Upcoming Auction

March 9th, 2018

Further details of the auction and how to participate will appear shortly - so stay tuned!

I am disposing of my extensive (700+ items) collection of English model trains (primarily OO scale), books (covering both models and prototypes), DVDs and videos, as well as memorabilia in an auction scheduled for March 24th, 2018. Included are many collector's and unusual items that might be of interest to you. You can view the collection before the auction . When you get to the site, select Auction Calendar to get to this auction. Note that an Internet bidder must register on this web site before bidding.

The auction will take place in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania at 10:00 AM Eastern Time, and will include bidders on site as well as on-line. Note that Internet bids must be received before the auction begins.

A partial list of a few notable items is found below. However if you would like more information about anything in the collection then to contact me, John Whitney, Atlanta, Georgia, USA please .

A few items worthy of special mention:

  • Pendolino Loco: A non-powered, Virgin "Red Revolution" EMU promotional item, presented as an executive gift; rarely seen on the market.
  • Hammond Collection: Several locos from Pat Hammond's personal collection, as well as his three reference books "The Story of Rovex," in which these locos were shown in photos as examples.
  • Brighton Belle: Many locos, coaches, books and memorabilia. This is a well known DMU modeled by Wrenn and others.
  • Night Ferry: Various locos, coaches, books and memorabilia. This was a train that ran from London to Paris by way of Dover and a ferry across the English Channel. One could board in London in the evening and be in Paris the next morning.
  • CKD (Completely Knocked Down): Many Tri-ang locos and coaches. They were easily put together with a screwdriver and were a way a modeler could save money. Some are still in kit form and some have been assembled.
  • Pre-Production Models: These are undecorated samples of an A4 and a Britannia locomotive, produced for Hornby in China to demonstrate quality and feasibility. Each has a certificate of authenticity to verify provenance.
  • Royal Duties: This is a model of the Britannia locomotive used to pull the Queen's train. It has a unique white cab roof and yellow axle covers, and is a limited edition.
  • Flying Scotsman locomotive and coaches: a famous train that ran between Edinburgh and London.
  • Royal Scots Grey: A well-known class 55 "Deltic" diesel locomotive. Includes a framed limited edition pencil drawing of this loco..
  • Many Wrenn Locomotives and Coaches: robust, always sought after, and no longer made.
  • Transpennine DMU: A 2-unit kit of a well-known express train that runs the width of England through the Pennine mountains, north of London.
  • deWitt Clinton: An E. P. Alexander metal kit of an early American locomotive. Includes comments by Alexander and detailed instructions. A very nice kit. O-scale.
  • Catenary, A Tri-ang set to make an overhead wire arrangement for an electric locomotive. Many Tri-ang and Hornby model locomotives are set up to draw power from this wire. Rare.
  • Sydney Suburban: a Tri-ang four-car set of the sought-after "Red Rattler" passenger service in Sydney, Australia. These are rare.
  • Blue Pullman: Various kits to build locomotives and coaches, as well as books and memorabilia. These trains from the 1960s were famous, and the models can be combined to make a very nice consist.
  • Kitmaster, Various locomotives, coaches (all kits) and also motor bogies. The coach kits are Blue Pullman models -- the kitchen cars are especially sought-after.
  • Tam The Gun: This is a two-car locomotive set modeled after the British Rail prototype. It commemorates a sergeant who manned the "noon gun" at Edinburgh Castle for many years. You could set your watch when he fired it at precisely 1:00 pm daily. Limited Edition documentation is included. New and never taken out of the box.
  • Stephenson's Rocket: Tri-ang models of the famous locomotive that won the Rainhill Trials in England in 1829.
  • Nabisco Coaches: Two promotional Kitmaster coach kits distributed by Nabisco Foods. Original Nabisco mailing boxes. Collectible.
  • Duchess of Hamilton: Wrenn 4-6-2 steam locomotive, number 46229, maroon. Very valuable, the star of the collection.
  • Lima Class 20: Set of two locos, 1 powered, one dummy. Remotored with Branch Lines Lima Class 20 motor kit. Limited Edition with certificate.
  • Fleischmann E44 Electric Loco: German locomotive and three wagons. HO scale.
  • O. S. Nock Books: 28 books by Nock in the collection. He was the Dean of British railroad writers. Excellent historical resource.
  • Cyril J. Freezer Books: Valuable source for modeling British trains and layouts. Four books in the collection.
  • Shinkansen: KATO model of a Japanese Bullet Train, "O" series, 6 cars. N scale. Test-run once. Original portfolio case.
  • Police Locomotive: Lima Class 37 model from 1987, white with red stripe. The prototype was lettered "POLICE" for a British Transport Police TV commercial. Rare conversation piece. Unboxed.
  • Giraffe Car Set: This version of the Tri-ang stock car was made for the French market; the giraffe's head extended above the roof of the car, and ducked when coming to an overpass. Cute. Original box.
  • Track: Two boxes of Life-Like Power-Loc HO track with turnouts (switches) and transformer. The best snap-together track on the market.
  • Display Cases: 1) Two walnut connecting 4 foot display cases with HO track and Plexiglas covers, giving 2 HO tracks @ 8 foot length total; 2) Two walnut 2 foot display cases with HO track and Plexiglas covers; 3) Two walnut display cases with Plexiglas covers - 1 with 2 HO tracks 38", 1 with 1 HO and 1 N track 44".
  • Named Locomotives: British Rail named many locomotives; included in the collection are "Lady Diana Spencer" Class 47, "Dwight D. Eisenhower" A4 in original wood presentation box, "Frank Hornby" Class 86, and many others.
  • Sydney Suburban: A comprehensive collection of all parts to assemble a replica blue 3-car consist, including resin bodies and roofs, motor, decals, wheels, couplers etc. This is a project and will require some modeling skills, but when finished it should be spectacular.