on December 16th, 2018

I am changing to O gauge and therefore I am putting my extensive OO collection up for sale. All of my wagons, coaches and locos are equipped with kadee couplings. Some coaches have a hook and bar coupling within rakes but kadees on the loco end. Unless otherwise stated, all of my stock is weathered and all locos are DCC. Some of my collection has been featured in the BRMNA Journal. I have taken photos of everything listed so if you see something of interest I can email the picture.

All prices are in Canadian $. Postage, packing and any insurance is extra at cost.

If you see items that you wish to purchase then to contact me, John Kendall, Brossard, QC, Canada, please .

Please indicate the items so that they can be set aside for you and payment and delivery arrangements established. I would be pleased to provide additional information, including photographs, on any item to help with your purchasing decisions.

LMS Livery


Note: Any locomotives shown as DCC fitted have decoders installed and the ID # is on the box.

LMS Pull Push train, driving and non driving trailers, converted from new Hornby non-corridor coaches plus 2-4-2T 2P loco (10644) w/vacuum regulator equipment on smokebox - set $150
Hornby, LMS 4P 2-6-4T in lined LMS black (model dates to the 1980s) - DCC fitted - $30


Airfix, LMS non corridor, 3 composite and 3 brakes which have been extensively upgraded and repainted - See Note below - $15 each.
The Airfix coaches above have been extensively upgraded: underframe fittings replaced with Comet items; trusses are brass; all but one have MJT compensated bogies; repainted and lined/numbered; hook and bar couplings (a la Tony Wright); 3 have Kadee on one end for coupling to loco. Because of the couplings these should be bought in rakes. Includes 4 pack of Extreme Etchings laser cut glazing.
3rd brake numbers: 25261, 25248, 25249
Composite numbers: 19172, 19175, 19173

Hornby, LMS Stanier corridor 1st (1043) - $30
Lima, LMS GUV - $10

BR Livery


Note: Any locomotives shown as DCC fitted have decoders installed and the ID # is on the box.

Note: "Early" means early crest. "Very early" means "BRITISH RAILWAYS" on the side.

Hornby Class 08 - $40


Hornby, ex LNER CCT, BR maroon (E1341E) - $25
Hornby, ex LNER CCT, BR maroon (E1329E) - $25


Coach Kits:

Ratio MR Clerestory - 2 brake 3rd (723) and 1 composite (722) - includes Gibson wheels and bearings and MJT etched 10ft compensating bogie - the plastic Ratio bogies are hopelessly fragile - $15 each.
I can also supply Gibson sprung buffers for $5 extra each. These need paint and transfers to complete. I recommend Badger DM&IR Maroon as spot on for LMS Crimson Lake.


Mainly Trains: (No longer trading so these excellent details can no longer be purchased)
MT339 W/M Wagon Brake Cylinders: 32 in packs of 2. $1.00 per pack

MJT 2299, W iron Compensation Units, 16 pairs: $3.00 each pair
Gibson: 4M600 Vacuum pipes, 2 packs of 4 each. $3.00 per pack

I also have some Comet Coach components but most of it has been sold.

I have the following unmade or part made loco kit: Craftsman MR 1P 0-4-4T - needs motor and gear box.
I no longer have any gear boxes or motors that are not in kits.