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Items or information wanted

If there are UK related items or information that you are looking for then you can list your requirements here. Please provide the information to the web manager .

Posted: April 18th, 2016

I am looking for any OO Gauge, GWR (Including the Absorbed Railways), Etched Brass/White Metal Locomotive, Coach or wagon kits, un-built or part built. In particular any D&S models GWR Wagon Kits especially the 12 Ton brake van Dia AA16.

If you have any of these that you would like to sell then to contact me, David Holmes, Woodstock, Ontario, please .

Posted: October 6th, 2015

I am interested in obtaining the following Blackpool Tram plastic models (by Tower Models I think):

  • Dreadnought Tram - in excellent condition, complete and unpowered.
  • "Basket Case" Balloon Tram but bogies must be complete and unpowered.
If you have any of them that are surplus to your needs then please contact me, David Hardman, London, ON, to advise me of your asking price.

My phone number is: 519-457-0647. I do not have internet access.

Posted: October 5th, 2014

I am interested in contacting anyone, preferably close to where I live, who could help with the maintenance of some older OO scale locomotives manufactured by Triang-Hornby, Dapol, Airfix etc. In particular I am looking for help in replacing broken or worn wires and ideas to reduce the noise of models which run quietly without the body but are more noisy when the body is attached!

If you feel that you can be of assistance then please contact me, David Jones, Kane, PA.

My phone number is: 814-366-2349. I do not have internet access.

Posted: September 22nd, 2014

I am interested in obtaining the following OO scale models.

If you have any of them that are surplus to your needs then please contact me, David Jones, Kane, PA, to advise me of your asking price.

My phone number is: 814-366-2349. I do not have internet access.

  • Triang/Hornby

    • R754 or R868 SR class M7 0-4-4T
    • R866 LNER class B12 preferably with shiny nickel-silver wheels and finish
    • R258 Princess class 4-6-2 in LMS or BR livery with shiny finish
    • R357 class 31 BR diesel with extra pickup collector bogie and shiny finish
    • R10 Open Wagon
    • R11 Closed van
    • R12 BP or Shell tank wagon
    • R15 United Dairies milk tank wagon
    • R16 Brake van - short wheel base - plastic only chassis
    • R123 Horse Box - BR maroon/grey roof
    • R123A Horse Box - GW brown/white
    • R215 Bulk grain hopper - either the operating or non-operating version will do
    • R247 ICI bogie tank wagon - red with plastic chassis
    • R668 Bowater slurry tank wagon
    • R340 3 container flat wagon
  • Hornby Railways - 1972 to present
    • R007 United Dairies tank wagon
    • R008 Esso tank wagon
    • R013 Fine Fish van
    • R021 NE van
    • R048 Brake van - Railfreight, orange/grey
    • R114 Brake van - NE - short wheel base
    • R027 Ferry Van - Railfreight, orange/grey
    • R738 Ferry Van - BR, bauxite/brown
    • R670 Palethorpes 6 wheel van
    • R206 Chance and Hunt PO open wagon
    • R6235 Crook of Greenaway PO open wagon
    • R238 Heygates Bulk grain hopper
    • R105 Birds Eye van
    • R117 van - Railfreight - short wheelbase - orange/grey
    • R200 ETC refrigerator van
    • R6037 Thos W Ward PO Coke wagon
    • R6169 Parkinson PO open wagon
  • Mainline
    • 7385 David Jones & Sons PO open wagon
    • 7386 Parkinson PO open wagon
  • LIMA
    • Horse boxes - any livery
    • St Ival 6 wheel tank wagon
    • 5013 St Ival 6 wheel tank wagon
  • Hornby
    • R965 controller - condition unimportant

    Posted: January 12th, 2014

    I want to obtain a working OO model of an LSWR Adams 02 Class 0-4-4T. If you have one to sell, please contact me with an indication of the make, build material, condition (appearance and running) and asking price, along with your contact details. Thanks in advance.

    Contact Bruce Lauer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada .

    Posted: March 29th, 2013

    I want to obtain an early GWR (Dean) type 3000 gl tender with coal rails. Most of the kits have the tenders with the solid coal plates on the sides.Is an exercise in kit bashing required or does anyone know of such a kit currently available? Thanks in advance.

    Contact David Amor, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada .

    Posted: March 21st, 2013

    Would anyone have or know where I could obtain an older Wrenn pullmann for parts? I have need of a bogie with coupler, screw, washer, tube - to roof, nut - embedded in the roof. I have received a present that needs some TLC....!

    Contact Grant Miles, Cantley, Quebec .

    Posted: March 18th, 2013

    I am looking for Bachmann private owner wagons for 'S.MOSELEY & SON Ltd.' 'COAL & COKE FACTORS' WALSALL'. The body is grey and the lettering white with the 'Moseley etc.' name on a dark red background. 'will purchase or trade for equivalent.

    Contact Roger Gough, Ottawa, Ontario .

    Posted: March 28th, 2008

    I am looking for a copy of the June 1999 issue of Model Railway Enthusiast (Vol.6, No.6.). If anyone has one that they would be willing to part with then please contact John Thorpe in Ottawa, ON .

    Posted: February 12th, 2007

    I am seeking a copy of Steam World, issue number 45 (March 1991).

    Contact Peter Johnson, Calgary, AB .

    Posted: April 29th, 2005

    As a North Staffordshire Railway enthusiast I am seeking a copy of The Potteries Loop Line by Allan C. Baker, published in 1986 by Trent Valley Publications.

    Contact Mike Hughes, BC .

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