on October 7th, 2021

I have the following OO gauge items for sale. Note that this list supercedes and cancels all my previous lists. Postage and any insurance is extra at cost. Pick up/delivery can also be arranged in the Truro NS area.

Down sizing requires sacrifices and here is a list of stuff I have surplus to my new requirements. Prices are not cast in stone but are considered reasonable. Prices reflect condition of boxes. Most locos are DCC installed but can be converted to DC, if required, prior to shipping.

To contact me, Charles Sparrow, Truro, Nova Scotia


Please provide the item numbers so that they can be set aside for you and payment and delivery arrangements established.

I would be pleased to provide photos and additional information on any item to help with your purchasing decisions.

No.Item descriptionPrice
Diesel locomotives
2R250 Hornby class 58 in Direct Freight gray. DC only$50
431-??? Class 46 46052 BR blue. Sound by Soundtraxx Econami (Eco 200 decoder)$165
532-816 Class 47 47365 Railfreight Diamond Jubilee. Sound by Soundtraxx (Econami 200 decoder)$165
632-732 Class 66 66532 Freightliner green, Weathered. Sound by Soundtraxx (Econami 200 decoder)$165
11R2861 class 59 59001 Aggregate Industries blue/green. NCE D13SR decoder$120
12R3041 class 59 59005 blue/green, sound by Hornby TTS$155
12aAbove loco plus 8-46 tonne POA box mineral wagon, Yeoman, with gravel load (see 32 below)$215
1331-500 Class 158 2 car DMU Regional Railways NCE D13SR decoders x 2$110

No.Item descriptionPrice
Coaches and Wagons
17Hornby 2nd open coach BR blue/gray (no box)$8
3237-551 46 tonne POA box mineral wagon, Yeoman, with gravel load (8 off) price ea.$10
33Bachmann 38-476 12T Non ventilated van$8
34Bachmann 37-775 12T ventilated van$8
35Bachmann 37-353 13T steel sand tippler wagon. Weathered gray.$8
36Bachmann 37-353 13T steel sand tippler wagon. Weathered gray$8
37Bachmann 33-326a Conflat with BD container crimson BR weathered.$8
38Dapol 4F-036-003 Grain hopper BR gray$8

No.Item descriptionPrice
Peco fine scale code 75 points (switches), all electro frog
40SLE 186 RH curved 2 off. each$15
41SLE 187 LH curved 2 off. each$15
42SLE 193 short crossing 1 off.$8
43SLE 194 long crossing. 1 off$12
44SLE 195 RH med radius 5 off. each$12
45SLE 196 LH med radius 5 off. each$12
46SLE 199 3 way 1 off$25