Last on March 30th, 2017

The following OO items are offered for sale. All prices are in $CDN and shipping and insurance is extra, at cost.

Pick up/delivery arrangements can be made for those living in the Winfield Area.

All the items are in their original boxes and most have never been run. All locos are either brand new or used as indicated and are good to perfect runners.

Payment can be made by Canadian or US cheque, bank draft or postal order (international variety from US); by PayPal; or by cash on collection.

If you see items that you wish to purchase then to contact me, Peter Bunyan, Winfield, BC, Canada you can call for a chat at 250-766-4784 or


Item#ManufacturerCatalogue #DescriptionPrice
1Mainline37 076Rebuilt Patriot Sir Frank Ree, boxed$40.00
2Bachmann31 778Modified Hall Wraysbury Hall, BR Green, fitted Kadees, never used, boxed$90.00
3Bachmann31 475AClass G2A 49064, BR black, never used, boxed$140.00
4Bachmann31 105ABR Standard 4MT 75075, lined, double chimney, late crest, BR1B tender, no couplers, boxed never used$100.00
5Bachmann32 002Saint Edmund Hall, BR black, boxed, never used$140.00
6Bachmann32 25790015 Austerity, fitted Kadees, boxed, never used$140.00
7Bachmann31 308Torquay Manor, boxed, never used$120.00
8Bachmann31 178BR Jubilee "Drake", green, DCC on board, boxed, never used$160.00
9Bachmann31 106ABR Standard 4MT, lined green, boxed, never used$90.00
11Bachmann32 350BR Standard class 4MT tank, fitted Kadees, boxed, never used$90.00
12HornbyR2404Resolven Grange, weathered, boxed, never used$120.00
13HornbyR2169BR Merchant Navy Clan Line, fitted Kadee, boxed, never used$150.00
14HornbyR2343BR class Q1, weathered, boxed, never used$120.00
15Airfix54150-1BR(WR) Prairie tank, boxed$30.00
16Heljan266209Beyer Garratt 47975 with revolving coal bunker, lion on wheel, boxed, never used$500.00
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