, 4mmCARM DEC1997
BRLima DMU to Derby 4-carCARM JUL1985
BRLima DMU to class 116CAMRCOCT1981
BRLima DMU to class 121CAMRCJUL1982
BRLima DMU to class 131CAMRCFEB1984
BRLima DMU to class 304 EMUCAMRCFEB1985
BRLima DMU, detailingCAMRCJUN1981
BRMetro-Cammell DMU Lima conversion, 7mmCARM MAY1993
BRMidland Blue Pullmans, Ex-Hornby, 4mmCARM MAY2001
BRMotor luggage van (Class 419) (A), 4mmDRRM JUL1992
BRMTK class 158 SprinterCARM MAR1992
BRPower car to parcels van, 4mmCAMRJ#861996
BRPrototype HST (A), 1:148DRRM OCT1993
BRSouthern Region EMU-MLV Luggage van part 2, 4mmCARM DEC1991
BRThameslink class 319, 4mmCAMR MAY1991
BRThe British HO experience - a British railbus, HOCASMTJUN1995
BRTriang TT3 2 railcar set, Buckingham twinsCAMRNDEC1968
BRWickham railcars (A), 4mmDRRMD#6 1997